Monday, August 23, 2010

Read ‘em & Weep

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  1. I don’t get the first one. Unless it’s supposed to say “Robert Pattionson”? The 2nd one is lame, especially the tattooes. Avatar sucked anyway.
    And the 3rd one is lame.

  2. Raper

  3. Surely nobody would want to have that shite on his back until he dies?
    No wait, I’m forgetting where I am…

  4. @Jonas, actually it says “rateper” if anything, whatever the hell that is…

  5. “Raper”? Isn’t there a “T” sound in “Eight”? “Rate-per”? I don’t get it, either.

  6. Is it just me or do the Avatard tattoos look crayoned in?

  7. I understand they think it says raper, but whoever’s claiming that as lame is the lame one because they can’t sound it out. rate per. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s not Lamebook-doesn’t-make-sense.

  8. License plate fail. . . .he’s probably as literate as the other people who make the LB posts. . .

  9. Holy shit, can we move on from pic #1 now? We get it already.

  10. … Nobody noticed the pi symbol? “Pi Raper” ??? Anybody ???

  11. So I guess we haven’t moved on from pic # 1. Hey, how about those lame Avatar tattoos. . . .I think the rest of the guy’s back is just as awful as the tattoos.

  12. It’s “raper” if you say it fast it comes out to be raper.

  13. Oh wow, I’m really blind. I thought the ’8′ was a B on the first one. But yeah, I see it now. Not really funny though, to be honest.

  14. Who's That Girl?

    I call dibbs on the Avatar guy. That is H-O-T!!!

  15. So what do we have…

    1. A numberplate that if you take a letter out spells Raper. BRILLIANT!

    2. A guy who has Avatar tattoos. Okay, on it’s own that’s fine, but two full people and three heads? That’s a little bit extensive, no?

    3. Vampires Suck The Other Guys.

    Rateper and Vampires Suck The Other Guys.

    People who run Lamebook, sometimes I pity you.

  16. He probably got those awful tattoos so that his lover would have something to look at as he gets anally r8ped.

  17. Your friends must think they’re the most hilarious people on the world. They could say the word ‘fart’ and you’d die laughing.

  18. Each to their own, I suppose.

  19. 16 – byce_pryah – anally r8ped by vampires!

  20. it looks like some of the posters ( and yes im looking at the first 5) are fucking retarded if they dont understand what the license plate means

  21. that’s not a pi on the guy’s license plate; It’s the “JU” logo for Jacksonville University (if you look closely, you’ll see the dolphin between the letters)… so… JU raper?

  22. although “R8PR” sounded out is “rate-per”… so… JU rate-per?

  23. Well, if he did mean raper I have to laugh at the radio station bumper sticker. It’s from an Orlando area Christian Rock station. I live in the Orlando area and see the stickers all the time. Their music is “safe for little ears.” I guess this guy isn’t safe for little anything.

  24. Um… I think the lameness in the first one is the fact that there seems to be a spoiler on a car that can’t do more than 50mph. Could be wrong though.

  25. honestly i feel even more sad for whoever took the second picture than the actual guy with the tats…. no one should have to get close to that guy shirtless.

  26. stevie, care to actually explain it? Or would you rather just sit there insulting the people who didn’t because you’re soooo much smarter than them to figure it out.

  27. I’m with Hobes. Care to thrill us with your acumen, stevie?

  28. what about the plate meaning nothing. Maybe it’s just r8pr. No meaning. Just sayin’

  29. no problem @britishhobo, i understand how it must be hard for someone of your intellect level to whats going on in that picture. its obviously a play on words that means “fucking retard” youre welcome.

  30. MsBuzzkillington

    @28, People don’t get personalized license plates to mean nothing. They don’t go to the counter and say “hmm, I’d like to spend more money for my plates, I think I will just put a few random letters and numbers together. Yes, that’ll do.”

  31. stevie, can you teach me how to use punctuation next? I struggle there and I see you’re just awesome at it.

  32. i would love to help you out with that hobo, but im a little too busy trying to start fights on other posts. im so sorry, but maybe you can get wordpervert to help you out since you two are obviously sucking eachother’s dicks right now. kthxbai

  33. Who's That Girl?

    I call dibbs on stevie too(I have low standards). “kthxbai” – lol. Who can’t love a guy with word combination skills like that!

    (but by the way, wordpervert is a woman)

  34. @Stevie. I am sorry about your pinky finger accident.

    In the second picture, why would he get the SAME character all over his back? It makes NO sense! He should have moved the first full figure tattoo down a little. Then she wouldn’t have to be stepping on a rock, she could be supporting her leg weight on his crack hair.

  35. Looked at it again and I still see the symbol for Pi. Pi R8per still sounds funnier to me than just r8per, otherwise it just isn’t as interesting. *sigh*

  36. Well word, I think we’ve been owned. One day we’ll be as witty as stevie with all his swearwords and 14-year-old-in-a-chatroom insults.

