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Pregger Posts



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  1. FIRST!

  2. SECOND!

  3. and THIRD!!

  4. Well this is not lame….

  5. NINTH

  6. I’ll admit that I don’t understand how to count.

  7. Oh yeah, I also hate pregnant women. I don’t give a shit that your kid is due. Congrats on having a kid! I have a kid and I hate the stupid thing.

  8. “Kyler”? No wonder she’s in pain, the kid is taking revenge already.

  9. Wow. You know how you learn something new everyday? I really didn’t think that I’d be learning about how pregnant women have a tendency to piss themselves.

    Also, the first one smacks of fake to me. Maybe that’s because I would never add my mum on Facebook, but then, I’d also never put up ultrasound photos. What do I know?

  10. Penina’s mom is a bitch. What’s so immoral about ultrasound pictures? Some people should not be allowed to be on Facebook.

  11. @Ugh! – I’m guessing the daughter is probably having the baby outside of wedlock. That would be a reason behind mom’s “no morals” comment.

    I don’t understand the whole “showing my baby to the world” thing either. I had a baby 5 months ago and how many pictures do I have of her on FB? Zero. How come these people don’t understand that anything you put on FB is immediately owned by FB and can be used by them? Whatever happened to sending photos to the few people who actually CARE about seeing a picture?

  12. Ultrasound pictures aren’t inherently immoral, and posting them on FB isn’t really, either. It’s just obnoxious, exhibitionistic, and kind of gross. People who do it are obviously desperate for attention and don’t realize that getting pregnant isn’t an achievement so much as a biological probability.

  13. @mary, Lamebook is a public place. You shouldn’t be “telling the world” that you had a baby 5 months ago. Try having some morals! LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!

  14. Didn’t know pregnant women tended to piss themselves. Good to know.

  15. And if you want to tell Carol Mounce Buonsanto that she’s a nutter, go ahead.

  16. Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend doing that. That’s the sort of thing that gets posts removed from Lamebook.

  17. Bah! What’s been removed?

  18. @9

    Oi you sound like you’re from London. Muuuuum

  19. what kind of name is KYLER? that is so upsetting. i can’t even concentrate on the hilarity of these posts because some asshole wants to name their poor child kyler. oh man.

  20. @ Ben

    Or Australia, or New Zealand, or India, or somewhere else in the UK. Londoners aren’t the only ones that say “mum”

  21. @ Not counting- her name choices were between Kyler and Brock. So…

    I know and like this girl…but srsly…TMI.

  22. There was a post where someone decided to flame the people involved, and it got taken down. People tend to get quite cross when they discover a whole website dedicated to taking the piss out of them!

    I’m terribly sorry I don’t spell things using your bizarre bastardised language. I shall try and be less literate in future.

  23. From the FAQ:
    I saw this really funny post and now it is gone. Where did it go?
    Most of the time it is because the person featured asked for the post to be removed. Please do not attempt to try and contact the person that is featured on Lamebook. Remember in elementary school, when the teacher would say “you are ruining it for the entire class.” That is exactly what happens. They get pissed and ask us to take it down. So PLEASE, DO NOT make any attempt to contact those featured on this website.

  24. …And by know and like her I mean I submitted this. Haha

  25. My Dear Kyler,
    You made me piss in my pants.
    Your name is revenge.

  26. Pregnant women piss themselves?! Hmmm Might have to organise some Pregnant woman face sitting for me then!

  27. “I’m terribly sorry I don’t spell things using your bizarre bastardised language. I shall try and be less literate in future.”

    Is that directed at people who say “mum”? Like the English? The people the language is FUCKING NAMED AFTER?

    The British Empire is America’s mother, I don’t know who the father is. Who’s been bastardised?

  28. i really don’t see what’s so wrong with talking about your pregnancy or your kids on fb. it’s something you’re excited about, and you’re sharing that with people who are allegedly your friends. granted the pee thing was TMI, but so what? do you really think that everything you post on FB must be of dire importance to all who read it? and if so, what kind of things do YOU talk about?

  29. Aussie, I think you need to calm down. My comment was directed at the other Ben. I am, in fact, English, and was mocking his criticism of my language. I can only assume he is American.

  30. “do the nipple stimulation, **HAVE SOME SEX**, pace the floor…” What????

  31. What the hell sort of name is Penina?

  32. Oh shit, sorry, I confused you with the other Ben. Haha!

  33. @Ben

    Oi mate, I wasn’t criticizing you, cheers, flat, colour, four door saloon.

  34. @Mary – i kinda disagree, i think posting pix of ur baby is ‘normal’ cos you’re showing your lil babe to the world cos YOU’RE PROUD and NOT ASHAMED!

