Monday, January 10, 2011

Ready for the Job

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  1. Ben

  2. yeah….about that license to have children…..

  3. I know this girl. That is a balloon under her shirt, she was being funny. But I guess since she’s black everybody thinks it’s legit. Good job showing your true colors, Lamebook. For fuck’s sake, it doesn’t even look real.

  4. boomstick – I don’t care if it’s a balloon or not because the comments WOULD have been hilarious but I’m sure your comment completely ruined it. Thanks.

  5. What does Ben mean?

    #3, i’m sure same happens for real pregnancy ;)

  6. @broomstick there were two comments above yours and only one of those comments had anything to do with the post.
    So exactly what “true colors” are you talking about? The opinion of one person? Way to have a knee-jerk reaction to a commentary that was non-existent, loser.

    I think your comment makes more of a statement than anything, assuming people would automatically hate her because of her race.

    Also it does look real, you insufferable twat. Have you seen a thin woman in her final trimester? This is generally the physique they end up with.

    Shut the fuck up with your self-righteousness.

  7. I also thought it looked pretty real. And who said anything about her being black?

  8. @3

    Chill out dude. You are so ignorant to think anyone is bringing up this chick being black. Take that “boomstick” out of your ass and let some air out.

    Real belly or not, she looks like a fucking idiot and should really keep those legs closed to prevent the “legit” thing from happening.

  9. boomstick, I’m black, too, and my first thought was “I’ve never seen a black person be more white-trash.” And it’s true. You might want to go elsewhere if you’re looking for sensitivity.

  10. By #3′s standards, wouldn’t the person who submitted be the one showing their true racist colors?

    Way to make sure Cherise looks like a total loser, point out that in addition to this trashy photo, she has complete idiot friends.

  11. Has no one seen the jungle poking out of her clothes down there??? NO ONE?

  12. I thought she was wearing frayed Daisy Dukes. Ew.

  13. gawd boomstick, titfit much? you were the third poster and the first to whip out the race card. do us all a favour and use a condom, especially on her.

    ultimate trash test:
    self taken pic: check
    bathroom background: check
    tounge sticking out: check
    leg on counter: check
    awkward name: che- wait what? She passes. fuck.

  14. I’d just like to point out that balloons don’t tend to have bellybuttons.

  15. Maybe she was just trying to be funny by having that as her caption. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she knows it’s too late to abort and she was trying trying to be cute. I can’t say it worked though…

  16. what a mess.

  17. @13
    What’s a tounge? And where is it sticking out? :-S

  18. Anyone else think she looks like a spider?

  19. @Derek, it could have been the tie on the balloon but yeah, you’re absolutely right.
    Also, after looking more closely at her stomach I noticed the shadow across her belly looks like a dinosaur.

  20. Sure looks like a belly button there to me… If she’s trying to be funny, fail. If she’s serious, well then surely it’s not too late to abort her either? And I’m just gonna tell myself that her shorts are frayed and that’s not anything else, it’s safer that way.

  21. Hey guys, don’t feel the troll. #3 is just in it for the attention, making him/her a troll.

    But yeah. Wow.

  22. I’m pretty sure that the mirror just isn’t clean and it’s blurring the image. NOT that she has to trim….

  23. Thanks #17, I’m a closeted grammar nazi but didn’t notice that at all :-)


  24. @ #13 antixmas

    True. Plus the finger. Even more certainly trash.

  25. I remember the last time I fucked a pregnant girl with a tap.

    Something went pop! inside her belly that time too… it wasn’t a balloon.

  26. I take things like this as unintentional performance art. I think they may also in the larger Zuckerbergian way be portents of the emergence of an actual post racial America. Or signs of the Armageddon if you are such inclined to narrow thinking. This girl is frickin hilarious, and she made something that INSTANTLY made people play their cards, you go girl.

  27. Boomstick is Frodo.

  28. She’s a limber lassie for one so pregnant, that’s for damn sure. Hawky, I don’t think that’s her furry cheque book you’re spying there, but they are the teeniest pair of shorty shorts I’ve ever seen on someone so pregnant. It’s kind of amazing she can do them up underneath that belly.

  29. “She was trying to be funny”? Right… hi-friggin-larious.

  30. yeah i dont think its real. if she were really that pregnant, she would not be able to have her leg that high in that position. no way.

