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  1. I think Lori beats Ryan…

  2. LOL at the fantastic first comment on the bus crash photo! What a legend…

  3. I’m still trying to figure out if Lori is Ryan’s girlfriend. I don’t think she is.

    Also, Daryll is hilarious.

  4. jimmy just made me laugh… so dry, so matter of fact, and so so funny…

  5. Wow, Lori sounds like my sister-in-law… RIP my brothers social life

  6. I hope Lori is joking…

    And while I don’t want to laugh, William’s bus crash comment cracked me up. I’m turrble.

  7. I bet Lori weighs 350 lbs and has her tongue and/or eyebrow pierced. She probably also wears pajama pants as real clothes on a regular basis. Every adult woman I know of that likes Tinkerbell fits this description.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA UGH. That and Tweety Bird. Don’t you ever forget Tweety Bird.

  9. She strikes me more as someone who wears a lot of black vinyl and wields a whip.

  10. Ryan’s a sexist jackass for thinking that all women love “chick flicks” and that all men hate them. Lori ought to back out now.

  11. I don’t like Tinkerbell, and I wear pj pants all the time. I call them house pants. I don’t wear them to bed, they’re super cool, I don’t wear them out either, they have pockets, and they’re supercool, not to mention I iron them, and hang them so they’ll crease properly. And before you ask I’m average weight, and only have my ears peirced.

  12. @10: He never said anything about who loves/hate chickflicks, he said he was watching a chickflick. Your a sexist jackass…

    William FTW!!

  13. since when was tinkerbell a chickflick??!!

  14. Wow, his gf is a bitch….

  15. @Ugh
    You’re Ryan, aren’t you?

  16. Tinkerbell? The cartoon? That’s not really a “chick flick”, unless you’re referring specifically to 6 year old chicks. I’d be a little worried about an adult couple with no children watching that movie voluntarily.

  17. lol at “pwnage”

  18. Tinkerbell? Does he mean Peter Pan? I wouldn’t know, I’d rather watch something along the lines of Avatar or The Hangover.. so funny. Even Harry Potter or Star Wars when I let the dork in me out.

  19. @Tyler: SIMPSON DID IT

  20. @SadieM;

    Seriously? That’s just trash. This guy doesn’t sound like he has the balls to be sexist. Lori’s got herself a slave, why would she back out? I sure hope you don’t give relationship advice to your friends, because you have it really backwards.

  21. I bet Daryll submitted that himself.

  22. My six year old daughter watches Tinkerbell. It’s not a chick flick. It’s a child’s cartoon movie.

  23. @ SensibleMadness – I think you’re on the right train, 2am showing? Wow….

    Also, I’m gonna have to go with Bezoar on this one *points up* Sadie M wtf are you smoking? Here’s the scenario as I see it. Lori and Sadie are BFF and Sadie submitted this to prove what a tool Ryan is so Lori will quit slowly nagging him to death and be single again so her and Sadie can go troll the bars for men with even less soul left to crush.

    Yep, that’s it. No, no. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. I’ve made up my mind.

  24. Ryan’s balls are long gone

  25. World meet Tyler, Tyler meet your future jail sell. Dude has issues.

    Lori’s got to give some brownie points for that, I mean come on. When my man watches a “chick flick” willingly with me, he is always rewarded during the rolling credits. Give and take Lori, give and take.

  26. *cell. not monetary.

  27. Exactly eenerbl… Guys are like contractors… Every job has a price… And if you dont pay the guy for doing things like watching lame movies, house projects, etc… Then the guy will eventually go find a chic that is willing to pay just for the fun of it

  28. Tyler – bit hyprocritical given his regular traffic on this site:!

  29. @ mistaphill, along with his facial hair. next up, his friends.

  30. if lori wasnt joking what a cow she is…. Run Ryan Run!!!!

  31. Girls like Lori annoy me…

  32. I think Ryan should ditch Lori. I mean he is watching a movie with her because she wants him too… and she accuses him of being whipped and gets mad at him for saying he was trying to get brownie points.

    Hello.. news flash… the only reason guys do anything to be “nice” is to get laid.

    She is ungrateful.

    Also… the bus killed the guy in the car? I would be a little devastated if I witnessed that.

  33. WOW!So fucking lame, chicks like Lori make me look like a pretty chill girlfriend. So keep it up!

  34. Is thw ‘pwned’ that the combined IQ of everyone in this Lamebook post nearly equals that of a fucking kettle?

  35. *the. Before some smart-arse corrects me :P

  36. Even though I’m female, I despise chick flicks, so no guy is gonna get any action from me for any sensitive movie watching.
    Gotta say though, if some guy sang to me , the COULD be an OJ type situation.

  37. With the exception of Dave Grohl, that hot piece of ass can sing to me as much as he wants.

  38. @wordpervert: dave grohl is brilliant, for sure, on pretty much every musical level . . . but idk that i’d necessarily call him hot. he looks like a horse to me. kurt cobain circa 94, however, that’s an entirely different story.

  39. smk, I guess that’s why they say horses for courses. lol

  40. I’d sit through more holiday slideshows if they were like Elizabeth’s, as in, full of carnage, mayhem and death… Her photographic composition could’ve shed light on the bloodshed, she had to go and get all artsy though. pwnage isn’t a particularly clever call for the record.

