Friday, October 30, 2009

Privates Message, Please


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  1. Join the navy, and see(d) the world

  2. I can imagine having seamen on your cervix can be quite painful.

  3. Really? Sex is what did it for her?

    Who would’ve thought such a thing…

  4. She had sailors resting on her cervix? I guess that would pop it out.

  5. Guys, cut her some slack…she has a hyphenated name.

  6. Holy shit, Bobbi-Lynn is stupid as hell. Then again, her name is Bobbi-Lynn, so not much of a surprise there…

  7. Ok, is Tandra pregnant and is ready to have the baby and Bobbi-Lynn is thinking that she wants to get pregnant or what? I’m confused.

  8. Sex is supposed to bring on labor, which is most likely what Bobbi-Lynn is trying to tell her.

  9. Y’know, letting seamen rest on her cervix might have been what caused the pregnancy in the first place…

  10. @Jennie – Then what’s the second part about then with the ‘seamen’? Does the ‘seamen’ help with giving birth? Does it help coax the baby out?

  11. Semen contains prostaglandin, which is the same chemical that hospitals use to “ripen” the cervix.

  12. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Aaaaaar me hearties!
    Anyone ‘ere needin’ their cervix ripened, meet us down at the docks . . .

  13. These have been the most entertaining Lamebook comment in a long, long time!

  14. @bela okmyx – But does ‘seaman’ have enough prostaglandin to actually ‘ripen’ it? Or does there need to be lots of jizz to make it happen.

  15. *comments

    Just so no one has to go the the trouble…

  16. ‘the the trouble’?
    having a bad day mol?

  17. I don’t know what funnier the cooment by Bobbi-Lynn or the fact that people on here does not realise she means that sex cann induce labor.

    Also she admits in her comment that her spelling may be wrong so cut her some slack.

  18. I find it funny that a girl that can’t spell “semen” is allowed to procreate. You should have to pass some kind of sex-ed class first.

  19. Hi pb,

    Yea, apparently a bad spelling/grammar day for me. =( I think I’ll go to bed (after I proofread this comment).

  20. @ cymro: cooment, people on here does not realise, cann?

    Bobbi-Lynn, is that you?

  21. Bobbi-Lynn was totally talking about having seamen (as in men on boats, ships, etc.) sit in this woman’s cervix for 10 minutes.

  22. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    also: How is babby formed? How girl get pragnent?


  23. Thesaurapist 13(F)


    What cann I do to induce Bobbi-Lynn to show me her cooment?

  24. this site is 5x more informative than sex ed was.

  25. They need to do way instain mother! (Bobbi-lynn)

  26. Twll eich tinna chi y Saeson hull!!

  27. Let see what you make of that you Cunts.

    I’m sure you never made a typo!!!

  28. I make typos, usually at hilarious times. But that’s offset by the fact that I can spell and understand the concept of subject-verb agreement.

  29. Oh no! cymro seems to have pulled out some black magic. SHE…HE….MAIKZ…IT…HARRD….2….TIPE….NOOOO!!!

    Cunt. Hehehe.

  30. I can fucking spell as well. In more than 1 language in fact, yet you all on here like to pretend to be fantastic spellers who have the sun shining out of your assholes (but only when you father dick isn’t up there).

    I can’t fucking stand grammar Nazi’s, and have long since decided that they all once were and probably still are bed wetter’s .

    @Bry people who are not funny should not try to be, so in future you’d be best advised to keep quiet.

  31. Okay cymro. Thanks for the advice =)

    Oh, and cymro? People who are getting angry on forums, are advised to leave said forums alone, because no one cares how many languages you speak, or your problem with sunny assholes.

  32. @cymro

    They are bed wetter’s what? Who is bed wetter? Did you mean they are bedwetters?

  33. @Cymro.

  34. grammar Nazi is what?
    also, what is “you father dick?”
    i don’t think i’ve ever fathered a dick.
    this is all very confusing. maybe i’m seeing improperly from all of this sunlight shining out of my glorious asshole.

  35. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    gosh, aren’t you welsh girls fiery?
    (Twll tin)

  36. Cymro just needs a few seamen in him/her. :D

  37. No, “seamen”‘s great. It’s perfect.

  38. I love letting seamen rest on my cervix.

  39. It really depends on how many seamen we’re talking about…

  40. At least she sensed there was something wrong with the spelling. See the (sp?) there?

  41. In other news, “Tandra” and “Bobbi-Lynn”?? *sigh* Why aren’t people called names like Susan and John anymore?

  42. Hahaha these comments are hilarious!
    Seamen?? hahaha

  43. a couple of sailors sitting on a young woman’s tummy… prolly not what she was getting at

  44. I’ve heard this idea of having sex to induce labour, but I thought it had mroe to do with increasing your blood pressure than the ingredients of semen.

    Also, this world needs more grammar Nazis. I work as a grammar Nazi and it’s great.



  46. Its true…

    Seamen deserve their rest. It’s a tough life out at sea dont you know…

  47. Interviewer: Bobbi-Lynn, what’s long and hard and full of seamen ?

    Bobbi-Lynn: *giggles*

    Interviewer: A submarine, dear. *sighs*

  48. Semen*

  49. LM(A)O at #47. Comment of the Day. :)

  50. I wonder how many SEAMEN Bobby-Lynn allowed to rest on her cervix after sex o__O LOL.!

  51. I had like ten guys SEAMEN on my cervix at once! o__O LOL.!

  52. Having seamen rest on your cervix sounds painful…

  53. @Sassafrass – it would take about a litre of semen for there to be enough prostaglandin :S

  54. Fun fact: Semen is a legitimate boys name in either Russia or Norway ( I forget which..)

  55. RE: jelly, it’s norway, and spelled “Simen” ‘:P Haha…

  56. Really? That damn naming website lied to me!! It spelt it exaclty the same as ejaculatory fluid! :P

  57. I’m sorry I sharted on your dick.

  58. That’s how I had my second son. Sex to induce labor is so effective, that if you’re at risk for pre-term labor they ask you to abstain. On that note, it was very nice of that woman to share her opinion with her friends’ contacts. And the thought of pregnant humping is no ones idea of a good time.

  59. She didn’t say just how many seamen were required? At least two given the plural usage. And what kind? Navy Seamen, perhaps rangy, feisty, pirate types? Merchant marines? Details are needed!!!

  60. @”Tis True” the second…so glad to know that. Are you pregnant?

  61. “sex that’s what did it for me”

  62. yea seamen stimulates contractions of the uterus

  63. Fountain de Fontaine

    …..gooooooo prostaglandins….

  64. Ok-the definition of TMI!!

  65. #12 Thesaurapist

    I’m developing a deep respect for you.

    (sent via mobile from the docks)

  66. The creature from the Black Lagoon?

  67. laaammeeeee

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