Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Potty Training?


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  1. Caution: Baby on board.

  2. seriously, that kid’s such a cam whore:].

  3. There are so many things wrong here…Like, is that a public restroom? Who takes their shirt off to take slutty pictures in a public restroom? The same person who calls their BABY a “cam whore,” I guess…Maybe they were in the process of shoplifting, and she was like “hey, well while my shirt is off…” The whole thing is just disturbing. Poor child.

  4. Or maybe that IS her shirt…This could be a “people of walmart” picture…hmm.

  5. I would hate to see her facial expression

  6. hmmm…that looks like a Tim Horton’s restroom. Doughnut anyone?

  7. That is disgusting. She needs to be washed out with clorox and sent to a planet where sperm doesn’t exist.

  8. Wow. She only looks like a kid herself. Tatiana, indeed.

  9. “By the Fuck?!”
    wow. Really?! who the fuck takes a photo in a public restroom, topless & with a baby ?!
    she has serious problems.

  10. I’d hit it.

  11. What chance does that baby have of turning out normal or intelligent? Slim chance, I would imagine….

  12. Why did she bother putting “cam” in front of “whore?”

  13. I feel sorry for the girl, already a mother, who has no self-respect and probably quite low self esteem.

    Hopefully she is a great mother, albeit one who doesn’t honour her body.

  14. It looks like her shirt is laying across the top/back of the stroller.

  15. I like how whoever edited the eyes out of the baby as if we would recognize it in a lineup.

  16. these are the kinds of people that need to be banned from having children. she’s probably against abortion too, ugh

  17. @Lina, so it’s bad to be against abortion?

    Nonetheless, that looks like a bathroom in a gas-station…people these days.

  18. With a name like Titiana, maybe she is one of those Russian mail order brides.

  19. Sleazy.

  20. In her defense, she probably took this picture shortly after hooking up in the bathroom stall with a guy who promised to buy her kid baby food.

  21. I was like, hm, cute body…………..oh, cute baby as well…..wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaaah

  22. “Hmmm…let’s see. How to compose this shot… how about a plastic rubbish bin, my baby, and me striking a try-hard pose with my top off and my unmatching K-mart underwear hanging out. Keeeewwwwl!!!!! Surely someone will wanna hit it if I post this on the interwebs, lol…hey, maybe I could form another babby before the year’s out!…SEXYYYYYYY, everythin’ about me’s so SEXXXXXYYYYYYYYY…”

  23. #5:

    I’m guessing her facial expression is similar to the duck face, with her lips all pouty and sticking out. She’s also most likely looking at her phone with her eyes wide open. This is my assumption at least.

    Also, that looks like a bathing suit top. Do you think she planned on wearing that to Wal-mart to specifically have a photo-shoot in the bathroom?

    Her: Alright, you and mommy are going to take pictures in wal-mart honey!
    Baby: *stare*

  24. maybe the baby isnt hers

    i would also hit it

  25. all i can say is she can have a child from me to

  26. Looks good for having a kid. However, she could be a kid with a kid. Or teaching her little sister a thing or two about being “cam whores”

  27. Isn’t that how she got into trouble in the first place?

  28. These pictures are cheesy enough, and I agree with ashley about the facial expression. Its the only one these girls know now. But come on, in a public bathroom with your baby. Do you not own a mirror at home?

  29. This chick is a girl I met through a swingers site. I’m pretty open minded but thought it a bit weird that our liaisons always took place in public toilets and that she liked to film it. In saying that it was good fun. That was until about 11 months ago when one time the condom split, I found out she was 14 and she threatened to black mail me. I thought it prudent to disappear for a while and assume a new persona.

  30. I don’t know which is a scarier thought:
    This is her kid,
    This is how she baby-sits.

  31. what ever happened to no shirt no service!!

  32. If she is the mom, she might be proud that she’s lost her baby weight and wanted to document it. Or, she might be pregnant again, and wants to take a picture each week to document her growing body. Either way, not sure this is the venue to show them on. and I so hope she’s the babysitter – she seems so young!


  34. What? No gang signs?

  35. Bahahahaha Neckbeard!

    And srsly…..the weirdest part to me is that this is a public restroom.

  36. PROTIP: Once you squeeze 7 pounds of flesh out from between your legs, you revoke the right to take slutty pictures of yourself. Ever.

  37. why do you all assume it is hers?
    even if it is she looks fucking good considering

  38. a ‘dole’ model mum ;)

  39. Yummy mummy’s and MILF’s unite against Zarggg!

    Hey if you get your pre baby body back I say flaunt it…I’m not quite there yet but when I am I will plaster slutty photo’s of myself all over my FB page!

    But then again this chick looks too young and I dunno that the needle disposale box was such a great idea to get in the pic either.

