Friday, November 5, 2010

Pun Fun

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  1. :0 Another lame win

  2. Good puns, Bad puns… Sigh*

  3. tl;dr

  4. all of these pun posts start of modestly clever (being extremely gracious here) until the “thomas” of the group comes along and drops some of least witty utter shit one could come up with:
    -let’s see if she”s CHICKEN or NOT
    -nothings better than a vegan rock club
    -considering your a kinda guy who like to just relax and VEG out..

  5. *bangs head against wall

  6. The first one was good. But it seems like it was planned out.

  7. Errrm does this count as sassy but sophisticated as well?

    Don’t shout it’s only a question. ;p

  8. I have to admit… “LYMA SQUASH this twat” was rather amusing to me, even though it’s misspelled.

    Mostly though, I agree with #4.

  9. The way you know the dudes in the second one aren’t clever at all is that they said “yeah man artiCHOKE the bitch out” instead of “you artichoke the bitch out.” The way you know they’re douchebags is that they started making puns about beating up a girl. And one of them is named Timo.

  10. I dunno why…but I think puns are hysterical…they make me giggle

  11. Well, with Lamebook consistently posting repetitive bullshit, most of the original commenters having left, and now this whole legal battle… I assume the website is about to die a vaguely miserable death?

  12. I think you are correct in your assumption, BritishHobo.

  13. repetitive bs – perhaps
    original commentators leaving – other than those people who themselves have left i don’t really see this having a deep impact. i would venture to guess that the vast majority of visitors to lamebook don’t even look at comments.
    lawsuit – i don’t think facebook has much to stand on for getting lamebook shut down

  14. There is no such thing as a good pun.

  15. Hobo, I doubt the site would die just because some people stopped writing comments.
    The lawsuit would at most probably require lamebook to change its logo. Also, the present lawsuit is actually the other way around, lamebook is the plaintiff.
    Anyway – as Schopenhauer, in one of his few good observations, said, puns are the lowest form of humour.

  16. #1 was funny but overplanned.
    #2 Was ok considering it seems like it definitely wasn’t planned out.

    Agreed with both BritishHobo and mcblah, somehow.

    Lamebook is not the only site to post funny/lame things from FB. I don’t see wtf Facebook is complaining about, I think sites like these only make FB more popular, WTF is their problem?

  17. #15: Is it puns or sarcasm? I’ve heard it bandied about a lot, but I’m still not sure which one is the lowest form of wit.

  18. Kya, Schopenhauer said puns were the lowest. I happen to agree. I also think sarcasm is among the highest forms. In this Schopenhauer disagrees. He maintained that to be ‘high humour’ it had to be a juxtaposition of concepts which were both similar yet divergent.

  19. In terms of the commenters, I didn’t really mean that that would effect the site staying up, but I’ve noticed the comments pages have been fairly dead-ish lately. Not complaining or saying you guys aren’t funny or anything. They’re just a lot shorter than they used to be :P

  20. Whoever is deciding what gets posted and what doesn’t is sleeping on the job. Obviously set-up pun chains? Come on, guys.

  21. TS;DR

    Another one of these? REALLY? Another stupid list of puns?

    I read the first line and thought, “oh brother, really?”

    How many freaking time are we going to see one about HUNGARY!?!?!

    These are obviously on purpose. People TRYING to be funny and clever. It really takes the fun out of catching someone being stupid, or catching a funny moment on your wall.

  22. BritishHobo: I will be the one to say it then; this site is becoming painfully unfunny, at a time where they are asking for donations. Seems to me beggars should be bringing their A-Game, not posting the same things 50 times.

  23. This made me want to beet my head against a wall.

  24. “to be ‘high humour’ it had to be a juxtaposition of concepts which were both similar yet divergent.”

    Isn’t that kind of what a pun is? A good one, anyway?

  25. I’m glad the original commenters are gone. It was like they thought they were in competition with the Lamebook entry or something. You’d read it and there’d be 50 replies with people all trying (and failing) to be funnier than the entry. Was annoying.

  26. Greek, no. A pun relies upon the similarity of words which label concepts in order to juxtapose two divergent concepts. In order to be high humour in the sense of Schopenhauer, the concepts themselves have to be related, not just their labels.

  27. @blkout – totally agree

  28. magnet, agreed. It’s been like this for months though. I mean, they post funny entries every now and then, but they’ve pretty much been phoning it in and posting the same four jokes disguised as different statuses.

  29. # 1 made me giggle, but seriously?? This is the last lamebook post of the day? wtf people

  30. LMAO @ Keona! Now THAT was funny! :D

  31. @Valenya I second that…I feel like there were fewer posts than usual…I’m not okay with this.

