Friday, October 22, 2010

Proof Reading Problems

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  1. That’s quite an interesting looking dick

  2. I’m all for meanness of the temporary kind, but I wonder if any of these tattoo artists ever gets sued.

  3. Whoops, that was get sued.

  4. I doubt it Wednesday. I don’t think it’s the artists legal responsibility to tell an idtiot they are about to make a huge mistake.

  5. artist’s*

  6. Tiffany’s a fucktard.I don’t get Amanda’s. Fuck Politics, out country is screwed. Finally, a duck faced sick…ew.

  7. our*

  8. @Keona, she meant ABSENTEE, it’s when you get to vote as a member of where you permanently reside but you aren’t physically in that location at the time.

  9. It’s cute how we’re all correcting our typos in the comments on a proof reading post. :)

  10. Oh…haha. my bad. dick* for my previous one.
    Wednesday, you shouldn’t be here until next week, you’re confusing me. :( I correct myself because I want to stay Grammatically correct as much as possible until I can go to uni. Practice makes perfect.

  11. LOL, yeah and at least we’re smart enough to realize we made typos!! ;)

  12. XD I’m only a Grammar Nazi unto myself.

  13. *grammatically. Sorry I could not resist. What are you going to study at the university?

  14. lol, well, I want to go to MTSU when I’m in a better situation in terms of free time to study/ go to classes and money. Remember the douche ex I spoke of? He goes there. -.- Another reason I would like to wait. Yes, it seems cowardly and immature, but I would rather not risk him bashing on me, and me having some break down due to his trauma.

    I recently looked up that Uni’s population. 20k students! o.o But most of my high school friends go there/ will go there. That’s a plus.

  15. I just couldn’t tattoo someone using bad spelling, bad directions, etc. because I am a grammar nerd. Regardless of whether the blame would fall on the designer of the tattoo, _I_ would know I had done it. It nearly causes me physical discomfort just imagining being the instrument for a permanent typo. At least I would have to ask the person getting the tattoo “did you really mean for this to be written this way?”

    @Keona I’m confusing in person as well. I can see why the name is confusing since it pops up over the date. I should have gone for one of the blue link thingies when I signed up.

  16. Wednesday, when I went on Wednesday to my first tattoo sitting, I had to sign a form affirming that I wasn’t drunk while picking out my design or for the session itself.
    I think some artists are very careful and refuse to do tattoos that they think are lame, or at least point out issues of major idiocy…

  17. I always liked Wednesday from The Addam’s Family … dark. Pugsley(sp?) was a hoot too… Morticia was hot!

    I simply do not understand spelling mistakes in tats.. let alone not knowing what a freakin’ compass looks like. Tiffany should have got a tom tom tattooed on her.

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    What the fuck kind of mirror does Tiffany plan to use when viewing her tattoo. I can’t come up with any graphical reflection that will fix that. Y=x? x=1/y? Mad2 you gotta help me out here.

  19. A fun house mirror? No, eh ..

    … maybe her vagina is off center. Just a thought.

  20. I don’t thin it’s a real tatt…I think someone drew it on her…it looks more like sharpie or marker to me. They miiiiiight be like trying to design her tattoo and that’s what they came up with…But I hope they’re not getting any kind of ink will fail moments like that. Maybe they were drunk? I din’t even know why I’m trying to find an excuse for that moment to not be as retarded as it is. I think I want to believe that people aren’t THAT fucktarded.

  21. Dukey, no self-diffeomorphism can be used to fix that.
    So no mirror.

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    blondebimbo I’m drunk off my ass in the middle of my Friday and I can still tell that something was wrong with that. At first I thought it was a reflection of some kind But as Mad2 said that won’t work. Mass may be onto something though…

  23. @blonde .. ‘belife’ it.

  24. What a terrible tattoo artist! Even had he gotten the compass correct, he’d still have differently sized fonts, crooked arrows, some random spirally thing, and terrible shading.

