Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Puns are Fun

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  1. ben/steve/frodo

  2. am I alone in not finding the “Bro” one even vaguely funny?

  3. I hear you Gannet

  4. @Gannet

    That’s because you haven’t had your morning bro-coffee yet.

  5. Paranoid Android

    lol? Not this time.

  6. Reverend Redrum

    I can’t believe they dropped the ball with no mention of a poop deck.

  7. Either it’s way too early or as Mcowles says I haven’t had my ‘bro-coffee’ yet….cause I don’t bloody well get wtf the bro one is on about…..I’m so confused….

    The nautical one I found amusing just because I’m used to my Uncle making EVERYTHING into a pun.

    I’m going to go drink some bro-tea now

  8. Having read that last wretched abortion of a post, I’m decidedly bro-choice.

  9. Third one is lame.

  10. 1. Almost amusing.
    2. Clever, but a bit recherché.
    3. Lame.

  11. @sockmonkey. You rule :)

  12. those puns were exhausting.

  13. holy moly

  14. i don’t get the first one :(
    i mean, i get the puns in the comments, but i don’t get the status…

  15. I don’t get Jarrett’s response. Bleach?

  16. Me neither? I don’t get the second one.

  17. WTH is the 2nd one about? Bleach?

  18. lightening storm,the bleach,bleach lightens things,get it get it…

  19. jen said ‘lightening’ storm. the meteorolgical phenomenon that often accompanies thunder is spelled ‘lightning’. jared’s response of ‘bleach’ is to the word ‘lightening’. although i wouldn’t say jen is particularly a peroxide blonde – she just can’t spell very well.

  20. Ok, I get it now. But wow, that was terrible.

  21. ‘your mom is a nifty looking boat’ wtf does that even mean?

    and i hope broey and broseph up there got some bro-con for their bro-kfast.
    aha wtf i suck.

  22. @sockmonkeyboxinggloves

    I think you meant ‘abrotion’.

  23. Don’t know about anyone else, but I think I might’ve preferred to stay ignorant. That lightening storm-bleach pun was really bad.

    Thanks anyway, OBB. I do appreciate the effort.

  24. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Whatever floats your boat, I suppose…

  25. @ 21

    i was at a football match last year, and some guy sitting behind me described this man:


    as ‘a goofy fucking druid.’


  26. @amtrak4lovers

    I want a divorce.

  27. The bro one was just plain stupid.

    I do have to admit I did laugh at the boat one though.

  28. i dated a guy named harrison who was obsessed with bro-dom. i almost thought that was him but then i was like nah, trick. he wouldn’t even get to the bro-cery. i mean, nice guy, but not very creative.
    and then i found twenty bucks. ayyyyy…

    anyways, what was up with the “naughtical”?

  29. that guy kinda does look like a goofy fucking druid though.

  30. i know!

  31. Bro-cery shopping? Don’t forget the man-bag.

  32. Charlie Incognito

    Forgive my dry sense of humour, but I won’t bow down to pier pressure going overboard when drowning in water puns. Don’t you sea- I don’t need your seal of approval, anyone else got any pearls of wisdom before I wave goodbye? Or do you all feel outmuscled?

  33. ‘not waving, but drowning….’

  34. You seem to be clamming up. You need to be a shark when those water puns start to roll in . . .

  35. Charlie Incognito

    Clamming up? You mast be joking… I’m having a whale of a time.

  36. @sockmonkey

    I think you mean a bro-vorce

  37. Charlie Incognito

    Ok, that was a hull of a bad play on words

  38. absolutely shite if i may say so !

  39. @mcowles

    Now you’re just trying too hard, bro.

  40. I’m supposed to go grocery shopping today, I think I’ll wait until tomorrow. It just doesn’t feel right anymore.

  41. @alordslums: I love that poem.

    As for the status in the first one, I’m sure somebody said “That’s a nifty looking boat”, to which the Random Guy at Work replied “Your mom’s a nifty looking boat”. Your Mom jokes FTW, rite guise?

  42. @ChagrinnedGoat i love your mom jokes

  43. dirtylittlepretty

    did I find the humor??
    I’m a frayed knot.

  44. End the PUN-ishmant!

  45. don’t ever post another pun response ever again. EVER.

  46. amen.

  47. ChagrinnedGoat, thanks for explaining that, lol now I leave lamebook a little less puzzled.

  48. No way. The puns in the comments were even better than the lamebook ones…

  49. @Hawkbit: Agreed!

  50. further proof that anyone who uses the word bromance, even in reference, is gay. because puns are like swine-flu, and we’ve all been exposed at this point. we’re… all gay now.

  51. i guess he wanted to put his johnson in her.

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