Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick Picks

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  1. meh..

  2. The first and last are especially overplayed out at this point, and ceased to be funny a looooooooong time ago.

  3. I really dislike cats, so I’m all for overkilled eating cat jokes.

  4. I don’t see how anyone can hate cats. They’re such awesome creatures.

  5. the randomness of Mike’s comment made me laugh.

  6. ‘Dogs’ that can jump six feet? I think Mike’s pit bull is now an official member of Team Jacob.

  7. I think you’re right, teo.

    Poor Pit Bull….Michael Vick wouldn’t have ever let that happen to his pit bulls.

  8. Shut up April! Bacon is one of Gods greatest creations! The more fat, the better!

  9. lol

  10. malt! I thought you might have died or something. Good to see you haven’t. Welcome back.

  11. lol @ malteaser!

  12. cats are the cutest creatures on earth !although they are the laziest !!

  13. I love cats, you don’t have to take them for walks, or pick up their poop :)

  14. I once bought hot dogs made out of cat meat.

  15. @ Ian: Go look in the mirror then tell us..

  16. Oh malt! You’re too damn cute with your little giggles. ;)

  17. How does Mike know that? Did the pit bull tell him? If so, then good on her. It’s alarming the percentage of dog rapes that go unreported.

  18. Eh, Mike…
    I don’t think that was rape. I’m pretty sure it was with consent.

    Also, we need Mr. Fragis’ opinion of these people.

  19. And because I know you are bored with this crap, I offer my facebook page. I am out of town and my doctor prescribed a sleep aid, Ambien to help me sleep on the trip. I have never taken one and it did not appear to be working so I took 2 more which is the approach I usually take with tylenol and such. I couldn’t even remember my name sometimes, it was in and out. I started to erase them in embarrassment but then my friends begged me to stop so here is my shame, and do not skip the aftermath on my friend Theresa’s page. This is lame people, this is what we should have here.

    My Facebook ID is 100001111601918&v=wall

  20. @Nonnieyrissa:
    And what’s on your page that’s so much better than what’s here?

  21. yeah, boring page.

    still, i’d probably hit that. :-D

  22. I said lame not better.

  23. As I told you before, no you wouldn’t I promised it to ee and word a long time ago. :)

  24. You’ve told us you don’t have Facebook, alord. So what are you doing on Nonnie’s page? Stalker.

  25. Oh, is that for me, Nonnie?

  26. You know it! ;)

  27. er…because she put the link up?

    who made you cyber-police, word? :d

    for occasions when i need to go onto the bbb page/look at people like shekeisha (sp?),
    i have a handy younger sister whose password i can use.


    and noniey – you’ve definitely never told me before that i couldn’t have sex with you! if you had i definitely would’ve beat some hookers up to get rid of the sense of rejection. and i haven’t done that for aaaages!

  28. oh and word, since we’re being snipey and pernickety – it’s spelled ‘stocker’.


  29. Can’t take a jibe, alord? Get over yourself, brother.

  30. Yes I did ba, check the archives. But no biggie, if you had offered first it might of happened depending on my mood. But you have to realize what ee and Word bring to the table. o.O

  31. Only if you were putting my thing on shelves on my page. :D

  32. the :D was supposed to indicate i wasn’t being too serious.

    but then again, you never can tell these days…

  33. Nonnie darling, I do thank you, but are you ok with putting your stuff up on here? Is it the Ambien making you do it? It’s a nutty world, you know. Bad things can result. I’m just worried for you, girl.

  34. i’ve definitely lost the thread of this conversation… (something about hookers?)
    that’s my cue to repair to my big old lonely bed. where i sleep alone because i’m fat and ugly, and nobody wants me.

    actually, even if i’m being jokily economical with the truth, i can’t bear even to pretend i’m fat – that would be disgusting!

    i’m plenty ugly though.

  35. God I hate being stuck in a hotel in the middle of nowhere! Gah maybe I should just go have a drink with the local rednecks.

