Friday, August 14, 2009

Read it. Now Shut the Fuck Up.


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  1. These are totally those girls who make out with each other at bars for attention.

  2. Don’t get why this is supposed to be funny.

  3. Whore.

  4. oddrid = carrie

  5. I totally agree with HB78.. after two shots they go around yelling how drunk they are and straight up skankin’ out.

  6. This is exactly the mindset that “I kissed a girl” song by Katie Perry panders to. That kind of “oooooo we are so drunk and will not conform, and to show this lets kiss each other in front of everyone” IT’S NOT SHOCKING DAMN IT! It’s not even arousing in that kind of taboo way. Its just two attention seeking, soon to be knocked up in a toilet stall idiots trying to shock. Now if they are twin sisters then they’re on to something…

  7. This reminds me of those goths/emos who complain loudly to people about being “judged”, when in fact no one even noticed them until they started to complain.

    Also, what makes me uncomfortable isn’t her whorish sexuality, but the spelling of “Caysie”.

  8. Somebody didn’t get enough love and attention from Dad….

  9. Ok, maybe the LOVE part, just not the attention part…

  10. I’m not submitting this to lamebook as it wasn’t on MY facebook, but it is pretty awkward:

  11. Why does she feel the need to publicise her sex life? That’s the question.

    Maybe when people call her a whore, they are referring to the “attention whore” kind.

  12. ratcoon- omg, i just read that link you posted…I wanna punch that Nolan guy in the face! You guys have to read it

  13. These three should start a band called Destiny’s Adult.

  14. I guess I’m missing how this is lame. Chick is right. More power to her.

  15. Heather, it’s lame because she talks about a double standard in the most sanctimonious way possible and then proceeds to talk in a sickening comment stream that oozes supremacy. Hypocritical, no?

  16. “Well fuck that, I’m a classy woman” is my new motto. What could be classier?

  17. Classy girls don’t curse.

  18. @ice: sort of my point … sorry if it was too subtle for you.

  19. @ratcoon, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH aaaaaahhhh great stuff there.

    classy girls are hot.

  20. The only people who glamorize guys who sleep around are the sort of frat boys these two were probably getting passed around by six hours later.

    Boys and girls, if you live your life with a veritable sandwich board with “Will Fuck 4 Herpes” scrawled across it in desperate black sharpie, you’re a whore.

  21. @ ratcoon: where did you find this??? I love the way Nolan caves in at the end. “Hey, I’ll bring the microwave.” Priceless :-) I think that that conversation officially counts as “starting off on the wrong foot”.

  22. Gurplease.

  23. Advertising to the you’re a whore by saying you’re not a whore. WOW! If this girl actually believed a word she said, or even understood what she was saying, which I hate to break it to her, she clearly does not, perhaps should wouldn’t have broad casted through her status. So apart from proving she is an attention seeking whore with the intelligence level of a… Sorry I lost my train of thought when I couldn’t think of anything dimwitted enough for comparison. So I’ll take a guess at what this is really about, whore finds guy she likes, cheats on him because guy actually treats her well and she prefers the gutter slut treatment, he finds out and labels her a whore (and so he rightfully should as it is evident that she is), end result = status update. I like how her whore friends are so easily amused by their patriotic opinions about sleeping around. This is what they don’t teach you at whore school. You don’t admit that you are one, you just act like one in hopes the rest of the world can figure it out. Captain obvious working overtime here. Lamebook worthy that’s for sure. Operative word ‘lame’.

  24. liking sex = not necessarily whorish
    ranting about how much you like sex over fb = totally whorish

    keep it classy, girls. keep racking up those STDS like frequent flier miles. the suffragettes would’ve been proud

  25. These girls are in a sorority, they sound stupid.

  26. oh my god, ratcoon’s link is incredible. i want to hit both of those boys.

    sex is great. being adamant about how much you’re allowed to talk about sex is stupid. yeah, there’s a weird double-standard. yeah, it’s frustrating sometimes that guys are allowed to brag about it and girls are not. but really caysie? why go on and on about it?

  27. i don’t get why people enjoy talking about sex/their sex lives.
    isn’t that private? :/ or did i miss something?

