Thursday, December 3, 2009

Presh Out the Box


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  1. Jenifer spells her name wrong. Fat dude in the back looks like he’s going to eat it.

    Couldn’t they come up with a better idea? Execute it better? I stared at a green box with two fat people staring creepily at it until I realized the baby was there.

  2. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. People are generally stupid.

  3. She certainly is Rotund.

  4. WTF is that?!

  5. So that’s where babies come from!
    Knowing is half the battle.

  6. One day they’ll find out where babies really come from.

  7. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Oh, I don’t want to scream lame at these people, because I can see they are clearly very happy that babies exist. But duuuuude, that’s lame. Kids don’t whisp out of the ether, if they did we wouldn’t have half the pleasures on this site. He’s got the most inane grin on his face I have ever seen, he’s dropped his shoulders like a rhesus monekey, she needs a bigger pair of trousers and she spells her name with only one ‘f’. And that’s all before I’ve got to the main point – that they are staring in wonderment at a tacky-ass box with a baby genie farting out of it. Fuck, that’s LAME.

  8. At least dude knows to keep her box at arm’s length.

  9. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    *monkey! not monekey. Although I’d like a money-key, given to me by a monkey.

  10. My guess is they both eat babies.
    That’s why they are so happy

  11. haha looks like an add for lobotomy …

  12. I hate fat chicks

  13. “that they are staring in wonderment at a tacky-ass box with a baby genie farting out of it. Fuck, that’s LAME.”…

    Haha! Made me laugh…good one.

    If that is the size of the baby in her uterus right now, imagine how large she’ll be when that fart vapor is full term. Note to her hubby: invest in a treadmill.

  14. I wonder if her actual box is gonna spark and smoke like that?

    hahaha Fart vapor!!

  15. That’s the same box I got when I ordered takeout from China Star down the street…#5 lunch special.

  16. @14: The OB staff will need HEPA masks if that is the case as I can imagine that it will smell like an outhouse on a Tuna Boat.

  17. looks like they gave birth to a happy meal baby

  18. def not a dick in a box.

    so it must be jesus.

  19. Anybody else reminded of when you open up a treasure chest in the Zelda video games? Fortunately, not fetuses were ever in those boxes…

  20. i kinda think theres still another baby inside her from the looks of that womb hangin over her knees

  21. this looks like something from Sims

  22. I myself am pregnant and can still see that this is just too lame for words!

  23. hitmewithyourrhythmvic,
    Most Jennifers spell their name with only one f, it’s the single n that’s so odd.

    But, yeah, totally lame. That’s what you get when children have children.

  24. #10 hit the nail on the head.

  25. That kid’s going to be incredibly screwed up in all of the typical families-first life-is-a-gift-from-god midwestern value systems sort of way.

  26. Merry Christmas! I got you a floating fetus.

  27. hahaha @26

    Dude must be on Zoloft or something, looks like he’s getting a blumpkin.

  28. Holy shit! Somebody call the Ghostbusters!

  29. i do to MarthaSpewitt!

  30. Hehe if there’s something strange coming out of your womb, who you gonna call … Ghostbusters !

  31. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @lisahhh – you are entirely correct. Obviously so looped out by the crazy picture that I couldn’t think straight.

  32. i’ve seen some weird maternity pics in my time…this one takes the cake! that is just bizarre

  33. “when you see it you’ll shit bricks”

  34. I love to punch people like them.

  35. what????

  36. Looks like the dude is reaching for the spare tire around her waist thinking about changing the flat on his old truck.

  37. “You have woken me from my slumber, now I grant you three wishes.”

  38. Somebody is having a magic baby.

  39. It’s amazing what years of inbreeding can accomplish.

  40. Why do so many people care that they are fat? Jesus Christ…who gives a fuck? THAT is what people are seeing here? FAT?!

  41. If it only was that easy. The stork drops off a present you open it and in a poof of sulpher gas a baby is there. And their baby is gonna be pissed at them for having a picture taken with another baby while he/she or shim were gestating. They are obviously related and any mix of this d.n.a is not going to be like the baby in the fart box. Its gonna be a monstrous creature thats gonna explode out of Moms vadge and skitter all over the room, while nurses chase it with rolled up newspapers. Or attach itself to the docs face. Either or its gonna end in tears and vomit. And does the vapour around the baby really need to yellow?

