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Natural Selection: the process by which Charles Darwin described nature’s ability to filter out the weaker and less “worthy” creatures of a species.

Nature is amazing. It gave us Mt Everest, the Rainforest, Bald Eagles, and loveable Koalas. It is amazing but not perfect. It also gave us the DoDo Bird, Indiana, and Mosquitos. The aforementioned natural selection works great but has somehow allowed you, Timothy McVey, and Billy “Oxyclean” Mays to slip through the cracks; all purveors of great ideas. That being said, here is one more term for you…

Strip Search: the process by which the secret service will undoubtedly make sure you aren’t carrying weapons after they break down the door to your one room efficiency apartment and find you facebooking your exboyfriend who is now boning the hot brunette chick from his Psychology class.

♥ The Editors

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  1. no matter how much you dislike the president, that is a truly awful thing to wish upon a human being

  2. I cannot even believe this.

  3. really? oh gosh.

  4. United States Secret Service

    Expect a visit from us soon, Miss Ashley. We need to have a little chat about these sorts of statements.

  5. what a fucking bitch.

  6. People like this should be deported. You don’t deserve to call America home.

  7. I’m not obama’s number one fan but Jesus! Who wishes assasination on a decent man cause he’s not the president you wanted. Get a grip.

  8. i hate facebook now

  9. nope.

  10. I don’t see what’s so lame about this post – seems to make sense.

  11. Jay and Ashley= insensitive pieces of shit

  12. Yeah, her name is ALLISON, not Ashley

  13. and ALLISON is a disgusting whore

  14. Dallas resident

    i am still waiting for this “change”

  15. Hooker. Hope you get shot.

  16. lol@hypocrites

    funny, if bush was still in office and someone said the same thing about him, all you idiots would be cheering them on.

    you’re all pathetic.

  17. Agree with lol@hypocrites on this one. Obama is dangerous to this nation…don’t wish anybody hurt. Probably for the greater good that he doesn’t get re-elected.

  18. Obama is president. Where is my free stuff?

  19. Ha this isn’t nearly as bad as some of the things i’ve seen.
    “They’re gonna replace the rose garden with a watermellon patch.”
    “They’re gonna change it from “White House” to “Jiggaboo Igloo”

  20. lol conservatives. good display of being childish. and uh no, no liberals that i know would wish death to a president. that’s pretty damn unamerican. so congrats on that. what was it the bush supporters liked to say? love it or leave it? hmm.

  21. k, you’ll never read this but you’re a fucking moron. there were books published about assassinating bush and all you retarded libs thought it was funny. there were jokes on talk shows in kind and eeevveryone thought it was just hilarious.

  22. Uhm no, lol@hypos, I did not laugh at those things nor do I now. I may have wished for Bush to go to jail or at least be held accountable for the things he’s done. But I, nor my crazy hippy liberal friends, ever wished for assassination on our nation’s leader. That’s just un-American dude.

  23. Wow. Ditto to Brian’s comment. I might have been vehemently anti-Bush, but NEVER heard anyone wish him assassination, myself included. It’s a horrible thing to wish on anyone. If ANYONE, even my best friend, had this as a status, I would flip out on them.

    And you lameasses wondering where your free stuff is, you weren’t listening during the campaign. He never promised you free stuff. Grow the eff up.

    PS- LOL about Indiana, even though I do love it.

  24. Yikes. I’m just going to stay away from all of this.

  25. Hey Editors… looks like natural selection read this post

    “The aforementioned natural selection works great but has somehow allowed you, Timothy McVey, and Billy “Oxyclean” Mays to slip through the cracks; all purveors of great ideas.”

  26. what a bitch

  27. u gotta love the sight of a presidential motorcade! no matter who the pres is!

  28. No need to kill the dumb bastard, just impeach his ass for wrecking this country more than even Bush managed to. Get ready for 25% inflation. Just keep printing “stimulus” money….


  30. I love the US! In any other country in the world, hating your own government would be regarded as treason. Over here, it’s patriotic!

  31. If only I could submit lamebook comments to lamebook…

  32. Haha wow, Obama doesn’t deserve to get the easy way out like that. I’d rather have him go through his presidency and keep making a complete mockery out of himself. Maybe get impeached for being such a shitty pres. I feel like a blow to his pride would be more satisfying than a blow to the brain.

  33. Oh, and whoever said “people like this should get deported”, like that would do any good at all. They could just come right back into the U.S. and live off of wellfare, a.k.a. my hard earned money that I’m GIVING to people who sit on their butt and do nothing. Thanks for the “change” Obama.