  36. Yeah, I will put it back private later and I do not except ANYONE I do not know in person. And I travel so much that a would be rapist would have trouble finding me not that that wouldn’t be preferablt to being stuck here tonight. :(

  37. Nonnie, take it from somebody who has put their info out there before, it only turns out bad. Only one good thing came out of it. I made a good friend out of the deal. The rest were a bunch of pervs and even a few pedophiles asking about my three year old daughter!

  38. Ok it is private again. I love Ambien! :D Thought I’d share.

  39. Where’s soup? He usually is good for improving my mood. :(

  40. Or at least giving me new masturbation material.

  41. Usually that works, guess he is sleeping, along with EVERYone else. :( But me.

  42. Whoa, I go to watch a movie and find that I’ve been propositioned! Holy shit, I need to prioritize!

  43. Nonnieyrissa, Soup is in my rolodex under ‘for a good time call’. He aims to please, and disgust. Just the way I like it!

  44. Firstly ee, what was the movie? Please, for the love of God, don’t tell me it was a Matthew McConaughey one.

    Secondly yes, we’ve been propositioned by the Ambien-swallowing Nonnie. We’re loved, ee, we’re loved.

  45. There are worse/better things I could be swallowing. Just sayin.

  46. I watched Date Night. It was very funny, but I’m a Tina Fey fan, so I’m a bit bias.

    We are loved word! Yay us!

  47. What is up with the stupid car ad you have to close each time you refresh. :?

  48. Yeah, that’s been pissing me off as well, Nonnie. I could do without that! Boo Mazda!

  49. I love Tina, ee. I love 30 Rock, and I love Baby Mama. Not exactly high-brow, but funny nonetheless.

    And I love Mazdas, but not on my fucking Lamebook page.

  50. So do I especially when she does Palin.

  51. I have a driver so I do not care much about cars, I have a Chrysler 300 touring edition right now and it is ugly but roomy. I do not think I will ever learn to drive. :( I just do not have the time.

  52. What’s up, everyone? Just got back from the Mazda dealership. Had the strangest urge to buy a grass-colored car for some reason, but they were closed for the night. Lazy bastards.

  53. You have a driver, Nonnie? Fancy.

    In the flesh, that green Mazda doesn’t actually look half bad. I would never buy a green car, though. It’s wrong.

  54. Not really as fancy as it sounds by far.

  55. I’m all for the green car. Everyone I know who owns one is married to a Victoria’s Secret model and makes millions of dollars a year for doing little or no work. By everyone, I of course mean nobody.

  56. It might be nice to be driven around for a change, but I make a lousy back-seat driver, so it would never work.

    I never used to mind getting in the back for other pursuits, though. Great fuckin’ times.

  57. Alright wordp, always nice to know another tandem bicycling enthusiast. I also enjoy the rear position – steering is just too much effort.

  58. I guess that Nonnie has made a point of how nice it is to be driven home.

    Home, James!

  59. ✂————-☽ ☾♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ ♌♍♎♏♐♑
    ♒ ♓ ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘♙ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟♠ ♢ ♣ ♤ ♥ ♦ ♨ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭♮ ♯ ✁ ✂ ✄ ✆ ✇ ✈ ✉ ✌✍✎
    ✏✐ ✓✔ ✕ ✖ ✗ ✘✝ ✞✟ ✠ ✡ ❛ ❜❝❞

  60. A beer in hand, some Steve Earle playing, a sunny day, and Winter is almost over.

    Life could be worse.

  61. Nonnie, the ambien is clearly having its effect on you.

  62. Yes, it was wearing off so I took another as I am still awake.

  63. Am I the only person to notice that you don’t get bacon from cows?

  64. @appletart: No.

  65. I find it strange that Ian wants to know about another guys load.

    Who wants Diet Bacon?

    I did not rape your dog, it was called Role Playing.

    Cats do taste better when you don’t know them. That is why I always eat at the Chinese Restaurant down the road.

  66. se posts are as boring and unfunny as alordlsums jokes/ridiculously long and unfunny stories, does everyone remember that time where he cried like a little bitch for liek 4 comments in a row when a post used his tagline that he never said hahaha hes such a pansy in a shit band

  67. Yeah anon, when I have a crush on somebody I usually pick on them too.

  68. @AIGIG

    Is that Esperanto?