  42. BTW I dont care that they are fat. Its the fact that they look like brother and sister that disturbs me.

  43. Someone should tell that poor lady that thats not the kind of box her babys gonna be coming out of… But on a brighter note she could save that box and use it as a dildo once her naughty bits are stretched out beyond all recognition.

  44. I can’t believe we all missed the totally obvious… But this photo is totally a FAKE.

    @41 I wonder if that’s this photographers niche: Do you suppose he takes the parents ultrasound and uses it to create these works of “art”?

  45. 33 and 37 = genius.

  46. I’M SO gonna tell my kid this when she asks where babies come from. Saving this to my computer forever.

    this belongs on

  47. Damn, dollymama beat me to it.

  48. @ Reverend Redrum: The ultrasounds of my kids made them look like monsters. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they weren’t indeed blobby grey masses of goo. Thats probably some strangers baby bc there is no way short of x-ray vision to see what a baby looks like in there. And those 4d scans dont do the little shits justice either. They are yellow instead of grey masses. Also that baby is like 2 months old in that pic.

  49. Two years ago, Jenifer was a gorgeous woman, proud of her fantastic body – not overly slim but just curvy enough – and a real star of the college cheerleading squad.

    Then she got married.

  50. His stupid fat face is making me feel sick.

  51. Yes and then she got FAT and her worth as a woman plummeted to HELL! And now she is no longer a human being worthy of any respect or kindness…just a walking FAT joke!

    And the same will happen to you if YOU get married



  52. @ number 27 Finally my dedicated reading of Urban Dictionary has paid off!

  53. there are many words for this, but unfortunately for jenifer, ‘tooo precious’ aren’t among them.

  54. err pretty sure she’s pregnant…guess she’s due at xmas, hence the ridiculous symbolic gift…god help the baby

  55. That’s what they put in fat peoples happy meals instead of cookies…

  56. This is the worst thing I have ever seen. This just fucking sucks. I want people to die because of this. Fuck everybody.

  57. this is horrific

  58. I hope I don’t become fat like that when I’m pregnant. D:

  59. thats gonna be one ugly baby.

  60. You are all mean… He is clearly Gay, not just fat and as for the woman puting a baby in a box… I have nothing to say… People are getting more fuck’d up lately when it comes to babies!!!

    Infact I dont think she is pregnant either…. I think they just effing hippi’s!!!

  61. Can you imagine walking into someone’s place (a friend perhaps) and seeing this photo framed on the wall or something? I’d fucking puke all over the floor.
    Then I’d leave.
    Without saying a word.

  62. @61 LMFAO!!!!! I would probably do the same!

  63. Sorry if I’m a bit slow on the uptake here but..

  64. They reached into their pockets and pulled out real COIN to look like that.

    The extent of navel-gazing around parenthood is reaching galactic proportions. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t give a fetus-fart about anything they had to say on the subject.

  65. Oh dear God. Hahaha. I don’t understand this. I really don’t. :S

  66. Has anyone noticed the 2nd face next to the baby’s? and no not the retart looking parents.
    Is it really necessary to have the baby floating in mustard gas?

  67. Bahahahahaaaa

    That is all I have to say about this photo.

  68. Is it just me or does that man look like a woman?
    Btw, this photo is ridiculously LAME.

  69. This is so incredibly WTF. I hope they weren’t being serious, because I cannot stop laughing.

  70. These lesbian chicks
    Can’t make babies by themselves.
    Santa gave them one.

  71. HAHA the one chick is soooo fat!

  72. LOLZ @70

  73. WTF?

    That is all.

  74. People like this should NOT be allowed to breed.

  75. they’re probably brother and sister

  76. They’re probably smiling because they’re envisioning then box and baby as a bucket of KFC chicken.

  77. *THEN is meant to be THE

  78. Bwahahahahaha, I love all the comments, this picture is so funny, wrong on so many levels but funny as hell. “The sheer stupidity of people never ceases to amaze or amuse me…” I wonder how many of her/his friends told them this picture was good, hahahahaha

  79. I would fucking love to know the photographer for a picture like this so i can slap him in the face then kill myself.