    @CT – it is not GROSS! Wait until you hv ur own babe then come and tell ppl its so ‘gross’ when she/he was still in ur womb!


  35. oh god, why are you all over reacting about the spelling of mum.

  36. @Steph


  37. @ boz

    Mom/mum same thing

  38. Maybe her mom is a technophobe or a quaker, and prefers the old techniques

    … yes i realise how many technophobes and quakers would be using fb…

  39. Mommy~* hr-hrm…Mummy?

  40. @Stef


  41. @ 31. Annette Curtain
    exactly. Shouldn’t the mom be MORE embarrassed about naming her daughter “Penina” than about her daughter posting sonograms? It’s not like she posted pictures of the dirty diaper – or posted about pissing herself and nipple stimulation – or something.

  42. Mary:

    “I don’t understand the whole “showing my baby to the world” thing either. I had a baby 5 months ago and how many pictures do I have of her on FB? Zero. How come these people don’t understand that anything you put on FB is immediately owned by FB and can be used by them? Whatever happened to sending photos to the few people who actually CARE about seeing a picture?”

    A private Facebook available only to friends and family is in no way showing your baby off. I suppose you’re one of those people who is friends with anyone and everyone, but that’s not really what Facebook is about. It makes perfect sense, if you’re friends with relatives who live far away or old friends that you still want to keep in contact with but just don’t see on a common basis anymore, to post ultrasound photos, and write about your pregnancy and/or children. TMI is one thing, but saying you don’t understand why women “show their baby off” is kind of stupid. Also, when did FB become about showing off? I have a profile photo so people know it’s me and what I look like now if I haven’t seen them in awhile (lots of people have friends across the country), but I’m not showing off that I exist, or have brown hair. Same if there’s a photo with friends. Posting pictures of your child is an update on your life, not showing off. What are you FB photos of? All the awards you’ve won?

  43. Ditto Quitit

  44. Maybe she, like Michael Scott, thinks that the ultrasound is a picture of her vagina. Yes, you’d think someone that has had a child would know better, but there’s really no limit to how stupid people can be, is there?

  45. None of those Bozzes are me!

    If only this sort of thing mattered.

  46. Hahaha @ quitit “What are you FB photos of? All the awards you’ve won?” x)


  48. @ 42.Quitit


  49. P.S. Perhap she (Penina*) is only 13 years old.

    *”Penina” – wtf?!

  50. @45 Boz

    It doesn’t. Why do you still care?

  51. and by commenting on the photo’s, “mom” has just highlighted it to all of her (14) friends…

  52. @Summer Snow: I don’t anyone meant having a baby is disgusting, it’s the stuff about pissing yourself and twiddling your nipples to induce labour is disgusting. People who bang on about their children constantly are fucking dull, and facebook is a new outlet for them. Constant status updates and photos of their boring children. They may be the most precious thing in your world, but not everyone gives a fuck, nor should they.

  53. @50 Boz

    I don’t. I think it’s sweet.

  54. you know what’s lame? People who write FIRST! on comment posts.

  55. @CT
    why are ultrasound pictures gross, exactly? i dont follow your logic. what i do agree with is that getting pregnant is a result of biological probability. becoming a parent, on the other hand, is not so random. it takes alot of sacrifice and hard work so it is something to be proud of. f*** off if you think otherwise.

  56. My take on what’s lame…

    First one – the mum is lame. There’s nothing wrong with sharing US pics with your friends, but there is something horribly wrong in pissing all over your daughter on a public site where her friends will see.

    Second one – She’s just lame all over. I don’t want to know you’ve pissed yourself, no matter what the context (pregnancy, road trip, drunkenness…). Ever.

  57. “you know what’s lame? People who write FIRST! on comment posts”


  58. @Sarah She didn’t say they were gross, she said posting them on facebook is. No need to be so aggressive.

  59. I think humans are disgusting and they are stupid for posting pictures of their babies on facebook.

  60. Ok, please direct deserved abuse to Carol Mounce Buonsanto: mother of Penina Buonsanto.

    I’ll stop stalking now.

  61. I find the sex part kinda nasty. The woman is the baby’s home. Seems kinda disrespectful to it to cum in it. I know you probably don’t care what I think.

  62. Vincent, honey, the cum doesn’t make it into the actual ‘home’ of the baby. Baby is surrounded by an amniotic sac AND there’s this nice little thing called a mucous plug that stops up the cervix, so put your mind at ease! No cumming on the baby, baby is FINE.

  63. @Adri, are you pregnant and single? It’s so hard to find someone that meets both of those criteria, no matter how specific I am with my profile :( .

  64. Thank you, Maggie, for actually getting the point of what I said. Some people are just so worked up about the whole pregnancy/baby thing that they can’t think straight.

