Thursday, May 13, 2010


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  1. Ben

  2. what is wrong with these people?!? freaks….

  3. Pic 3, Is that a young Matt Damon?

    I always wondered how he got his start.

  4. Pic 2, Applying for the pitcher’s role…
    But the job description underneath is clearly one of a catcher.

  5. Dancinganimal256

    1: Another emo crap pic.
    2: Most likely a dare from a friend, if not then he is very desperate.
    3: Reminds me of my cousin lol.
    4: Lol

  6. Two pictures from Mikey’s photo album. He should get some sort of Lamebook’s Lamest award, or something.

  7. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that as a virgin, he hasn’t got his preferences down yet.

  8. I’m not a doctor, but it seems to me bleeding from the eyes is something you probably ought to get checked out. Maybe the “Entrepreneur” with the wad of 10 dollar bills can help out with the copay on your parents’ insurance.

  9. liketotallycool

    The first and the last pic are like ‘wannabe’ gothic.
    And what do you know, they’re from the same person!

  10. Dancinganimal256

    BEN 10!!!

  11. Dancinganimal256

    I just ad do it once. Anways, I don’t think that both of Mikey’s pics are of the same person, unless he gobbled down some icecream at breakneck pace.

  12. Dancinganimal256

    had to do it*

  13. #2 actually made me laugh outloud. #3 is pretty freakin awesome too.

  14. “art…?” indeed.

  15. Oh word!! You are going to get me fired with comments like #4… I muffled (badly) some serious lols.

  16. fired from what?

  17. Mikey – that is not “art..?”

  18. I had to ask my younger brother what emo meant last year. Yeah, so I’m old. Get off my lawn!

    His response was pretty accurate, “It’s the boys that wear eyeliner and cry a lot.”

  19. I’m pretty sure the Gay Virgin stuff was photoshopped. The ellipses, for example, is so perfect, it’s probably one of those handwriting-style fonts. The board probably said something else originally or was blank. I could be wrong though. Just a guess.

  20. CommentsAtLarge


    I’m pretty sure the bleeding from the eyes was caused by the contents of the “art…?” album.

  21. @clarice – some of us have real jobs where we work (and go on lamebook to lol and break up the monotony and stress that is a paralegal’s life), and not come on here to spam and try to get people to go on your stupid website.

  22. Woah, I’m going to book Mikey for my next photoshoot.. Maybe even the birth of my child.

    I just don’t understand why he added “..?” at the end of ‘art’ as if he (like everyone else) didn’t know if it could even be called that.

  23. Dancinganimal256

    Clarice made my eyes bleed.

  24. You tell her katypants!

  25. All I have to say is, at least Michael spelled “Entrepreneur” correctly!

  26. The bit after “Seeking Bumhole,” isn’t that from Tropic Thunder?

  27. Is this the same Mikey from a few posts back?

  28. LOL
    yeah Mcserved is pretty funny, I like the mcdonalds engrish on there. lol

    If your busy working, why are you wasting your law firm’s money on here? lol no rationale

  29. CommentsAtLarge

    Oh how I miss Alen001(002,003, and whatever other numbers may have popped up); at least he wasn’t a spammer with a shyte attitude.

  30. amen to that Comments

  31. I think Mikey is making fun of emo kids. Maybe that’s why he put ART with a question mark.

  32. The last btw is like a photoshooting experience gone VERY BAD

  33. I meant experiment >.>

  34. Floppy CGI emo hair in 4. Quality.

  35. If I was a gay virgin seeking bumhole I think I would look a little more sexy or excited.. This guy looks like his pet hamster just died.

  36. I am wondering if Mikey is the same Mikey who “accidentally” tasted his own you know what.

  37. Chair – I thought that was a russian hat. Haha.

  38. thatgrrlkelsey

    haha you like Kesha and think your opinion counts :)

  39. thanks thatgrrlkelsey

  40. #4: ‘Let the Wrong One In’.

  41. Word – You might know me as “Iloveyouwordpervert” haha. But being so long and all, I had to go change it.

    I’m a fan no matter your gender! (: Carry on..

  42. I think the gay virgin lost a bet.

    That ‘Entrepreneur’ so does look like Matt Damon. From Team America: World Police

  43. I’m thinking #2 is a lost bet/joke, considering “cradle the balls, stroke the shaft, etc.” is a quote from Tropic Thunder…

  44. Grammar Police

    I thought that sounded familiar.

