Monday, October 25, 2010

Relationship Relays

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  1. If you’re a hot chick, posting nudes of yourself online is way more important than kids. Like, if my mother did that, I would definitely not ask her why she found that more important than me.
    I feel like Keona should stand up for the honour of Asian men after Nathen’s remarks…

  2. Ah fuck it.

  3. 3rth :P

  4. I don’t see why people stay in such bad relationships for so long?
    If my girlfriend cheated on me, i wouldn’t want to stick it out and hope they learn. That’s implying i’ll ever get another girlfriend after the incident of ’93.

  5. Ps. I don’t know the reason for the unnecessary ‘?’ on the end of the first line of text on my previous post. lol?

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I got nothing.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Just insert my catchphrase here and move along.

  8. Mm, right you are, mad2. Some Asians might be small, and some consider that a bad thing, but women need to think of it from a different perspective. ;) For the ones that have a bad gag reflex, it makes it a bit easier to deep throat* I have a terrible reflex, unfortunately I have quite a mouthful to eat every time I do go down on the ol’ Ramen noodle.

    I’ve heard “practicing” on a banana helps, though I don’t know how trusted those allegations can be. Any wimmin on here that can tell me for certain? The internet states yeses and nos.

    *My CIA Agent name.

  9. The average size of an Asian penis is approximately 1 cm shorter than the average white penis. Just saying.

    And wow, what is Angel’s problem??

  10. Oh and I’ve never tried the banana. What you need to do is position your head so your throat is relatively straight, and you sort of stretch you throat muscles. Mistake most people make is to relax the throat.

  11. Heh. Ronald hopes that Remy will give him some after this marriage doesn’t work out.

  12. Ahhh, awesome deepthroat. The hidden privilege of the man with a fairly small dick :)

  13. Thank you, idontknow for the tip. =P I’ll try that, I’m quite sick of choking. You’re right, it is usually shorter. The really teeny ones are the ones that are both short and skinny (baby pencil dick?)

    Here I thought the key WAS to relax the throat.

  14. Both of these situations could go either way, I don’t know how lame they are because I don’t know these people. Angel might be a bitch or Remy could actually be a completely psychotic woman. The same thing with the second one, Jessica might be a compulsive liar and desperate to be wanted by every guy she meets or Nathen could be an overly jealous fuck. (I think that’s more likely considering she was ‘flirting’ with a 14 year old kid but who knows)

  15. You go, Angel.

  16. Angel might be a broody 240-something vampire spending eternity atoning for his evil ways, after being cursed by gypsies to return his human soul, leading to incredible guilt and sorrow.

    I should turn this into a TV show!

  17. I wanna click “Like” on Angel’s post

  18. *goes to google “purerave + remy”*

  19. You know, I love that there’s no way to tell who’s side is the right side in these two posts. Is Remy a crazy slutbag, or is Angel a fucking psychotic stalker mentalist weirdo bitch who should probably mind her own fucking business? Is Nathen the most insecure cocknugget ever (‘what do you mean you said hi to him? delete him. i said FUCKING DELETE HIM’), or was he just the world’s biggest doormat for the world’s sluttiest compulsive liar? Up until he snapped and decided not to take that shit no more.

    Either way this post just makes me despise humanity even more. And I thought Angel’s comment was hilarious… until she started going batshit insane.

  20. I love how this degenerated temporarily into blowjob lessons. Usually that sort of shit doesn’t start to fly until after midnight around here!
    Can the gag reflex actually be reduced by practice?


    Possibly e stalker?

  22. LOL Hobo. I was thinking the same thing reading these.

  23. Also, idontknow, I was under the impression that for most women, girth matters more than length.

  24. A little investigating brings up Facebook as well. :( Internet privacy is like non-existent!

  25. mad- yes. Yes it can. That’s how sword swallowers do it.
    They learn not to have a gag reflex lean perfectly straight back and elongate the muscles.
    Or if you do it enough, it usually goes away little by little.

    On another note, today in school I had a discussion on “toe”ing

  26. and mad (23) it does, but most girls don’t know that :(

  27. anyone else notice that in the first post, the comments go from 4 hours ago, to 26 minutes ago, back to 4 hours ago? hmm…it seemed legit.

