Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quick and Current

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  1. tht was quick

  2. I like Ali’s hehehe

  3. Ehh… not too funny this time.

  4. Ali STD clearly the winner here.

  5. Peter and Hayden — Not funny in any way.

  6. When did Jesus become the new Nickelback?

  7. What did Jesus do to celebrate Easter?

    A: Not much… kinda just hung around.

  8. Ali sounds considerate. I’m guessing he also puts the sensual back in non-consensual.

  9. you would think whether or not you find peter and hayden funny might have a lot to do with your religious point of view… i personally think mocking religions is the right thing to do and fully support both peter and hayden in their efforts… however, they were lame in thier attempts… D+ for trying

  10. theres always gonna be LIE in beLIEve

  11. Similarities between Jesus and Nickelback:

    Jesus could turn water into wine
    Nickelback can turn mediocre music into millions of dollars

    Jesus disliked broccoli
    Nickelback members all dislike broccoli (except Howie)

    They both have and avid following
    They both have long hair
    They both have trouble eating skittles (either due to diabetes or holey hands)
    They were both named after an event that happened in a Starbucks

  12. I had to create an account just to say that Emmett wins. No idea why I found this funny- I might be sleep deprived.

    Also, even though I am Christian, I can take a joke. I mean, I watch Family guy and they make fun of Muslims, Jewish people, you name it. Gotta learn to laugh at yourself…idk

  13. mcowles, you have made my day.

  14. You also make dick.

    I mean… aw, gawsh. I wish I was as funny as the people in this post :(

  15. Can someone explain to me how Alex/Tim’s thing is in any way funny at all?

  16. Hobo, I like to pretend that Alex is Ricky Martin’s illiterate lover. He’s trying to pwn Tim.

  17. Elizabeth Bathory

    Yes, Hayden, spread the word! Finally *somebody* appreciates all the hard and dirty work that was put for the sake of providing Christian countries’ citizens days off.

  18. RICKY MARTIN IS GAY?! that’s shocking news! next up, we’ll learn that the world is not flat!

  19. Agree with Blaziken, even tho Jesus wept, he also laughed.

    Also, I get the nickel back at Starbucks, but what’s the other event at Starbucks mcowles mentions?

    And the Skittles, LOL!

  20. Yes Ricky Martin is gay. On a similar note the Pope is Catholic and the Earth is round.

  21. I wonder how many so-called Christians realize that the Romans were the ones that killed Jesus…

  22. soup ftw
    these weren’t that funny. the only kinda funny one was emmett in my opinion. and i’m the patron saint of making fun of everyone especially myself so don’t be all “you just don’t want to make fun of jesus! mehmehmehmehmeh” i say lamebook struck out this time.

  23. thebranca: the romans held the hammer but the jews were the ones that put him up there.

  24. yup, Jesus was killed by ‘his’ people. They let that other guy go instead of him, that barbarian, right?

  25. LoL… trouble eating skittles because of holey hands!! Funny shit right there

  26. It appears not many people know their Christian religious history round here, and more likely, don’t really care.

    I’m not into mocking religions, I’m Catholic (lapsed somewhat, as established yesterday), so I’m not joining in on this one, besides, it’s Good Friday here, the most holy day on the Christian/Catholic calender.

    I definitely won’t eat meat, and MAYBE I’ll head up to the Church and do the Stations of the Cross (we’ll see on that one},
    but mostly, it’s the start of a 4 day weekend, and it’s gonna be a great one.

    Gotta love those public holidays.

  27. Hayden and Alex FTW.

  28. @thebranca…I wonder how many Christians realise that Jesus was a Jew?

  29. @Bookworm… I wonder how many Christians it takes to change a lightbulb.

    Actually, the answer is 5… one to hold the lightbulb and four to turn the chair.

  30. Bookworm, most should know that.

  31. mc honey, maybe I had too many beers last night, but I don’t get it.

  32. How many Catholics does it take to change a light bulb?

    Three, two to hold the light bulb, and one to hammer it into the faucet.

  33. Alright assholes, have your fun, I’m leaving this post before I lose my desire to have sex with some of you.

  34. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ word, Mc is saying they are stupid i.e., they turn the chair while one of them holds the bulb at the top

  35. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Ps, I’ve also had too many beers.

  36. That’s traditionally not a Christian joke.

    Oh, Word! Here’s one!

    How man Catholics does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Two, but how did they get into that light bulb?

  37. Dukey, I think we’ve established our mutual love of beer before?

    mc, if there’s a light bulb out there big enough for me to get into and screw in, I’m there.

  38. I see the Jews vs Romans thing has been covered so I’ll just go. I’m heading out to the sticks for Easter so no internet for me for a few days :’(

  39. EmKitt, enjoy the sticks my friend, I’m going interstate for a little R&R.

    And I do mean a little rest, much more recreation.

  40. Dude. Ali is the win. He wins the internet every day for as long as this post is up. I’m gonna go change my facebook status to that.

  41. Easter

    Hearing about some dude spending a lovely few days hanging around, and ending up with a few new piercings.

    Apparently having to change teams from my beloved meat to some rank, slimey smelly snot, due to the disapproving glare from the deli counter lady.

    Being bombarded with sugared up little brats every time you leave the house.

    Easter, heaven on earth

    god bless xx

  42. CommentsAtLarge

    I’m with Rebecca on this one, Bernie’s weekend was pretty damn good for a dead guy. Weekend at Bernie’s II on the other hand, that trumps all for the worst weekend.

  43. wordpervert its only good friday today not yesterday

  44. LOL Alex wins

  45. @CiarzDx I get so confused with what timezone everyone is in but I’m pretty sure word had good friday when you were still on Thursday.

    At the moment my clock says 9:12pm and It’s Saturday but Lamebook says something completley different so..

  46. see 8:12am. Ridiculous.

  47. Its east coast united states

  48. or actually I think its more inland from the east coast. 2 hour time difference from California.

  49. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. oh goodness.
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  50. Another lame comment successfully bumped! Go team!

  51. Vince from purchasing

    I like your posts, Elixabeth. Please keep them up.

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