  25. Dukey .. I’m 3 tall cans of Keith’s in and still know South from East… for now.

  26. blondebimbo — I think you are correct. It really does look like it was done with a sharpie.

  27. Amanda is going to single-handedly vote out all the Dems in Cali — now THAT’S impressive. These “absent T” ballots must be mightier than the sword!

  28. I agree with Blonde and Asriel, that looks like a sharpie job. Either that or the tattoo artist can’t shade for shit.

    Amanda is proof of why our state is the way it is. Please, stay absent T and don’t vote – I mean we’re pretty much fucked abyway but she’s bringing down the IQ too much.

  29. *anyway

    Very funny Karma…

  30. @Keona goto MTSU, I currently go here…. and it is AWESOME!!!!!!! great school, and I never see anyone more than once….but that be because I don’t take notice of people here.

    Anyways, I lol’d hard at the tattoo, that would be hilarious if I saw it on someone!!

  31. No not even a fun-house mirror… as I said, no self-diffeomorphism is going to do it. In other words you can reflect it, you can stretch shit around, but it can’t change the order those things are in other than by regular reflection.
    Comments, if you are in CA, I hope you plan to vote to legalize pot (if that hasn’t already gone by)!

  32. mad2physicist is a fucking liar

  33. even if the directions were right…that is a really shitty tattoo

  34. Okay, so first one….the only thing I can think of (assuming that this girl ISN’T a complete retard) is that she is a big fan of CNN or MSNBC, because if you read it counter-clockwise (or anti-clockwise for our British friends), it reads NEWS. It’s probably just a coincidence, and she is in fact, a full on, honest to goodness, mouth breather.. And blondebimbo is right, it’s not a real tattoo.
    Second one…not really funny. Although I did think someone would have made a Mr. T reference there. Obviously a younger crowd in here…moving on…
    The thing that bothered me most about the last one is the smiley face the teacher put at the top. WTF?! What kind of wierdo thinks a child mistaking water fowl for a trouser trout deserves a smiley face? This is how retards and whores are made! Don’t reinforce that shit with positive feedback! *insert joke here about sucking my duck, and adding it to my bill*

  35. …the child didn’t mistake anything, it copied the printing to the left.

  36. Seriously……………………..

    I agree with you Wednesday about not wanting to be an instrument in permanently tattooing an error on someone, but that tattoo in the first pic is so utterly stupid and lame that sometimes I think these idiots really deserve the permanence of their mistakes…

    Maybe if Facebook statuses were all permanently tattooed on people’s foreheads, then people would use spell check more often. I mean, shit people, my browser does it for me when I eff up! Grrr

  37. … tom tom tattooed on her…

    … maybe her vagina is off center…

    … etc. etc. etc.

    mass, you’re amusing most of the time, but when you’re drinking… ha!

    Or are you drunk all the time?

  38. @udontknowme I certainly will go try to. I’ve got two major plans when I can get out of my situation: Go to MTSU (though I don’t know if they have a Nursing program) or move to CA, and move in with my bf and possibly a couple of his friends into a nice apartment. Fuck me, I don’t know atm. I can’t a sure decision because I don’t know what will change or won’t change when the time comes. I’ll decide later. Procrasturbation ftw.

  39. It was very hard for me to write “center” like that, by the way. I had to resist my natural Australian urge.

  40. @mass…Touche..I stand corrected, it’s not the teacher at fault, its the publishing company! Damn evil publishing companies! First it’s mistaking duck for dick, next thing you know, they are taking over the world…just like pinky and the brain…

  41. And yeah, Megan’s kid only copied what the dirty-minded teacher put there to copy.

  42. Or what the dirty-minded publishing company put there to copy. Same difference.

  43. word, you made me smile… seldom seen.

    define ‘drunk’

  44. @ O.G .. Pinky and The Brain…hilarious.

  45. And I just noticed the kids name is Walker. Maybe its a good thing that he becomes familiar with the word dick….

  46. I’ve been drunk on a keyboard before…it wasn’t pretty.

  47. My definition of drunk? Well, there are levels of drunk…

  48. @O.G. and Blonde I hope you are right and it is not permanent.

