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  1. Seems to be a lot of racism encroaching into lamebook these past few days

  2. Kelsea WTF?

  3. Hahaha, someone doesn’t like Kelsea.

  4. who gives a fuck?

    Hahahaha I like what Pete did there…

  5. Wow, Kelsea? Really? Even if this was a joke, it’s not funny!

  6. What the hell is she saying?

  7. If this is real, Kelseas account has been intruded.

    Not even backwash ignorant rednecks would thinking commenting like this would be funny.

  8. Good thing she still likes to party. I was worried for a minute there.

  9. What would a farmville associated racist joke be though?

  10. to Ketchup, I’m guessing that was a slave reference he was “refraining from.”

  11. oh….

  12. That was definitely what he meant.

  13. Girls like Kelsea are the reason black people have the term “Becky”.

  14. @derp

    I have to ask. What?

  15. What’s a Becky?

    Kelsea’s account has clearly been hacked here. This is definitly one of her friends posting as her to make her look like a dick.

  16. Flamin' Hot Funyuns

    FYI, in a lot of places, “colored” means “mixed race.” Not saying that’s necessarily what Kelsea was going for…

  17. Why the racism?

  18. Obviously her account was attacked.

  19. who gives a fuck?

    Obviously , she is just plain stupid.

  20. What racism? They were both joking.


  21. Pete’s comment was mildly funny but Kelsea’s was just stupid. I agree that someone must have hacked her account. At least she still likes to party though.

  22. Racism sucks. If I knew Kelsea, I’d kick her ass.

  23. @back in da ussa

    Kelsea is my girl and if you mess with her, I’ll kill you. She does say slurs in bed and calls it “dirty talk”.

    I’m not sure how “plow my fields you big, black slave boy” is dirty talk, but what can I say, I love her big, white, ghetto booty.

  24. @23.
    Wait… so you’re saying that you’ll let your girlfriend call you a “slave boy” but still in America we are forced to be respectful to “African Americans”. I call bullshit!

  25. @23.
    Oh, and “white power” is a term used for “down with blacks”. Just so you know.

    Don’t use having a black boyfriend as an excuse to be racist. It’s very redneck and rather immature. Just for that comment, this guy should leave you.

  26. 24, i think you need to take a breather from the internet for a little while. you’re clearly not very good at it yet.

  27. Racism is funny. There’s not a lot anyone can do about that.

    “A bicycle doesn’t sing when you put chains on it.”
    “A pizza can feed a family of four.”

    And so on.

    When it stops being funny, I’ll stop making jokes about it. Also, I don’t think any world difficulty was ever solved by people not having a sense of humour about it.

  28. I like chicken and potatoes.
    Omg, I’m black and I only just realised!

  29. I’d like to think this girl’s account was hacked, but I’ve heard people say “I’m not racist. I have friends that are black!” too many times.

  30. I had no idea the word “colored” was still used in this day and age, even by backwoods rednecks. I suspect (or hope rather) hacking.

  31. @Sara

    In South Africa, colored is a race on its own actually.

  32. 71828182845904523536

    #31 “Coloured” has never been a “race”. In SA it is a mixture of races, not a race on it’s own.

  33. People talk about racism like it’s a bad thing, but without racism we never would have seen the end of apartheid, and the end of apartheid was a VERY good thing.

  34. Ummm…so what’s a Becky???

  35. Pfft. What’s an “Also Mom”?

  36. I think people commenting on this site forget that comments like these are not designed to be published explicitly for lamebook readers to judge.
    Y’know sometimes people of different races are friends, and they make fun of racism by pretending to be racist to each other. I know I do.
    Almost the opposite stigma for stupidism. I’m happy to call you lot a bunch of dim idiots, but I wouldn’t say the same about my friends, even in jest.

  37. “Stupidism” isn’t a word genius……………

  38. ^ but is SO should be

  39. it* damnit

  40. That was a stupidism, flips.

  41. The new thing to say.

    I may be a little racist, but I still like to party….

  42. @Black Boy

    If you allow your girlfriend to say those things towards you i wonder what her family says behind your back (or in front of your face since you seem to enjoy being called racist slurs)

  43. Hey, I am this Kelsea.My Facebook was hacked by my boyfriend who is half african american. He wrote the message to his bestfriend. I was not pleased when I went on and saw that. Just saying. I am not the stupid racist bitch you all think I am. But believe what you will. And the guy who said I was girlfriend is lying.

  44. It’s cool Kelsea, I’m sure most of these facebook fails were pranks put up by hacker friends. I’m surprised a few of mine aren’t up.

  45. bad case of judgement then Kelsea, stop dating boys and date a man

  46. I want to punch Kelsea in the head.

  47. Black boy you’re clearly lying..&who cares what Kelsea said! haha

  48. Kelsea shut the Fuck up u dumb bitch.

    black people dont eat potatoes, only the filthy fucking irish do that.

    damn micks.

  50. @eirean go blargh
    1. Learn to spell
    2. You’re being just as racist as the girl who commented on Anthony’s status
    3. Fuck you.

  51. ^eh, yes he’s being a racist, but I’d like to know where the spelling error is, other than that one apostrophe.

    I find most people who admit being racists themselves, are not real racists. And Kelsea wasn’t really being offensive, she really sounded joke-y. Although if it wasn’t even her, that wasn’t really cool of the hacker.

  52. whats wrong with potatoes? :(

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