Monday, August 16, 2010

Picturesque Parents

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  1. Now this is Lamebook! Gangsta Grandma’s, first birthdays that will never be forgoten, drugie boyfriends, and they even brought cum frosted cake for the ladies!

  2. I wish I had such great friends, such as the TLC given in picture 4.

  3. I wouldn’t mind the TLC given in picture 2.

  4. Grandma is a hip, cap poppin’ lady.

    I appreciate the diversity being shown in Chelsea’s picture. I think the merger of Benetton and Hooters was long overdue.

  5. This Charming Man

    Brings a whole new meaning to ‘drinking at Hooters’. Say that kid has one he’ll of a thirst.

  6. This Charming Man


  7. Granny has been watching too much Pulp Fiction. “Say What Again.”

  8. Does the dad in #3 have a mullet/rat tail?? For fuck sake…that poor kid does not have a chance in hell.

  9. in my head gramma is poppin’ some caps to the tune of soul flower by the pharcyde.


  10. @8

    i have a rat tail. :-|

  11. ._.

  12. Awkward.

  13. tell me about it….

  14. North Little Rock, holla! Sorry . . . Moving on.

  15. Always use protection alord. Think of the potential futures the kids will have to endure.

  16. @ Ben: I’m thinking more along the line of “GET OFF MY LAWN YOU LIL’ MOTHER FUCKER!”

  17. Kid, I want those hooters as well.

  18. nuff, it’ll be difficult; i actually consider myself a giant spermatozoon – the rat-tail is thusly a requisite part of my anatomy.

  19. Gramma smoked that mothafucka like it wan’t no thang.

    As far as Hooters kid goes, not all of us are lucky enough to have the moment our fascination with boobs chronicled. Congrats Jayden.

  20. * with boobs began

  21. Pop a cap in that colostomy bag, grandma.

  22. #4 That baby coming out of that vag made ME cum .

  23. How does one go about ordering a cake like that? “Excuse me miss, do you have a cake that has a naked pregnant woman with a partially delivered child hanging from her nethers? You do? Fabulous….”

  24. “Also, can I get the cum-flavored frosting as well?”

  25. The miracle of marzipan. God, it’s a beautiful thing.

  26. Alord, I hope you find a woman you can dive head first into. Good luck and God speed little buddy.

  27. So the ‘I wised I could have cum’ – is he saying to the party the cake was at, or during the inception. Is he impotent perhaps?

  28. Mike you bring back memories of German candy.

  29. What’s wrong with the Hooters picture? Do not get. :(

  30. “Keep bow tight, keep arrow sharp”-Grannie Get Your Gun

  31. I’m calling out Krystal for having implants. I hope you considered the health and well-being of you future children when you MUTILATED the most important food source they would have ever known you selfish, big-mouthed monster!!!!

  32. Is anybody else disturbed by the little marzipan “bush” on the little cake-Krystal? At first I though it was a shadow, but alas… I think I am wrong.

  33. Ohhhhh, is that a bush? I thought that was a third nipple but I didn’t want to say anything about it being disgusting because who am I to judge?

  34. The Great Depression was a terrible time – and yes, Grandma is demonstrating what was necessary to get that loaf of bread. She had to light those motherfuckers up! It’s the tried and true method, and is still used today. Love you, Granny.

    Pic 3, I have to say nitrous oxide does sweet FA except numb your teeth – great at the Dentist, yes (maybe that’s where the idiot is going after the delivery, and he’s getting primed?), but during labour, fuck that, pass me the epidural.

  35. Granny was six at the time.

    Not for nothing, but Granny looks great for an old bird. A bit of loose skin on those arms, but still pretty good upper arm definition (from all that shootin’ as a youngin’). And not a bad body either. I really do love you, Granny.

  36. #4 looks like Marilyn Manson in labor to me.

  37. Granny may be old but she still knows how to take hold of a weapon in her fist and make it shoot…. I would spray her with love bullets.

    I’d feel guilty afterwards, but then i always do.

  38. i wonder where he is going to spend his 21st :|

  39. Jayden is one year old and he has an ear piercing. Why would you get your baby’s ears pierced? Why?

  40. Boobs, Guns, Labor, Oh My!

    Go Granny with the kill shot! Bet she fucking rocks at COD!

  41. Brian! I can see you. Why is that?

  42. @39 Sadly, it’s become a quite common practice to pierce a baby’s ears shortly after birth. Something about them not remembering that they’re in pain for very long or something.

  43. Jade, it’s ok that you didn’t cum, looks like someone already beat you to it.

  44. I am not a fan of guns, but I still think Gramma looks pretty badass.

    Although I just remembered MY gramma used to shoot a freaking cannon as a Revolutionary War reenacter, so I think mine is better. :D

  45. Since when is Jade a guy’s name?

  46. Am I the only one who thinks it looks like she’s shitting out the baby?

  47. Jade is a guys name now. Jade Puget from the band AFI is a dude and he is almost 40 so its not like it’s a brand new thing.

  48. I think the second one is the same kid as this one:

    Note the kid’s earring and the clothes. This mom just amazes me with her parental decisions.

  49. anonymouseinternetuser

    As I scrolled down my curser hand touched the Hooters girl’s nipple. Score!!!

  50. nitrous oxide does not numb your teeth, it relaxes you. this way the dentist can work on the patient while they are very “relaxed.” also it’s not called laughing gas for nothing, when use recreationally it can be pretty cool (though very short lived) experience; it’s also not illegal.

  51. teenagedirtbagbaby

    lmao at the gunning granny!!

  52. Granny’s AARP card stands for “Armed And Really Pissed”

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