  32. whether or not the posts cease to be as good as they used to be, i’ll probably still come here often just to check. and i personally think puns are hilarious. but everything makes me laugh so i guess it doesnt count

  33. @mad2physicist

    Ah, I see. Schopenhauer sure knew how to take the fun out of humor, didn’t he?

  34. @25 When they weren’t posting unfunny sexual innuendo back and forth, like hormone-enraged teenagers.

  35. Although, now that I think about it, a lot of them still post here. Awkwaaaaaard.

  36. Greek, yes, Schopenhauer knew how to take the fun out of pretty much everything.
    He also once shoved an old lady down some stairs because he was pissed off.
    Scarab, boobies. (In all seriousness, I’d like to know what the people who complain about comments think the comments section is for).

  37. L A M E. seriously, am i supposed to be amused by this? #4 &hobo ftw.

  38. The first one is why I named my tiny island nation Go To Hell You Cunt-Faced Bitch-Fuck. It really adds some pizazz to these stale pun runs.

  39. @Hobo #11 – never! Not when the Hobo is still around!

    The first post was kind of funny – a little, maybe. Half a smile. The second blah …. didn’t bother reading.

  40. The second one is from sickipedia, my brother wrote it

  41. @Hobo – This is my first post in probably over 6 months and I’m doing it just to tell you that you are right. Lamebook got lame. I left when they started blurring out curse words a while back. The early days were good times though. Still checking in periodically (obviously).

  42. To be fair, I don’t think it’s lamebook getting lame as much as it is lame is getting redundant. When you’ve witnessed a homicide, a mere beating doesn’t move you and clearly, lamebook has presented some of the most horrific of posts. Lame just gets boring after a while and every homicide, no matter how gruesome is still a homicide and has no greater effect than the first ones. Maybe after a break it may start getting interesting again. Ok I’m clearly a criminal minds addict but that’s besides the point. Also, I love puns, can’t get enough. Back to hibernation, do not awake!!

  43. Titties.

  44. Good one!

  45. lol

  46. cos they dont suck balls or anything
    lamebook used to be funny :/

  47. Glad I just found this site!

    So I guess if I keep reading the entries in reverse order it’ll keep getting funnier.

  48. uhm…#43 that’s a name fail you ‘prevert!’

  49. You’re a prevert. Now, shave my titties!

  50. My last girlfriend had hairy nips. I only wish she was as self aware as you. Geldof knew what he was doing.

  51. @new word. If your tits need to be shaved, you may have a problem.

  52. on seeing the comment sometime i want to hold guys’ from neck and throw them on the wall, LIKE sucks …..i want dislike button on facebook ……DISLIKE

  53. I’m just trying to fill the void, since it seems she’s gone for good. For the life of me, I can only ever remember her talking about titties.

    I am so one-dimensional.

    Also, titties.

  54. Two of my Facebook friends just replicated the Hungary one on their Facebooks the exact same way.. It’s hilarious.

  55. wordprevert, I never thought I’d say the following words to anybody, but one clear distinction between you and wordpervert is that she has more class.

  56. I suppose that someone may have already said something about the law suit, but I did see some comments with some misinformation.
    To set the record straight.
    Lamebook seems to be the plaintiff (which means they are suing Facebook)
    It is pre-emptive, as Facebook sent a legal letter asking for Lamebook to cease and desist; as far as I can tell it is just the name of the site. Apparently they have copyrighted the words “Face” and “Book”. Strange, I know.
    FacePorn had to shut down too…

  57. That hurts.

    Almost as bad as the titty waxing I just put myself through.

  58. Word, if you’d like to really imitate your namesake, then you have to expand your talk from just about titties a bit. You need to cover the following:
    1. Titties.
    2. All-girl orgies. And the other kind.
    3. Yelling at other people for talking about anything sexual, and
    4. Telling me that you are extraordinarily pissed because I’m not funny enough (just me, no one else).

  59. I’d trade back alord for the resident windbag we have now.

  60. Screenwriter Jacques Prévert, my true namesake, had much to say about titties.

    Mad, we used to be cool. Your numbering system is stupid, and you smell like a bag of chai that’s been steeping in a whore’s vagina after a night of particularly vapid promiscuity.

  61. Thanks word! Now I feel like old times.
    Except you forgot to tell me how unfunny I am and how goddamn pissed you get as a result…

  62. Mad, you’re an unfunny twat who reminds me of mud-encrusted baboon titties, and the baboon’s got diseases. Bodily-disfigurement types of diseases.

    I can’t go to zoos anymore.