  28. ijklomarissa, this fact (23) seems to be basic biology/physiology, how would women not realize this? Just based on 1. the length of the receiving device is pretty damn short and 2. pleasure is based on stretching/rubbing not hitting the cervix. My point was that the measurement given wasn’t the one that would really make a difference, except that it means asians can be deepthroated easier.
    jmokeefe, that seems to be a common issue…

  29. i was initially slightly puzzled by the repeated mention of philosophy in the first post. were ronald and remy implying that angel is a philosopher? i took it upon myself to investigate, with surprising results:

    “pardon the skepticism” – this appears to be a veiled reference to angel’s stance on pyhrronic notions of absolute truth. she is definitely with karl popper on this one.

    “stop putting so much value on material objects” – here, angel advocates a descartian approach towards the essence of human existence. this may also be interpreted as a subtle critique of marx’s dialectical materialism, although this is up for debate.

    “overall, my opinion doesn’t really matter” – there are subtle hints of nihilism in angel’s later oeuvre. has she been reading heidegger?

    like many of her great forebears, angel seems to be misunderstood and unappreciated in her lifetime, mocked and stereotyped as a jealous and embittered harridan with all the natural vaginal lubrication of a saharan nun’s gusset. dig a little deeper though, and we find a find a gushing fountain of wisdom and learning bubbling beneath the dry and crusty surface of her withered genitalia. philosophy, truly thy name is angel.

  30. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Okay I do my personal best to stay out of philosophical debates but I just have to chime in here and add that Karl Popper wins everything … FOREVER.

  31. Vincent, I’m afraid it is ‘Cartesian,’ not ‘Descartian.’ Fucking French.

  32. Vincent, that sucked go away.

    Also Remy is fuckin hot, who cares if she is trashy.

  33. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Amen @poopaloop’s also


  35. Well apparently Remy lives within a few miles of me if she lives in destin. Shit, I’ve probably seen her a couple times before….I really hope I run into one of these people now so I can figure out if Angel is just a psycho bitch or if remy is really that trash.

  36. Actually I met some girl named angel and her boyfriend before, they were weird as fuck and now that I think about it, that was probably the same angel. She was extremely quiet, even when she was drunk and seemed like the kind of girl who would bitch out someone over facebook like this, probably because her boyfriend never proposed to her even though they had been together since like sophomore year of highschool.

  37. Dude, the quiet ones are the scary ones…

  38. @Dukey – Ditto
    @Hobo – Fuckin-A, man! *Applauds*

    Now, for the fun stuff…

    Keona makes a GREAT point about smaller dicks being easier to perform fellatio on. All sizes have their pros and cons.

    In terms of regular sexing though (PIV for the straight female) length does help especially for bigger girls like moi. But, yes, IMO girth is WAY more important.

    And, mad2, pleasure derived from the hitting of the cervix is another thing that varies from person to person. Some girls hate it, while others love it. I’ve been surprised to find several months ago (via a guy who was normal girth but pretty damn long) that I actually enjoy cervix-pounding more than I would have thought…I never DID give it much thought before and in fact always thought it would hurt. *lol*

    Oh, and as for “practicing” on a banana… yes it helps — and it’s fun as hell too especially if you enjoy the taste of bananas — but the fruit will succumb quite quickly to the enzymes in one’s saliva and start to turn to mush pretty quick. This happens less quickly with a less ripe fruit, but it also doesn’t taste as good either. It’s more bitter which therefore makes it perfect for practicing on. xP

    If you’re really interested in practicing cocksucking though, prolly would be better off just buying an inexpensive dildo that is of normal size (or if you’re not sure, start off smaller and then progress to larger ones) and made of a half-decent material. Don’t waste money on really cheap ones though…the materials used tend to smell AND taste really bad (like vinyl…mostly because a lot ARE made of PVC and other similar materials).

  39. Nice. I made Lamebook.

    In all honesty I think this is funny as shit.

    And JonJones you are right, Angel is the quiet type and she does act akward even when she is drunk. She has never liked me since the day we met in 2006 — I think she was jealous. Although she has given me some good advice over the years but she took it a bit too far on this particular matter.

    I think it was because she has been in so many terrible relationships and was jealous that I found a good man.

