Thursday, April 8, 2010


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  1. Just 90%?

  2. There is nothing right with that last photo.

  3. I wish my freinds photoshopped tattoos onto my back </3

  4. what’s the other 10%?

  5. The last one.. the name isn’t blurred out?

  6. The other 10% is “retard”.

    On the first one, is he saying he’s in love with the bottom of his shoe or a fish?

  7. Wait- One girl is saying outloud, “Friends Forever” but the other is thinking to herself, “Things WILL change”?

  8. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Ms. Bree has countless issues that I don’t really want to explore… However, I’m wondering what adjective can be used to describe the other 10% of her..

    I can see Gabe as one of those people that will bring a gun to school and kill people… he looks the type…

  9. Oh sorry, “freinds forever”. AHAHA Didn’t even notice that the first time I read it.

  10. Hahaha….I love Gabriels.
    “She could see from my face….that I was fuckin high”

  11. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ Sensible that makes sense… “retard” that is.

    I say “shoe”. It’s totally worth it to have a pair of shoes with a good sole…

  12. @ tkaye: I SERIOUSLY doubt that Aubree Bree is her real name. I mean…GOOD GOD I HOPE it isn’t!!

    The third pic….the man who did that needs to go ahead and turn in his man card because he isn’t one. WHAT A PUSSY!

  13. I love how some people hold out their thumb when they’re giving someone the finger.

    It makes me think that they’re trying to say “fuck you rock and roll”. I don’t know why, but that’s what I picture.

  14. tried looking for Ms. Bree. no luck… I need to see more.

  15. #1: I’m gonna go with the fish.
    #2: Always one scheming bitch in the hen party, isn’t there?
    #3: I can also see ‘fr0m’ your PICTURE that you were fucking high. How ’bout that?
    #4: Maybe she should be Aubree BRIE, ’cause she’s obviously a freakin’ cheese-bag.

  16. “Your my sole” – I love it when my man calls me a fish….

  17. robotninjazombiebear

    Bree’s other 10% is duckface.

  18. Nothing says “man” quite like superimposing James Blunt lyrics on your face. Grow a pair.

  19. 10% nappy headed ho wit a big fo-head yo!

    It’s always the bitchiest most scandalous girls with the most enemies that write dumb shit like, “fuck da haterz.”

  20. 1. Shit, that was his heart beforehand? How has he not died?
    ALSO xD I love that there’s this wonderful message about their love under the title ‘The Wife and I’. The only people you hear refer to them as ‘The Wife’ are men down the pub rolling their eyes and going ‘The wife was banging on about how I never do anything around the house, so I came down here instead…’

    2. I like to think that this picture was made by the girl who’s ‘saying’ freinds forever, after the girl who’s ‘thinking’ things will change like, slept with her boyfriend or something.
    But then again, I don’t want to think that, because it just makes them more annoying.

    3. Fuck you. Get out. First of all, why has he put lyrics from the most depressing artist in the entire world over a picture of him? And second, why has he done random shit like changing some o’s to 0′s, and the line ‘will last till the end’ to ‘wilNast till the end’? :S I never thought anybody could make James Blunt worse, but I was wrong.

    4. Wow…

  21. @BritishHobo

    I refer to my wife as ‘The Wife’ or ‘Wifesky’ – especially when I’m calling her to pick me up another case of Old Milwaukee Light.

  22. It’s really refreshing to see that all of these creative folks are not just gifted in the art of photoshop, but they all spell so well, too. A+ to all.

  23. Aubree Bree is her “first name.” She isn’t Ms. Bree…

    and to pic #2… wow what a bitch haha. nice bodies. how old? haha

  24. Those tattoo’s on 2 look like they’re photoshopped on too.
    I have serious concerns about photo’s that are framed to look like stamps.

    And the last one, give her a break, it’s 2.15am, she’s probably been keep up so late by the haters she needed to let loose somehow.

    And number 3 obviously has no real interest in women.

  25. I didn’t find these funny . Just very very sad and pathetic.

  26. Good job on hiding Aubree’s name :/

  27. Yeah CanadiEhN is right, I’m pretty sure that on Facebook photos it just says “‘First Name’s’ Photos” at the top. No last name

  28. @BritishHobo
    Where you thought it said ‘wilNast till the end’ i think it’s actually a line on his top. But still the ’0′s are kinda weird.