    What a fucking joke.

  80. This is the cheesiest shit I’ve had the misfortune of seeing since the Facebook status update wedding.

  81. Best. Photoshop. Ever.

  82. I would love to know why the baby is floating in a whirlwind of washing machine parts.

  83. mmm KFC

  84. Fat people should not be allowed to have children.

  85. I’m just reposting this because there was no need for further comment beyond #2 which reads:

    December 3rd, 2009 at 8:03 am
    That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. People are generally stupid.

  86. There have been plenty of funny posts after comment number two. #85 unfortunately was not one of them.

  87. If you were born in the 60′s well I have news for you… you too were born like this.

    Way to bring it …er… back… big fellas…

  88. @Imamofo: Dude… I am a fat person, but I have enough class and intelligence in my little finger to not do something as substantially classy as this couple seems to have pulled off. Just a couple of words to give further insight… NOT ALL FAT PEOPLE ARE STUPID!

  89. Is it just me or does anyone else think the guy has Down’s?

  90. @interchangebale: That is an insult to Downsyndrome people everywhere!

  91. I don’t know what scares me more… the invisible baby from Ally McBeal that is floating from a box or the creepy rapture on the faces of the people watching.

  92. That is the scariest effing picture I have ever seen.

  93. my daughters name is Guinevere…how odd.

  94. #70 you rock.

  95. I blame the photography studio for offering this and most likely as one of many “baby making templates” the name of which may inspire laughter until you realized it was hatched from some retarded hippy who runs a studio because his pottery store was foreclosed. Also, his parents probably hated him as a kid thus precluding the need to offer flamboyant floating baby themed “togetherness” photo sets. What do you bet this comes with wallet sized duplicates?

  96. What the hell am I looking at?

  97. I’m going to have to go with AnonymousBastard. Though, if that happened to me, I’d be trying to kill the weird glowing creature rising out of the box filled with green light.

  98. I went to highschool with this girl and she is my friend on facebook. I never knew her personally but seeing this shit on here made my day. Although I have to admit some of these comments are really mean and if I was jenifer and saw some of these comments I’d probably kill myself, I can’t help but LAUGH my ASS OFF.

  99. Please tell me that I’m seeing wrong, and that the man isn’t wearing cross earrings. IF NOTHING ELSE, PLEASE TELL ME MY EYES DECEIVE ME.

  100. Why does she remind me of a really fat Alyson Hannigan? @ #1 I seriously LOL’ed at his look on his face and your comment! You’re right he does look like he is going to eat it! Mmmm

  101. If the baby is in the box, WHAT is in her belly? Sounds like a sequel to Alien.

  102. Mental.

  103. it bears repeating………

    O! M! G! WTF???????????

  104. The very first thing that popped in my head when I saw this jacked-up photograph was “I wanna get high, so high…” What sensible people would request such a monstrosity and what professional would allow themselves to be dragged into such unicorn-farting-butterflies-kinda’ photography? Unless they paid off your mortgage with that photo, you’re a dumb-ass, Mr/Mrs. Photographer!

  105. I saw this on a few months ago.

  106. You should all be ashamed. 105 comments and NOBODY has noticed that the very first post incorrectly states the color of the box. Observation FAIL!

  107. [...] 0 Posted by Spooty at 7:01 am [...]

  108. Damn, I thought this was a comment on their baby being the messiah or something like that, with the whole halo effect…then I thought, that can’t be it, because MY SON is the messiah….

  109. She misspelled “too”-this picture is just so _________ (I can’t pick a word) that I am just going to ignore it

  110. I’m a fat chick.

    Hate away. How bigoted can you get?

  111. Really? How many times do I have to see this picture? Check the comments here and see how many times this has been posted… Lame.

  112. Not not that obese couple, its the friggin baby in a box you friggin weirdos!! You find the obesity more odd than a tiny baby out of a box…….society is sad.

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