Monday, November 21, 2011


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  1. mmmmmmmmmmm cheese.


  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Sponsors say the cutest things. Like “Don’t do drugs” or “It’s a bad idea to take a swig from your hip flask during a work meeting.”
    I didn’t know people actually listened to them.

  3. If a girl is dumb enough to let another person make her relationship decisions for her, then you should ditch her anyway.

  4. Did you really have to post the self harm photo?

  5. Lmw – yes. self harm photos are wonderful, magical things.

  6. http://ai。vc/uf

  7. Yep. Crazy.

  8. Um, someone explain this “sponsor” thing to a non-American please?

  9. @Flaps: A sponsor is someone that has sober time and takes you through the steps of recovery, as outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous or any of its offshoots (Narcotics, Coke, Gambling, etc.)

  10. flaps, sponsors are not just an American thing. Good god you people make me mad.

  11. http://bit。ly/qkDqbZ

  12. Alcoholic women are good in bed. It’s one of those things that everybody knows but nobody acknowledges because they don’t want to appear to be promoting alcoholism. Drink up ladies.

  13. @Saffer. If by “you people” you mean those of us with camping gear for names, I take umbrage at your insensitivity.

    Chester P. Tentpole

  14. @lmw : Yes, they did. It’s self-harm awareness month, and so everyone must cut themselves and post a photo on FB.

    Or grow a ‘stache, whichever is worse

  15. Thanks wandr; I was concerned, because I shaved myself cutting this morning. Now my lustrous moustache is gone, but I can still rely on my beautiful self-harm gallery to get me through Emovember.

  16. http://ai。vc/uf

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