Tuesday, June 29, 2010


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  1. Savannah needs to learn to count, that would be a real accomplishment to be proud of.

  2. “Oh, breast cancer awareness, that’s a good tat to g… oh, my God.”

    Jeez, just when I think people have evolved… people like that last girl come around to bitch slap me off my optimism horse.

  3. mmmm special brownies

  4. Savannah must be a redneck? And who the hell names their child after a region in Africa? Seriously? Might as well call her brother Jungle and her sister Desert and her mom must surely be Serengeti. Man, Americans make me laugh!

  5. suckmebeautiful

    Anyone else notice the wings on the one side are bigger?

    And, what’s weird about the brownies sign?

  6. call me a party-pooper, but i would love to see savannah in a gas chamber.

  7. @ Stephan Botha

    Savannah is a city in Georgia.

  8. @Stephen Botha: Judging from the subject material of her tat, I’m guessing her parents named her for the city in Georgia more so than the African plains.

    And one more thing about the damn Nazi tat freak… I may be proud to be white, as much as I’m proud to be female, and proud to be employed, etc. Being proud to be something doesn’t mean hating people who are not.

    Sorry to be hung up on that one, but being from the South, as I am, I see *far* too much of this stuff to find it faintly amusing when I see even more. I want to beat the crap out of her for being so damn stupid. I would say that I hope that tattoo makes her unable to get a decent job anywhere, ever, but that’s probably her goal in life, anways: a lifetime on welfare, with her 12 pasty kids, raising them to “love God and hate anyone who don’t look like you, Junior.”

  9. @caty: Fair enough.

  10. It is really quite depressing that these people still exist, definitely agree with alordslums.

  11. I hear you MasterProp, I’m from South Africa where racism is just as common as in the South (of the US)

  12. I don’t like people at all, but Savannah takes the cake (or anyone racist for that matter). And yet one of my favorite movies is American History X. Odd

    And the first one is white trash in training.

    The other 2 isn’t that lame

  13. Savannah’s wasn’t funny. Actually it took all the funny out of this post.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Suckme, the brownies are on sale, so they are having a special, and since its on brownies, that makes it “SPECIAL brownies” which also happens to be a variety of brownies that a lot of people would gladly indulge in, but not for it’s chocolatey goodness.

  15. Oh my fucking godlessness…

    Savannah probably has her pubes shaved to look like Hitler’s moustache; what a bitch.

    On the upside, nice job on needling a TARGET onto your body, Savannah… At least I have a good BULLSEYE to aim for when I’m shooting you with my crossbow ’cause It’s redneck hunting season…

    These people disgust me.

  16. The only vaguely funny one is “Stool Bus.” The first one’s stupid, the second one is reaching way too far to be funny, and Savannah’s simply an idiot who should be shot repeatedly.

  17. Yeah I don’t get the second and third one.

    As for the last one…it’s people like her that make people hate Americans…

  18. @Stephen: Yeah, I’ve met a few people from South Africa, and most of them are okay, but I played rugby with one girl who spewed such racist BS that was so extreme it bordered on farce. Admittedly, what I know is mostly from news reports and whatnot, but you do have it bad over there. Sorry :(

    And I agree with Kablaam… what little amusement I got from this post was immediately overshadowed by Nazi-freak.

  19. Usually when I criticize a post, I still see where the humor comes from. But these aren’t funny, not even a little bit. Lamebook is lame.


  20. There is nothing wrong with being proud of being white, just as there is nothing wrong with being proud of being black. However- Nazi symbolism is unacceptable and has nothing to do with being proud of her race. That is something completely different.

  21. Blasted post ninjas!


  22. @I am not here: Speaking of eighteenth… you are not there.

  23. @I am not here- FAIL! :)

  24. Haha, I am not here, failed again!! You gotta be quicker, man!

  25. And there goes another one!

    There is something very wrong with being proud of being “white” or “black.” One should not be proud of one’s pigment levels, but rather of one’s actions.



    I just failed by four posts that time.


  27. i am not here.

    when i read a post, i can usually see what kind of humour the poster is aiming at, even if they’re a bit of a douche.

    but shouting the number of your post (be it the right one or not) is just not funny.

    unless walter does it.

  28. antiaphrodite, my post to you was basically me making stuff up so I had an excuse for shouting “Twenty-first!”

    alordslum, somebody up there already laughed at it, so it’s funny. I’d still do it even if it wasn’t funny, though.