  40. whythefuckdoyouhaveakid.com

  41. I know I’m missing the point here but I just gotta ask….what is it with this little girls and their weird obsession with taking all these creepy photos of themselves? Its weird. And they never just take one or 2 of them…you know damn well their facebook photo albums are chocked FULL of pictures of herself just like this one! WTF?

  42. oh and Ish….thats a soap dispenser to the right and a garbage can on the left….no needle disposal boxes in this pic (although I’m not ruling out that there might not be one in the room…just not in this picture)

  43. i’m surprised nobody has noticed that her body is covered in bruises/scabs/liver spots/meth mites

  44. my optimistic view of this picture: she’s thinking about buying the bathingsuit, takes a picture of herself to show others to determine if she should get it…posts it on facebook…alright no, no it’s not happening.

  45. since when do they have trash cans and hand soap in dressing rooms?

  46. I also think this looks like it was taken in a Tim Hortons’s restroom. There is usually an assortment of interesting characters when you go to a Tim Hortons so I wouldn’t doubt that someone would be weird enough to take a picture of herself in the bathroom.

  47. @ Erika oh fair enough…I assumed it said “hypodermic” maybe that’s just how my junkie brain sees the world.

  48. Look at it this way.

    She’s FAT!

  49. she’s got a wedding ring.

  50. From a purely shallow perspective, she’s quite hittable. Sadly, someone already has.

  51. no wait, it’s a mirror.

  52. @ boz “Isn’t that how she got into trouble in the first place?”

    you can’t get pregnant by taking a skanky photo of yourself in a public toilet. she probably had sex with someone and got pregnant. i’d say that’s what happened.

  53. Loo baby.

  54. this is deliciously white trash first of all. second, to number 23 your hilarious and number 33 it’s facebook not myspace but good job.

  55. shes just taking the baby back to its original birth site, whats wrong with that?

  56. I’d fuck both of them.

  57. @Boz

    Woah I was about to type that! No way!

  58. Love to see such a classy lady doing her bit to dispel all the stereotypes about young mothers.


  60. Everyone knows that Tatiana is a stripper’s name…

  61. ahh, Whores and the desperate fucks who’d ‘hit’ them. Sad freakin’ world where you’re that desperate to post ‘I’d hit that’ in a comment section about a skank in a public toilet, with some gross bruises, posing like an idiot, with a BABY in the picture. Seriously guys, grow the fuck up.

  62. She’s not even hot…why go to all the trouble of looking like a skank in front of your kid, in a public shitter, when you’re not all that anyway?

  63. More of that ilk -


    But it -will- depress you.

  64. Some of these photos make me want to stage an intervention.

  65. I’m voting its not hers on the lack of sizeable milk breasts. So baby-sitter, older sister.

    Still no idea why shes taking the photo in a rest-room…. Or with a baby….. or in a swimsuit!?!

  66. @Scott Speight – notice the bottle – no milk breasts needed for that bubba sadly.

  67. You guys are so judgemental! !!

    Maybe she’s just the babysitter, trying toget her modeling career off the ground,

    multitasking and the like,

    Possibly the wedding ring is to stop people trying to ‘hit her up’

    Who am I trying to kid !

  68. to the people saying “i’d hit it”

    do you people actually have any standards whatsoever?
    she is truly horrendous and i can’t even see her face. god knows what that looks like..

  69. “She is truly horrendous”

    Please; can’t you judge her on her appearance and not the choices she’s made in life?

    Obligatory misogyny: I’d hit it, though I’d certainly wash it first.

  70. What’s up with her boobs? They look like saggy pancakes.

  71. You guys are jerks. While this is a whorish picture, she is not fat, and she is not “ugly” judging from what we are shown in this picture.

  72. clearly she isnt breastfeeding…………

  73. I think the best part is that she’s got a ring on her finger. I’m sure it’s a model engagement or marriage.

  74. She’s gotta be at least 13 years old or something. Maybe that baby is her little brother or sister…and they’re at a waterpark….and she is waiting for her mother to get out of the stall and decided to take a picture of herself in the mirror cause she thought she looked good.

    Thats my suggestion on how the world should be.

    haha, I’ll keep dreaming.

  75. @71 – Doncha think there’s a lot more to determining whether or not someone is ugly than just what’s on the outside? Personality and character can make someone more attractive, but all the “beauty” in the world can’t do anything for a shitty personality.

  76. Well the good news is if she has a kid and will take slutty pics in a public bathroom then there’s a very good chance she puts out.

  77. there’s also a very good chance you’ll end up in prison like the kids father. She looks 14 for god’s sake

  78. Didn’t stop the dad.

  79. stops him now he has no conjugal rights

  80. God why do these people have children?

  81. Maybe this is the buy 1 get 1 free poster for dating this broad…

  82. What – do you mean to say that some of you think that she’s not breastfeeding? HOW DARE SHE? *clutches pearls*

  83. Maybe chastity belts aren’t so bad after all.

  84. in case anyone is wondering that IS in fact a tim horton’s restroom. i work at a timmy’s so i recognize it. it’s the same place that junkies shoot up and whores try to turn tricks. and for some reason slutty girls like to take slutty pics of themselves in our restrooms. this isn’t the first racy pic from a timmy’s bathroom i’ve seen. gross.

