Thursday, May 27, 2010

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  1. BEN!

  2. Me too Jade, me too.

  3. Scented tampons? Is there really such a thing? What, in the name of God, is the point?

    As for Ann, I’m taking a leap of faith and assuming it’s her legs she didn’t shave, because if that’s her in the profile pic, I don’t want to think of the alternative.

  4. The use of the word “snatch” is extremely raunchy yet hilarious at the same time.

  5. That’s Ann Widdecombe in the last one.
    It’s a joke profile with the status referring to David Cameron and Nick Clegg.
    British politics, i’m guessing will be lost on many American users.

  6. tangalangadingdong

    While I sometimes rail in class, I MUCH prefer a pre-class railing!

  7. Hahaha Ann Widdecombe playing naked twister with David Cameron and Nick Clegg, now that’s something I would like to see!

  8. Why have they blurred out the surnames for Nick Clegg and David Cameron?

  9. Never heard of them, and I’m not American. Now I know that it’s not some random, it’s no longer funny.

  10. I can’t believe that I did it, but I googled scented tampons, and yes, they’re out there, and from what I read, steer clear girls.

  11. @ Jeturner22 that is something I would pay good money not to see.

  12. @wordpervert My personal opinion is if you smell that bad even when you’re plugged up that you need a scented tampon, it’s probably best to stay home for those 4 or 5 days.

  13. anne widdecombe is a famously fat and ugly ex member of parliament.

    david cameron is the new british prime minister, and nick clegg his number two – they are the heads of their respective parties, forced to form a coalition government as no party won the election outright.

    so basically: – funny man make great jokey.

    also, i want to line up jade and eenerbl for a threesome. i don’t even need to be polite and ask – i know dem bitches be up 4 dat shit. hit me up girls.

    i wish we had k-mart in england….

  14. People really ought to know who david cameron and nick clegg are, even if they aren’t british, it’s like knowing who the president of the US is!

  15. #10, wordpervert,

    That’s not all that’s out there to help with scent. There are also “wipettes” for when you need to, uh, freshen up your, you know…

    Check this out (this product and commercial being 100% real):

  16. The US has a president?

  17. banana – do you know the president of germany? – ok, too easy.
    russia? – bit harder

    nope? all big world economic players, all g8 nations.

    no reason why people should know who clegg and cameron are if they’re not british, because

    a) they’ve only just been elected,


    b) britain just isn’t that important any more.

  18. Bucky, I’m in shock that these things exist. The only scented thing I know of here, is a spray called “femfresh”, it’s been around for years.
    When I was at high school, I had a part-time job at a supermarket, and in quiet moments, I used to chase my friend through the aisles spraying it all over her. It smells vile.

    Thanks alord, after the debacle that was the recent UK election, I lost track of who actually got elected.

  19. Groooooss @ the cat miscarriage.

  20. Lmao @ Ann Widdecombe. Nice to see something for the Brits on Lamebook; I was surprised to see absolutely nothing during the election, even though there were probably thousands of people saying stupid things about in on Facebook.

  21. crimm – don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

  22. leonardmustdie

    I’m in love with Nick Clegg.

    Electoral reform just got sexy!

  23. leonard – you must also be in love with door-to-door salesmen and jehovah’s witnesses then..?

  24. Guys, we don’t get much on Aussie facebook users either. I know for sure there are many lamebook worthy Aussies.

  25. leonardmustdie

    liberal democrats are sexy for seventeen year old politics students, there’s no-one else to turn to. apart from the milibands…

  26. @Leonardmustdie, never fear. I know many students who find Nick Clegg very sexy.

  27. if you ask me, parliament is old-fashioned. we should disband it, and give all the power to the queen.

    i just think now’s the time for some progressive thinking.

  28. @leonardmustdie I do sort of see where your coming from, there is something sexy about him, glad you said it because I was thinking I was the only one!

    And I have also noticed that it’s mostly American facebook posts on here though that’s not for lack of material from other countries! Thinking Lamebooks run from the US would I be right?

  29. leonardmustdie

    @alordslums my favourite dream ever was when nick clegg killed the queen and he, vince cable and chris huhne drank her blood.

  30. I’m doing a bit of googling today, and checked out Nick Clegg. He’s not too bad. There’s some Colin Firth resemblance sort of going on there. He needs to see a dentist though.

  31. didn’t need to see “should have shaved before naked twister last night.”

  32. if there’s a direct correlation between popularity in politics and attractiveness, why aren’t i master of the universe? or at least mayor of some backwater town in new zealand?

  33. uoykcuf yes, west coast somewhere, I’d say.

  34. I’m making the west coast assumption because of the times when they post, but who knows, it could be coming from some backwater in New Zealand, hey, future Mayor alord?

  35. alordslums, in response to #13. You do need to be polite.

