Thursday, August 5, 2010


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  1. I really hope that first one is a joke.

  2. Of course I don’t want to fuck with you, dude who with the Justin Bieber poster in the background. That alone makes you scary enough.

  3. Nothing says ‘Gangsta’ like the Beiebs and Spongebob!

    Does that say ‘Vag Out’ in the upper left btw? That I’m totally cool with!

  4. I don’t get the airport one

  5. It’s on september 11th and has “special tower tours”

  6. ChocolateChipCookie

    yohaley, check the date. took me some time too ^^

  7. I’m totally cool with Spongebob, personally, I find that show hilarious still. Beiber on the otherhand…

  8. I’d let her hunt my cocodile.

  9. my personal fave in the first one is definately “swag” on the wall, under “vag out” haha

  10. Ok, I get the September 11 one, but I don’t see how that’s necessarily in poor taste.

    It’s a Saturday. It involves planes. I understand how maybe having an airplane show on 9/11 could be considered in poor taste if it was in, say, New York City. But it’s not.

    I don’t get how else we’re supposed to act on 9/11. Perhaps we should pretend planes don’t exist. I guess I will officially declare all 9/11s to be plane-free days, from now until the end of time. What’s that in the air? Is it a bird? Is it Superman? Well, it must be one of the two, because it sure as hell isn’t a plane on 9/11.

  11. on the second one, look closely at the two o’s in zoo and the ribbon

  12. lol @Special Tower Tours :D

  13. Picture 2: Not anymore.

    But that annoying little Coc Hunter of the future, Bindi, still does.

  14. Yep, don’t fuck with him or Justin Bieber wil come and kick your ass!

    And also …Airport day… ouch.

  15. I was having a shitty day…until I saw the first photo… so much to chuckle at, I don’t even know where to start!

  16. First is so obviously a joke. Still, I like his motto. Vag out girls.

  17. I don’t get the last one…

  18. hhahahahaha, it’s meant to spell crocodile, but there’s an ‘r’ missing, so it says….haha…. COCodile hunter…. geddit? as in COCK! loooooool!


    geez, some of these posts just make me CREASE! whoever took that photo, seriously, give them their own stand-up show!

  19. dizzylizzy: read the caption.

  20. ahhhh ok my bad…thank hazl.

  21. I still don’t get the last one. Dad getting attacked by a jellyfish. Um… what’s funny?

  22. Nevermind. I get it, I just don’t think it’s funny. My enormous lack of response time made me laugh though.

  23. That is one bicurious gangster.

    He obviously has a crush on J. Bieber, hence the shrine of photos on the right… but he has “Vag out” too


  24. The “special tower tours” part is *maybe* in bad taste, but ffs are we supposed to just not do anything plane related on any sept 11 ever?

  25. Dawn of the Dan

    “I don’t get how else we’re supposed to act on 9/11. Perhaps we should pretend planes don’t exist.”

    Taking care to schedule your AIRPLANE FESTIVAL so that it doesn’t fall on the anniversary of the deadliest AIRPLANE disaster in history is not “pretending planes don’t exist.” It’s just common sense.

  26. I don’t think the air show on 9/11 is in bad taste.

  27. A real badman #1 is with his Justin Bieber posters and Spongebob backpack. Oh and his arm tats look like they’re on the wrong arms shouldn’t it be LIVE LIFE not LIFE LIVE since all English speaking nations read left to right.

    And seriously JELLYFISH!!! WTF?

  28. I completely agree, Douchetastic.

  29. I don’t understand how the airport one is possible, considering it says the picture was added a minute ago but the comments are 4 & 3 minutes old.

  30. @Dan: Perhaps there were circumstances preventing scheduling it on another weekend? Regardless, I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as an airplane disaster so much as a terrorist attack. If someone wanted to throw a “Good Times Al Quida Festival”, then that might be in bad taste. But don’t blame the planes.

  31. The Spongebob backpack, I can’t stop laughing at it!

  32. first one made me L O L

  33. I know what is wrong with the first one…. he accidently added the word “with” in the caption……. :|

  34. i’m sure the first one says “swag out” just missing the ‘s’ and first part of the ‘w’. But “vag out” is just so much more awesome.

  35. Now, with number 1, there are two ways to go about it. The man and his daughter see a hilarious opportunity to be ironic and pose for a gangster picture in front of many girly items. Or, he was oblivious to the situation behind him and was being genuine. I’m hoping for the latter, personally.

  36. @Masterprop… I completely agree!
    @Cookiedough…. That is even more HIlarious!!! ha haha!

    @all you ‘vag’ people… I hope you know that it’s just cut off part of the word and it really says ‘swag’. Lol. It’s funny anyway.

    @everyone else… we can move on away from the airport, 9/11 thing now….. No one has said anything about how dumb the last photo is…. just sayin’. It’s not a jellyfish.

  37. Come on people, with the last one, it’s an Octopus!!! It is in no way a jellyfish.

  38. Holy crap Cookiedough! Excellent catch…

  39. First one: you can obviously see that’s not actually his room. The picture was just taken there. So I’m going to assume this is either his daughter’s room or little sister.

    Second one: I love how the O’s in Zoo look like they are staring at her boobs and the ribbons look like they are trying to feel them.

    Third one: Not really the day I would have picked because of the memories. And “special tower tours”…REALLY?

    Fourth one: Someone has failed science/biology. What’s said is it tells you it’s an octopus.

  40. First one…all I can say is WTF? And my son has that backpack :P

  41. This post sucks and so do the comments

  42. “First one: you can obviously see that’s not actually his room. The picture was just taken there. So I’m going to assume this is either his daughter’s room or little sister.”

    Gosh, ya think? It doesn’t ruin the hilarity of posting in front of the Justin Bieber poster.

  43. If you go to that website for the airport and click the ‘Airport Day’ link, the most recent flier you can open is for last year’s. The 2010 one isn’t even available. Maybe they’ve taken it down and are in the process of rescheduling the event.

  44. So, I used to volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium, where the last picture was taken…and trust me, the number of people that wouldn’t know the difference between octopuses and jellies is astounding. :/

  45. The first one tickled me :)

  46. Hey! How did that dude get in my room?

  47. @ strawburial: okay, perhaps it takes a minor moron to not distinguish between an octopus and a jellyfish BUT.. it takes a major one to miss the sign directly below the damned thing that called it an octopus. c’mon!

  48. Regarding 47, it is amazing how often my wife and I are at the zoo looking at the tigers and some moron with his/her kids will walk up and say ‘look at the lions!’ Or vice verse.

  49. @mad2physicist
    Really? thats what makes you mad? that someone at the zoo says look at the lions when they are referring to tigers? I’ll tell you what annoys me, when someone douche sits around and tries to talk himself up into this idea that you’re somehow superior to everyone else, because you know the difference between lions and tigers. Guess what, not everyone cares about useless tiny details, it doesn’t necessarily make them a moron, in reality it means nothing. All that tells me is that you have some security issues with your own intelligence.

  50. @mad2physicist … “it is amazing how often my wife and I are at the zoo looking at the tigers” — just out of curiosity, how often do you and your wife go to the zoo to look at tigers? Maybe you should find something else to do. Or find a new zoo.

  51. @23 I don’t understand how Justin Bieber and vags are contradicting concepts.

    Also, it would be awesome if that last guy is the same one who said “You rode a sloth?” that was posted here a while ago. Y’know, the sloth was actually an ostrich.

  52. That first one is most wonderful.

  53. if we don’t have airplane shows on 9/11, then the turrists have won!

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