Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo Friday




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  1. first. booyah.

  2. those trees are giving me wood

  3. #1. Hilarious
    #2. Ironic
    #3. Wrong. Just wrong.

  4. the trees are doing it doggy style. bark bark.

  5. my reactions to these


  6. Who does that? Who posts pictures of the leavings of their period? There are sick sick creatures out there.

    I do love the first picture though. Is it possible to be turned on by a tree? ;-) Haha.

  7. “#1. Hilarious
    #2. Ironic
    #3. Wrong. Just wrong.”

    Yes, exactly.

  8. @ whoever posted “period monster”
    I will do you very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…

  9. That tree. Where the hell is that tree. I need to make a pilgrimage there.

  10. [...] wondered how the miracle of nature really works? A Facebook tree sex fail was found by the team at Lamebook and it’s one of the oddest, most disturbing and funny pictures we’ve seen in [...]

  11. #1 just made my day :)

    #3 just ruined it. People who post their *periods* on facebook should be shot. Seriously. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, wants to see that.

  12. At first I though no.3 said: ‘period monster. NOM NOM, no pad for me’ then I realised I’d read the caption wrong, then I realised that that didn’t make it any better …There’s just no need for that kind of shit


    Fucking peasants.

  14. I think if you look closely you can see the face of Jesus in photo 3. Does that make her a saint?

  15. I have a baby girl and if she ever showed anything like this anyone on a public forum like f.b she’s gonna get beating. But Im gonna raise her to have some pride about herself and not be a dirty pig like this nasty bitch. Posting stuff like this just shows how poorly raised this girl is. This needs to stop! Facebook should send a squad out to eliminate the people that post stuff like this. First its dirty sheets, next its used/broken condoms and then afterbirth, little j.r sonofabitch’s first crap etc. People like this dont stop.

    And that tree is awesome. Nature does have a sense of humour.

  16. @stickfigure: Blame Alanis Morrisette for the misuse of irony.

  17. My day was pretty much made when i seen thr first picture, then the second topped it off! , then when i came to the third, it completley ruined all good from the day and those pictures..

  18. @ #12 I seriously thought it said ‘NOM NOM’ too.

  19. WOW. I was all good until I saw the last picture. #1 was FANTASTIC!

    Seriously though? Who takes a picture of that? I’d try to cover that shit up as fast as I could.

  20. ps. I thought it said ‘NOM NOM’ as well!

  21. tree is awesome. signs messed up… and the third? ugh.

  22. @15 yes its gross, and I’m not sure why anyone would post it let alone take a pic but begging for FB police and rambling about your daughter, your status updates would probably make me gag more than a little blood?? Move to Russia and stfu.

    Tree is pure unadulterated win!! and the middle one is funny as hell too

  23. Hey Gruss? Are you on the rag too? BTW I dont update about my kids dear. If they cure cancer then that may warrant a update. Want to be friends? I could use a few more humourless assholes on my friends list.

  24. OIC now!! Sure Me, lets be friends I need some more folks on the list who are easily pissed off!!! I don’t understand why I’m humorless though? Did you say anything funny? the diatribe about how you would hit your kid if she took a pic of her period wasn’t funny.

  25. Gruss here, have some more exclamation marks. Now move to Russia and stfu.

  26. I would but there are long lines for exclamation points there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!one!!!!!one hundred eleven!!1!

  27. This is THE most disgusting thing ever!

  28. Wasnt trying to be funny. I was being facetious though. Do you take all statements literally? And I dont get pissed off easily. I do have a intense hatred for stupid people like period girl. And its not so much the blood that made me “angry”, its the fact she posted it. And my kids will be brought up better. They will never be as nasty as to post things like this. Future/hypothetical beating averted. You on the other hand are still a humourless dick. Smootchies! :)

    I (heart) vilage idiot.

  29. 1) So that´s how the trees of “the Lord of the rings” reproduce. That take could be like some kind of porno shot in the Tolkien universe?

  30. posty mcposterson

    1.The tree is amazing. 2.Agreed…improper use of ironic is most likely the fault of Alanis Morrisette. This is not ironic, at all. 3. Should not be allowed on a public forum of any kind and just for the record, I thought it said NOM NOM too. Ewwwwwww!

  31. Perhaps she was trying her hand at “menstrual art”.

    That shit is real, guys…

    Some women apparently use their *ahem* natural monthly flow to create beautiful stinkin’ masterpieces… Kinda like the Faeces-painting lady! ;D

  32. menstrual art, eh? Do they make a profit from this? Next time leak week rolls around I might take some used sanitary towels down to the tate modern, tell them it I feel it reflects our disjointed, heavily ‘media’ saturated society and see if they’ll buy them off of me. I have seen worse things on display in there.

  33. Can there ever be any justification for #3?
    Whatever polite society was, it’s gone now.

  34. Well, presumably #3 was intended for viewing by the poster’s FB “friends” only, not the whole world via Lamebook. Sure it’s gross, but no-one forced you to look at it right?

    Now I’m off to disinfect my eyeballs..

  35. I recognize the second photo–it’s in Wichita, KS. And yes, the location of the African American Museum is pretty unfortunate…it’s a nice museum, though.

  36. @13 Stickfigure
    Thank you so much. I think we will never be past the misuse of the word “irony.” I also blame Alanis Morissette and her song that should’ve been called “Coincidental.”