    I’m rather amazed at their photoshop skills though ;)

  29. some people have way too much time on their hands

  30. Stop photoshop abuse now! Join now in the fight against poor grammar usage, skanks, lonely stoners, and 90% of the bitches out there with hater problems.

  31. 90% Bitch, 10% Skank.

  32. I spot a duckface! They delight me in some strange way, I don’t know why.

    @BritishHobo who are the lyrics by/what song? I’m lost.

  33. Who cares how cheesy #2 might be?! The hotness makes up for it all!!

  34. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hmm.. was watching 16 and pregnant (nothing else on TV) and some of lamebook’s posts remind me of the show. I truly feel bad for our future :(

  35. Just when I thought Lamebook couldn’t get any lamer, talking ads.

  36. I love how the girls have such individual styles. Same shorts, same tattoos, same shoes, same bikinis.

  37. @friendofgum i realize i’m not BritishHobo but i have the information you requested. the lyrics are from james blunt’s song “you’re beautiful”

  38. and you’ve gotta love the matching tramp stamp across the shoulders and lower back. so she gives head all the time? is that why you would get a tramp stamp across your shoulder blades?

  39. prolefeedprocessor

    Maybe the other 10% is Derrick’s soul, which has been replaced by his shoe…ugh it’s gonna be some Gift of the Magi shit. :P

  40. “90% bitch” is wrong. She’s really 100% LAME!

  41. lol

  42. 90% bitch, 10% trailer trash.

    Those girls with the matching heart tattoos will most likely be pregnant before they get their 2nd matching tattoos.

  43. Why is it a stamp inside another, slightly larger, stamp? It’s meta-lame.

  44. Its the fucking Beatles

    Shit. Emergency laws MUST be passed and quickly. To stop these twats from ever breeding. What a load of cock.

  45. You know Beatles, I’ve kinda noticed you’re full of much anger in your posts.
    Where is it all coming from I wonder.

    All you need is love.

  46. CommentsAtLarge

    Who knows word, perhaps it’s been a hard day’s night.

  47. These are pathetic.

  48. @lexluthor dear god the post just god lamer. Thank you for enlightening me.

  49. The first one is a true piece of art, really

  50. Its the fucking Beatles

    I deal with people like this on a daily basis. It’s not anger. It’s despair. Pure, unadulterated despair. Not sure for my own sanity or for humanity. Or possibly both.

  51. Number 4 may be my favourite photo of all time. I wish my printer worked so I could have it on my wall.

  52. Derrick, what a sissy!!! His wife reminds him of a shoe. Is she really that ugly?
    second pic, of course things will change, all four of them look like skanks.
    Third pic, the guy looks gay, no straight guy would take a picture like he did, and rip-off james blunt.
    fourth pic, 90% bitch? Well she does look scruffy looking like a dog; and is 10% human, because she has thumbs.

  53. “Your my heart & Your my sole”
    -What about “you’re my shoelace”
    “You’re my Easy Spirit Shoe”

  54. You’re going back to school to learn about words.

    Skip #2, looks like they’re still in school, so there’s hope.

    #3 reminds me of a 15 minute story of this girl that was going to cut this guy’s hair. His hair was so awesome and long, and she was looking forward to it. But she didn’t.

    90% bitch with a soft spot for neon text ;)

  55. Aubree used PAINT PROGRAM!

    It’s not very effective…

  56. booksandcleverness

    I like to think that “things will change” in the second one because one of the girls can no longer fit in her tiny shorts. “Sorry, when we said ‘Friends Forever’ we didn’t mean if you got FAT.”

  57. The girl in the last pic should just take that finger and poke herself in the friggen eye!!!Dumbass

  58. Woah. Girl with her retarded version of “photoshop” and sticking her finger up.. Really?? You’re not embarrassed? I feel sorry idiots like that.

  59. “what’s the other 10%?”

    High fructose corn syrup.

  60. How is it POSSIBLE for people to be that stupid. I do not understand.

  61. Considering Aubree is flipping off the camera and considers herself a b***h, wouldn’t that make her a hater. Wouldn’t that mean she’s f*****g herself? Maybe not, since she’s only 90% b***h.

  62. Haaaaaha I know the Aubree girl…..that’s funny

  63. awwwwwwwwwww classy.
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  64. Nothing to say. Posting to eliminate “elixabeth’s” coda to each and every entry, as a public service.

  65. @Beebop I registered just to thank you. Keep up the good work.

  66. Yes Beebop, you are doing a great public service and we honour you for that.

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