    Anyway. I would also like to make the point that From Dust Till Dawn is actually TWO films. One of them doesn’t have an ending, and the other – of a completely different genre – doesn’t have a beginning. Clever, huh?

  69. Oh my…smh.

  70. defectiveuser, that’s what I thought too. You pick on those you love.

    p.s. you’re an ass, and I hate you! :)

  71. Dammit! I failed in providing Nonnie with the verbal cock wrangling action she desired. And I also missed her drug addled Facebook ramblings. So to make things right, I will fuck a prescription medicine bottle.

    Now I’m stuck. Bitch.

  72. you guys are a bunch of fuck ups, especially bnortynoggin who the fuck careds about ur shitty story about dusk til dawn why did you say it do u really crave attention online that much, and also defectiveuser ur a fuckin douchebag u know when u used to get bullied at school? yeh those ppl didnt like you they wer probably like haha what a fag he thinks we like him tho we hate him. ur logic makes no sense, basically ur a holocaust sympathiser cus u think hitler was actually in love with the millions of jews he killed what a fuck up you have issues u fuckin nazi

  73. I’m the one with issues? Nice rant by the way.That one had almost everything in it.

    Except you forgot to mention when I was ass farming your mom, your dad was out doughnut punching at the local bath house.

  74. “ur logic makes no sense, basically ur a holocaust sympathiser cus u think hitler was actually in love with the millions of jews he killed what a fuck up you have issues u fuckin nazi”

    Argument over, and you sir lost. See: Godwin’s Law.

    On other news, when did this become a place to hook up?!

  75. i’d heard of reductio ad absurdum, but never reductio ad hitlerum!

    have you noticed that it’s always the really gifted and talented that pull it out of the bag..?


  76. i should qualify that the above is a rare example of a sister syndrome – absurdio ad martin luther regem.

  77. Oh my, looks like I broke a law on the internet! :o

    Not only that, I had no idea I was in a heated discussion! Thanks for letting me know.

    @alord: I’m confused, did that end in being called a bigot? Or a racist?

  78. I meant a bigot or a pedo.

  79. wait,i dont get the third…a street dog raped his pit bull,im not seeing the lame or the funny here…

  80. i’m not sure, defective – but as i see it, it’s not our job to sift through verbal diarrhoea to search for solids.

  81. Okay, I’ll stir and you strain.

  82. Ugh I am off my game today.

  83. Soup!

  84. I’m betting Eddies man milk looks like a combination of Goose Fat and Wallpaper Paste.

    I’m betting April is fatter than the cows she’s bitching about, Bacon Munching Non Animal/Meat Identifying Slut Fuck.

    Street Dawg, jumpin’ yo fences an’ fuckin’ yo bitches!

    Michael your joke wasn’t funny in 1978 and its not fucking funny now. Jenna is lonely woman and now has two pussy’s that need satisfying.

  85. I’m trying to listen to Trivium and I have this gay ass Butterfinger commercial going on in my fucking ear!

  86. defectiveuser wtf! youre so obssessed with attention you just chat shit all day, and also your comeback was terrible oh no hit me where it hurts, farming my mum and my dad punching a doughnut! wtf! then ur all liek omg i am soooooo off my game you guys. to noone! you fuckin replied to ur own post 5 hours later cus u have no life zomg man fuckin get a boyfriend or somethin, dildo

  87. Get a life troll.

  88. The only reason I post anything on here is for attention. Rumbled. Pesky kids etc. etc.

  89. Thats the same reason he picks one person out of the bunch to pick on. He gets feedback this way.

  90. the ‘liek’ is too much of a coincidence for me for it not to be the same person as ‘yoink’.

    if this is true (not that you’d ever have the balls to admit it), then you’re really letting yourself down; ‘yoink’ was a great character, a loveable rogue.
    anonisgayisgay is just tripe, quite frankly.

    back to the drawing board.

  91. I’m slightly ashamed to say that anon’s posts make me smirk. Trolls amuse me…what can I say, I’m easily amused.

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