    @Summer Snow, why do you assume I can even have a “babe” of my own? I guess they taught critical thinking the same day as grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and you were out that day getting a sonogram.

  65. There isnt anything wrong with the first one, except that the mother of that girl is over exaggerating X 10.
    The second one is wayyyyy to much TMI. Just because your pregnant doesnt mean that somethings can be kept private, or just call your best friend for advice instead of posting it all over facebook…have some class?

  66. Can we talk about how stupid the name “Kyler” is?? What the hell is wrong with normal names like Tyler or Kyle?? Jesus H… people think they are being so clever, but really all they’re doing is setting their children up for ridicule and failure.

  67. nuffin wrong with the first one!

    2nd one tho… ew

  68. oh and Kyler is a lame-ass name lol

  69. @53 Boz Hi!

  70. Ha! That last Ben hit the nail on the head! That actually sounded like something I would say.

    I actually fucking hate it when people put their ultrasounds on Facebook, not because it’s lame or gross, but because it’s totally pointless. No-one can really tell what’s going on in the pictures. I think the doctors are just making it up…

  71. @71


  72. I have never once peed my pants while pregnant. Or at any other time. Just sayin.

  73. The mother in the first post is just rude, she should be happy for her daughter and not belittle her.

    The second post is definitely a bit TMI.

    In general, pregnancy/baby/child posts are to me the most dull thing on Facebook, but if that’s what the parents want to post about then each to their own. It’s not exactly doing anyone any harm! Just a bit boring is all.

    @Mr Haiku

    Uh oh…check you’re syllable count Mr Haiku.

  74. @Adri
    Even if it doesn’t touch the baby(which I didn’t think) it still seems disrespectful to it because the that’s still where it’s living. The parents couldn’t wait or do some alternative as a respect to the child?Maybe that’s just how I think.

  75. @Vincent

    I agree. The baby is like right there, and you are coming on its egg shell. That is morally wrong. It should be considered pedophilia if you ask me.

  76. @Morons:

    This is not Twitter. The “@” sign doesn’t actually do anything here. Except make you look like a moron who doesn’t realize the whole internet hasn’t turned into Twitter.

  77. I’ve never used twitter so don’t know what you’re talking about. I was just using it to direct my response to someone. You probably shouldn’t assume things of people.

  78. @@@@@@@@@@- duh. its so when one person is talking to/about another person, people know who said person is. methinks you need to get off twitter….

  79. @Sadie

    No one wants to hear about you pissing yourself…. unless it’s a really, really funny story.

  80. @@@@@@@@@@@ you’re retarded. We’re just trying to say “this comment is directed at ‘so-and-so’” and instead of typing all of that out, we conviently use the “@” symbol instead.

  81. People used “@” before Twitter.

  82. @Lulz and @CT

    You guys are wrong.

  83. @:@@@@@@@@@
    I’m not pregant but I am very likely to gush. Please set fire to yourself so I can deliberately not piss on you to put you out. Thank you.

  84. Honestly, how are baby/child related updates any more boring than the long list of shit I get from non-parents? Face it, ALL FB updates are, for the most part, dull as fuck:

    “Going to bed, goodnight.”
    “Watching a movie.”
    “I had soup for dinner! Now time to catch up with [friend's name] and watch some retarded TV show.”
    “I’m bored.”

    Get over yourselves. You can hide people from your news feed; if you don’t like the things they’re doing in their lives, then just block that shit.

  85. Wow Carly, way to ensure that you don’t ever have to go through the torture of pregnancy ever again; the image of you pissing yourself should be enough contraception.

  86. @ Aussie – I love you.

    Breeder’s statuses (stati?) are always good value. But please tell me why three people *like* the fact that Carly has pissed herself?

  87. done, done, & done!! yeah

  88. Eighty Eighth

  89. @ CT
    i still dont see how posting US pictures on facebook is “gross” so please explain.

  90. Pregnancy is gross.
    Babies are gross.
    Dont like to hear it? Too bad. Facts of life.

    People who procreate need to get over themselves.

  91. People procreate.
    Pregnancy is part of the lives of all animals.
    Don’t like to hear it? Tough titty. Facts of life.

    People who like to act as if they’re in some way superior for not procreating (or not having anyone to procreate with) need to get over themselves.

    I don’t care either way but I swear the “OMG I HATE BABIES OMG” people are more irritating than the trendy-mommeighs. Nobody gives a fuck that you think pregnancy is gross. You sound like you’re 8 years old pulling that shit.

  92. ^ Wrong. People that think they’re superior because they breed need to get over themselves. Like you said, it’s nothing special and is not unique to humans.

  93. WTF @ the first one.

    The second one.. lawls.