  34. i don’t think you quite get what deportation means, brittany…

  35. Brittany, you’re a dumbass. If you’re referring to illegal immigrants working in the United States, as I believe you are, then you should know that they work harder than you’ll ever understand, and they have federal taxes taken out of their income, which is money that goes to YOUR social security that they will never see. Also, those immigrants that do receive services from local and state governments are overwhelmingly children. Please dont make ignorant comments about things that you dont understand.

  36. Also, if they deport poor illegal immigrants, that means they don’t have to live on US welfare money. Instead, they live in the little Mexican villages where they seem to be fine.

  37. btw Obama is better than Palin or McCain would ever be.

  38. Asinine thing to have written. Of course, I hope that we all realize that it was just as asinine when many people- including celebs and Air America announcers- said the same about Dubyah.

  39. Okay everyone. Take a couple deep breaths, and take a few steps back. The purpose of this Lamebook post was to show how ignorant and stupid this specific person is being. I don’t agree with everything that the current president is attempting to do, but as an American i choose to support and respect the position of the Presidency, regardless of who holds it.

    As for the in-fighting that has occurred on this page, we are losing focus! We’re supposed to be laughing at/insulted by the tom-foolery that has been displayed in front of us. Lets put the focus back on “Alllison.”

    I’ll start:


  40. Ha, it’s reading things like this that really makes me wonder why my country helps out the bunch of immature retards that inhabit the U.S.

    I bet half of you that are moaning about Obama didn’t even get your ass of the couch to go vote and the rest of you voted for Bush so that says it all. I personally find it halrious that every time you get a president capable of saving your country you either impeach him (Nixon), kill him (Kennedy and probably soon Obama) of ridicule him (Clinton), only to favour someone egomanic who’s stuck in pocket of major companies only there to make a load of cash, no matter what the cost to the rest of the planet. And the liberals are no better, you make me laugh when you say ‘we never wanted Bush to get shot’ yes you did, now you’re lying about to further your own ends. You’re all pathetic. All this from the self professed ‘world leader’ no wonder the whole planet hates you.

  41. Kev – first off, Nixon wasn’t impeached, he resigned before the House could vote on it. Don’t argue with me, I’m a history professor. Secondly, I think that Obama won’t be assassinated. He’s too smart to be in a position to let it happen to him.

    Having said all that, I think that this post, while it may offend some, is actually kind of clever.

    And what does it matter that someone “ridiculed” Clinton? He got 8 years. Did he save the country? Obviously not. Is Obama saving the country? If by saving, you mean is he turning us into Norway, then sure. But we won’t be the “America” we all grew up with.

  42. makes me proud to be british.

  43. Fiddler on the Roof


    Why did the editors dis Billy Mays like that? UNACCEPTABLE

  44. I’m just glad George Bush can no longer by the scapegoat for our shitty economy.

    Also, Shady for the win.

  45. do me a favor… go to the nearest 4 lane highway when u get there… play in traffic. :) have a good day.

  46. Kev, if you are going to criticize people, please learn how to do it with proper grammar.

  47. Bahahahaha everyone needs to relax, it funny!

  48. @Fiddler on the Roof

    Seriously, dude? Billy Mays wasn’t really a big loss for our culture or anything. I mean the guy was free basing Mighty Putty.

  49. Kev, I agree completely.

    I’m Canadian, and know a lot of people (Americans and non) that HATED Bush, but Bush did EIGHT years and not only didn’t do anything positive for the country, but affected the entire nation NEGATIVELY. Obama’s been in presidency for less than year. Give him a break. You can’t even compare the two.

    I honestly believe that the people who hate him THAT much don’t hate him because he’s a democrat – they hate him because he’s black.

  50. wow she needs destroying

  51. Hey lay off Indiana, we’re cool :-P

  52. Did you guys all realice how extremly rasist yall are. just because a man is black does not meen he is holy or that you cant ridicule him. mister obama gets special treatment cause of his apperance not equal if he were white you throw bricks at him. what kind of a man calls him self the leader of the freeworld and cant make a choice and stand by it or says something one week and than takes a 180 and says another thing the next week. he cant even put a bill through that he belives would benefit the whole nation and the majority of the nation would acctually love him for it even though he has the support of the majority of congress i would say that puts a real big pink pussy right in his face just waiting to get fucked by the first man that has the cojones to fuck it.

  53. let’s just hope no one commented on this because SHE HAS NO FRIENDS.

  54. @that guy. That would be awesome except for the fact that it says 2 comments right next to the time.