    Lori is a heinous sow that drinks gravy for breakfast and snorts during sexual climax, which happened once only, as she thinks it’s awesome to hold her putrid vag up on some kind of pedestal for semtards like Ryan to reach for. Tinkerbell isn’t a chickflick, it’s all his limited intellect can make sense of. I bet he’s a deformed gimp that is sometimes allowed to use the internet… For some reason I’m reminded of a movie called “Bad Boy Bubby”, check it out…

    Grohl is an awesome musician. Nirvana = overrated but seminal. QOTSA, Songs for the deaf, seriously one of the best rock records of the last 10 years, but as for Foo Fighters, I doubt you could make more pedestrian sounding music if you wanted to, which he does apparently.

  41. @smk5815: Kurt Cobain circa the last half of 1994 was considerably less hot.

  42. pwnage is funny.

    If a girl ever did to me what Lori did, I would make it my goal of the next six months to emotionally destroy her and make her totally under the thumb, then make her nothing but a booty call. Silly slag.

  43. ThinkingInPictures

    Huh, I guess I assumed that Lori is not the gf Ryan is speaking of, but rather some chick friend who is not a fan of the gf and thinks Ryan is losing his soul to a pink-loving abercrombie bimbo succubus. Two reasons, 1) I don’t understand why Ryan would stay with somebody who is bitchy enough to make fun of him for being whipped after whipping him, and 2) most women I’ve seen who are the type that want a whipped guy don’t inform him of their designs. They don’t want HIM to know they carry his balls around in their purse, they want EVERYONE ELSE to know it.

    As a side note: Tinkerbell?! Seriously?! I even like some kids movies like Tim Burton’s flicks, some of the Pixar stuff, and some of the classic Disney stuff (I dig animation when it’s done well)… but it would never, ever occur to me to watch that. That’s on par with, I dunno, maybe those weird Barbie as Rapunzel movies…

  44. And Dave wins hands down now by comparison, Sensible.

    Alpro, I don’t care what you think.

  45. ThinkingInPictures is exactly right!!! Lori is DEFINITELY NOT his girlfriend!! She’s just a female friend.. if anyone is his girlfriend in this post, it’s kayla..

    why does no one else get this??????

  46. I think Lori IS the girlfriend. Why would she even bring up brownie points if she was just a friend? He wouldn’t care if one of his random female friends handed out brownie points or not. Also, why mention the “you owe me a song” thing. These are all examples of how he is whipped by Lori (ie. shaving, the song, tinkerbell), and to cap it off, she doesn’t hand out the brownie points he so so desperately trying to earn!

  47. insert clever name here

    @wordpervert Have you heard Them Crooked Vultures? Fucking brilliant!

    oh yeah and Ryan = FAIL

  48. ThinkingInPictures

    See, but Lori seems so snarky about him watching Tinkerbell and shaving because he’s whipped… Why would she be so snarky about him shaving hair that SHE wanted gone and watching a movie that SHE wanted to watch? Just doesn’t make sense. My guess is that Lori had a crush on Ryan at one point and is pissed that he’s now dating a girl who’s apparently totally changing him (we all know people like this)

    The “I’m still waiting on that song” thing is like saying “remember when you used to be cool and actually do things you said you’d do?”

    And the “I don’t do brownie points” thing is a pot shot at the girlfriend who she obviously doesn’t like. It’s another way of saying “I am so much cooler than the biotch you’re dating since I’m completely above that concept”

    Incidentally, I am completely above the brownie points concept, but then, I AM probably much cooler than the biotch he’s dating regardless of which one it is. ;) (I keed, I keed)

  49. I think I’m going to go with ThinkingInPictures and mkay. When I read Lori’s comment, it made me think she’s into Ryan – giving him shit about his current girlfriend and how whipped he is, and is offering him something better than what he’s got…. and maybe he hasn’t had the chance to sing Lori a song cause his girlfriend hasn’t let him out of the house. :P

    Forgive me if it’s obvious to everyone else but what the hell does “pwnage” mean?

  50. insert clever name here

    @CMC06 check out for all your “what the hell does that mean” questions.

  51. i’ve been reading lamebook for a while now, but i cannot figure out what the hell PWN means….at the risk of sounding like a moron, someone please tell me…

  52. “pwn” means “own”. Why, I don’t know. Or is that “Why, I dpn’t knpw.”?

  53. thank you darkknight i have been trying to figure it out all night lol :)

  54. @ insert, I have, and I agree. They toured just recently here in Australia.

  55. I feel horrible all around…the Audrey comment? Hilar. But the bus for the win.

    And lolalola, since your Google is broken:

  56. Yo pussywhip Ryan you should def get rid of her I was in a relationship like that and it SUCKS. And besides, being in a relationship like that is kinda like doing those “free gift” things on the internet: Every time you think you’ve done enough and can finally get that free iphone, there’s just ONE MORE thing you gotta do.

  57. @KRisten who gives a fuck what you wouldnt watch HIS GF does watch it and so does HE NOW HA!

    Bitches.I like Lori :) ! Make him work for it ! HAHA

  58. O and thoe Costa Rico pic is creepy WHY would anyone POST THAT!!!???? SICK!May someone laugh at their deaths! XD~!

  59. Wait a minute I took it as Lori was the GF too but the way 48 says it makes you wonder….hmmm.

  60. sexclamationpoint56

    i would so leave that lori chick. if i have to sit through tinkerbell with u u better give me head or something, i mean, that’s the considerate thing to do

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