  94. Isn’t a panino a grilled Italian sandwich? Is there some other meaning for the feminine form of the word? Or did her mom name her “sammich”?

  95. you’re thinking of a panini

  96. ahhhh future fodder for stfuparents . what a waste of perfectly good nipple stimulation.

    @anon: panini is plural, panino is singular.

  97. I just LOVE all of the “wait until you have your own” blablabla type comments. Nice job assuming all women can’t wait to squirt out spawn. Not all of us women caught the baby rabies, you know. Many of us are perfectly happy without children. We don’t all need them to be “complete”.

  98. @Quitit: “A private Facebook available only to friends and family is in no way showing your baby off.”

    Reading comprehension fail. Mary said “showing your baby TO THE WORLD”–because the fine print of Facebook says that they OWN every photo you post. Which means that your kid’s pic could legally be used in an ad for Facebook (or any other use the Facebook people decide on).

    Some people (like Mary, I’m guessing) would be bothered by the idea of their children’s images possibly being bandied about the entire internet–and, along the way, maybe being saved by pedophiles building a stash of wank material. Personally I’m not sure I care that much (and I don’t have a child, so it’s moot anyway). But that was the point of Mary’s post. It’s a possible personal safety issue, not a vanity one.

  99. @TUX

    I agree. Not every woman wants to have children and it’s NOT always different when you have your own. I can’t tell you how many mom’s have told me that they hate motherhood or if they could do it over again they would have never had them. Thank God for tubals!

  100. Ya know what, I don’t think I am coming back here. This site has proved time and again that they hate mothers and pregnant women with normal updates sent out to their friends and family who dick around and send this in to the site.

    Grow up assholes.

  101. @Proud Mommy

    We don’t hate pregnant women or mothers it’s just that some of them can go overboard with the stuff they post about their pregnancies and kids. Posting a pic of your ultrasound or your kid in a cute outfit or doing normal silly kid things is fine.
    Posting pictures of your child’s bodily functions (snotty noses, first poops, drool and yes even peeing) is not something you need to share. We also don’t want to see pee’d on pregnancy tests or hear about gross medical conditions that your pregnancy creates (sore leaking breasts, morning sickness, how constipated you are etc). Not everything needs to be shared.

  102. @Gothique

    Thats right you dont need to see it, and thats why you personally are not on their facebook, if a person posts something they believe is family like a picture of a ultrasound or how the baby feels or how they feel, that is normal and then it comes here and yall think they put it on CNN for the world to see when it was on their own personal page and I can guess it was a private page but someone is an ass and sent it in.

    I would post on my pregnacy because it feels better to talk with people about it and most people would ask me, if they are offended please delete the person you are so afraid of hearing that they feel morning sick.

    And yea the pics of poop pee and noses are too far, but these right here, are not.

  103. Anyone else remember that episode of Beavis and Butthead where they meet the escaped murderer who has “KYLER” tattooed on his forehead instead of the intended “KILLER?” That’s what this makes me think of. Poor kid.

  104. I mostly agree with Quitit. I mean facebook is a place to share your info with friends, so why be surprised that someone would share something that is pretty significant in life and of interest to those who are real friends with them? I haven’t seen one of my friends in years and when I found out she was pregnant, even though we’re young and it’s a little scandalous it was still nice to have a few details on the baby and how that was going. I could do without all the details she gives on her rocky relationship with her boyfriend, but that’s what you signed up for when you joined a social networking site. Just hide people who post too much to handle!

    I love Quitit’s comment about awards! None of us want to admit to showing off but then if you naysayers have a facebook, what the heck do you put up there? Stuff that has nothing to do with you? I’m real curious to see, not even in a sarcastic way.

    What is lame is the huge deal the mother made of her posting something as innocent as an ultrasound. That’s funny. Yea the second one could be gross but we’ve all made posts that were less than intelligent and I’m sure no one thought that was as gross as the toilet baby or the other baby’s first successful potty training photos : )

  105. too much information!!

  106. well personally, i think youre all pretty ignorant. This website is stupid as hell.
    and YES, that was ME who posted the “second” one.
    Get the fuck over it.. please! Big deal that i posted that as a status. And whoever “lulz” is… you must be a fucking loser for posting someones stuff on here. I mean really.. are you that obsessive w/ my life? Or what Im naming my child.
    And for another thing… making fun of my child’s name? I mean really. GET A FUCKING LIFE. Like i said before.. this website is a fucking JOKE. I’m sorry that you have nothing better to do w. your lifes. Thats pretty pathetic. GROW UP.

  107. Aw, I love Carly. Glad everything’s better now, dear. People are stupid for thinking there’s anything wrong with that post.

    And poor Penina, I’m sorry you don’t have a more supportive mom.

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