Thursday, December 17, 2009

Picture Perfect



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  1. lostintranslation

    Excuse me while I go and throw up…

  2. Don’t see the point in these.

  3. Move along folks, nothing to see here..

  4. Gawd! Stop posting this crap! Ugh!
    Let’s see some divorce ones! Those are awesome…and funny.

  5. Please pass the barf bag. How utterly over the top.

  6. The first one seems to have a relationship fueled primarily by spite for people who said they wouldn’t last. That’s not really a sustainable foundation for a long-term relationship.

  7. The second one would be incredibly gay if the guy was posting it, but I’d imagine Kyli is the girl, so it’s really not all that unusual or noteworthy.

  8. I really don’t see the lameness of the second picture. It’s a tad sickly sweet for my own personal tastes, but I’ve seen people take all sorts of photo’s like this for anniversaries or engagement announcements, etc.

  9. Since when is love and infatuation funny lame? Come on Lamebook… better than that!

  10. The first one is lame. I’ve now got a headache from spelling mistakes such as “with there shit talk”, “we cam accross”, “i do not no where i would be”, etc. Plus, as Sensible Madness pointed out, staying together to prove a point is very lame…

    Second one is fine. Don’t see why it’s here…

  11. These aren’t that bad…I think they’re kinda cute, even with the horrid spelling, what’s so bad about this? The picture on the first one is a little odd, but whatever. I don’t know.

  12. The tree thought that it was sappy until….

  13. I’d much rather stare at Kyli’s adorable face than dog turds. But guess which of the 2 options got pixellated today. Damn.

  14. Anything that’s so sappy it makes people wanna puke — that’s major lame.

  15. “Our love is blooming” and “sappy”. Purrrlease! Have we really descended to tree puns?

    Unbeleafable! It’s amazing how poplar tree puns can be. Do you think Kyli got a good rooting after this photo was taken?

    Shall I leaf now?

  16. lol @ #15

  17. Mercure, it’ll be an act of treeson if you leaves.

  18. Trees buds are just pining fir ashtention.

  19. the first picture ,I thought they are both girls (?)

  20. Dear Lame~Book, I may have missed out on the memo so can i please have an explanation… Firstly you have taken to moderation peoples comments, usually leaving postee feeling confused or upset, some are understandable, but really either do it well or not at all. Secondly you feel the need to put up absolutely pointless and boring posts such as people who simply wish to tell their friends and family they have someone, which i wouldn’t have to look at if I wasn’t on lamebook. So in summery, do you actually want people to stay and use this site, or are you trying to get rid of most users?

  21. I like turtles.

  22. My bf works at Medieval Times. lolz.

  23. The first one is funny as hell! How many beers did Ricardo have before agreeing to wear that stupid hat?!

    What’s with all this sappy, emo love?? *barfs* Too cheesy!

  24. Are those Burger King hats?

  25. how can anybody fail to see why these are oh so lame?! if you wanna be together, be together, don’t annoy everybody with tacky declarations, visualized with a cheesy pic and burger king hats. wtf? and the second one, come on, is sickening. why exactly the need to climb in a tree? why must you stare at each other as if you were mentally challenged? i’d defriend anybody who had remotely similar pics on FB. (sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native language)

  26. seems like people are just jealous because they cant find anyone who cares about them

  27. OMG give these people a few hits of Ecstasy or someother boning drug and let them get their ‘feelings’ out in the bedroom!

  28. @routron: There’s loving and caring, and then there’s the over the top, mother fucking psychopathic postal asshole pending!!! What I’m trying to say is there is nothing wrong with being in love and caring, but there is a problem when it’s much, too affectionate. No-one wants to hear it and everyone knows it’s a shit-storm waiting to happen.

  29. Are the Burger King ones both women?
    This is seeBea

  30. Amen to the shit-storm.
    Let’s check back in with these lovebirds in a few short years.

  31. *vomits all over the keyboard*

  32. SO how did they con the photographer into climbing the tree with them?

  33. Our love is wonderful, but if we only had little paper hats, it would be PERFECT.

  34. Arbitrary 20-month milestone is arbitrary.

  35. the second one’s kinda cute lol a little cheesy, but ive seen wayy worse on fb

  36. Black people go to Medieval Times?!

  37. Am I the only one that finds it weird that she felt the need to name all of their friends in her letter to him? I guess it’s also probably the same reason that she feels the need to post to everyone that she’s in love with the black, female Burger King (not only that, but the King from ’08!)