  29. As for the first one, at least they have goals set. Right? Aim high little buddy, aim high!

    @Master Pop

    I’m with you on that one, I used to live in Savannah. That city is filled with crazy people. Your assumption is most likely hitting the nail on the head.

  30. oops •MasterProp


  31. ee, there may be some crazy people there, but Savannah’s one of my favorite places on earth. It might just be the south’s most beautiful city. And I love to camp on Tybee!

  32. So you guys are saying that there are still lots of people that have these kind of views?

  33. bulldog – maybe you could take katypants away from rainy johnston and whisk her away to the plains of savannah…?

  34. Woah woah woah, why are we all assuming she’s American? They don’t have crazy neo-Nazis who Jack off to movies of hitler elsewhere? No?

    Then fuck her, making the rest of us look bad. I mean, I’m white and proud of it too. But I’m not racist, hell my best friend is from El Salvador. And my sister married a Jew (who we still poke fun at but nothing further than poking him with stereotypes.) so savannah: how dare you take my girlfriends name and use it to make yourself an obvious Baguette [girl douchebag, gettit?] so kindly fuck yourself with a rifle.

  35. I didn’t mean people should be proud of themselves just because of their race/ethnicity/whatever, just that my race is a part of who I am, in whatever way, and I am proud of myself, because I am awesome. It’s just one small part of the whole.

    But Nazi-era Germany, what pretty much our *entire* world’s population can consider one of the darker periods in the history of the human race… being memorialized in a tattoo… is not pride in anything. It’s tasteless, shameless, and disgusting.

    Here’s hoping Lamebook makes up big time for this downer with their next post. C’mon, Lamebook! C’mon…

  36. Maybe in the fall, slums. I’ve made the mistake of setting foot on the Georgia coast in summer before, and it’s not a mistake I’ll be repeating. The air gets so thick with heat and humidity that you have to chew it before you breathe it in.

  37. fuckmustard – - there are still many racists in the south, but as far as people sporting neo-Nazi views and neo-Nazi tattoos? No, that’s not prevalent. In fact, I can say I’ve never seen a Nazi tattoo in person, and I’m pretty thankful for it. And I’d like to think that racism in general is on the retreat.

  38. Savannah appears to have dark hair and olive skin. Does she not realize this precludes her from the whole “master race” ideal?

    Perhaps someone should burn a Star of David on that bitch’s lawn, then beat her sensible (see what I did there?), with a mezuzah.

  39. Can we all just agree that Savannah was definitely homeschooled?


  40. I kinda want to punch her in the face right now. And send her back to the holocaust and make her live it. I’ve read testimony by ex-Nazis that said that shit was terrible.

  41. Bulldog, no question there, it is a beautiful town. However, there are still some wicked crazies there!

  42. So, I know she doesn’t want people to give her shot about the tattoo, but what about for not being able to count higher than 3? After 3 is 4, Savannah. You’re proud of your skin color because you don’t have anything else to be proud of, I guess?

  43. *shit. Thanks, iPhone.

  44. Bulldog – thank you for clarifying, it was starting to sound like this is a common thing to see in Savannah.

  45. Krazy Eyez Killa

    First and last make my soul weep. I could go for a special brownie.

  46. Awww, c’mon Bulldog. I think we can take the heat ;) Slums and ee, want to join? We’re makin’ a mooovie.

    Plus, work today is driving me *insane*. I need to get out of here.

  47. Also, 97% of the population is a dumb madeup statistic… First off, if she IS American whites are becoming the minority. 2. I’m sure that even if she meant 97% of the white population, more than three percent are proud to be white. 3. hitler wouldn’t like her anyway, he gassed the retards. And 3. She’s a fucking idiot.

  48. Oh, I have no doubts that we could beat the heat. There’s just going to be a lot of sweat involved. Ee can be our tour guide. ;)

  49. @Bulldog: I have seen people with swastika tattoos ON THEIR FACE hanging around Arkansas. Luckily, though, that is few and far between.

    So, yes, Neo-Nazis, though existent, are not prevalent. Racism, however, is alive and well in parts of the South even today. Though, most of them have decided they hate homos worse, and are able to let things like skin color slide (as in, not publicly verbally/physically harassing) as long as “yer not kwer”.