  55. I’m so ready for American to turn in to NORWAy!:

    After the Second World War, the country experienced rapid economic growth, particularly as a result of large oil deposits discovered in the early 1970s. Today it ranks as the wealthiest country in the world,[8][9][10] with the largest capital reserve per capita of any nation. In August 2009 the nation’s sovereign wealth fund announced that it owned approximately 1% of all the stocks in the world, presumably referring to publicly traded stocks. Norway is the world’s seventh largest oil exporter[11] and the petroleum industry accounts for around a quarter of its GDP.[12] Following the ongoing financial crisis of 2007-2009, bankers have deemed the Norwegian krone to be one of the most solid currencies in the world.[13]

  56. Owned by beef broganoff.

  57. No one (liberals included) wanted Bush to get assassinated because Cheney would have become President.

    Just sayin’…

  58. OK. I don’t agree with many of the things that President Obama is putting into policy, but that doesn’t mean I want him dead! It’s seriously an atrocity that someone would think this, much less post it on Facebook for the world to see!

  59. I’m going to hunt the bitch down and kill her myself. No one talks smack about my man. Killer poodle…ATTACK!!!!

  60. obama does suck.

  61. Natural Selection

    Wow, I wasn’t gonna post. But When I saw that Jason was the only one to call the editors out, I just had to. It’s “McVeigh”
    and “purveyors.” lrn2 Spell Check

  62. Very disappointed in most posters here.

    Listen, folks. This post was obviously meant for friends and family only. If she had made a huge website with this message posted in giant letters, it would be different. We’ve all said things that we didn’t mean. We all have different opinions. I, personally, think that Obama will ultimately lead to the utter destruction of this country.

    But that’s just me.

    The point is: You judging her is just as bad as her judging Obama.

  63. “You judging her is just as bad as her judging Obama.”
    Yeah, but her sincere hopes for an assassination is worse. =p

  64. @Very disappointed in most posters here. Obama may not be everyone’s favorite guy, but consider this. Under Bush you guys had two wars with still no end in sight, your reputation for human rights was utterly destroyed by Guantanamo and extra-ordinary rendition and your foreign debt grew to astronomical levels. Just how much more can Obama screw America up?

    On the subject of Obama’s proposed health care reforms: in Australia, we have government-paid health care (not total, but subsidized), and our economy is sweet. Unemployment is lower than in Europe or the USA, and house prices are high. States-side, the number one cause of mortgage foreclosures (which occur at a rate of one ever seven seconds) is medical expenses. Thus government-paid health care may actually confer some benefit upon your nation.

  65. Post #64, Are you a total retard?!?!? You don’t live here, obviously, so you have NO IDEA what this moron can do to ruin this country! Socialism is NOT what the United States is about, but that’s what He’s pushing for. Lucky for us he won’t be elected a 2nd term..and the People have spoken as of yesterday! Take a look at the election results for Virginia and New Jersey as an indicator of what’s to come in the NEXT Presidential Election!!

  66. I think you are, “Hisb*tch”. if you knew what socialism was, because hes NOT a socialist!

  67. …uh, I hated Bush’s presidency and couldn’t wait til it was over, but I didn’t want him /dead/. what? (also, honestly, I /will/ say if this was a president who hadn’t received death threats over and over, maybe this would be a little funny. a little.)

    also UH SOCIALISM WHAT. noooooot quite. chill, HisB*tch.

  68. i’d like to jizz on those tits

  69. perhaps. perhaps. won’t be quite like it tho, I don’t know if the government would kill a not-that-good president. Not like in the case of kennedy, but maybe some pissed out redneck that doesn’t like a negro in the white house. I don’t know, if you are an american president and you are still alive, it must mean you are filled with enough shit to get the job done.

    does things seem a lot clearer from down here in south america.

  70. pissed off*

  71. PLEASE tell me all of the comments above were in lame-jest.

    If I have to believe so many people went off in “political” “”debate”" in the comments section of a humor facebook-oriented website…I’ll just cry.

  72. cant you be arrested for this?

  73. Blah Blah Blah! Sheesh! Why is everyone getting so political? I suppose the daft lot above can run their country better than most of the morons in power all over the world.

  74. O man I am so smart and opinionated I have all the anwsers.

  75. I lol’d. In cynical disbelief, granted, but I still lol’d. Allison4Prez

  76. Damn, I can’t believe no one noted this. There wasn’t *any* liberal/Dem in the country that really wanted Bush dead. Think about it: President Cheney… (Now, if they were talking about assassinating Bush, Cheney, the speaker of the House, and all Republican members of the House and Senate then that *might* be different. Unlikely to the ^n, but still different.)

  77. [b] fuck [/b]

  78. [b]fuck[/b]

  79. fuck

  80. fuck

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