  37. The tree isn’t that funny, my mate had a whole album on his phone of stuff like tthat, maybe it’s just because of that, but this isn’t that funny. I did like the second one though.
    Number three… Wow, took me a second to read the caption, I though it was a nose bleed… NO! BLAM! Period power! In your FACE!
    At least she isn’t pregnant, I guess.

  38. #3 if you tilt your head to the left looks like a man with a quiff holding a rifle to his head.

  39. #3 “NO MOM, NO PAD FOR ME” Monster, P. (2009)

    Textile / Mixed Media

    RESERVE PRICE $20000 Apply Tate Modern

    From an important sequence of 72 works by a young, talented (and often controversial) artist, that explore at an often deeply personal level, the nature of intergenerational relationships.

    Obliquely, the title refers to a young woman’s response to having been refused necessary sanitary protection from her own mother.
    In this instance the mother’s denial of her child’s sexual maturity, and it’s inevitable result – bloodshed – can been seen to address issues not only at a family level, blah blah blah broader issues of conflict, sexuality, blah blah shame blah blah control. Blah blood blah allegory blah, deeply personal blah, motif, blah blah blah de blah.

    #4 “Crayons – Digestif” Young, John

    Canvas / Wax process

    RESERVE PRICE $16500 Apply Tate Modern

    Blah blah blah, issues blah de blah . . .


  40. Does anyone else think the third one is a mother taking a picture of her daughter’s sheets? She probably has a youngish daughter 12, 13, etc. who wouldn’t wear a pad one night even though her mom told her to. The next day while doing her laundry, she discovered the stain. Hence the, “NO MOM, NO PAD FOR ME.” Her mother is quoting her to show that she should have taken a pad. It’s taking, “I told you so!” to an extreme.

    I really feel like that’s what’s going on, but most comments keep alluding to a girl taking photos of her own sheets, and I just don’t see that with the caption…

  41. @ Thesaurapist 13F (#39)

    I am glad to see that the prices for “unique” works of art at the Tate Modern is not as outrageous as before – perhaps the credit crunch starting to tell. But I am still moved by the priceless descriptions to said items!

    Way off topic, but thanks for the bold/italic/etc instructions of the other day. I did respond, though a few days late, so in case you missed that, thanks again!

  42. @ pic #1: Happy Arbor Day indeed!

    @ pic #2: So much for evolution…

    @ pic #3: “Mom” probably keeled over at the sight of that. I nearly did. *gags*

  43. After looking at that tree i’m going to watch some Twilight to finish the job. Hang on, I’m an adult. I can watch real porn. Ok i’m to real porn!

  44. @uhhhh #40
    Oooh, that would make a lot of sense actually – in a disturbing, vengeful, nasty creepy way. Poor kid – that’s a mommy from hell . . .

    @Antarctic Circle – you’re most welcome; and just as off topic, I wonder if [u] works too?

  45. Oooops. That’ll be a ‘nope’ then . . .

  46. 46. OMg imagine that scene in ‘Mommy Dearest’.

    This is one unhinged woman, if she posted her daughter’s mess.
    How many people do I need to smack?
    This qualifies for extremely lame.

    While I’m here, can I HAZ TREEBURGER?

  47. runningwithscissors

    uhhh – that’s how I read it too – Mom doing a big fat “I told you so” – hope the poor girl’s friends aren’t FB friends with the mom.

  48. @uhhhh: That makes sense. I think I didnt want to think a Mom could be that mean to her daughter. This Mom deserves a swift kick in the cootch if she did this. This is a public shaming that was both unnecessary and cruel.

  49. The first two were funny. The tree seriously made me lol

    The third bitch needs to be slapped. Who the fuck posts their nasty period stains on facebook. What a dumb whore!

  50. The tree pic looks like a number of things. Byt for the sake of laughing i think i will choose to stay with “a chick riding a huge dick”!

  51. #2 isn’t even ironic in the alanis morissette sense of the word.

  52. @Me #15

    …someone already posted a picture of their demon seeds’ first dump in a potty. Some people just have no sense.

  53. @ uhhhh

    You’re right. Damn. Either that or this girl isn’t looking for a relationship anytime in the near future.

  54. [...] What do you think? Personally, all racial undertones aside, I find it funny only in the sense that the city didn’t think about the fail picture that could ensue by placing the signs as they did. [Source: Lamebook] [...]

  55. @IndyPosted

    No one is going to flock to your website more than once, just to see you taking screen captures of Lamebook and writing a paragraph explanation of what everyone already is saying.

    “We here at Indyposted would label this NSFW, but imagine your boss trying to write you up for looking at a picture of trees having sex.”

    You and your website is lame. I have a feeling that you’re going to steal a dozen more pictures from lamebook and failblog and just say things like “this is an odd and funny picture found at lamebook”, hoping to trick people into looking at your site.

    It’s not going to work. So stop spamming the chat here!!!!

  56. Picture #1 = amaze-a-balls.

  57. @mcowles hahahaha…mcowles doesn’t know how pingbacks work. They didn’t spam anything, Lamebook auto posted the pingbacks. Although I would agree more with you about them reposting if they didn’t attribute and had like a thousand pics up. I found 2, on the entire site. But I feel ya.

  58. i think it’s great ppl post up pix of whatever they like – shows the world what sorta ppl they are. so we can avoid em..

  59. @ Finally

  60. Philosophy 101 – if a tree is raped in the woods and no one is there to see it, does it make a sound?

  61. The first pic is the BEST pic I have seen in a long time.

    A case of a predator “using the trees” again…?

  62. The KneeGroid on is spot on!!!

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