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  1. :]

  2. BEN!!!!!

  3. smokecrack0fuckchickens

    Reverend fail

  4. Dear world. Please bring dat babimomma a dictionary.

  5. I don’t know WTF is being said in the first picture. Why don’t people just spell and speak properly?!?!

    That third picture is just wrong. Not the picture so much, but what was written! Geezus!

  6. first rule – never trust anyone that does not know how to rotate a picture.

    second rule – never trust anyone who’s babidaddy looks more feminine than the babimomma

    also, I read the babies second name as “ant bony” – the boner of ants. tee hee

  7. Wait a minute— That’s the father of the baby? I thought it was just another picture of the mother. Jeez.

    And as for number three, I fear for his future.

  8. @Brah – you are assuming that the baby is a boy…interesting

  9. brad=douchenozzle

  10. @Duke – it says “we love our son” So the assumption is a good one.

  11. actually, it says “we love are son” Good grief!

  12. Dawn of the Dan

    Did anyone notice the weird face in the upper left corner of the lame dragon pic? Nice touch blurring the eyes, lamebook folks!

  13. Nice catch Dawn! Kind of creepy.

  14. Am I the only person who found the last one to be hilariously funny?

    @ the first pic… I’m sorry, but that’s not a guy…

  15. @leebo. He is talking about photo number 3 where there is no mention as to whether the child is a boy or a girl

  16. *@ the second pic… (my bad)

  17. I’m pretty sure Anthony has two mommies, and the woman on the bottom right is the partner who didn’t carry the baby.

  18. Krazy Eyez Killa

    The dragon stole #1s penis? Only explanation.

  19. Steve errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?

  20. @Leebo – I was talking about the last pic of the baby eating pussy – sorry I should have said.

  21. “never trust anyone that does not know how to rotate a picture.” HAHAHAHHAHAHA!

  22. The third one was adorable. Then Samantha had to add on some “witty” commentary, and the whole thing just crashed and burned.

    I still must acknowledge that I admire that cat, who seems content with letting a baby chew on its head.

  23. I don’t think that is a lesbian couple and their adopted baby. There must be some sort of basic literacy test for adoption? Please say there is.

  24. Wow…. Samantha is kinda my hero.

  25. As for the second one, is it supposed to be ‘ba BI daddy’? Cause the woman in the lower right corner COULD almost pass for a drag queen.

  26. sa8mantha – not if it’s done in the absence of any agency. A couple friends of mine adopted their infant son out to a couple they met through the classifieds. Nice people and all seems to be well, but you’re definitely taking a shot in the dark with that kind of thing.

  27. throwingtofu – What?? You can do that? Can I ask why a couple who is together put their baby up for adoption (since you brought it up)

  28. Why the hell is my photo showing here???

  29. That’s the ‘babidaddy’ in the second one? Seriously?… I see boobs… and a pink purse strap or something.

    And Brad …. releasing a flying dragon are we? Hmm

  30. “We gone always” so sad. Also, the picture is rotated properly. She is Batman.

  31. also: people really use the Pirate setting? Frightening.

  32. Melancholy43920

    Looks like baBImomma is indeed bi cause it looks like 2 mommas in that pic. And for the love of God learn to spell!

  33. The first one is just a computer generated image. Not sure what the big deal is. But after thinking about it it reminds me of that old saying “chasing the dragon”. Maybe Brad has some drug issues! lol. The babimooma one is just irritating. The last one was cute…until I read the thing at the bottom.

  34. Lamebook, I see you gave us the ol’ triple tallinger whistle again. Lame.

  35. Right, so I was going to make fun of #2′s grammar until I saw that she named her child David Anthony instead of something ridiculous, and realized that I should just be thankful for this one small victory.

  36. Isn’t the guys one arm super muscular in the first photo and the other just a really skinny arm?? Or is it just me? lol

  37. jessicarrrrrrrr

    wait, so the “babibaddy” is keenan from keenan and kel?

  38. @36 – yeah, it looks like he did most of his dragon taming with the left arm. Always a good idea to balance it out a bit.

  39. i chuckled at the third one.

  40. Alright, I’m going to go have a drink a reassess these later. Maybe they might look better under a alcohol hood.

  41. yikes!

  42. @Silly Billy
    I don’t know if you are the only one, but I certainly did not find it funny.

    I just can’t laugh at the sexualization of a child, especially a baby.
    I dunno, that might make me seem uptight, or prudish, but I’m not really.. I just don’t think it’s appropriate…

  43. The tattoo in the first one is really cool. The photoshopping is pretty lame though; the concept could have been cool if it wasn’t executed in the manner of a drunken monkey using a joystick.

    @Charlene I’m with Silly Billy on this one, so I guess I’ll say it, you’re uptight and prudish. #3 was the only one of these which was actually funny.

  44. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Why is everyone so uptight about the third?
    It’s a parent making a joke…

    As for the first, I’ve certainly seen worse. If required, I can send a link to the worst online “Art Gallery”… ever.

    Imagine someone with half of the skill of Brad, making senselessly abstract images, all dripping with self-important pretense.

    It makes Brad’s dragon look masterful.

  45. Yeah, what’s wrong with the third pic? I think it’s funny! :)

  46. Ummm…

    I don’t know. I find the idea of a parent openly talking about their kid eating cooze kind of disturbing. At conception, at six months, at 18, at 40…disturbing. Funny, maybe. But definitely awkward.

  47. Back to the blurry face in the upper left corner of #1… Am I the only person who thinks that looks like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? I’m not really sure how that connects to anything in the picture, but I need to know if Dorothy is watching Brad release a dragon or whatever it is he’s supposed to be doing.

  48. I was just wondering, is the girl in the corner the same girl he has tatooed on his back, and if so…is he sending the dragon up to retrieve her, or to make sure she is really dead?

  49. To Samantha’s son/daughter, I know it’s an annoying problem right now, but in due course you’ll most likely find the real thing won’t give you hairballs.

  50. OK, I’ve had my drinks. I’m still disturbed. The fist one is what really gets me. That damn dragon!

  51. @Teo – my thoughts exactly. The poor kid. But at least his name is David and not Dahyvyd or something.
    3rd was a cute pic, a feeble attempt at humour, turned out weird and offputting. Am I the only one who thought about what will happen when the kid becomes a teenager and has to deal with his parents showing THIS to future girlfriends/boyfriends?

  52. PeanutButtercup

    @Smeemonkey – I’m sure the kid will have bigger problems to worry about – He is OBVIOUSLY a zombie. Sheesh.

  53. #1 is when you’re a left handed wanker and you go to hell for wanking too much and your penis turns into a dragon and flies away and Dan Fargis is in the clouds laughing at you.

    #2 All my furniture is milk crates too.

    #3 Cute…

  54. babies are gross

  55. Am I the only one who noticed how many times people asked if “they’re the only one?” in this thread?

  56. @lumpysweaters, you saying “release the dragon” made me break into sisqo’s song ‘unleash the dragon’.

    a super classy song. nicely done.

  57. @sonnybishop – the tattoo is of two fighting dragons (the “Ancient Gods” Celt & Saxon) that form the image of Morgan Theomachia, King Aurthur’s half-sister. Its artwork found on alchemygothic’s site…. so no, I doubt its the same woman.

  58. Lots of Las Vegas in this thread…sad that I recognize the places.

  59. Am I the only one who sees a Chinese food joke in the baby/cat picture?

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