Thursday, December 10, 2009

Puppy Chow


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  1. Ok, so it didn’t make a lot of sense, but my grandmother doesn’t even know what a computer is, so Minna’s already at the head of the class.

  2. I am a big exclamation mark. Me and Minna are clearly soulmates.

  3. Minna looks pretty intense in her picture….like some sort of einstein-monk-anime character.

  4. It’s just not fair to put Minna on Lamebook. But it’s still mighty funny nonetheless.

  5. Minna WIN!

  6. Minna FTW!! Nekea (what kind of name is that?) The puppy eater!

  7. Aww this isn’t lame at all. I think it’s really cute!! Minna, if Nekea doesn’t appreciate you, I will adopt you as my grandma! =)

  8. Okay, so I’m having the same reaction as Randall. Umm, I’m confused…

  9. I agree, this is cute more than anything.

  10. runningwithscissors

    Minna is sweet. She writes like an 80 y/o friend of mine.

    ~bringing out the whiteboard~
    undecided – Minna’s obviously just found a family member on FB, isn’t sure how to use FB, and as she said, English isn’t her first language. She misunderstood the wording of Nekea’s post about her puppy, s’all. :)

  11. Minna has to be the cutest Danish person around… :-)

  12. Awwwwwwwww!

  13. Soooooo, they don’t eat dogs in Denmark?

  14. I can totally see where Minna is coming from.
    She is absolutely adorable.

  15. *sigh*

  16. Ha this is awesome.

  17. Holy jeebus – just when i thought family on facebook pwn’d., here comes an awesome foreign relative full of win.!

    haha., i’d have to say., she really does seem like a peach..

    lame – no
    giggle-worthy would be more appropriate..

  18. agree- cute!

  19. Grandma Minna…
    someone I could do very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…


    Best lamebook in awhile. I totally ‘awwww’ed’.

  21. So jealous of Nekea’s relatives right now.

    I reckon this is exactly why Facebook was invented, for adorable messages like this.

  22. Dear Minna,

    as Nekea and you are Danes, you should know that Danes do not eat dogs. If Nekea was Korean however…

  23. I don’t know you do in America but we in Dänemark keep dog baby’s as pet, and do not eat. For to me these comment disturb, to make joke of eating puppy. Shame you.

  24. For serious though, if Danish is anything like German there should be a different verb for when a dog eats than when a human eats (in German a person eating is essen but an animal feeding is fressen). Since we don’t have these in English, obviously Minna misinterpreted when translating “eating”.

    The more you know

  25. ^hahahah ohhh NBC

  26. I wonder what happens if she said she was eating hot dogs?

  27. amanda von beaverhausen

    So puppy’s off the menu, but I loves me a Danish!

  28. How insulting to be compared with the Germans. As a Dane I demand satisfaction! …and some puppy. I’m a little hungry.

  29. I’m Danish..

    And I don’t get how she could misunderstand that one.

  30. I know! What’s wrong about eating a dog?

  31. I am from Transylvania, and we eat our Grandmas

  32. Of course you do. You guys are vampires

  33. Minna is toying with Nekea like the wiley wise woman she is. She looks like Yoda and thinks like him too.

    Her use of the apostrophe in ‘ dog’s baby ‘ gives her real English skills away.

    My grandmother tried to get one over on me by pretending she was frail and needed everything doing for her by someone else.

    I got her back by only visiting once a year.

  34. Wow… I didn’t think there were any other Danes on this site O.O
    I’m amazed Minna even knows how to use facebook, my grandma can’t even work her cellphone properly.

  35. What did you think was in that Danish?? Did you think it was CHEESE??!

  36. Maybe Nekea is from Tonga. I believe they like a bit of BBQ puppy there…

  37. Well, I can understand why Minna’s puzzled.

    If you translate the sentence word for word to Danish, it goes:

    “needs her puppy to eat”
    “behøver sin/hendes hvalp at spise”

    (Actually, if you use, it’s what it’s going to surggest).

    And if you have to make sense of the Danish sentence then it would be: “needs to eat her puppy”

    And after supposably writing that, it’s understandable why Nekea adds: “… and be normal.” ;)

  38. *Suggest :)
    Everything else in that I agree with.

  39. Okay no need to explain I guess since Denmark is pretty well represented on Lamebook. I might agree with Mercure that Minna is toying with Nekea though.

  40. This makes me sad to be from Denmark.

  41. awww that was as sweet as a cup of bile.

  42. I went to Denmark on an exchange once. The family had 5 televisions and no computer.

  43. hahahahahah This is hilarious. After reading the status again I understand what the old woman is talking about.

  44. She’s now calling the grandfather, asking why he’s letting his granddaughter starve

  45. @Joker … Cuz I got a little problem with cheese.

  46. Ahahahaha, this is so adorable. “I need my puppy to eat…” and the interpretation she goes for is “…because I am HUNGRY!”

  47. Sikke mange danskere

  48. Fucking hilarious.

  49. Why does the grandma need to explain her relation to Nekea?

  50. It’s not her grandma, it’s her grandma’s cousin.

  51. frederiksbrugernavn

    I’m from Denmark, and no we do not eat puppies seabea (;

    It’s not exactly hard to understand why minna is so puzzled,
    being like, 80 or so, she never had English in school, I’m just impressed she’s using FB, and that her english is that good (:

  52. I am going to call bs here. Minna is on her friend’s list, and yet has to introduce herself as though she just met her? That is purely so that the uninitiated reader can understand the context of the misunderstanding. Nekea has a second account or a friend does…

  53. I think it’s real!

    However if it’t not, and someone has made two facebook accounts for the soul purpose of creating this moderatly amusing post, then that in itself is lame…. and therefore this post belongs on Lambook anyways.x

  54. awww pore puupy dog
    dat is meen wot peeple is doin

  55. Åh, søde dame. Kan se der er en del danskere som læser med.

    Oh, what a sweet old lady. I’m surprised to see how many danes know about this site.

  56. language barrier FTW!

  57. @ fietsje

    Given Minna is pretty old, I’m going to assume she doesn’t know exactly how Facebook works and thus she just explained their relationship out of courtesy and avoiding misunderstandings.

  58. Oh, I think I know Minna. This is so cute btw.

  59. Chad, I feel like slapping you right in the face!

    Danish is nothing like German! And FYI we can normally tell the difference between eating a doog and feeding a dog…

  60. Dog, shut up!

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