    As for me being trashy, that’s up to each and every one of you to decide. Just keep in mind you don’t know me in real life, you have only read one rediculous post from Facebook and then did a little research and found me on Purerave. Bravo. :]

    Nevertheless, I invite all of you (even though there is absolutely no privacy on the internet anyway) to take the time out and look at my Facebook and Purerave. You will see that I’m not trashy, psycho, or any of the stated comments above.

    Oh, and by the way — I am not married to Mark. I am engaged. I hit the wrong button on my Facebook status. All of this drama for no reason at all. Lol!

    Much Love
    Remy Renee

  40. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    So where the fuck are the naked pictures? I can’t be bothered to search for them.

  41. Remy, you’re fuckin hot. If it is like the post suggests and things don’t work out with Mark, might I suggest you take up dating a random stranger off the internet. All the cool kids are doing it.

  42. Blah blah remy in real life… This sucks now

  43. The ‘naked pictures’ do not exist. My sincere apologies, Dukey.

    And Poopaloop I appreciate the compliment, but no thanks. :]

  44. Vincent, thy name is satire, I think. Well done.

  45. Valenya, I’m sorry you can’t appreciate the hilarity now that more background information has come to light.
    Shelley, thanks for the interesting cervix-related info. Oh and I always thought girls practiced on unpeeled bananas, to avoid the ‘mushification?’
    Also, if any girls are ‘really interested in practicing cocksucking’ I’m sure they could find many live, willing, test subjects, with no need to buy a dildo.

  46. mad2 I’m certain it’s with unpeeled bananas lol.

  47. Speaking from experience eh?

  48. Haha sorry that may have crossed a line even for me!

  49. No, just common sense. -_-;; Why would you want to use the fruit, as Shelley said, the enzymes in your saliva begin to break down the food as soon as it touches it, making it mushy. Also imagine if a piece broke off in your throat? Embarrassing explanations and choking would ensue.

  50. It did cross one, slightly. But it’s alright, I forgive you.

  51. I’m not convinced choking would ensue. Bananas are mushy enough that it would probably be ok, unless you somehow already had it going down your windpipe (then I imagine worse than choking would ensue).
    I have no idea if I have a strong gag reflex, but the eye surgeons tell me I have one of the strongest eyelid-closing reflexes they’ve ever seen.
    And I am sorry.

  52. I just meant if it was a large piece that partially obstructed the airway. Just a theory, anyways, at least it would apply to those with smaller throats.

    It’s ok. You’re still my favorite teacher.

  53. On the topic at hand, though, a banana seems a poor choice for practice except for those genitalia that are quite curved. A nice straight cucumber seems like it might make a better option. I wonder why ‘banana’ is the traditional alternative.

  54. Yeah, unpeeled has crossed my mind. To be honest I dunno why I only think of peeled. I’m really thinking hard and, yeah, I dunno… I’m really pretty dim sometimes in a lot of ways (needless to say). *shrug*

    Peeled isn’t so bad though… like I said, especially if not too ripe. It provides some fun for a little while. It’s one of those things, to me, that occurs to you when you’re already about to eat a banana and you’re hanging with some friends and you decided you wanna be gross by giving head to said banana and… well, that’s lame enough I guess.

    As far as curvature, there are plenty of bananas out there that are big/long enough where only part of it is curved and the rest of it is mostly straight. So, bite of the curved part (ceremoniously or not) and then have at it.

    And the softness/mushiness can be beginner-friendly I suppose, as it begins to conform to the shape of one’s mouth.

    Again, why stupid things occur to me before the smarter and more obvious things, I have no idea.

    Cucumbers though? Unless you buy the English type, they are generally way too thick. :/ Whole pickles work well though!

    Oh, and “live test subjects” seem hard to come by for me (in the situation where I wouldn’t be 1) used or 2) slutty, anyway). Most girls don’t seem to have a problem with it, but me… Eh, I won’t go there.

  55. somethingaboutserenity

    RemyRemyRemy, you need some help if you can really say, “Go look at my journal! You’ll see how non-trashy I am!”

    No, dear. That’s how we went from saying, “Oh man! I wish we could tell if Angel was right or if Remy was right..” and then we found your purerave, read your journals, and saw what a fvcktard you are. You brag incessantly about how you’re opening clubs and going to bartending school, but you shrug off the loss of your kids because your new boyfriend and life are JUST SO AWESOME.