  38. The Scarlet Pimple

    Yeah, and one of those friends is named Merrky.
    Also, wtf is “Medieval Times” and where does one find it?


    It’s pretty funny…a nice activity to get stoned and enjoy

  40. This is sad. The “new” wears off in about 2 years. My prediction is that these two couples will be featured on Lamebook one more time before hitting Jerry Springer. :)

  41. @ 26: routron

    yeah, i’m jealous that the person that i’m with only cares about having a great time with me, being a real partner during tough times, making me laugh, being cool and awesome without even touching cheesy, leaving each other’s private space and not being clingy, stimulating me intellectually and being an absolute sex-god – gee, i wish he would put me in a tree and/or put a burger king hat on me and then publish it on facebook for everyone to see.

  42. The first one is lame because Ricardo is actually in the process of becoming Rikki the sexually modified trans-gendered face of Medieval Times,

    The second one isn’t lame at all, we need to root out the purpose of it’s posting here. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest, that Lamebook didn’t twig onto the un-lameness of it. Basically bollocks.

  43. Another crap tree pun…

    Kyli, I bet you are dirty Beech. Yew give me Wood.

  44. @Mercure: You branching out to puns now?! I thought puns are rubbish but perhaps I sp-oak to soon?

  45. I don’t get what’s lame about the 2nd picture. What’s wrong with being in love and posting a rather sweet picture? There’s nothing lame about it.

  46. @chic_urbanity: I agree, It’s supposed to be lame because it soooo sappy. Which it is. So, like many of the Lamebook posts it is pretty subjective.

    This is SeeBea

  47. oh COME ON guys. the tree. the blossoms. the forced gazing into each other’s eyes. Our love is blooming, never dying????? what the hell?? this is so totally and utterly sickening, embarrasing, corny and whatnot. do people who dig celine dion songs and jennifer lopez chick flicks frequent lamebook? if so, no further questions. yuck.

  48. I have never been so glad to see my lover return! Welcome, SeeBea!

    Oh, and I agree. It’s like eating a bucket of condensed milk trying not to throw up. Or watching Titanic a gazillion times. *puke*

  49. @ chic_urbanity – you dont get whats wrong about the second one? I have a very easy response for you regarding your last statement…………. FUCK OFF!

  50. Oh so cuuute…I willow love you forever

  51. About the 2nd picture: It’s not the picture itself that is horribly lame (which… it is), it’s more the caption underneath.

  52. Get out of my f*ckin tree you idiots

  53. Dear Ricardo,

    We are not against your “love” we just don’t like you.
    No one cares now or ever about your relationship … die.

  54. LOL.

  55. Ah emo monkey love! Is there any other kind?

  56. Blooming dorks

  57. Save for Sensible Madness.. methinks that everyone here is a bit envious of these two couples..

  58. Know why the second one is lame? There are THORNS on the branch. Or, at very least, spiky twigs. Ouch.

  59. I don’t know- the guy in the 2nd pic looks like he is cute…

  60. @deanna: I would paint all four of them with my love cream! aint no hatin from here yo!

  61. How much sex did Kyli have to promise that boy in order to get him to agree to participate in such a nauseating photoshoot?!

  62. @Insane- LOL! They seem to have enough love cream to go around ; )

  63. @deanna: so my love cream isn’t needed here? :( Sharing is caring, and I care alot ;) . Oh well, I will have to find others to share it with.

  64. Holy crap… they’re not both chicks in the first one?

  65. For a second I thought that was one of my friends (the guy). And then I realized, no, it’s not him because his girlfriend’s teeth are fucked up and hers aren’t! I’m awful. I know.

  66. I don’t see what’s wrong with the second one. Sure it’s a little cheesy, but no more cheesy than any other “couple” picture on Facebook

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