Friday, May 21, 2010

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  1. Angelique, if you start a shitstorm in here, I’m holding you personally responsible.

  2. Good one Brian.

  3. Nobody lends out sump pumps where I live..

  4. angelique i agree with u! but lets just ship them out no burn them

  5. I loved Kazaam when I was a kid. I watched it at least 50 times.

  6. Pot meet kettle, Rachel and friends are complaining about gadgets while posting on Facebook….

  7. I hope this doesn’t make me sound stupid, but what in the hell is a sump pump?

  8. Rachel needs to lay off the ellipses.

  9. im guessing something that sucks water up

  10. What is a “productive member of society” anyway? Who determines what acceptable productivity is? Oh, and I support Arizona.

  11. lol

  12. Brian FTW

  13. @Jaz: ever hear of google?

  14. 1st one drama
    2nd one Ha
    3rd one Ha
    4th one drama
    Lamebook next please

  15. krasivaya_devushka

    Does malteaser ever say anything else but “lol”?

  16. dc, I know what it is, but if I didn’t, I don’t think I’d be bothered to google it… unless it was possibly something sexual.

  17. @dc,
    I honestly couldn’t be bothered to google it. I will get distracted by the Pacman game.

  18. Come to think of it, there’s probably some freaks out there who DO use sump pumps for sexual purposes. Hey, people use vacuum cleaners for sexual gratification, so why not sump pumps?

  19. I tried to google it, but I played Pacman instead.

  20. Word that is right remember the guy that used his moms dyson

  21. @krasivaya_devushka:

    Occasionally. It’s like a little gift when malteaser chooses to bless us with an extra sentence or so of commentary. We’ve learned to cherish these little moments, and “lol” at the rest.

  22. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    OMG That Pac-man game is addicting! I went to Google something and totally forgot what I was there for! An hour later, I ended up giving up and came to lamebook. That, ladies and gentlemen, is being unproductive.

    @krasivaya she capitalized her “lol” I think yesterday. She also wrote a little something something! Melted my heart she did!

  23. Don’t get me wrong, I like the malt, she’s got good timing, but I think she’s a bit overrated. I’ve discussed this with Soup, and maybe others agree, I don’t know, but there’s a little too much buzz going on for one who says so little.

    I’ll give credit where credit is really due, and for mine, that belongs to some of the other people commenting on here.

    You all know who you are, and I salute you all.

  24. but she has such dedication! I would have gotten bored with it long ago.

  25. CommentsAtLarge


    I know have AC/DC playing in my head after reading your post ;)

    “For those about to rock, we saluuute you!”

  26. Comments, and now YOU have it in my head, I’m about to go catch a train to the city, and so I’ll listen to all my acca dacca tunes on the way in. Have a good day Buddy.

    “High voltage rock and roll”

  27. Angelique is just an idiot… I wonder if she was thinking of Mussolini who made “the trains run on time.” Either way, Arizona is most certainly not efficient, I know because I live in good ole hot-as-hell Arizona. In a room of state-debts, ours is the elephant with its pants pulled down.

  28. CommentsAtLarge

    Sounds like a good train ride – have a good weekend Word!

  29. When was it established that Malt was a woman?

  30. I thought malteaser was a guy…hmm.

  31. rockinghorsefly

    Brian Said it all. Lol.

  32. Malt is a girl, she came out of the gender closet weeks ago. It threw a few people for a loop! I for one love her, she says so little, but it carries so much. She just sums it all up with three little letters.

  33. shocking! All this time I just assumed she was a man!
    I’m sorry I missed the coming out party :(

  34. Wooooah, old malt’s a she? How did I miss this?

  35. My mind is blown. Now I see every lol in a completely different light…

  36. I’d like to think of that little ‘lol’ as a sweet caress. Oh goodness, I think I have a lesbian crush on Malt! Oh well, one more fantasy to add to my list. Sorry, carry on.

  37. ariesdragon123

    rating lamebook users is lame.

  38. ariesdragon123, due to that comment, you have now fallen to #19 on my list. You had been doing so well.

  39. All the AZ law does is gave the same powers that (acronym alert) USBP, ICE, CBP, etc etc have to investigate crimes of illegal immigration over to local law enforcement. That’s it. The bill is 10 pages long. That’s the equivalent of one corner of one square of TP being able to whipe up the shits after a $50 Taco Bell run. It’s that efficient.

    People keep whining about how this is racist to Mexicans. Well what the fuck? AZ doesn’t have a whole lot of Canadians flooding the border. Hell I’m almost in Canada and we have more illegal Mexicans than Canadians.

  40. I started reading that new Arizona Law but I stopped as soon as I had a vague idea what it was about. I must be one of the lazy new generation.

    Or maybe I’m just afraid that if I fill my head with US legislation I won’t have room to remember Aussie legislation. That would be quite detrimental to my legal career.

    Anyway, a brief summary wouldn’t go astray. Arizonians?

  41. @EmKitteh

    If it’s yellow, keep it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.

  42. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    i <3 soup

  43. He makes me euphoric at times Monkey, I must admit.

  44. I’m with Hobo, had no idea malt was a she. Not that it matters. It just shows you why you should never profile someone.

    Lamebook has really fallen off of their game lately. I see most everybody just talking to each other instead of commenting on the post. I for one have nothing. Not even a twitch.

  45. lol wordpervert, you’re just jealous.

  46. By the way, loving the malt love :3

  47. Oh my, Malteaser has actually left a comment or two that are not LOL. :)

    Anyways, about the Arizona law..
    Basically, immigrants must carry documents at all times in case they are stopped by the police and questioned regarding their immigration status. They can stop them if they suspect they are illegal (lol) and how so? Most likely by the color of their skin; therefore, all the talk about racial profiling. That’s why they claim they will train police officers on how to investigate a person’s legal status. I lived in AZ when I first came to the U.S. (legally), and there are sooo many illegals down there. It’s really bad so I can understand why they’d want to do something about it. However, I don’t think this law will solve the problem; it will only create more of them. There have already been numerous protests and some cops will go to extremes cause this new law gives them more power. There should be a better way of doing it. I don’t know what that way is nor do I want to think about it cause I got out of that state a long a$$ time ago! :)

  48. If one is a legal immigrant and not a citizen, they are already required to carry proof of legal residency. This has been a federal law for decades. But under the new AZ law, people cannot be “stopped by the police and questioned regarding their immigration status.” They cannot “stop them if they suspect they are illegal.” For anything in the AZ law to take effect, it must be within another encounter with the police already happening, for another reason. Like a traffic stop. Or a suspected drug deal or robbery. Randos walking down the street cannot lawfully be questioned about their immigration status.

    Basically what the AZ law is, is the federal law copied and pasted and made into a state law so AZ state law enforcement can enforce it, since the federal government isn’t sending anyone to help, and won’t.

  49. Brian wins.

  50. Hey, Rachel: The only thing worse than Facebook? People who complain about it, and still use it.

  51. Vox, I really didn’t think that any of the current users that were commenting about it were really complaining. We were just explaining the ups and downs of it.

    I would suggest actually reading the comments and using context clues to understand what you are not sure about.

  52. Wow, reading my comment I realize I came off a bit dickish. All I’m trying to say is read the comments and not skim through them. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

  53. kazaam <3

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