    And btw, naked pictures don’t magically become non-naked pictures just because you photoshop over your nipples. Classy girl.

  56. mad2, I was fond of you, but now you’re just pissing me off with your constant self-important commentary and other bullshit. It’s painful. I suggested to stick to the funny. You didn’t listen. Your type never do. Ah, fuck it. There’s no point talking to you – you’ll just carry on regardless. Your type always do.

    Shelley, shut the fuck up.

    Holy God, this place sucks at the moment.

  57. But, I like vincent.

  58. Word, I have no fucking idea what you are talking about. Could you enlighten me? Because I would hate to piss you off unnecessarily. Really other than apologizing (and that was damn well deserved to Keona considering what an ass I was) I don’t know what ‘self-important’ shit I have posted.
    Shelley, I didn’t say it wouldn’t be slutty. I just said it’d be available. I grant you bananas are less slutty.

  59. somethingaboutserenity

    Sorry to bomb this in waaaay after the fact, but Keona, popsicles. Specifically “BombPops.” I taught myself with them. The temperature kind of numbs your gag reflex and gets you used to working around it.

    Problem solved. You’re welcome.

  60. word, WTF is your problem?

    As far as I’m aware, no one else here seems bothered by the commentary. And those who are bothered are at least mature enough to just say to themselves “fuck this place tonight” and find something else to do besides bitch & moan that it’s boring/not up to your standards. There are plenty of other places on the Internet to have fun…

    And not that it has anything to do with me, but I’m curious as to what “type” you’re referring to with mad2? What is his “type” and why is it so bad, pray tell? Again, just curious.

    @Serenity – Popsicles do work well except for those with teeth that are really sensitive to cold. =( Thumbs up to numbed gag reflex though!

  61. Shelley – the type that would have been willing to practice on a friend…. did I ever say it was bad? I would have given fuck all to have a friend say to me ‘I need to practice my blowjobs tonight – can you be my practice?’ before I was with my wife.

  62. I think I was misunderstood, perhaps.
    When I asked about “type” I was referring to wordpervert’s #58 comment. You kept saying “your type” when talking about mad2physicist…

  63. @ RemyRenee, I couldn’t resist and accepted your invitation to look you up on facebook…. 3 kids, all with different surnames does not give much credibility to your statement that you are “not trashy”

  64. Funny comments – Check
    Unfunny comments – Check
    Hobo rant – Check
    Overlong explanation of blowjob technique – Check
    ‘This is so lame’ post – Check

    Paranoid Android trying to type something funny but failing spectacularly – Check

    Game over man, game over.

  65. All this place needs is a little dust and a bit of a spring clean is all.

    With that in mind lets blow the cobwebs out with this little number:

    Nathen your slutfuck ex may play away from time to time but this is because of your shrivelled nut attitude. Fuck more wank less.

    Remy nobody cares for the truth, get you tits out.

  66. I’m still amazed at the correct punctuation in the first post.

  67. Shelley, I’d like to say it in delicate terms, but wordy is right. You and a couple of the other newbies* are the reason I’ve been avoiding Lamebook. And yes, I know, if I don’t like it I could shut the fuck up and go elsewhere. So avoid further nausea, I’m leaving Lamebook for a while. Somebody let me know when the spring-cleaning is done. You know how to find me.

    *I’m referring to mad2 and Keona. mad, I don’t know why but your comments make me want to do anything else in the world but read them. They’re that</i

  68. Shelley, I’d like to say it in delicate terms, but wordy is right. You and a couple of the other newbies* are the reason I’ve been avoiding Lamebook. And yes, I know, if I don’t like it I could shut the fuck up and go elsewhere. So avoid further nausea, I’m leaving Lamebook for a while. Somebody let me know when the spring-cleaning is done. You know how to find me.

    *I’m referring to mad2 and Keona. mad, I don’t know why but your comments make me want to do anything else in the world but read them. They’re that boring. Keona, you were alright at first, but honestly every time you start up on your pear-shaped body/conservative boyfriend, I throw up a bit in my mouth.

    That is all.

  69. Hey look it sent before I was finished. Ah well. Bye guys :)

  70. Bye june : (

    thanks for the damp sock. Will miss you.

