Monday, October 25, 2010

Relationship Relays

Relationship Relays



  1. Well, yeah Angel, but you’re dumb so, lol.

    Also Angel is probably just bitter that he’s the one guy Remy didn’t sleep with.

  2. Hahah, I can totally vouch for that Angel girls’ comment. If you were a user on and searched for remyrenee, you will find her naked pictures and all LOL. Her journals explain it all.

  3. But this girl does upload naked pictures of herself on purerave all the time and I do often laugh because she’s a crazy disgusting mess mistaken for a girl or ‘woman’ whichever you’d like.
    Nasty nasty bitch, I wish I could show u all these pictures Angel talks about in her last comment.

  4. Yeah exactly cellebeezy!
    My friend just showed me this and it’s crazy to finally see a local post hahaha about a girl who I have made tons of fun of on PR

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