    @Valenya You’re right. It is a lame tattoo. Or sharpie art, as the case may be.

    @mass Yes! Addams Family was an awesome show. And newspaper comic, for any purists out there.

    @mad2 My last tattoo was over 10 years ago, so I don’t remember whether I signed anything or not. I remember hearing that you could be asked to leave the studio if you were drunk. They probably should make people take an I.Q. test, or a spelling test, or at least have to sign something that says “I hereby swear on this day that I am stupid” if they’re getting a misspelled tattoo.

  49. My level .. after 1, I don’t drive. After 4, I don’t post … after 6, I eat a big meal, after 8, seem to smoke more pot, after 10 will go to The Hide Away Lounge but haven’t for a bit… the last 2 times they’ve refused serving me despite the fact I walk there… possibly in an irregular fashion..

  50. @48 Wednesday .. I have a coffee table type book of the original Addam’s Family strips.

  51. Sounds like you have it down to a fine art, mass. Good for you.

    The Hide Away Lounge… hmmm…

  52. Swear, I live 2 blocks from there…fuck, I’m breaking rule #2.

  53. surely your tattoo artist would ask were you right in the head if you brought something like that to them? I don’t think it’s for real anyway.

  54. That tattoo makes me want to cry for the sake of humanity.

  55. good thing its marker.

  56. It snowed here today …

    Makes me want to cry.

  57. It’s warm and sunny here today…

    Makes me want to cry… with happiness.

  58. I crave happiness… and boobs.

  59. I don’t want to rub it in or anything, but I have both.

  60. … I want all 3.

    Please rub it in.

  61. @23 mass, goddamn it, thank you for catching that. Jeeze…you’re right, I can’t belife it. Damn it all. Haha.

    @26 asriel Yeah, it just looks too…marker-y….

    @48 Wednesday There are very few times in my life I have hoped I was right as much as I do now, cause that is just so…pathetic otherwise.

  62. OH! Waaaaiiit, so you know how News= North, East, West, South…maybe this dumb bitch is a news anchor and this is her tattoo to pay homage to it? Fuck I don’t know, it’s still dumb as hell. You are so dumb, fo real. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  63. Ok. I’ll rub it in, then you rub one out.

  64. And, blah. I reckon the tat is real. Come on, we’ve seen enough pathetic tats on here to know these dumbfucks get them put on their bodies.

  65. love you word, goodnight.

  66. @word #64 I know you’re right, we have seen enough evidence of dumbfuckery. For some reason I never stop being shocked (and to be honest, a little depressed) at how dumb people can be.

  67. Wednesday, at the place I went they will at least make fun of you incessantly behind your back if they think you’re an idiot. I know because while I was getting tattooed, some guy called, then came into the studio, to ask for a tattoo THAT DAY of a spider ripping open his shoulder and blood dripping from it and the drops turning into pieces of a 100 dollar bill and three little spiders lapping it up. He was upset when he found that the head guy was booked and made a sarcastic remark about it not being a tribal armband. He was then told the second artist could fit him in next week; he was concerned over whether the other guy had an art degree.
    The upshot of this is that while I was being worked on the two artists and my wife and I were laughing our asses off over this idiot. And debating how the hell blood drops can turn into money.
    So perhaps these artists, after doing these lame tattoos, go around making fun of their customers with everyone else.

  68. Me thinks that the tattoo was done that way on purpose. I couldn’t imagine more than one person making that mistake. It’s probably some kind of inside joke, or meaning. It’s really not lame, because it’s way too wrong to be a mistake.