  71. Holy moly.

    word, in your #58 were you quoting my #2? I don’t think I’ve ever had my #2 quoted before.

    I don’t have a problem with boring commenters. I happen to be one myself. The thing that gets my goolies is when it seems like half the comments are from the same boring twat. But I usually only skim through the comments on the latest post so I don’t really give a fuck. Carry on mad2, you fucking ravenous spew monkey.

  72. Set of elitist cunts, grow the fuck up and stop bitching. Don’t like it? Then fuck off, problem solved.

    Honestly, ‘your type’? Who are you to tell people what they should post? Who fucking died and made you queen?

    Fucking cliquey motherfuckers make me want to stab kittens.

  73. That’s it guys! Vent that rage! Release your inner Fury! Foam at the mouth in irritated frustration!

    The hate makes me stronger and fitter. Imamofo feeds on your negative emotions, like a hungry…negative emotion eating mo fo!

    Now all of you bend over, grab your heels and squeal!!

  74. Way ahead of you geezer, lubed up and ready to go.

  75. Wow. Any other “newbies” out there feeling a little scared to type anything now in case of a mad backlash? If I read comments I don’t like, am not interested in or just plain don’t understand (happens quite a lot!) then I skip through, don’t bother commenting, and forget about it. Hmmm am I the only one? I’d far rather read Keona and Mad2′s comments than those rather hurtful ones above.

  76. Wow, apparently there are people on the ‘net who actually have nothing better to do than preserve the sanctity of the comments section of a public humor website.

    Is your perspective properly adjusted now?

  77. @ curlybap – kinda what I was driving at but in a rather more sweary way.

  78. Lol I did like yours far better :)

  79. @Paranoid No. 76 – It is this kind of ‘can do’ attitude which makes you stand out my friend, you will go far my young fellow, mark my words!

    But all this arguing amongst ourselves, the new Vs the not so new, the friends Vs those on the periphery, is accomplishing nothing!

    If we all banded together we could E-bully Remy into posting photos of her tits!! Think of what we could achieve if we just banded together and pooled our resources…a slightly guilty wank!

    COME ON! Who’s with me!?

  80. Count me in, where wanking is involved, we should all pull together.

  81. Either of you boys need a hand?

  82. If word actually thinks that the ire of some crazy Australian rat hater complaining that my every, well, word doesn’t make her laugh is going to affect me, she is sadly mistaken. June, I suggest an amazing fucking solution: ‘don’t read comments from people you expect “boring” comments for.’ It’s sort of the way I don’t read Dickens. He’s going to be boring so why bother?
    Had I not blacked out I would have posted that last night. Oh alcohol…

  83. That’s twice lately Mad my dear, Lamebook must be making you depreseed lol

  84. *depressed* balls

  85. *chortle* depressed balls – sounds nasty.

  86. Since I just realized when i tried to log in this morning that my nickname (a nickname i chose by randomly plucking keys.. months ago) is joonbug backwards (weird lol) i’ve decided to take Junebugs side :)

    A lot of you are hilarious, witty, intelligent, quirky and overall quite entertaining… but some of you ‘regulars’ and some of you ‘try hards’ and newbies need to seriously just shut the fuck up. (including me)

    Some of you guys act like bickering married couples. Some of you think this is a chat room or IM’r. No one cares about you or your private convos or your e-drama. STFU. Some of you are trying way too hard to fit in. You spend so much fucking time making sure you’re using proper punctuation?, that you’re forgetting to be entertaining. This is lamebook, not… oh forget it lol.

    Thank you mad2 for starting off this comments section with a post about Keona.
    Thank you Keona for following that up by telling the whole world that your partners cock unfortunately makes you gag.
    Thank you Shelly for your boring 500 word thesis on the art of cock sucking.
    Thank you junebug and word for telling them to stfu with their self important bullshit.
    Thank you paranoid android for post #74 which is the greatest fucking post ever!
    oh wait..