  85. ew. i was just sick in my mouth.

  86. I think this is part of Planned Parenthood’s new ad campaign.

  87. Well, I still think she’s hot.

  88. Is that a third persons hand in the bottom left hand corner?? Probably would be Grandma (who’d be all of 30) She no doubt also has a FB page full of these photos…Nawwww!! Gosh, it’s family photo day! Pity the Daddys had to have their photos done seperately..in the Male restroom…..

  89. Aaaaaah! That third hand is so gross and scary! Makes the photo super scary. This is so so terrible.

  90. lol @ blurring the baby’s face out. idk if infants buried up to their necks in strollers are really distinctive enough for that to be necessary, admins.

  91. It’s also bad luck for babies to look in the mirror before their first birthday.

  92. Threesome

  93. Why is everyone assuming that its her baby? Ignorance is more fun, I guess…

  94. I smell skank!

  95. I just hope that next time skank mum tries to match up braw and panties. Stupidity makes me laugh, bad taste makes me sick.

  96. that bra looks like something she got for 2 pounds from primark either that or from the reject bin out the back.

    note that she’s bending backwards, to hide that she’s got what looks to be another one on the way

  97. @Anon Amous

    I think it’s also bad for the baby to see its mother being a cam whore

  98. Muthafukin' Maurice

    Someone actually fucked that skank without a rubber?

  99. Duncan:

    I actually was judging her on her looks when i said horrendous.
    not her choices.

    I’m just saying, you must be pretty low to want to hit that. Or maybe my standards of attractive women are just too high..

  100. There are people all over the world who are well put together, financially stable and some married for a long time. They for one reason or another can’t conceive(have kids). Yet here we have the one person on earth who shouldn’t even know the word sex and she is now responsible for that poor little human being and on her way to making more. The world is a fucked up place.

  101. wow, even the women on this site are fucking loser sexists. i hope to god not a one of you is over the age of 16.

  102. K, you have no sense of humor whatsoever.

  103. @75~

    she is very physically attractive, but none of us can judge whether or not she’s a “good” person. who knows if that’s her kid, but even if it is, she’s not a bad person… teenage pregnancies aren’t that rare. I know girls under the age of 17 with children, and they’ve made a few mistakes. fucking up and getting pregnant doesn’t make you a “slut,” nor does taking pictures of yourself in a bathing suit. she looks awesome and if that’s her baby then good for her. and she’s got a great body, I bet she’s proud of losing the baby weight if she’s had a kid.

  104. Coolforcats, shut up. You just wanna screw her.

  105. Coolforcats: Remind us all of that again when you have a 17 year old daughter who gets pregnant.

  106. yeah, people mess up and make mistakes. taking half dressed pics of yourself in a public bathroom makes you kinda slutty. putting them up on facebook definitely increases the slut-factor. having the baby in the shot only adds to how tasteless taking the picture was in the first place. two words: no class.

  107. Single moms put out. Fact.

  108. I don’t think she’s single… I see the glint of a wedding or engagement ring, don’t you?

  109. dude , not wedding ring its a mirror , its on her right hand , u ever use a mirror before ?

  110. you assume because of the way she is dressed she is young. I bet that blur is the equivalent of a paper bag. Bitch is probably a 35 year old scraggy meth head. I know you have all seen the pictures of what meth does to you.

    either way, i hope there was a camera in the bathroom and protective services came and took that poor baby away


  112. @96: Ben….You may have not seen any Bras in your lifetime so I will let it pass. But thats no Bra boy. No Bra.

  113. @tony.
    haven’t you ever used a mirror before?
    that is clearly her left hand. pretend you are in her position and there it is. her left hand.

    i would like to state for the record, that not all young mothers are bad. i had my daughter 2 weeks after i turned 18. i am still going to college, and i will graduate with a masters before any of my peers will even be getting there bachelors. i am ashamed of girls like this who give young mothers a bad name.

  114. haven’t you ever used a mirror before?
    that is clearly her left hand. pretend you are in her position and there it is. her left hand.

    i would like to state for the record, that not all young mothers are bad. i had my daughter 2 weeks after i turned 18. i am still going to college, and i will graduate with a masters before any of my peers will even be getting there bachelors. i am ashamed of girls like this who give young mothers a bad name.

    and I’m the President of Uzbekistan.

  115. that’s not even funny

    what’s your problem?

