Friday, July 16, 2010

Picture Perfect Parents

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  1. Stever, bono, frodo etc etc etc

  2. FTW is going on in #2?

  3. #1 Dora’s got lost again!

  4. The 2nd one is full of so much awesome FAIL. Love it. Heh.

  5. The second post.. I can only shake my Oxycontin’d head.

    “payin 4 it” … did you buy it?

  6. What I’d give for one of your oxycontins right now, mass.

  7. Good God these are depressing

  8. I like calks too.

  9. What a bunch of human excrement. This is what happens when you let the liberals and their atheist Stalin-esque agenda take over. I don’t even know if that person with the “babi” (nice spelling, that’s the liberal public school system for you) is a man or a woman. He/she looks like a gang member, probably sucking off the teat of hard working God-fearing Americans like myself.

  10. I’ve loved you from day 1 word.

    I have..

    (punches clown)

  11. I hate when people refer to them as ‘oxycotton’ … infuriates me.

    But yeah, …punching the clown.

  12. mass, just between us – I really like a man who enjoys his substances of abuse as much as I do.

  13. Women actually pay good money for lips like baby mama.

  14. You ever have that disturbing thought, when reading a troll post, like dan_fargas’, that “what if I actually knew that guy in real life?”

    *shudder* thank god for anonymity, for my sake.

  15. Oxicontin….wish I had it to.

    Don’t want to pay for it, pay for abortion….

  16. Hey guys, you seen this? I gots me a baby!

  17. @hobo … excellent use of the word ‘gots”.

  18. I loves me some Hobo.

  19. @word … excellent use of the word ‘loves’.

  20. Ah, here’s our happy camper:

    Yay Google.

  21. I wonder why they told him to look down and to the left..odd. I have 2 mug shots on file .. I look awesome.

  22. .. I meant ‘right’.

  23. #20, we don’t really need to see that, now do we?

  24. Can I see, mass? I bet you do.

  25. #2 makes me want to choke a bitch. preferably that one and give that baby to a normal human that won’t fuck it up beyond repair like that stupid cunt is going to. fucking stupid fucks.

  26. does fargas realize that no one cares? fucking troll

  27. prunellafarkitt

    #2 just plain scares me…. she be one scarey bitch!

  28. The American Apparel ads are funnier than these pics

  29. Does her hat say “Fatty” in #2?

  30. @cdm02
    perhaps faith?

  31. I think it says ‘Faith’. But for the lulz, I’m just going to pretend it does say ‘Fatty’. Because that is infinitely more hilarious.

  32. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Attention DAN FARGIS:
    Everyone knows how you love to come on this site and preach from your pedestal, but seriously, enough is enough. If you don’t like this site, stay the f*** off it.

  33. @32 given that we’re online, it’s probably more along the lines of preaching from a folding metal chair in his parents’ basement while finishing off another bag of potato chips and watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the thirteenth time this month.

  34. prunellafarkitt

    Maybe we should all pitch in and buy him a fitball? The bouncey happy boing boing might cheer him up, bouncing away in front of his computer and be great for his inner core muscles after all those chips. C’mon….. betcha it would work – I’ll put in the first dollar :D

  35. @Jack, I think you mean his peddle stool.

  36. I’m loving teo.

  37. @35. HAHA. BOOM posted!

  38. That crazy bitch is oddly enticing.

  39. Why do I get the feeling that she literally payed for it?

  40. *paid (I am way too hung over for this)

  41. Where’s the baby! What happened to the baby in the third pic of #2! Did she eat it?

  42. I voluntarily removed myself from the gene pool ages ago, and yet, even I know I’d make a better parent than these idjits.

    And, *deity you prefer* help us all if I ever evict something from my uterus…

  43. my dad will never be cool enough to go to jail

  44. No, but with the mentality that it took to come up with that name I’m sure you will be “cool” enough. Fucking moron, Let me assure you cop, you will need one one day and I hope he fucks your world up!

  45. im more entertained by the comments then the pics!

  46. Don’t acknowledge Dan Fargis man! Even if he was serious (which I highly doubt), at the end of the day, we still don’t give a fuck and he’s still a pre-pubescent troll who falls asleep on his cock shaped pillow with a picture of Jesus on it each night.

  47. #2 i think she’s pissed cuz your taking pictures of her breast feeding lol. (i’m pretty sure i can see the top of her nips)

  48. i guess brittany spears is still rubbin of on people

    please tell me it’s the same dude stepmom/wifeitjust keeps getting better and better

  50. I’m pretty sure it is. It’s kind of hard to tell, but the hair is the same.

  51. That would make this guy the son:

    The pic matches the blurred version.

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