  87. it’s like the last days of saigon on here today, and i have to say i’m with the elitist cunts on this one. the lamebook experience should be funny, bitchy and spiteful, not a frolic with your friends. if someone says something boring, don’t ignore it: sniff out their weaknesses and bully them mercilessly. if they start crying, they are officially lame. that’s the true spirit of lamebook. watch and learn:

    “mad2physicist. i gave you one last chance to earn your stripes. instead, you impudently try and correct what you falsely presume to be a mistake on my part. fyi, cartesian tends to refer to descartes’ geometrical systems. in discussions of his philosophical work, the terms cartesian and descartian are in fact interchangeable. you are smug and mediocre. you don’t appreciate the great writings of charles dickens, you don’t understand philosophy despite claiming to have studied it, and in real life you probably look like comic book guy off the simpsons.”

    and now for a little gripe of my own. what is it with people who try to embellish their little imaginary worlds by writing their imaginary actions/emotions in between stars? golly, that drives me right up the wall. *slips despairingly into a pit of self loathing*

  88. Well if we’re giving up on trying to sneak a peak at Remy’s milk bags then I will weigh in on this too.

    I’m not sure which category i fall into to be honest. Is it elitist to want to shove my knob into the lot of you? Am I cunt because I wank off whilst imagining you’re all watching me? Am I a regular because i evacuate my bowels twice a day? Am I try-hard because I attempt to maintain a 24 hour erection?

    The answers to all the above questions are irrelevant, the important question is do we want to see Remy’s fucking shag sacks or not?! Now somebody better get on here and wank my ego off till i spill my E-load all over these fuckwit comments or i’ll be so angry i swear i’ll stop being nice!

    We don’t need to be a happy clapping commune of like minded liberal associates. I’d much prefer a collection of individually degenerate, dick shrivelled, soulless cunts, who live to laugh at others misfortunes.

  89. I gotta say I kinda agree with June and Word except this “newbie v regular” mentality. There should be no newbies or regulars on a public forum.

    I was happily fucking off to wait out this phase, these days I come onboard read the regular funnies at leave it at that. Ironically, It’s been refreshing having a boring comments section, I’ve discovered my wonderful life, the sunshine, and even called my mom.

    I don’t get the attack on Mad2.

    Shelley with respect, nobody want’s an essay on biology or any other topic ftm.

    Keona you’re alright when you’re not turning a funny site into an Oprah session. Less on the weird boyfriend, it’s just too weird.

    That’s my two cents. As you were.

    P.S. Vince you’re awesome

  90. What has wound me up is the same people who are calling others out for being boring are the same ones who were involved in very tedious flirty exchanges which clogged the comments section up not so long ago.

    It’s just the sheer fucking hypocrisy of it all.

    *gives vincent the finger*

  91. Isn’t this wordpervert’s site? If so then he or she can simply moderate the comments to include only the ones they like. If this is his/her site.

  92. imamofo, you just made me laugh so hard that i evacuated my bowels all down the back of my dungarees. a few intrepid dribbles even reached my suede moccasins, gently lapping at my ankles like a mountain stream ‘neath a waning moon.

    so, i guess this means i’m not regular. but to the doubters i say, “battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster. and if thou gaze long into the abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee”.

    and on that cryptic note, i bid you farewell.

    *evacuates bowels*

    *pulls down trousers, a little bit late but who’s counting*

    *examines own faeces-stained marks & spencers corduroy slacks with a combination of disgust and childlike wonder*

    *pulls trousers back on, and sits festering in own feculence*

    *reaches for phone and books appointment for non-invasive colonoscopy*

  93. Oh yes, and junebug has said it is leaving, which is our cue to say, no, don’t go. No, don’t go.

  94. @Wednesday, I kind of want to give you a lollypop for #93.

    I’m a lurker, but wordpervert really said what I was thinking. They didn’t seem funny or relevant. If these comments were posted on facebook, they would make it to lamebook, and be ruthlessly mocked. It’s hard to mock the posts when the comments out-lame them. Just saying (my comment is included in the lameness, I’m well aware)

  95. Paranoid I don’t think it’s the flirting or clogging that’s the issue. A 50 plus comments section is usually a good read. I think the trouble is all this heavy material of late, here’s my interpretation of it:

    person 1: I’m fat :(

    person 2: No, you’re not fat you’re beautiful.

    person 3: yes, it’s what’s inside that counts!

    person 4: (thinking fuck me are they serious?! but instead writes…) on your inside is layers of fat so technically…

    persons 2 and 3 jump to person 1′s defence

    person 1: golly thanks guys, I feel so much better. I’m cancelling all future sessions with my over-priced shrink because you guys got my back.