  31. I have definitely seen this before somewhere. My money is on it being a balloon, not a real baby bump.

  32. j100k, would you like to elaborate on how this picture is a “portent of an actual post racial america”? or are you just another pointless cultural studies dropout who likes to throw together various -ians, -isms and post-s in the hope that no one will question you? may i suggest that you are a post-funny nincompoop in the broader trustfundian sense of the term, and that your comment on this page is a portent of your head slowly but surely disappearing into the murky abyss of your anal cavity.

    you are right about the post though, hilarious!

  33. @candidcamera, i am 38 weeks along and i can still do that with my legs with absolutely no issues. her belly is not on her sides. and just because she can put her legs up that high doesn’t make this “fake”.

    just sayin’.

  34. @33, are you doing yoga??? I couldn’t do that without getting a charlie horse…or fear of my water breaking. :D

  35. ive been 38 weeks pregnant before and not on my sides and couldnt do that. i think thats just kudos for you.

  36. Vincent-I am in fact a dropout, but not of any particular major, more of a tune-in, turn-on, dropout type. Hopefully zombie Jebus will return and take most of the people who find this picture horribly offensive (with no scientific evidence whatsoever I posit that most of those same people have a problem with her color) to live in Heaben or Arkansas. This will leave the rest of us to live here on this mortal plane and crack up at stuff like this because it is hilarious. That which inflames, liberates.

  37. I just tried … I can do it. Took me 3 tries and I knocked all the shit off my vanity, but.

  38. I’ve been 38 weeks pregnant more than once and had no trouble getting my leg up like that. I painted my nails that way a lot. Sure, we’ll say I was painting my nails.

  39. I’m assuming you mean your toenails, Douchetastic? Otherwise, I’d have to say… kinky.

  40. Yes, toenails. Also how I tended to groom my Daisy Duke area.

  41. Oh. I was so hoping you were going to say it was your fingernails. I had a kinky image in my head and now it’s ruined. But I can still imagine you grooming yourself in that position. Nice.

  42. …….Lamebook, you’ve left me speechless on this one. I keep a retch bucket nearby for ones such as this. Excuse me.

  43. @word…..well I do hope so..

  44. Anyone else have a boner?

  45. the most offending part of this pic to me is that puka shell necklace she’s wearing. shes not spikey haired douchebag and this isn’t the late 90′s. fix it!

  46. my belly stuck out very far out front and none at the sides so it could be a real belly. and you can be very limber while preggers because of all the relaxin released to allow your pelvis to widen. but, with a belly really full its hard to bend like that because your belly is solid so im not sure its a real belly. and if it is this girl is disgusting to joke about her baby like that.


  48. I’ve seen plenty of gals that look like that while pregnant.

    also oh dear lord there is something climbing out of the the bottom of those shorts. Trim. Its not that hard to do.

  49. seems she can’t keep her legs closed even if she’s pregnant… sorry, couldn’t resist ahaha.

  50. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Hold up. Is it just me or does she have 6 fingers on her right hand? That needs to go in #13′s white trash equation…

  51. I don’t mind if it’s real or not, Cherise looks skanktastic to me either way.

  52. @ #49…the bonus: you can’t get preggers if you’re already pregnant.

  53. @52. Actually, it is possible for another egg to drop and be fertilized while already pregnant, so unfortunately, she doesn’t even have THAT safety net.

  54. @MrsNamorMcKenzie: Er, I’m an Ob/Gyn, and you are incorrect. You can *sometimes* release two or more eggs within about 48 hours, but once you are pregnant, your body no longer produces the hormones required to mature an egg and release it.

  55. hiyoooo

  56. has anyone seen the episode of Maury where some guy claimed that their “doctor” said that the chic conceived their twins with 2 different guys? like the doc was all precise on the date of conception(isn’t it nearly impossible to be precise on WHAT day exactly you conceived?!) and said she slept with 2 guys within 24 hours, and conceived that way(even though Maury then was like, “Mario, you ARE the father!!” to the twins)- what a quack lol! most doctors have trouble estimating the exact period of conception half the time but i love how stupid one can be as to say some shit like that- sad story.

    and @34, i have done gymnastics way back in the day, but i don’t do any yoga, or anything
    @35, and thank you for the kudos, greatly appreciated- i love kudos lol!!

    *but the fact that all your joints are shifting, and have become softer, it’s easier to be more flexible- not from just MY experience, but from other impregnated girls i’ve known of :)

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