Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Problematic People

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  1. 1. Who wouldn’t be proud of their androgynous child?
    2. Eating healthy like that will have you on the fast track to weight loss.
    3. Amanda, thank you for reminding me that romance is alive and kicking. What a sweet story to tell your future meth addict offspring when they get older. *tear*

  2. Dare I say it? Lamebook got funny again.

  3. Bacon…that is all. Oh yeah, like that’s kosher.

  4. I would.

  5. lamebookequalslove

    i could NOT resist looking for the proud MOTHER and WIFE Amanda.

    “interested in: women”
    “Amanda – I need a good woman…It’s very hard to come across one of those nowadays it tired of fucking with fake bitches..where all the real woman at?”

    and both parents regulary attend “raves”. what year is this? raves are still cool?

  6. Wow it took me forever to work out who Henry supposedly looks like. Fuck me.

  7. blessthefreaks1980

    Henry’s lifestyle choices are his own. However…I see Jay-Z more than I see Beyonce in that pic. Like, seriously, the guy looks like Jay-Z. I think its the shape of his head.

  8. It’s the eyebrows.

  9. He is a time travler and is their love child, He came back to warn them that baby will be coming soon…

  10. I looked her up too and … wow.
    I love all the posts about drugs and parties, then another post about how parents who don’t take care of their kids make her sick.
    Really? Then all the people agreeing with her like she knows what she’s talking about.

  11. lamebookEQUALSlove

    i can’t believe she still has custody of her child. what a sad excuse for a mother. shameful. one of her comments was “i don’t know what i would do if i had to leave the house to smoke.” REALLY? cuz i would think youd WANT to leave the house seeing as how your child lives there. but then again maybe he doesnt seeing as how shes going out and partying all the time.

  12. Cory, and you no doubt cried with tears of happiness, yes?

    Jason, bacon takes all the pain away, doesn’t it, tubs?

  13. She actually has that 30 day challenge thing and one of the pictures on there is a crack pipe with a caption that reads:

    “Day 11.< I fucking hate meth! tweakers r so effin gross!!! i hate it so much cuz not only did it take my mother away from us but it consumed me after my dauhter was my escape from reality for a year..but now im a year and half clean and sober!♥"

    —REALLY!!!???? So your mom fucking died from it, yet you think it's a GREAT idea to do it yourself!?? And then she says she thinks tweakers are gross!?? B*tch, YOU were a "TWEAKER" at one point!! Geez!! This c*nt makes me want to punch her in the face!

  14. Sasha, I don’t know why, but I read that as her mom got arrested for something meth-related. I see how it could as easily be read as the mom having died, but I guess I’m a glass-half-full kinda gal…

  15. Um hello, how do you look someone up when tehy have a name as common as Amanda? Maybe I’m being a bit thick…

  16. How did you find her with just the name ‘Amanda’ to go on? Impressive.

  17. She really is disgusting and quite the drama queen. They make a lovely couple. We’ll be seeing more of her kid in the news one day. I don’t doubt it one bit. I’m a bit confused as to whether or not she hates ‘az’ or not. It seems to depend on what day of the week it is.

  18. FYI – Facebook has a search option.

  19. Yes, I know it has a search option, but just typing Amanda would mean trailing through thousands of Amandas!

  20. Look up the status posts by everyone- there’s a hint for ya.

  21. @lame, even if her mom(let’s hope she’s still alive) is in fact, in jail, why would she pick up on doing meth even AFTER she has seen what it’s done to their family!? What a dumb broad!! THAT’S what I don’t understand! What the hell!!

  22. Sorry Sasha, still lost.

  23. just type in “1 year and 5 months ago 2day” into the search bar where you search for people then on the left click on “posts by everyone”.

    Taaadaaa. Oh and she’s a Juggalo. Go fucking figure. Trash. Trash. Trash.

  24. LondonNymph,

    Search part of her status, not her name. The teddy bear line worked well.

    Her reasoning for needing a woman must make her ‘husband’ so happy. The quotes are for the fact they are most definitely not married, even though it appears they’ve made a wedding date at least three times. I don’t know why he’s not rushing things. She’s a prize!

  25. Jesus! I have done my fair share of drugs but she talks about being stoned and taking care of her kid all the time! She probably smokes weed with him in the room! FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU must. resist. sending. her. a message.