    person 2: glad we lied to you and made you feel better. Let’s all hold hands and sit in a circle and share stories about how it’s OK to be fat, mentally ill, and see a significant other once a year. Anybody that disagrees is an elitist.

    person 1: *claps hands in glee* OK me first :) I’m going to post a 1000 word essay on the stomach of an Australopithecus
    person 2: wow that was a lovely read person 1, thanks for sharing :)


    person 3: I’m fat, depressed, and horny. All my real life friends canceled on me tonight. I’m so alone :(

    person 2 and 3: No, you’re not fat…

    person 4: (thinking Oh god! this site has gone to the dogs. ciao for now, lamebook)

  96. Maybe Lamebook should start adding to their terms and conditions of posting. Tell people what they are and aren’t allowed to say before they join up. All comments must be for everyone’s amusement and no personal issues allowed. Just sayin’.

  97. Curly, the alcohol nothing to do with lamebook, I don’t take LB as seriously as some people apparently do!
    I will, however, apologize that this post won’t make word laugh, I do forget that making word laugh is the primary reason for my existence.

  98. Am I the only one who noticed “Mark and I’s”?

  99. Also curly, I’m afraid enforcing such a policy would require LB to have someone read through and determine the relevance and humour of the posts. They probably don’t want to do it themselves or pay someone to. They’d need someone with a lot of time on their hands. Perhaps they can get word to volunteer, since she seems to enjoy it anyway?

  100. #100 I’s noticed it too!

  101. #100 I saw it too. I also noticed that the “Remy” who commented here seemed more literate than the one from the original post.

  102. Remy, pointing people to your journal was the worst thing you could do. It has a lot of gems in there that don’t make you look any better.

    And you do have half nudes on Purerave, you just put stars over your nipples.

    Come on now…

  103. Saffer wins.

  104. Remy is enjoying her life. Angel is taking tremendous amounts of time to bitch about other people on the internet. I sense that there are many people here who might get along quite well with Angel.

  105. At the risk of drawing ire onto myself here, with the amount of time spent bitching in this post, are you including yourself amongst those who would get along with Angel?

  106. No, I was bitching about people bitching about people. Such meta-bitching seems to be outside of Angel’s purview.
    In all seriousness though, rather than moderating the posts, if a system of comment-control is needed they should install regretsy’s type of system, where users can +/- posts, and those with too many negative votes are hidden (and can be displayed by the viewer if they wish). This system seems to work quite well. Of course, we would need to set the number of negative votes required to auto-hide a post somewhat lower here than regretsy does, I suspect.

  107. What the fuck, guys?

  108. not really trying to keep this going, but i’ve definitely seen Remy nudes before and not the ones with stars over her tits in the shower.
    just go to and ask /b/, that’s where i saw them and they were pictures of her snatch, ass, tits, and her naked fingering herslef. once you get over all the deep stretch marks everywhere and shitty tattooes, they’re fairly decent tits. helluva lot better than her face.

  109. Nope. Couldn’t do it. Looked through the whole site, and I can’t find a single Lamebook post lamer than this shitty comments page.

  110. haha, this comments page is pretty shitty for its length. There are some good one liners here and there but overall for the length of this section this was the WORST I’ve read in a long time.

  111. I made an account just to say this:

    Right after I graduated high school three of my friends got engaged to guys they had been dating less than 4 months. One of them was pregnant even though she had insurance and access to any kind of birth control she wanted.
    I tried to be a good friend and talked to them in private about how it seemed like a bad idea to get married, and one of them ended up tagging me in a fb post saying I was being bitchy and everyone commented and said I was bitchy and yadda yadda.
    Maybe Angel reacted harshly but Remy is being stupid is what Angel is saying is true. Marriage isn’t just a pretty wedding and a nice bridal shower!

  112. I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the comments on here. The comments on here have always sucked ass, they haven’t changed for the last year, why should they change now.

  113. Epic Fail Guy makes a good point, but then again his name has ‘Epic Fail’ in it, so he’s probably making that point from the year 2004.

  114. I’m sorry. I hadn’t been an asshole in this comments section, so I felt a little left out.

  115. #109 stole the words from my mouth. Or fingers. Whatever.