  50. I also think that ee would be a fantastic addition to our movie. How was the beach, Katy?

  51. Savannah is just trying to shock people, and show everyone how unconventional and “hardcore” she is. She is immature and will live to regret that one a lot…

  52. I’m actually from Savannah, GA.
    Anyways, I feel embarrassed for that girl, Savannah.

  53. I entirely agree :D and word too if she can find some time and hop the pond. The beach was aaaamazing! Not too hot, got a slammin’ tan, and had a cooler full of beer. Then went to the Airshow on Saturday… best weekend I’ve had for a while. How have things been with you?

  54. @Dinosauring: I noticed that, too. Who *is* that mysterious 97%? Does she mean white Americans? Or what percentage of the world is white? Is she counting white-skinned people of Latin decent? Or only white Europeans? Or only white *western* Europeans? Or what percentage of white western Europeans are proud to be white? Or what? We need context, Savannah.

  55. Well, my weekend wasn’t quite as good as yours, but we managed to have a good time. Hit some bars, did a little karaoke which was brutal for the people listening, but fun for us. I’m glad you got to hit the beach, I would have been there in a heartbeat. ;)

  56. Savannah doesn’t understand that it’s not a symbol of white pride, it’s mostly a symbol of lunacy and mass hysteria. Granted, when people see that they are not gonna think “OH MY GOD A NAZI” they will think, “what a douche” or I’m gonna “f****ing slap that bitch” without any drama or controversial arguments. Maybe her family and friends will give her drama, even people on her facebook. People in real life will respond either aggressively or just ignore her. Nobody will try to understand her point of view.

    So yeah… fail… at life, culture and society.

  57. Oh lol, it says special brownies! It’s funny because they’re a naughty thing! Giggle. Mummy and daddy wouldn’t like me reading this for sure.

    Unless I had the same parents as the kid in that first picture, then they probably wouldn’t mind.

    Only 97% of the population are proud of being white? Bet it’s all those fucking blacks, isn’t it? They never wanna come to our white pride meetings, their attitude’s disgusting.

  58. Observation: It is always those needy people who are secretly DESPERATE for attention and validation who announce “I don’t give a shit what you think of me”.

  59. Oh, I forgot to reference the ‘Stool Bus’ post, for which I had to lean right into the screen and squint until my eyes popped out to read.

    Okay, that’s an exaggeration.

    Savannah’s a fucking idiot and I hope she falls over and hurts herself.


  60. Also, 97% of the population AREN’T proud of being white. Oh, good job Hobo, now your comment makes jack-shit sense. Shut up.

  61. Way to want better for you kid, “parent”.

    Special brownies…ok…

    Savannah just needs to shoot herself in the medulla oblongata. It’ll save everyone a headache because it seems that she’s never read anything about history in her life. No child left behind at its finest.

  62. Savannah – I’d definitely hit that. With an oar. Repeatedly.

  63. maybe “I am not here” is actually savannah and her repeated attempts to declare the number of her posts is her trying to atone for her lack of counting skills (and again failing)… just a theory i am working on…

    oh, and i know we have a reputation of our own to deal with, but seeing dirtbags like savannah only reminds me how thankful i am to be a new englander.

  64. i am from around savannah. the heat…ahhhh…ahhh.

    but yeah neo-nazism really isn’t common. honestly, most of the racism i have seen around here is through actions, not people expressing their views on tats, etc. i might be wrong, but i sometimes think that there’s just as much racism in the south as there is elsewhere in the USA…it’s just a stereotype for the racism to be concentrated in the south. i mean, even rednecks aren’t just a southern thing…they’re all over the country…

  65. “Stephan Botha
    Savannah must be a redneck? And who the hell names their child after a region in Africa? Seriously? Might as well call her brother Jungle and her sister Desert and her mom must surely be Serengeti. Man, Americans make me laugh!”

    I see nowhere that says that woman is American. not every racist is an American. nice try, though.

  66. Ok, why is it anytime something racist is posted, everyone assumes it’s from the Southeast U.S.? Cmon, it’s really not that bad anymore. Besides, if you’re gonna accuse us of being racist, at least get it right. The South is KKK country, was never much on being skinheads, that’s more of a Pacific NW sort of thing.

    BTW, did you know that the NAZIs didn’t believe they were the master race? They were trying to recreate the master race described in Madame Blavatsky’s “The Secret Doctrine”
    She basically took a bunch of religions and rubbed them together until it made no sense.

