Thursday, January 13, 2011

Problems. We All Got ‘Em.

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  1. I know the last one seems funny, but he probably did that from an iPod Touch connected to WiFi. The Facebook app for iPod Touch and iPhone always says that posts are made via iPhone.

  2. I hope she studied for her Herpes test!

  3. Awww, that is so sad. That poor pussy. And what happened to SKULLS is pretty awful, too.

  4. Great work Denise. Posting it publicly so all your friends can see that. Nice.

  5. I know one damn thing about your pussy Denise, I’m staying as far away from it as possible. Herps or no, you seem not to be the most stable.

  6. That’s the type that mofo likes, and it’s days like this that I miss Ben.

  7. I hate to be the debbie downer, but how is the first one lame or funny? Aside from Sanita’s horrible spelling, I’m not really getting it – it just left me sad at the thought of a kitten being killed in a dryer…

    I don’t know, guess I’m just not in the mood for this kind of “humour” today…

    And I agree with #1 – I have an ipod touch and when I use the FB app, it always says that it’s posted from an iphone…

    Now it’s back to the mirror for me so that I can continue to marvel at my awesome rack ;)

  8. @jellica .. I love that you continue to follow my advice.

    Denise, I know one thing about your pussy … you should put it in the dryer.

  9. Seriously? That first one wasn’t funny at all. Normally I’m all for revelling in another’s stupidity, but that just left me with a bad taste in my mouth (and no, I haven’t been going down on Denise :P ) It’s one thing to have a laugh at jokes about kittens, babies, gays, jews, catholics etc etc blah blah blah, but when the joke is actually in serious, or about an actual dead animal or baby… I dunno, maybe I’m taking this too seriously, but that pretty much just ruined my morning.

  10. I should have said ‘another thing’ sorry Comments.

    Hey word… looking awesome as usual.

  11. hey mass, absolutely reeking of desperation as usual. actually, even more than usual.

  12. I know, eh .. it’s kinda sad.

  13. I see you’re reeking to, though .. good for you.

  14. *too

    wouldn’t want to hear 4 fucking paragraphs on that now, would I?

  15. No worries mass

  16. I was just listening to my Australian language tapes and I think it’s ‘mate’ not ‘mass’ .. but thanks Comments.

  17. If those are the same tapes that say Fosters = Australian for beer, you might want your money back.

  18. Poor SKULLS. You doesn’t look before they start their dryer? Did he just walk up to it and turn it on? That’s why my cats are nice and fat. That way they can’t jump into my dryer.

  19. *Who doesn’t. Excuse my fail.

  20. My 80-something year old grandpa used to live with my family at our house and obviously do his laundry in our machines. He had a walker and obviously was not extremely mobile and couldn’t really bend down to check inside the dryer and once started it while my cat was lying on some towels in there that my grandpa hadn’t taken out. Luckily I was in the next room and heard his yowls and pushed past Gramps and released him. :( at least I got there in time for Peaches… too bad for Skulls :’(

  21. Mass: Ever seen Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, the part where that nerd gets a boner and has to cover it with his book everytime Michelle walks by (or something like that)? That’s how I picture you. :(

  22. Chrissy, is that you???

  23. (@ 20 (thanks saffer))

  24. @saffer .. I just picture you naked.

  25. I just pay pal’d that hundo I owe you, Walter. I can’t believe my raging erection is a point of interest.

  26. You know what gives me a boner?

    Me neither :(

  27. My mom accidentally turned on the dryer with my cat in it when i was little. fortunately i heard “Thump thump Meow, Thump thump Meow” and was able to rescue him

  28. .. thank fuck we both don’t know.

  29. How do you know I’m going to die before you?

    I have some rat poison in my shed and I know where you live.

  30. No, no thank fuck. No fuck.

  31. ..I’m going first, no worries mate.

  32. How do you know?

  33. My penis constantly requires more blood than my brain or heart…do the math.

  34. Poor Kitty!!! And What did mass and Walter do? Is mass the easy one? Who else is there in “Lamebooks of our lives”…..stay tuned (eats popcorn, cops a feel )

  35. 10mL/2 = 5mL. Holy shit your brain and heart are VERY small. That explains a lot!

    My 40 hours are up, so of here.

  36. hello guys ive been ready the comments part of lamebook for ages and only just made a account… i made because there is this one user that pisses me off… Vincent no one likes you find a nice hole, get comfy and then die please

  37. reading* -_- stupid iphone

  38. I like vincent.

  39. re Walter & mass conversation – i’m completely lost.

  40. The first one is obviously fake…. everybody know there’s no such person as Sanita Claus.

    Denise I’d still fuck your Herpes riddled creambox, I am currently collecting STD’s and yours would sit nicely alongside my chlamydia.

  41. curly, its the convo that never ends. Yeah, it goes on and on, my friend. We got into it not knowing what it was. And we will continue it, just because.

  42. Ok I had to look it up. I’m truly thankful I don’t know it.

  43. noodles – as a semi-literate moron, you are hardly part of my target audience. i don’t expect you to understand, let alone enjoy, my comments.

    however, you have overstepped a line in wishing death upon me. your rash and insensitive comments are deeply offensive to those of us who are coping with, or know someone who has a terminal illness.

    do the decent thing and apologize for your flippant remarks – not just to me, but to all the people who may have been distressed by your callous disregard for their suffering.

  44. vincent – as a deluded poo-face, you are hardly part of noodle’s target audience. he/she/they doesn’t expect you to understand, let alone enjoy, his/her/their comments, poo-face.

  45. vincent… Im not gonna apologise… Thats just the way i am. dont expect me to be nice to people i dont like… I dont care who i hurt along the way also you calling me a semi literate moron doesnt really bother me cause i dont care what you think or what anybody thinks about me

  46. and technically i never wished death upon you, i never go there and die instantly. You can die of natural causes in your comfy hole

  47. i never said* lol gonna get 5-6 paragraphs for that one


  49. Why can’t there be lurkers who come our of the closet as dear noodles did, and NOT be assholes for once? It’s like their balls decided to drop one day.

    “You know what, today, today I’m going to make something of myself on LB. Today is the day I tell someone off. My cock is so huge, my balls so taught and smooth from being shaven.”
    Big man on campus now, ey?

    I too like vincent, along with most of the others here. Because I get all different types of humour. The ones I don’t care much for, I keep my mouth shut and not be the one to start anything pointless.

    Perhaps noodles needs a reach around to calm himself? I assume male because a female calling herself noodles doesn’t seem very likely.

  50. out* Oh no, I shall totally get 4 paragraphs for my fail.

  51. So you want Vincent to “go to a hole and die of natural causes?” LOL! That is an awesome insult!

  52. To be fair, regarding the iPhone thing, if he’s got an iPod Touch, it will still show up as an iPHONE app. It also means that he can access his wi-fi from outside the house so maybe someone was able to rescue him LOL

  53. Thanks @52. That hasn’t been touched on AT ALL. Especially not the very first comment or anything

  54. MrsNamorMcKenzie
    Welcome to every comment section on the internet.

  55. The guy is probably using an iPod touch on his home network.

  56. Yikes, that looks like a twin of my cat, except that one has a bigger mustache.

  57. pnrx
    Ha! right?

  58. the sad part is Denise never posted the results of her herpes test…. hmmm… maybe i should get checked out too

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