    Though it’s more confusion for me…I can’t keep track of who’s mad at whom.

  116. I have to say Hobo I agree with you on #111!

    This might be comparable to the MEG comment section where she offered to flash Soup so that he would like her again (wtf)… and then she threatened to kill herself.. THAT was pretty lame. I mean, I’m still mind-fucked by that whole thing.

    Actually I should probably shut up and NOT post this… it’s not funny at all. Ah, fuck it! I <4 punishment! ;) Someone cuss me out and tell me I'm not funny

  117. About time some of the commenters here were called out – it’s not Oprah, or either. Sometimes it seems that there are people spending their whole life commenting on here to each other – very fucking sad. (Yes, mostly I am talking about Keona who honestly seems to think people want to read about her personal life which she seems to think is interesting but is totally lame and Mad because he encourages her).

  118. Bring back Boz!

  119. @Valenya – HAHA Thanks for the fill-in. I was just asking about Meg on another post.

  120. I doubt anyone will actually read this since this post is kind of old now, but I just have to leave my two cents.

    I’ve been reading lamebook for a long time. From the early days of Boz, from the days where people were stealing usernames, from the days of the one-armed girl, etc.

    I would just like to say that wordpervert has been on her high horse from the beginning, thinking she’s above everyone. Her orgies with eenerbl and slimjayz were the most annoying thing ever and her hypocrisy is hilarious. She even quit lamebook when her username was being stolen and made a HUGE deal about it.

    Her minions have been just as annoying. Junebug, who the fuck are you? Some 17 year old kid always trying to fit into the orgyfest of the other losers? Please make your break from lamebook extended. Your post was probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever read on lamebook. Shut the fuck up.

    Mad2physicist, Keona, Shelley – keep posting whatever the hell you want.

  121. @122 I’ll reply to you. No I won’t post whatever the hell I want, because some “up on their high horses” can’t take jokes that they previously made. Fucking hypocrites, the lot of ya. I’ll go back to simple jokes, that only are towards the posts. Because they seem to like stuffy aired, stuck up comments with no fun in them.

    Oh thank you, prudes, for showing me the light and error of my ways!

  122. holy fucking shit.
    has everyone forgotten this is just a fucking website? how about turning off your computers for once and, i don’t know, going outside?
    jesus christ.

  123. well when you’re in the middle of fuckin’ afghanistan shit like this really makes your day. why don’t you go outside?!

  124. Life is a series of peaks and troughs, but I just realized Lamebook is pretty much one big trough. It just got a lot deeper, and now it’s full of piles of shit.

  125. Mm, nice steaming piles, eh? Deuces all around.

  126. undergroundtunnel

    Wow, What a bitch.

    Word is in fact, a word pervert.
    This kind of talk should be right up your alley, but wait- you’re not being mentioned in it so of course you piss and moan like a bitch.
    Keona <3 you're awesome.
    @ dinglehopper I couldn't agree more with you. I've never been fond of her. Anytime something happens she gets all dramatic and claims she is leaving, probably just to get a reaction out of people and read their "Don't go" comments.
    I wish she actually would leave, for real this time.

  127. undergroundtunnel

    Wordpervert is meg.

  128. lmao.. what you people don’t know is that Remy is one fucked up individual.. just read her journals.. check out her “fuck me, love me” tramp stamp tattoo
    oh.. and you see under this some guy named Billy comments …..

    well he’s her ex fiance.
    shes like a serial bride-to-be
    she also likes to have children with everyone she sleeps with apparently
    and now that she doesn’t have her children anymore.. (since they were taken away from her) she wants to have more.
    i guess she doesn’t understand what a condom is.
    i actually can believe she ended up on here. or on 4chan with her gross vagina pictures.
    everytime i read her journals i thought.. she HAS to be lying or something. but apparently this is the real her. slutty, gross, and pathetic.

    for a woman who lost 3 of her kids that she supposadly “lives for” she seems quite happy

    and anyone who actually read her journals… this woman actually says well i have to move on because i can’t get my children back..

    I’m pretty sure if she tried hard enough, she can get them back over time.. and not just give up

    so there you go.

  129. British Hobo better not leave. I don’t care about anyone else.

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