Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Private InvestigatWHORE


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  1. I find this less lame, more pathetic.

  2. You can, however, do a body shot of off a stripper when a Private Investigator is watching.

  3. Julie (not the Julie that's divorcing him)

    Yeah, it is really hard to eat around a private investigator.

  4. off of*

  5. Now, now Julie. Nobody likes a gloater.

  6. Julie, FTW!

  7. That’s what Steve gets. Punk bitch cheater.

  8. mcowles (not the one he was caught fisting)

    He obviously didn’t want to be with Julie anymore. It’s probably a good thing to be able to move on.

    BTW, Michael, thank you for letting SOMEONE know that they’re being stupid for posting something on FB, instead of quietly shaking your head at them, like everyone else.

  9. Serves him right

  10. PI`s really know cakes.

  11. This sounds like someone hacked his account.

  12. Prostitutes and Whores? This guy was a busy bee

  13. Why did he capitalize prostitutes and whores?

  14. Yeah, I think someone hacked his account too. Poor guy.

    Poor guy either way, hacked account or just plain old depression.

  15. I think Julie may have found out his password, and is making sure everyone knows.

  16. What I find the lamest of this post is Tim.

    If you have some decency, when you read something like this you don’t just say “I’m sorry” on facebook, I mean give the poor guy a call.

    And if you’re not friendly enough to call, don’t say anything on facebook! Makes no sense at all

  17. he he… he he… but guys u gotta be honest, a true man must do prostitutes and whores when married all the time, that makes you love your wife even more…

  18. How do you ruin a wife? Just curious.

  19. No wife, no family, no home???

    Rent an apartment and invite that hooker back over. WOOT!!!

  20. Julie FTW!

  21. Instead of updating your facebook status, just kill yourself. We don’t need you.

  22. Julie FTW! LOL

  23. Can I request some type of feed for this mess because I’d really like to watch it play out.

  24. I love that his wife is still stalking him on facebook. When you’re breaking up, defriend or set limits.

  25. He deserves nothing less? It’s late and I’m sleepy. Does this make sense?

  26. I love how his stupid male friends didn’t even get that it WASN’T HIM posting this, obviously. Wife Julie sniped him but good. Cheater do NOT deserve anything less… don’t like the consequences? don’t do stupid shit. Go, Julie!

  27. He needs to make that “I’m a cheating idiot, caught STDs off exotic hookers, my wife is divorcing me, and I have no friends who know how to spell”

  28. This is kinda hilarious…

  29. Why did she go all the way to Delhi to hire a private investigator?

  30. he deserves what he gets

  31. Michael = voice of reason. And I think Steve will find he deserves nothing *more*.

  32. i find this hysterical and pathetic!

  33. What a bitch!!

  34. were all of them drunk when they replied?

  35. I reckon she found his password and did it while he was at work… She seems like a crazy stalking biatch.

  36. I’m speachless!

  37. Magnum P.I. theme

  38. #13 – Steve must have capitalised prostitutes and whores because they have names, clearly he wasn’t particularly concerned with what those names were, though being the gent that he is he’s re-named them Prostitutes and Whores. He’s a keeper ;)

    I doubt his wife hacked his account, Steve’s second response is relatively tame, if his wife went to the hassle of hiring a P.I she’d be going for the balls (literally and metaphorically I’d imagine..).

  39. “you can’t have your cake and eat when a private investigator is watching” …?

    Was Steve’s mistake not the screwing of ‘prostitutes and whores’ but simply indulging his sweet tooth? Was the breaking of the metaphorical camel’s back the breaking of his diet? Or was it simply that he didn’t share his cake with Julie, forcing her to hire the P.I to track down her missing slice? Stevey, Stevey Steve tsk tsk tsk! Share and share alike meboy ;)

  40. Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm!!! Love the many flavors of guilt. Steve’s tastes like drunken mistakes and whores.

  41. I thought this was one of those hijacked account posts, like Julie posted that shit and responded too

  42. steve lives in delhi ans his wife (thats lives in another country) hired a P.I. in Delhi….. I think…..

  43. you don’t publish that shit on facebook unless you want to sound like a total douchebag

  44. that’s right. you got caught doing something you never should have done; you ate cake. CAKE!

  45. Drunkiness sounds a lot more fun than drunkenness.

  46. 2 things about this:
    1)You know, when you decide you need a PI its over. The trust is already gone. There’s slim chance of getting it back if you can’t talk to each other. Better option is to save the money for the divorce. Men can be weak and use poor judgement, it happens.
    2)Steve is a f’n wuss. Crying on FB about something avoidable. Its time for him to man up and say “yep, you got me. i fk’d up. so, julie do you want to figure out how we’re going to live together or walk away.” if you mess around you can’t cry about it, that is the risk you take, live with it.

  47. Did steve really write that shit, or did his wife just jack his FB account. It seems a bit too tongue in cheek to me….

  48. He’s probably still in Dehli thinking hes safe. The investigator called back and Julie wrote this herself cause she knows his password!

  49. its Delhi* guys

  50. All this asshole is doing is looking for pity. You wouldn’t post that otherwise. He deserves to be left and ten fold the pain he put his wife and kids through.

  51. @John

    Yeah, I thought his wife Julie hacked his shit and posted that…

  52. What Delhi are we all talking about here .. lol

  53. Julies just soooo close to having all the words she needs to be coherent. Then I could fully applaud her.

  54. i’ve got this insane vision of a firm of Indian P.I.s furtively watching people eat.

  55. My uncle’s name is Steve, and my Aunt’s name is Julie….

    They were going to get a divorce.
    Oh sweet Jesus.

  56. HAHAHA this post is gold – the relationship should have ended when she needed a private investigator to follow the husband who she obviously mistrusted so much

  57. @ Nugget

    Maybe she just suspected something might be up.
    You don’t divorce your husband because you suspect something. It’s not like breaking up with your boyfriend of three weeks, come on, for fuck’s sake.

  58. 240 pages of lamebook and this is what makes me wanna comment. The guy’s got low standards if he screwed around in India of all places. He Should’ve just stuck to his own country if he really wanted hookers.

  59. I’m confused, so Julie is divorcing Steve because he was eating cake with a prostitute? Seems a bit harsh to me whores gotta eat too and how many dudes you think are nice enough to actually treat them to some cake.

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