  69. to elaborate further on my comment about mad2physicist….

    if you turn the image through 270 degrees, then skew on the 7th vertices of capricorn, then the tattoo is in perfect order – so although the fun-house mirror would have to be pretty complex, it can be done – here’s the proof:

  70. I fixed the tattoo:

  71. well ….. this one time, at the tattoo studio

    one of the tattoo guy’s assistants showed me his ass :O He had his girlfriend put red lipstick on and kiss a sheet of paper and then had it tattooed on his bum. I hope they stick together otherwise he better have a really good story for future pick ups

  72. Curly, did you work in a studio?

  73. haha I wish! I’m not that creative. Just meant one time I was there :)

  74. Oh well, just thought it was possible curly. And speaking of you, do you speak Irish? Or how did you know the pronounciation of pog mo thain?

  75. Tiffany is just trying to live up to grandma. Amelia Earhart’s legacy lives on.

  76. Soup explanation for the win.

  77. (Disclaimer: I have not read above comments yet. This is my uninfluenced opinion thus far.)
    1. You fail HARD.

    I probably should stop there so I don’t make myself go crazy, but, I’ll try to be civil and to the point.

    2. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry (cry mostly). You fucking Faux-News-watching Tea Party cunt. Nope, I didn’t stutter, and that’s the end of that.

    3. OK, this also explains my political opinion. What fucking idiot teacher decided to give out this paper to begin with? Well, what does it matter? I don’t blame them for not giving a shit anymore because society obviously doesn’t give a shit. The fact that that teacher likely gets paid about the same as a teenager working part-time at McDonald’s explains it well enough.

    That’s it for me on this post. Not discussing anymore politics on LB, I do enough of that on FB.

  78. @shelley: Seriously? You seriously figure that a teenager working part-time at McDonald’s makes ~$40,000?

  79. Does anyone else think that four-pointed star seems skewed? Like, more skewed than can be explained by just her skin moving? The left point appears to be a lot lower than the right point…

  80. Amanda must be a member of the Tea Party.

  81. Hi Mad2 – sorry been busy with a sick child, husband and now me :(

    I definitely don’t speak Irish – I don’t have the attention span for languages – even English. But I live in Northern Ireland and there are a few phrases that you just know. Pogue mahone one of them. Slainte being cheers and ceid mille failte – a hundred thousand welcomes.

  82. Ah, that’s very cool curly! My wife and I want to take our honeymoon in Ireland. We’ve been married 5.5 years and still no honeymoon…
    My problem is I can’t pronounce Gaelic words when I read them.
    I imagine the sick husband was more work to care for than the sick child? I know I would be.

  83. You guys need to get the finger out and get that honeymoon sorted! We honeymooned in Cyprus – was beautiful. You’re right, he’s much more work than she is lol.

  84. Get the finger out? I should think a good honeymoon ought to involve a lot more getting fingers in than out…

  85. lol yes it would. Just a figure of speech. Well it’s not long until halloween so I’m starting the ball rolling with a pic. You should join me – something vampirish obviously.

  86. I don’t dress up for halloween. I just always look vaguely… well, all dressed in black. So I think I will stick with my pic of the hallucinogenic white rabbit.

  87. Aww no scary vampire Mad2. You certainly like your rabbits!

  88. Haha I’m so dumb sometimes. I just realised, who knows who reads these comments. A lot of my facebook friends “like” lamebook …. and I’d rather stay anonymous.

  89. i no u curlybap

  90. Fuck off yoink (wanna-be)

  91. shame, would have been much funnier if he’d commented when I had the pic up.

  92. People are presuming that the tattoo on Tiffany’s back is supposed to represent compass…well it isn’t, it’s pointing to the following:

    1 – N (her neck)
    2 – S (Her Shoulder)
    3 – E (her Elastic bra strap)
    4 – W (her Waste box, or shit box for the more coarse of you)

  93. @Imamofo: Thanks…my life is now complete.

  94. @evey35: No problem sweet cheeks!

    Just to be sure there is no confusion, can you please confirm you were in fact initiating cybersex with me? I have my cock in hand ready to go!

  95. I think the tattoo was sharpied on. Doesn’t look like a tattoo at all.

  96. How on earth is it possible to get a tattoo that mixed up?

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