  26. Ahh, with you now, but it didn’t get me any results. Maybe she hid!
    Anyway, I really should go get me a life!

  27. Goddammit and she still rolls and has a kid. God. Dammit. This is why I am pro-choice. THERE COMES A POINT IN YOUR LIFE WHERE YOU HAVE TO GROW UP AND STOP DOING DRUGS. AND LISTENING TO ICP. FUCK.

  28. She’s bi-polar, at least thats what Seroquel is usually prescribed for, unless you can take it recreationally.
    But I had to stop reading, because I don’t want to destroy my laptop by punching it:

    “I want a lil girl so bad..and u know the drugs and partying isn’t what makes these stupid parents not take care of their kids its just that they straight don’t give a fuck..cuz I’m a regular marijuana smoker and I rave and party but never once has it even affected my parenting skills son has a great roof over his head..and more toys and stuff then most baby dream of having”

    I really hope someone gets that kid away from them, the family is on her FB page, wtf are they thinking, seriously

  29. “ everything I want..cannibis in my lungs mickey d’s going into my tummy right now:) hubbys pickin out a movie for us:) and my sons being an adorable angel:)”

    Sheer class.

  30. Why are you all spending all this time Facebook stalking a person you have never met, and then talking shit about her? Given, yes, she sounds pretty trashy…. But who cares? You don’t know this person. There are plenty people like her in this world, and berating her on Lamebook doesn’t do anything.

  31. Well whoever put it on Lamebook just did her kid a favor.


  32. I don’t get why people don’t report this shit to CPS… Like seriously- whoever submitted that should maybe think about reporting her. People complain about shitty parents all the time and then do nothing about protecting the kids. All the evidence is right there on facebook for the world to see. Chances that her kid doesn’t turn out to be a complete fuck up… slim.

  33. jasminelei March 9th, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    Why are you all spending all this time Lamebook reading comments from people you have never met, and then complaining about it to them? Given, yes, the comments sound pretty trashy…. But who cares? You don’t know these people. There are plenty people like them in this world, and berating them on Lamebook in the comments section doesn’t do anything.


  34. Yeah you’re right. Being concerned about a defenseless child is definitely the same as “FB stalking”. The only person who could defend someone like that is either a friend/family member of hers or someone with a similar lifestyle.
    Not everyone that can have kids should have them. When you become a parent, you are supposed to grow up and be a good role model for your children.
    If she didn’t want comments on how she lives her life, then she wouldn’t put it all out there for everyone to see.

  35. @London-

    Just pick a section of a certain status, copy the section, paste into the search bar, click “search”, it will take to the search results, THEN you click on “posts by everyone” on the left side of the screen, and Voila! you got yourself the person who posted it

  36. it keeps saying my comments are waiting moderation!! WTFF!!

    http://www. facebook . com/?ref=home#!/search.php?q=car%3A%29%20Damyans%209%20months%20old%202day!!%20just%20toked%20on%20some%20doe%3A&init=quick&tas=0.882298322368651&type=eposts

  37. @hpcan: my opinion is that whoever submitted it was too afraid to call, so they hope that one of us will. Annnd someone may or may not have already taken care of that.

    I hope you don’t mind that I’m being nosy and looking at stuff on your link :)

  38. haha I don’t mind at all- He’s a pretty funny guy and his videos are hilarious:)

  39. Someone messaged her and told her she was on LB… she is on the defense now….

  40. “haha some1 tried to write me …” – apparently they DID write to you, otherwise you wouldn’t have known you were famous now.

    “medicinal purposes” – Apparently weed, rolls, various pills, and alcohol are “medicinal”

    “ppl are dumb” – Yes WE are dumb.

    “a year and half clean and sober” – sober usually means no drugs or alcohol at all, not just that you stopped doing using meth. Good for you for stopping the meth though.

    She says she only smoked about 5 times in the past 9 months. The majority of posts are about her smoking, drinking or rolling. “I just wish my day was over so I could get some smokage, and a baby that doesn’t whine all the time” LOL.

    PS In case you care, she wants to be a teacher.

  41. Beautiful.

  42. Plus, its really easy to make your facebook page private. Anyone on the internet, in the world, can read anything you post if you don’t. If you are too stupid to accomplish this, and then post that you spend most your time smoking up and partying when you have an infant, you deserve what you get.

  43. Well, I’m glad someone ruined the fun for the rest of us. Thanks douchebag! But yea, totally agreed, Magnet. Sober means you’re off of everything, not just meth lol. Hoooo- kay.

