Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Picturesque Wins

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  1. eric’s was funny.

  2. I don’t think someone named “Sidward” has room to talk…

  3. These

  4. Is Stewie drawn on a wall? Kudos Kirsty. Now learn to spell.

  5. lol @ closet joke

  6. pizzin. Is that a new form of pizza? wtf!

  7. @eenerbl: Let’s hope not.

  8. Owen’s trying to work those red jeans – never an easy do. I’ve yet to meet a man who can pull them off, but I’m sure Owen will.

  9. CommentsAtLarge


    Well, Pizza Hut has been changing up their menu lately…


    Those jeans are a total mistake, I’m sure he’ll find someone to talk him out of them.

  10. Foxtrot Uniform


  11. Comments, I’m in no doubt he’ll meet some guy who can talk him right the way out of those jeans, or to at least unzip.

  12. I could rock those pants, but I would not wear that shirt…

  13. i have those pants.

  14. nuff, show me, and you’re mine for the evening.

  15. krasivaya_devushka

    haha I liked the first one. Those are some funny ass pants!!

    I am so ready for my vacation! So everyone, take care and see you all on here in September. :)

  16. It must be something about “coming out”, and red jeans. This guy I know who was so clearly gay, but for years was refusing to commit to the team, suddenly made the decision to be gay all the way. His first public appearance was in red jeans – and a matching bandana.

  17. Have fun, krasi.

  18. CommentsAtLarge


    Hopefully that guy will be helpful, and not just simply pay Owen lip service.

  19. CommentsAtLarge

    Enjoy Krasi!

  20. You’re right, Comments, that guy has to come from a sincere place.

  21. CommentsAtLarge


    Indeed, as he may have to really hammer his point home.

  22. Have a good one Krasi!

    nuff, I don’t even want to know. But…I do!

  23. Comments, of course, but he can’t go over-the-top at first, he has to find a more subtle approach – you know, soften the blow somewhat.

  24. lol @ word and Comments

  25. *yawn*

    the “gayest” part of owen’s outfit is his shirt. if he had paired those festive dungarees with one of the many stupid t-shirts advertised over that a ways ( ——> )he would look more hipster than non-hetero.

    and it would be a lot more fulfilling to mock him.

  26. I’m curious as to what shoes would go with that outfit…

  27. Way to go USA… Red Jeans were considered gay in Europe about 5 years ago, noe they´re old news…

  28. That shirt is standard straight man issue. No gay man would wear it. Owen will learn.

  29. Flip flops and a plain white, unbuttoned dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and rockin’ a pair of aviators, fuck yeah.

    Word, ee, if I had “hot pants” like that, I would take a pic and send it, lol

  30. As I said, I’ve never seen a man, gay or straight, wear red jeans well. They’re dumb, and I don’t like them, but I’d reconsider the sentiment if Johnny Depp showed up at my house in red jeans.

  31. Or if nuff did.

  32. If I’m ever down under word, I’ll be sure to remember said hot pants. Go and kick it on the beach with Jose Cuervo, catch some waves and get wet and dirty in the sand.

  33. @ word… i agree no gay man would wear that shirt, but it is standard metrosexual attire. living in a city with an inordinate number of colleges and America Apparel stores per capita, i have seen many a man rocking red jeans. it has never worked. not once.

    @ nuff… maybe you could be the first to pull it off :)

  34. Speaking of being able to wear shit things well, I saw a picture yesterday of Mike Patton out in public somewhere in an apricot coloured suit! Fuck me, that man can sing AND wear anything. Love you, Mike.

  35. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Red jeans are definitely a fashion faux pas. Since when was being well dressed gay anyway? Last time I checked I liked well fitting clothes and I love bodacious babes.

  36. nuff, that sounds very “From Here To Eternity”. Let’s do it.

    Krazy Eyez is my kind of man. Good clothes, and good taste in music – my favoured combination.

  37. @chesty
    I’ve been the first to accomplish a lot of things, some may be more questionable than others, but the end result is pure ‘awesome.’

    @word would the outfit look better if I had my guitar hanging from my back?

  38. CommentsAtLarge


    That’s a sucker’s bet my friend – a guitar on the back improves any outfit. I’ve noticed the difference coming to and from lessons in the smiles and looks I get. All that without being able to play worth a damn…

  39. You got me swooning right now, fellas.

  40. I love a man who can play an instrument, but Comments, it has to be well, so keep up with the lessons and get back to me. I dated a guy who went on about his guitar playing skills, so I urged him to play for me – what a mistake. He could play like, 2 songs, and very badly at that. A Hootie and the Blowfish song was one of them… need I continue?

    Sharing again due to boredom.

  41. CommentsAtLarge

    Wordy, with you on the boredom thing today (hence the constant babbling on my part, sorry all)

  42. I’ll start you off with some Of the Tragically Hip, slip into a bit of Neil Young, kick it up some with a little Flogging Molly before rolling on to Tom Petty and City and Colour.

    Just tell me this word, how soon would your pants be off?

  43. You’re not babbling, Comments, you’re the one thing keeping me going until I blow this joint. For me, it’s a combo of bleh Lamebook, crazy sleep patterns, and the end of the football. I always get a little glum when that 1 month every 4 years finishes.

  44. nuuf, you strike the first note of a Neil Young song, and it’s done.

  45. Like that new name I just gave you?

  46. You’ve got a heart of gold word ;) though I do want to learn the cover version of Cowgirl in the Sand by City and Colour. Give that song a listen to and tell me what you think.

  47. Will do, nuuf. Well boys, I must leave you, as prostates and Claustrophobics are calling. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  48. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Thanks word, I’m brilliant in those two areas, ‘no dear, that lipstick is too red for your complexion. And where the fuck did you put my Hold Steady albums?’

  49. CommentsAtLarge

    @word (even though I know you’re gone at the moment)

    My boredom can be linked directly to work, simple and straightforward. Also, using the term “blow this joint” after our previous convo in this thread made me lol – be it intentional or not ;)


    I support the playlist sir, consider the Cuervo on me – though an odd pairing with Flogging Molly’s irish drinking-type music.

  50. @tuge or you’re all gay.

  51. First one is the first true laugh out loud post in weeks!

  52. oh, good.

  53. For a little boy that he is, he sure can piss the farthest..
    That reminds me of a joke. Here it goes…
    Old man to a chemist: Son, can you give me a half Viagra?
    Chemist: Why only half?
    Old Man: I want a just enough erection so that when I pee, I dont drop it on my feet.

  54. Paranoid Android

    Used to have myself some green jeans back when I was a yoof, coupled with a ‘James’ flower long sleeved tee and I rocked, nowadays, not so much.

    Sigh x 2

  55. there’s nothing i hate more than seeing someone carry a guitar as an accessory.

    the type of guy who’ll sit in a park near a group of girls and play and sing a libertines song. there’s nothing behind the libertines song, girls.

    oh, wait, you don’t care.

  56. I’m pretty sure if some dude started busting out in a ‘Time for Heroes’ in the park he’d be looked at like he’s mentally retarded. Perhaps some Lifehouse or even Stone Sour, or maybe some Howie Day, but certainly not the Libertines. Unless you’re me and you love British men jumping around mumbling things.

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