  28. So I read the microwave one..
    the guy is so poor that he has an iPhone?
    Makes sense to me.

  29. @qp

    well said…but it’s worth noting that the double standard runs both ways. if a girl chooses to remain virginal, it’s good for her reputation; if a guy remains a virgin, though, we often assume that he’s either a wimp or a closet case.

    regardless, we can all agree these girls are total tramps.

    also thanks for the link ratcoon; I wasn’t aware that being a pre-med precluded one from playing video games, but I guess I was being “presumptuous.” this is totally what people hate pre-meds

  30. The funnier part about that linked story is the guy said he was responding to the Nolan guy on his iphone, a phone, and never thought to gave him his number (and Nolan never thought to say, hey, iphone = phone!)

  31. @ hfro # 16: “Well fuck that, I’m a classy woman” is my new motto. What could be classier?

    THIS is my new motto: “Fuck that, I’m a classy ‘ho.”

  32. “The only people who glamorize guys who sleep around are the sort of frat boys these two were probably getting passed around by six hours later.”

    so true, Joshua. I love hearing girls whine about being treated like crap. There are plenty of guys out there with proper standards.

    As others have pointed out, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with discussing sex in a mature, open manner. But writing a wannabe-intellectual FB note complaining about societal standards (oh gosh, haven’t heard that one yet) is incredibly lame.

    also ratcoon, hilarious link (the ending was the best part), although I thought Jordan was pretty lame as well. Microwaves aren’t exactly expensive…?

  33. How come I never meet girls like this? All my chicks are well-mannered and polite.

  34. Okay, Caysie. Fine. You’re comfortable with your sexuality (or so she insists; that post positively reeks of insecurity).

    Does that mean that EVERYONE ELSE wants to be comfortable with your sexuality? I know I don’t. I mean, your attitude toward sex is your own business, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with just plain not wanting to hear about it.

  35. I thought Robin’s comment was bad. But then I kept reading

  36. …filthy whore

  37. All worship to the Ratcoon!

  38. I really wish I knew where Nolan and Jordan are going off to school. That way I could go and bomb the place.

  39. lol…I love entries where people care enough to vehemently protest how much they “don’t care”.

  40. where are these girls when i go to the dive bars?

  41. the girl has got a point, if you ignore the lesbian love-fest that follows.

  42. ratcoon:


    “i’ll bring the microwave.” haha. doormat.

  43. this isn’t lame, since she’s exactly right. you can see the evidence in this thread, where the actual lame is.

  44. Everybody has always thought that I’m uncomfortable with my sexuality. In fact, not only AM I comfortable with my sexuality, but I’m the ONLY person who is comfortable with my sexuality. And not only is nobody else comfortable with my sexuality, but nobody else is comfortable with MY being comfortable with my sexuality. And that makes me uncomfortable.

    I’m glad to have cleared all this up.

  45. wow, what a bunch of prudes we have here

  46. Ew, what a whore. I hate it when sluts feel like they have to justify themselves, it’s not hot

  47. … At least she has good grammar..


  48. You know what’s cool about this? Nothing.

  49. Ratcoon….I’ll be waiting for u in my dreams tonight! :)

  50. I forgot to add
    My Best
    Flip C

  51. that went from bad to worse with each comment

  52. I’m so thankful that I read that incredibly stupid post, to get to the good stuff. Ratcoon, sooooo funny!

    p.s.. i’m one of those girls that makes out with other girls after a couple shots.. its just pure liquid courage. ahaha.

  53. Whores..

  54. hmm…. I thought whores got money for their services. Wouldn’t she just be a slut?

  55. Yeah, you guys are prudes. There is nothing wrong with this post at all. Obviously she doesn’t want to be friends with people like you and that’s why she posted this. She is doing it to scare away people. She making a point to declare her sexuality and not be shameful of her relationships with other woman.

    This is not post worthy on her. There are much lamer posts.

  56. dykes are sexist!

  57. Too much misogyny in these comments.

  58. *takes sexism….shoves it*
    I got told.

  59. Very Classy lmao

  60. they are right!

  61. Exactly HOW is calling her a whore NOT valid?

  62. There was no talk of payment.

  63. Because dropping f-bombs and swearing to get your point across is the classiest form of self expression….

  64. Classy?!
    Stupid Whore.

  65. ummm… people who use the word “classy” are usually not.

  66. “I don’t care, I never have, and I never will.”

    If she never cared about others’ opinion(s), then she wouldn’t have posted this in the first place.

    I wonder what else screams ‘attention whore’ that hasn’t been mentioned in the comments by now.

  67. whores…

  68. It’s so beautiful how their whole free world revolves around them. lmao

  69. Is she writing shes Hook Up list too? ;o)

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