Thursday, July 8, 2010

Picture This

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  1. Walter Sobchak


  2. ben??

  3. guess not lol

  4. Walter Sobchak

    The first one must be a chocolate shop because Negros taste like chocolate.

  5. i don’t believe you walter or else chinese people would taste like dirty bath water and they don’t.

    they taste like chinese food.

  6. im pretty sure yoink has his dads nuts inside him

  7. There’s a “u” in flavours.

  8. PS I love yoink.

  9. The first one is only “lame” if you don’t know that “Negros” is the name of one of the islands of the Philippines and this is a restaurant there. It’s like calling an Italian restaurant “Taste of Italy” or a Spanish restaurant “Flavours of Spain”.

    (Sorry for the un-funny reply…)

  10. some countries dont use “u”. color, neighbor, labor, flavor. just a few for your small mind.

  11. ‘some countries’.

    it’s the U.S. as far as i’m aware. they had a spelling reform a hundred and something years ago. they decided to anglicise the language (the ‘u’ in colour was seen as needless and francophile). what they didn’t stop to think was that english is english because it’s a mixture of lots of different languages – german, french, danish with celtic/gaelic influences.

    i think the commonwealth countries, such as canada and australia, still spell it like the english. correct me if i’m wrong.

  12. Yep.. Canada uses the ‘u’.

    I don’t know what it is.. but I just don’t really find the last picture funny or lame… just kind of disturbing…

  13. krasivaya_devushka

    I’m with you on the last one, Charlene.

    hey alords ;)

  14. Walter Sobchak

    I’m guessing in the Philippines they use American spellings more often than British.

  15. I’m trying to figure out what the balloon in the last pic is SUPPOSED to be…every time I look at it I see something different, but always genitalia…

  16. i always forget our great language is called ‘american’.

    as to the last picture, i’m more worried about who took it and thought it was funny/hot.

    morning pretty girlie. managed to get in to work today, or come up with another excuse…? ;)

  17. That’s some miserable looking weather.

  18. We here in the US spell it “flavor.” Obviously, they do the same in the Philippines (the islands were ceded to the US from Spain in 1898 and remained under American control until 1946).

  19. Oh man, if this becomes another argument between which is better, America or the UK or whatever, I’m going to eat you all.

  20. hobo, why don’t you change your name, you inflammatory git. :D

  21. Psh. Neither is better– I like them both. :-) We just have different spellings and pronunciations and it’s all good.

  22. To save this from becoming another UK vs. USA war (which the UK would obviously win) I challenge you all to come up with Harry Potter porn film names instead…

  23. Harry Potter and the half cast dicks

  24. Hmmmm, porn and Harry Potter. Well we all hear the stereotype about the perve living in his parents’ basement. Sometimes it’s not too far off.

  25. I’ll keep my extra vowels please. Harry potter and the Bitches of Eastwick.

  26. We have a chocolate called a Top Deck in South Africa:

    So this is also what we call it when a black dude and white chick get freaky.

    They went Top Deck on each other. I should add this to Urban Dictionary

  27. i dont know why but i eat the top deck white first and go back for the milk chocolate later.

  28. Harry Potter and the Sorceress Bone!

  29. Who is going to start the philosopher vs sorcorer argument then ;0P

  30. Hairy Plopper’s Chamber of Secrets. (I’m sure some people out there would find this a turn on……?)

  31. i just googled the names of the harry potter films, and half of them sound like s&m pornos anyway.

  32. Dawn of the Dan

    “Hmm… Which movie from my hidden stash shall I watch tonight: HP & the Chamber of Secrets or Ghetto Booty 7?”

    The thought of someone on this planet seriously pondering this question makes me smile.

  33. krasivaya_devushka

    Haha yes I made it in today; I don’t have any more excuses left :(

    lol@ Harry Potter and the Bitches of Eastwick!!

  34. krasi – next time let me know, and i’ll ship my non-existent dog over to eat your metaphorical homework.

  35. I hope were still talking about ficticious excuses right guys?

  36. harry potter and the philanthroper’s rock hard stone

    harry potter and the chamber of secretions

    harry potter and the prisoner of asskaban

    harry potter and the gobbling of his fire

    harry potter and the order of the penis

    harry potter and the half-sucked prince

    harry potter and the breastly hallows

  37. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m pretty sure that that is not a Harry Potter dvd.

  38. that first one is old and lame, not everything is about race

  39. Defiling yourself by filling your heart with lust for flesh is reprehensible. I also question the Harry Potter disc being with the porn. While it wouldn’t surprise me if this sinner was watching Harry Potter for sexual purposes (after all, look at all the sexually suggestive material in the movie….put there as part of the liberal Hollywood agenda to sexualize our children and destroy the Christian foundation of America) but it is disturbing to think that one would watch “Ghetto Booty 7″ and then follow it up with Harry Potter.