  116. I cannot believe why people are so critical of the other opinions that are posted on here. Fact is, we just dont know. Period. Any number of those suggestions could be possible. I would also counter that perhaps she has her life together, she may be young but biologically speaking women as young as nine years old hit puberty and (in case some of you missed health class) that means that a womans body is biologically capable of having children. Whether or not their maturity is ready is a different matter. I still believe that we should give her the benifit over doubt. Yes, it is a restroom. Most likely its the femal’s only bathroom. In that case, then all you ppl criticizing the fact that ‘daddy’ isnt around must feel really ditzy right now. He most likely wouldn’t be in the felmale restroom. Also, i dont know anything about the ‘mirror’ trick, but i can say this: WE DONT KNOW. So i am going to assume that she is wearing A RING. if its a wedding ring, then good for her, but i personally wear rings on that finger. The reason being: they were gifts and didnt fit on any other finger. Everyone assumes alot on this, and each person is entitled to their own opinion so there is no reason to attack people sharing theirs. If you really need to have answers then do a search on her. Im sure she’d turn up somewhere and then you can ask her yourself.

  117. in regards to “wow”:
    It doesn’t matter if she’s 9, 50, married, single, or just happens to be standing in front of a strangers child.
    1. Nobody should be vain enough to take photos like that.
    2. Especially in the presence of a baby.
    3. Even if you were to take a photo like that, WHY the public bathroom? That’s just gross.

  118. This could be one of the snapshots at the end of The Hangover. That’s Carlos in the stroller

  119. That is definitely a Tim Horton’s bathroom… WTF?

  120. WTF is a Tim Horton’s?

  121. nothing says i put out like a baby in the background

  122. I think she’s using the baby to keep the door shut in case someone barges in. She really should’ve jammed the handlebar underneath the door handle, though, just to be sure.

  123. No one will ever see this, for the post is old. But I would f?$k the shit out of that girl. Who cares if she’s trashy? She has a vagina. Vaginas are GOOD. Yes, I didn’t curse and then i did. Cause I’m crazy and really would like to f?$k the shit out of that girl. Sheesh…

  124. what worries me is the fact that she’s posing, with a baby no less, in a public bathroom. nothing says i like taking antibiotics for s.t.d’s more than disease ridden public bathrooms

  125. This is on whythefuckdoyouhaveakid.com
    Excuse the language. I still find it quite entertaining each time I see it.

  126. I really have nothing to say, I guess she didn’t the first time around.
    *dun dun dun*

  127. The Voice Of Reason

    Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to breed!

  128. I’d tap it

  129. i would bang the shit out of her and her baby…


  130. if you reading this make sure you smack yourself for reading all of these comments. i wish i opened the bathroom door right when she took the shot.

  131. one thing worse than being half naked next to a poor baby that must be cursing his/her effing mother is the fact that this picture is taking in fucking MCDONALDS!
    what the fuck woman!
    don’t you have a mirror at home that you have to take them in the herpes nation called macdonalds bathroom????

  132. She looks WAY young. My gues is that she is the big sister of the baby and Mom went somewhere in the Mall, left sister with baby. Then her boyfriend called and asked for a picture. “Uh there is no mirror…hmmm what to do? Oh wait theres one in the Bathroom” see thats how i think it happened.

  133. just in case some how no one posted this yet MILF!!!

  134. she looks like she’s 15……what a prostitot….

  135. Cam whore? No… she’s just a whore.

  136. Why can’t birth control be free? im really tired of my money going to welfare for stupid bitches like this.

  137. Um… Birth control is free…. Just takes a trip to the health department… But, then again… “stupid bitches”

  138. This is the picture of a hero. she wouldn’t even take the reward the Henderson couple was offering for their beloved baby Gary.

  139. I wonder if she actually went out in public like that, or if she just took her shirt off while in the restroom (which I’m pretty sure is Tim Horton’s)?

  140. There’s so many names i could call this hussy.
    1. Whore
    2. Slut
    3. Skank
    4. Cocksucker
    5. Bitch
    6. Prostitute
    She probably just gave some douche a blowjob in the bathroom stall. Everyone knows shes infested with loads of dry cum and STDs just by what this bitch is wearing. Easy-to-take-off bikini? In the local gas station? Thats what prostitutes buy at Wal-mart. I can’t even imagine how disgusting this girls pussy is. Its probably 5 inches wide on a normal day, and smells like a construction zone. This slut is probably sucking off 3 dudes while im typing this. She’s a whore hussy and needs to wash the cum out of her mouth. GO GET TESTED FOR SOME FUCKING STD’S YOU SLUTTY BITCH.

  141. So you like the look of her then?

  142. =/
    These are things you don’t do in public toilets!
    and why would you do that in front of a baby.. Looks like a chav to me!!!

  143. OMG my cousin the same stroller and shes a whore too! what a co-winkydink :)

  144. ^Birds of a feather?

  145. Dear Lord I think I need to spork my eyes out.

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