  36. GREAT! Now Im gonna gag every time I go into a Home Depot. Thanks Lamebook.

  37. Ah right west coast makes sense.

    I vote no to the queen having power, what does she know at the end of the day? The royal family are pretty much living on the dole but they get a very high rate on it, enough for them to send their children to one of the most (if not the most i’m not sure on these things) expensive school in the country to get the bast education just so they can go on the dole without having to fill out any forms.

  38. leonardmustdie

    To get my mind off the awesomeness that is our Deputy Prime Minister, I Googled scented tampons. Apparently you can get infections and shit.

  39. *best

  40. @35


  41. Jade would be Jade Lily White and she’d so be up for a threesome. She’s really, really skanky.

  42. Maybe Mary would be the perfect dog for Joe from Kmart

  43. @Orunitia: It’s not exactly obvious to British users, since they blanked out all the last names, and we can’t click the tags… so it’s not as if Americans are being ignorant of the world outside.


  44. @BritishHobo
    Even if you have absolutely no interest in politics, Ann Widdecombe is very well known, and i’d be suprised to meet anyone over the age of 15 who didn’t know what she looks like, so it’s pretty obvious from the picture even.
    She’s on Grumpy Old Women for crying out loud!
    I wouldn’t call it ignorant, i couldn’t tell you anyone in the American political system outside of Obama and possibly a few others.
    But Ann Widdecombe naked is something that makes me want to vomit all over my keyboard. Bah.

  45. @alordslums ee’s a classy lady man, you got to put in a bit more effort then just saying please.
    @ee you know what I’m talking about ;)

    Jade, sex before class upgrades into sex before work if your good enough at picking up mates.

  46. mymomruinedfacebook

    Wow yall didn’t know about scented tampons? I guess there’s lots about feminine hygiene that guys just don’t get. I always make sure I get the unscented kind. I don’t need to bring any attention to that area during that unfortunate time of the month. Also wtf is Ann Widdecomb? <<< @Orunitia that's for you

  47. @17: i don’t think knowing who the president of germany is is all that easy.

  48. 1) What the fuck?

    2) People like Mary is what’s wrong with this world.

    3) That’s actually pretty hot. Same goes to eenerbl.

    4) What. The. Fuck.

    5) Very curious to see how Nick and David reacted.

  49. YorkshirebornNBread

    For those very fortunate american/austrailian (insert your nationality here)etc.. brothers & sisters in sarcasm…here is Nick clegg….Don’t see why we should suffer alone in the UK…

    the man’s a tool.

  50. whatbrighteyesyouhave

    haha those are my 3 favorite things too…..

  51. Oh how Jade brings back so many great memories. College is the perfect place to shop the pink taco stands.

    I uh….will be back. . . .

  52. @wordpervert

    Re: Scented tampons. I can’t even believe that anyone thought that was a good idea, but that’s because I’m really sensitive to perfumes and won’t have anything perfumed in the house, let alone in my good good…

    Re: Nick Clegg. I thought everyone in Britain had bad teeth.

    Re: Me not being around much of late. I can’t figure out if I’m just not into it anymore or if it’s all just part of the pervasive sense of apathy I’ve been having, *sigh*

  53. CommentsAtLarge

    Scented tampons? Wow, I’m a guy and I know that’s a bad idea. Glade needs to stick to the wall outlets and spray cans of the world.

    Be it lack of interest or general apathy, nice to see ya

  54. CommentsAtLarge

    add “anyways” to the end there Em (oops, sorry)

  55. @CommentsAtLarge

    Thanks. Nice to see you too.

    As for Glade sticking to the scented plug-ins and spray cans, I’d rather they just went out of business completely. Those things irritate my sinuses like crazy.

  56. I went to my friend’s house and used the scented toilet paper…that was bad enough. I’m staying away from scented things down there.

  57. I know many of the Brit comedy guys and gals, and love most of them, but not everyone watches “Grumpy old women”, or even heard of the show. So some of us haven’t heard of Ann W. Big whoop.

    EmKitt, I’ve missed your input, but I get the whole apathy thing. Girlfriend, we’re in Aus, and it’s winter. It’s hard to get excited about anything. I’m with you on the scented tampons, I can only imagine the smell of fresh pine, and menstrual blood together. Hideous.

  58. nuff… ;) Good man you are!

  59. Paranoid Android

    I was going to make some deep, insightful, incisive points about Clegg selling his party down the river for a bit of power then I realised I couldn’t be arsed.

    Apathy FTW.

  60. Christine, Mary and Jade I would fuck given half the chance.

    Evan stop mopping up foetus and have your slag cat spayed.

    I’d not play naked twister with Anne but only because i have a dodgy knee, instead i’d play naked monopoly and wouldn’t give a fuck if she was fully bushed or not.

  61. So Mary is a whore, a gold digger and a drug addict. Sounds like a real winner there.


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