  63. How about you teabag Keona while I watch and talk about my titties?

  64. Then you can deep-throat a porcupine penis and tell me that it tastes good.

  65. Agreed mass. alord was like a pimple in my nose but mad2 is like a mosquito bite on my nutsack.

  66. Vulgarity is the lowest form of wit – of which there are numerous examples in the posts and comments on this site.

  67. hey mad2,

    I love myself; I want you to love me
    When I feel down; I want you above me
    I search myself; I want you to find me
    I forget myself; I want you to remind me

    I don’t want anybody else
    When I think about you I touch myself
    Ooh I don’t want anybody else Oh no, oh no, oh no

    You’re the one who makes me come runnin’
    You’re the sun who makes me shine
    When you’re around I’m always laughin’
    I want to make you mine

    I close my eyes and see you before me
    Think I would die if you were to ignore me
    A fool could see just how much I adore you
    I’d get down on my knees; I’d do anything for you

    I don’t want anybody else
    When I think about you I touch myself
    ahh ohh i don’t want anybody else
    oh no oh on oh no yeah

    I love myself; I want you to love me
    When I feel down; I want you above me
    I search myself; I want you to find me
    I forget myself; I want you to remind me

    I don’t want anybody else
    When I think about you I touch myself
    ahh ohh i don’t want anybody else
    oh no oh no oh no

    I want you
    I don’t want anybody else
    and when i think about you; i touch myself
    ooh ooOoh ooOoh aaaaahhhh

    I don’t want anybody else
    When I think about you I touch myself
    Ooh I don’t want anybody else
    When I think about you I touch myself

    I touch myself
    I touch myself
    I touch myself
    I touch myself
    I touch myself
    I touch myself

    I honestly do
    I touch myself
    I touch myself


  68. Being named “mb” is the lowest form of wit. Actually, the lowest form of wit is the whistling noise my titties make in rough winds.

  69. Dukey Smoothie Buns

    Esophageal laceration.
    Beer Beer… Virtual Stella.

  70. mb we’ve been over this before. Puns are the lowest form of wit.
    Walter, I fear I’ve failed. I was going more for the ‘red ants on your nutsack’ effect. In any case I’d like to cordially invite you to do as I usually do with your posts and not read them.

  71. One of my hobbies to take Snickers bars and squeeze them between my titties until they get all melty and gooey. It looks like someone dropped a big dook right on my titties, when conditions are right. That’s another hobby too, come to think of it. Getting dooked on, that is.

    It backfired once when I forgot about the candy bar. I got a little snickered myself and passed out, only to wake up later to a whole mess of red ants having their way with my chocolatey titties!

  72. wordprevert, I never use the word “titties”.

    mad2, get over it.

    mass, I hope you’re well.

    Walter, thanks mate. And good job on the song, by the way. Ha.

    Dukey, there’s nothing virtual about the Stella I have in my hand right now.

    Have a good evening.

  73. Are you sure? I distinctly remember you talking about titties a lot.

    You know what, I remember what it was! It was punctuationpervert. He loved titties.

  74. Thanks word.

    You are missed!!

  75. Fucking pissflappery, jizz drinking, scat eating cunts.

    Puns are not the lowest form of wit, the fuckwit retards who roar with laughter upon hearing one are…’Fuck me he said a word that could be confused with another word!’

    The first mob probably live in sCUNThorpe.
    The second collection of wankbags can choke to death on my PLUMS.

  76. Imamofo – I echo those sentiments.

    lamebook is dying in slow-motion, death by a thousand cunts.

  77. wordper, I was never ‘not over’ your remarks, but that doesn’t mean I won’t mock the seriousness with which you demanded hilarity from me.
    Also I enjoy the irony that you were upset by the comments section, and so stopped posting to it, but apparently not reading it.


  79. undergroundtunnel

    @Wordprevert I like you, but am now mad at you for bringing WordPERvert back.

    Wordpervert is a bitch.

  80. Yeah.. wordper is the biggest bitch, and should die and such. Perhaps that’s why she hasn’t been on…she did. Hurray!

    wordpre is the bomb.

  81. @Keona

  82. There’s….an army of them!!

  83. undergroundtunnel, words can’t express how much it thrills me to see how unhappy you are. That just made my day.

    Keona, sorry to disappoint you, young lassie, but I’m still kicking.

  84. word, you just pop in when we least expect it…but how can we be sure it’s the real word. There’s about..four now.

  85. Holy Jesus (hay-suess) Christo…why are there so many words? I now actually have to be 100% attentive to the spelling of the names…damn it.


  87. Keona > Wordpervert


  88. #25 nailed it on the head – how dare any of us attempt to eclipse the treasure trove of humor that is the original post. No one EVER talks about those being lame. There’s no room in the comment section for comedy, it might detract from the orgy of bitching.

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