  40. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That has to be one of those DVDs where they put an innocuous label on it but when you pop it into the the player it’s actually “The Breastford wives”.

    I “knew” a girl who had a couple of those, and I’ve seen many floating around.

    Although that will get pretty awkward if a kid decides to watch Harry Potter. Or maybe your parents?

  41. If that was a Harry Potter porn it wouldn’t be a sword he had in his hands. I own that dvd, and I regard it with the same sort of shame that this person obviously did.

  42. Lol I know it was crap, but it has nothing to do with race other than something that could be made out of “half blood prince” I though “half cast dicks” fitted pretty well. (I meant as in penises not as in idiots…)

  43. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I didn’t say Harry Potter porn, I said “innocuous label”. The porn probably has nothing to do with the label itself. It just has to be a normal looking label.

  44. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @Tazinijif, Shipoopi is talking about the first picture, not your half cast dicks comment.

  45. harry potter and the philosopher’s balls

  46. Lol… Now I’m an idiot as well ;0P

  47. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secretaries?

  48. I guess some people have a reason to think hermione is hot. In a wierd curly haired brainy bitch sense of the word. And as for the letter “u” for some reason I always put it in said words even though I am from the U.S.A; must be because my mom is Canadian.

  49. Why don’t we make up stoner names for the harry potter movies
    eg. Hairy potsmoker and chamber of cigarettes/spliffs

  50. Lol, @samwise

  51. Dawn of the Dan

    Dukey, I would hope no one would use a children’s movie as their innocuous porn-disguising label. That increases the likelihood of a kid accidentally watching your copy of Lawrence of a Labia. You need to use something R-rated.

  52. Hehehehee, I like the disc one. :D

  53. Can’t it just be short and to the point, Harry Porker?

    The last one really has no business being taken, much less shared, much less put on Lamebook. The entire process is creepy.

  54. Wow… Lamebook was made to chronical the lives of people like dan_fargis (msg. 39). That’s one of the lamest things I’ve seen on here in awhile.

  55. the harry potter one is included because hermoine is teh hot

  56. First post ever!!

    harry potter and the hunt for the mythical clitoris

  57. actally ur 55 bella???????

  58. haha funny…not

    second post ever

  59. @Grim_tidings: I can’t believe you missed the perfect Harry Potter stoner title: “Harry is a Pothead and the Sorcerer is Stoned”

  60. harry pothead and the half-baked tweeker

  61. Desolation Row

    Harry Potter and the underage blow job

  62. Desolation Row

    Though my favourite is Harry Pooper

  63. laugh.out.loud

    Yoink. It was her first post on lamebook. Then the second ever.

  64. i dunt no how menny i sed. im startin over!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Mario N Dreddy FTW

    First one is a complete rip from Failblog… geez, first TFLN now failblog

  66. i dunt no how menny i sed. im startin over!!!!!!

  67. i dunt no how menny i sed. im startin over!!!!!!!!

  68. laugh.out.loud

    lol the “mario and dreddy” post on facebook was the best ever! Great name choice!

  69. I’m more a fan of the Hairy Pornstar series.

  70. CommentsAtLarge


    Classics, though none beat Hairy Pornstar and the Globs of Desire.

  71. Hairy Twatter and the Chamber of Bush

  72. That is awesome, Comments. You just made my moment.

  73. Comments, but Hairy Pornstar and the Chamber of Secretions cums in a close second.

  74. Bugger someone already nabbed the Chamber of Secretions. It didn’t have Hairy Pornstar starring though.

  75. I’m sure you’re as misty-eyed as me, Comments, as it heads toward the final instalment – Hairy Pornstar and the Deathbed Swallows.

    I’m done now.

  76. CommentsAtLarge

    Aww shoot, was gonna go with Hairy Pornstar and the Lustful Swallows. You have bested me; though I never mind being bested by you of course – I can only hope to give as good as I get ;)

  77. You do, Comments, you do. We’re like minds – that, I know for sure.

  78. The first one is take off of an old email forward. Just sayin’.

  79. omg! I flipped when I realzed the ‘candy and nuts’ sign is right near my house! It’s hilarious that it got put on lamebook. Around Easter the sign read ‘chicks and grass here.’

  80. Long-time reader, first-time poster. I registered and hadto comment because I live on the island of Cebu, and you can see Negros from the beach. That restaurant is delicious! It’s nice to see it represented, even if it is on Lamebook. If that’s all it takes to get a submission here, I’ll snap a photo of one of my boyfriend’s suppliers: Negros Shipping & Trading!

  81. Whalerbaby-OMG, ME TOO! I go to breakfast around there, and I live like, 5 minutes away. It’s in Rhode Island!

  82. Slanderous Princess

    Hairy pecker and the boobs of breastivan

  83. Slanderous Princess

    Hairy Pecker and the Babes of Breastivan. Sorry, had to put it…

  84. harry potty and the ring of fire, goes to asskasian

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