    Until thn, I’ll be over here having a little cry.

  37. In the beginning there was nothing. God said, Let there be light! And there was light. There was still nothing, but you could see it a whole lot better.

  38. Seeing as how the car in #1 is associated with the Jacksonville area (known for being full of evangelical Christians) and has a sticker from a Christian station, I think the license plate is supposed to be something like “rapture.” Lame in a different way, and not as funny as “raper,” but a possible explanation.

  39. @Wednesday – Actually, the licnse plate doesn’t necessarily mean they are from the Jacksonville area. It just means they went to Jacksonville University. As far as I know, 88.3 doesn’t reach Jacksonville, so my guess is that they are in the Orlando area. Even so, it’s still a fail if they meant rapture…it still doesn’t work.

  40. P.S. It could also be for the sports team the Tampa Bay Raptors.

  41. southernbrunette

    Could be just random. The sticker is definitely an Orlando Christian station.

    and yeah 88.3 doesn’t reach Jacksonville.

    I don’t think they meant anything by it. Just random letters and numbers on a University of Jacksonville plate.

  42. Not to mention the fact that’s it’s fucking RAPIST. Trying to make some lame half-joke out of a misspelled non-word stinks of desperation.

    P.S. Stevie, you never did fill us all in on why the license plate is so funny. Please. Indulge.

  43. I’m from FL and I didn’t pick up on any of that. What custom plates are green and white? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I can honestly say I do not recognize that plate type.

  44. Nevermind…. JU’s colors are green and white. Their mascot is a dolphin. IDK, maybe it is rapture then.

  45. It may just be the way the plates are numbered if the college logo takes up that much space… If so, it might be an unfortunate coincidence. I’m more disturbed by the tattoo pic. A)I hope he didnt pay a lot for that, B) it is excedingly bad work C) Avatar? Really? On a grown man? and finally D)You would think if somebody was trying to show off their new tattoos in a picture, they could at least shave their ass hair first.

  46. rate payer?

  47. ^ ratepayer is the first thing I thought of.

  48. Are eight poor. They have eight kids and no money.

  49. R8PST?

  50. Comment 37 made me laugh. It doesn’t have a thing to do with any of the other comments or any of the pics here as far as I can tell, but whatever.


    also, tires?

  52. Okay, I had to register just to point out a certain something about the first pic.
    Supposing that “r8pr” is supposed to be read “raper”, I am amazed that no one has yet pointed out that the plate in fact says “ju(jew) r8pr()raper. Jew raper!
    Suddenly the Orlando Christian Station sticker makes a bit more sense, eh?

  53. Speaking of the first picture. That doesn’t look like any dash I have ever seen. It looks more like the hatchback. I have seen alot of those.

  54. If you look closely enough Morf is developing a hunchback, that’s why he’s let a six year old child tattoo a load of wank on his back, to try and distract from his repulsive deformity.

    I do not normally indulge in Licence plate based conversation with people who i am not well acquainted, but i know the owner of that car and it actually reads ‘Rate PR’. He’s in advertising and PR management you see and is interested in the general publics opinion of his job.

    I told him to kill himself because he works as a professional cunt.

  55. @lmamofo It is a Jacksonville University license plate, and the school’s colors are green and white. If you look at the license plate frame, it says “Alpha Epsilon Phi”, which is a sorority. I know this car. I went to JU. It belongs to one of my sorority sisters.

  56. @dmartin716

    Actually the JU stands for Journalist Undergraduate, which my associate was before becoming a PR manager. The Greek shit is his little nod of the head to his Greek grandparents.

    In short one of us is a liar.

    It’s either you, an educated soriety sister with nice knickers or me, a convicted fraudster with a record for lying about licence plates. (my undies are nice too but didn’t really deserve a mention)

    I think we both know who is the liar here, eh fibber? (your pants are on fire)

  57. dirtylittlepretty

    i saw rate PR


  58. @56
    JU is for Jacksonville University (my alma mater) and the license plate numbers are randomly assigned by the Public Safety department. Well that’s a little ironic too, isn’t it.

  59. @dtronol


    JU stands for Jesus Unicorn, (my auntie Pauline) Licence Plates are never randomly assigned. There is a very stringent selection process that involves cucumbers and celery….so nuh!

    JU it seems is directly supplying Americas’ next generation of High Achievers.

  60. JU is also my alma mater, from which I can tell you that graduates are furnished with free (after rebate) JU plates courtesy of the Alumni Association.

    Also, the driver is female (and I’m pretty sure I know her). Alpha Epsilon Phi is a sorority.

  61. #2 is riduclously fucked up!
    I’m all for poeple getting whatever they wish inked but it’s not even done well!!

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