  44. Aww now it’s private. Annnd she changed her pic to her kid. Apparently the 50 new ones she posted after finding out she was on here weren’t enough to prove she’s a good mom because she “spends hundreds of $ on pics” and not drugs. Oh well, I’m sure I’m not the only one with plenty of screenshots of the important stuff LOL

    or am I?

  45. I wonder how long until the parade of friends and family start signing up to make comments on here?
    You know she is reading all of these *waves* “Hi”

  46. @moronmagnet

    I definitely was not defending her, and I agree that it’s foolish to put your life all over the internet for others to see. And yes, if you’re dumb enough to do that, you can expect others to criticize you. All I was saying is that sitting around on your computer talking shit about a person you don’t know is not going to make them change. Besides, you really shouldn’t waste the energy. And yes, it definitely IS “Facebook stalking” to look someone up on FB, read through their entire profile, and make judgment on them- especially when it is someone you have never even met! She might be a bad parent and a poor character in general, but complaining about it on Lamebook is honestly ridiculous.

  47. Does anyone know the name of the profile? I’m just curious

  48. I must have misunderstood the concept of “Lamebook”. It is obviously not the place to see stupid posts and make comments about them. My mistake! We should all be ashamed of ourselves!

    I think the only “complaining” comment I made was possibly about how she had made it private. If there are others please let me know.

    I didn’t waste my energy, something WAS accomplished today by this post.

    @bellamorte: I know the name of it but I don’t think we are supposed to say the full name of it on here. She made it private now because someone messaged her and told her she was on here. I have an idea who but not pointing fingers as it doesn’t matter. So you won’t be able to see anything except her info and her friends now.

  49. So it’s totally okay for Lulz and sasha to get annoyed by stupid questions but not for me?! *sulks*

    Damn Amanda got worse and worse as I kept reading the comments, I’m glad I didn’t see her page, I’d be crying for that poor child.

    Jasmine- SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  50. You lot can be so fucking blinkered at times….. For what it’s worth I preferred Amanda when she was a crack riddled cock hungry whore… Meeting that flabby fucking stoner has ruined her in my opinion.

    ‘mmm mmm mmm I look just like Beyonce Bitches’…. No you don’t. You look like a tall bum bandit in short shorts and too much lip gloss….Who is apparently floating?!

  51. Wow, you guys are ridiculous.
    Moronmagnet, my comments about people “complaining” were never directed at you personally. I only started addressing you because you were the one who wrote a snarky reply.

    I understand the concept of Lamebook, obviously…. Why else would I be reading this site? I just found it stupid that people were getting involved to the point of tracking this girl down. I’m done with this though; if you like to spend your free time bashing random people on the internet, go for it.

  52. Wait saffer, when was I getting annoyed!?? I don’t recall lol- maybe at the girl since obviously her pot and raves seem to be more important than her CHILD(this bit is for jasmine), and she felt it made her look like a good mother to post all of the irresponsible shit she does out for everyone to see? She could be a good parent, but who knows, with the shit she has posted, she doesn’t seem like the type- sorry jasmine, as this is my own personal opinion. And this is Lamebook, for crying out loud, obviously, as magnet stated, something DID get accomplished, maybe she’ll take a look at how she’s been living and maybe, just MAYBE, reconsider her lifestyle, with the fact that people are bashing her ways, and were and still ARE appalled at her behavior- being a mother and all. But who am I to say anything, I’m just letting you know how most people feel about this. SHE chose to post that shit on FB, SHE is the one to blame, not US, all we’ve been doing is discussing the matter.

  53. lamebookEQUALSlove

    the “husband” is still wide open for your viewing pleasure. the girl DOES have one thing going for her, she makes a cute ass kid.

  54. FYI: not hard to find anyone on here. It takes less than a minute. So, it’s really not that “involved”.

    Yeah I saw that the “husband” is still open but his Wall is so boring compared to hers, other than a few posts that they were fighting lol.

    My reasons for being worried about her child: I’m a mother (BTW I waited until 27 to have my 1st), a former live-in nanny, a survivor of child abuse/neglect, and um a human being with common sense. Also my hometown area is getting a little too famous for moms killing their kids “by accident” while on drugs. Heard of the 10 day old in the washing machine? Or the lady who drowned her baby while taking a bath with her, within days of bringing her home from the hospital? Yes, those happened within a few weeks of each other in 2010 in my hometown area. I don’t know those women but they may have been good mothers when they were sober. It’s the time that they were high when they slipped up.

    Just because “there are plenty of people in the world like her”, doesn’t mean it’s right.

  55. @magnet, I am at a loss for words. You are awesome. Stay that way.

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