  45. Well at least he isn’t selling his virginity on craigs list. Y’know I bet this is part of a hazing.

  46. These make my eyes bleed. Where the hell is my drink? Maybe that will help ease the suffering.

  47. @ee You may as well just put a nipple on the end of the bottle after these ones. It’ll make life easier.

  48. I think Mikey is asking us a question. “Hey guys, is this art? I’m not really sure.” Oh, don’t hurt your sweet little noggin thinking too hard about it. No, it’s not art, honey. Go lay down and rest your eyes and try not to slit your wrists in the process.

  49. nuff, I’m onto my second glass, and I have no blur yet. I’m going for a third, then I’ll take a peek and gauge it.

  50. Now ee, are you a red or white type of gal? Or maybe even both?

  51. Tonight it’s red, Big Tattoo Red to be exact. Honestly though, it all depends on my mood. Today was a shitty day, so this suits my mood very well, and I’m currently engrossed in my happy place. Later on, I’ll hopefully be engrossed in a different happy place.

  52. I fucked Mikey’s eye socket.

    …should explain the blood.

    To get back at me, he brought fat Ethan Suplee and a number of bats to beat me senseless. I fucked them, too.

  53. I don’t know about you guys, but I hate it when death photobombs my pictures. That would definitely make me cry blood too.

  54. rebarbativebecc

    Is the first and last the same person? They used the same uploader and it’s a similar style..

  55. Oh yeah… Nothing like seeing a fat, prepubescent guido to make me think “entrepreneur.” Michael fuckin’ Bitchtits is rollin’ in them Hamiltons, son… Y’all best recognize.

    I’m also pretty sure you could cut glass with emo-Mikey’s chin. Holy fuck, that thing makes Renee Zellweger’s chin look somewhat normal. I’d also pray for death if I looked like that.

  56. rebarbativebecc

    Hmm yes, the same person.

  57. OK, so I’m shit faced and taking a forth look at these. Yeap, booze does not make them look any better. Slightly blurry, but still shitty. (and here I thought that alcohol makes everything better, not in this case)

  58. Just keep drinking ee, and don’t worry about the pictures… they won’t turn into something worth looking at, it won’t happen.

  59. Paranoid Android

    Maybe the ‘entrepreneur’ dude ought to use his dollars to buy himself a neck. Some photoshop lessons wouldn’t go amiss either.

    A personal message for Jared Leto:- Dude, “Requiem for a Dream, awesome film, good work fella. Creating a generation of floppy-haired teenage boys who cry and wear make-up, not cool buddy, not cool at all.

  60. @ee Listen to word ee, you are obviously not drunk enough, because if you were, you’d be passed out on the floor, half naked and incapable of looking at said pictures, thus making everything better. You must have faith in the elixir of the gods!

  61. Just wanted to point out to you all that this post is “photoSTOP”. The “gay virgin” most probably said something else, and someone has photoshopped it. Just saying.

  62. No way! Do you think Lamebook intended “photoSTOP” as a pun or do they just not know how to spell?

  63. The answer to the ‘art…?’ question is no, Mikey, no it isn’t.

  64. @keshafan – I don’t know what country you hail from, but here in the U.S. we get breaks throughout the day. Some people in my firm go to the coffee room, or go smoke; I come on lamebook.

    And if you open your eyes and use that little thing giggling around in your skull you’d see that thatgrrlkelsey was taking the piss out of your stupid name and not backing you up.

    Just sayin’.

  65. @_isglory It is most definitely not a pun. They just don’t know how to spell. Sad, I know, but pun’s are not lame enough for lamebook.

  66. I want to bash Mikey’s head in myself. Emo is so Pop-goth.

  67. LULZ @Joey32411

    Emo boy is emo.

  68. sarahmargeurite

    LOL entrepreneur.

  69. lol

  70. @31 Nah, he’s probably one of those people who think an ellipsis makes them seem aloof.

  71. I’m thinking perhaps there should be laws… or at least a test one has to pass before they are allowed to purchase photoshop. it’s a dangerous weapon.

  72. MachineGun Monica

    @ Katypants…what in the world does “taking the piss out of” mean? I’m really baffled, like, for realz.

  73. Seriously Mikey? This is what you spend your time on? Emos suck. Choke already.

    Pic #3: This guy jerks it to his own reflection. I just get that vibe.

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