Thursday, May 3, 2012

Picture This

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  1. Dawn of the Dan

    That actually seems like the correct order.
    I’d go from right to left.

  2. ColostomyExplosion

    That photo is older than the internet.

  3. beatusmongous

    The guy in the 2nd one looks like Ray Romano.

  4. TEST YOUR SIGHT with #3, I’d go left to right. Skipping the fat cow of course

  5. lol #3 is funny. The one on the right looks like MsAnneThorpe

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That girl is fat.

  7. The first one was good!

  8. The first one was fake!

  9. To the third photo: one of these kids are not like the other! One of these kids are fat!

  10. lol @ #9

  11. If you could have sex with everyone in photo number 3, let’s say over the course of a week or so, with no strings attached, on the condition that it had to be with everyone in the photo (including the whale), would you do it?

    (Also, if these girls are too young, pretend they’ve aged a few years and gotten hotter in the process)

  12. ^Why can’t I pretend the ‘whale’ got hotter too?

  13. christopherlovet

    Yes, I would do it because it’s been too long, so I’d start with fatty and get it over with.

  14. ummm..evilcow #5…skipping the fact that you have no fucking clue what i look like, you either don’t know your left from your right, or you just really suck @ insults.

  15. maybe she was trying to say that you look like that hot chick on the right? ever think of that?
    maybe it wasn’t an insult. maybe it was a peace offering!
    yay peace!

  16. 2,4,3,5, never

  17. Evilcow fails on so many levels, must you only choose one option?

  18. For some reason #3 reminds me of shopping carts and the jolly wench on the left is either pushing them into the kitchen (but she’s going the wrong way?) Or she’s leaning on their asses to support her debilitating weight. Either way, what the fuck is she even doing in the picture?

  19. ColostomyExplosion

    Just realised #2 is a self submission. Lame.

  20. one benefit of self submissions is that you know they’ll probably be watching when you call them a douche nozzle.

  21. I’m dyslexic, you jerk! Some people are different than you, you know. Plus I know you are a fatty by how bitchy you are, no skinny girl would be so pathetic as you.

  22. I’m skinny and pathetic.

  23. The funniest thing here is that Dawn of the Dan actually included the big momma in his fuckfest.

    Evil, how would Ms have known that? Besides, sweet cheeks, you can’t be saying too much because without any provocation (in this thread), you got the nasty ball rolling. But that you think only fatties can be bitches and skinny girls can’t be pathetic is pretty damn funny, though. I laughed.

  24. The really skinny girls are the most pathetic, actually. They can’t even put up a decent fight; they just wave their twiggy arms around ineffectually.
    Skinny girls are fun.

  25. Fat women are the worst people on earth.

  26. I don’t get it, I type on touch screens with my dick all the time. They never said WHAT I had to touch them with, right? Oh don’t look at me like that, during the winter I wear a condom so I won’t spread the flu.

  27. look, heifer, you really need to get a clue about this trolling business.
    you’re about as subtle as a dog turd on a freshly-mown lawn, and you really need to learn to pick your battles.

  28. the fatty is really a dude

  29. I had to make an account just to tell you guys how much I enjoy your insults and fighting. Y’all are great entertainment!

  30. I think she meant it the first time, that she imagines you as the one on the right. She loves you Ms Anne.

  31. Alla them OC-wannabe bitches look like they’d be as annoying as hell anyway


    Anyway, numbered from left to right: 4, 3, 2, 5, 1.

  33. Actually scratch that, I’d just go with number 4 five times.

  34. Anders Breivik

    smash the granny out of the lot, ssshhwiinngbadda

  35. i’d let big momma spank me something fierce..

  36. What’s the point of being subtle when I can still piss fat bitches like you off? No need to go through all that effort when half-assing it can bring me just as much fun. No go lose some weight you cow.

  37. Anders Breivik

    fat chicks try harder, and are nicer than poisonous skinny hoes.

  38. What has a fat chick & a moped got in common…
    They’re both fun to ride but you wouldn’t want your mates to see you on one.

  39. Lol, I find it funny when people pretdnd to like having sex with fat chicks when really they just can’t get any better.

  40. Anders Breivik

    @evilcow “vinegar tits”… I bet you are a fat chick, i can hear the poisonous disgust for yourself in the tone of your musings.

  41. Evil cow…dyslexia has nothing to do with knowing left from right you fucking spastic. Did your mother have a drinking problem while she wa pregnant with you? That would explain alot….

  42. beatusmongous

    Fine, here’s how I’d handle it: I’d have them all at the same time, and make the big one hold the camera.

  43. Why would I lie on the internet? It’s the one place where I can be honest.

  44. ^and is there one place that anyone actually gives a shit about your ‘honesty’?


  45. 4235

  46. I give a shit about my honesty. What other opinion matters?

    (Answer: not yours!)

  47. oh, bullshit.
    you know damn well that you’d kill for my validation.

  48. No, I’d kill myself if I got your validation. What self-respecting human being would want that???

  49. ^promises. promises.
    you wanna put the blood spurt from your severed jugular where your stupid flapping mouth is, sugar?

  50. You’re not very funny you know. Describing a gory action doesn’t make for a biting insult.

  51. no insult. no comedy. just that you SAID on the INTERNET, “the one place where I can be honest“, that you were willing to kill yourself over me.

    I’m actually pretty chuffed and am currently working on a list of suggested suicide options (I like the painful ones the best).

  52. ^ shit. and you reckon I suck at funny

  53. ^you also suck at reading comprehension.

  54. ^ you just…suck.

  55. probably. but your opinion doesn’t count for very much.

  56. yeh, true.

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