  67. Also, why would one post a picture in a public forum if they didn’t “give a shit” what anyone thought…

  68. @chesty

    shock value

  69. I don’t get why people use the swastika as their symbol for racial pride, because if they’re not German, it stops meaning ‘we’re the master race’ (yes, I know the German’s didn’t invent the symbol, but do you really think these racist fucknuts are ripping it off anyone else?) and starts to simply mean ‘hey, I’m a racist moron who thinks my race is superior to all other races for FUCK-ALL REASON.’

  70. @hobs

    yeah, they just want to hide under the banner of racial pride, “what you can have black pride, but not white pride?! this swastika is just a symbol of my pride”

    it’s not, they’re racist

  71. oh, and I think the original Hindu symbol was reversed

  72. I believe the Brownie sign – is in reference to the old cameras (note the other camera cases and strap in the background)

  73. nah, i think it’s because it says “special brownies” as if they have a special herb in them

  74. Well.. I hope Savannah isn’t planning on going to Germany and wearing that shirt anytime soon because if I remember correctly the swastika is illegal in Germany now.. I could be wrong.

    as for her caption… I find people who are racist stupid and ignorant. that’s MY opinion and no one can change it. go back to school, re-learn to count, and re-learn the history of Nazim AND the swastika.

    people’s ignorance humors me.

  75. Having lived in the Southern US and being married to a minority, vs. living in the Northwest (specifically Idaho) and being married to a minority, I can assure all of you that the South gets a bad rap. YEAH there’s racism, there’s racism everywhere. But it’s MUCH worse living somewhere that’s 99% white. There’s racial tension in the South more than in the North, but that’s because there’s more RACE. People in Idaho (and I am presuming, anywhere else where there is a vast majority of white people), are FAR more racist than those down South.

    I actually live in the Southwest now. As a white person, I’m in the minority here (I go DAYS without seeing another white person). Racism hasn’t been an issue for me as a minority.

    White people in large groups suck. Period.

  76. Having the name Savannah doesn’t make her any more Southern than having the name Paris makes you French.

    She could be from anywhere.

    Regardless, she is a fucking moron.

  77. Okay, from reading the comments I get that you are all very politically correct and everything, and that’s fine. I am not a racist myself and do not want to support those kind of beliefs. HOWEVER, practically all of the people disagreeing with Savannah here have written that they want to kill her (by putting her in gas chambers or shooting her or whatever) and that makes me wonder; do you all think it is wrong to kill people of different color, but okay to kill people of different opinion than yours?

  78. @Chesty La Rue

    That’s a decent theory, but it fails on three counts. The most obvious one is the massive influx of ninjas into this particular lamebook thread…

  79. Pytt: I disagree, I never said that. :-P

    At any rate, I highly doubt anybody who commented like that was doing anything except using irony to illustrate a point. Those that wear symbols of oppression and genocide are more deserving of genocide that people that commit the “crime” of being a minority (racial or religious). Writing an off-the-cuff comment on a website does not mean they would actually pick up a gun and shoot her (though if I’m wrong, feel free to correct me).

    However, putting a symbol of mass genocide and calling it “pride” in your heritage when it in fact has NOTHING to do with European history is a definite sign that one would have no issues with putting another race or religion in a gas chamber.

    Cause if it’s really a matter of pride in her heritage, I can think of a lot of other symbols: a cross, celtic art, etc.

  80. “However, putting a symbol of mass genocide and calling it “pride” in your heritage when it in fact has NOTHING to do with European history is a definite sign that one would have no issues with putting another race or religion in a gas chamber.”

    I meant European history as in the cultural and historical roots of Europe, i.e. religious history, art, etc. Obviously it has SOMETHING to do with European history. I didn’t clarify the context.

  81. I never wished for her death, but I do believe there is a big difference between an opinion based on logic, and an opinion based on hate.

    And hollymar, I didn’t mean to implicate the South as some sort of racist wasteland; the majority, in fact, are very open-minded about things, and accepting of people regardless of race or background. That being said, there are still a vocal few who still proudly declare themselves the better race, and this goes both ways. Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, even Asians who think that anyone who looks different from them. Racism is racism is racism, and despite the fact that it’s not as obvious, it still happens.

    I don’t have anything to compare it to, however (North, West, East) because I was born and raised in Arkansas. I’m proud to be an Arkansan, but I do see the negative side to my home region as well. Now I’m bummed that it’s worse elsewhere. You just wrecked my dream of utopia!

  82. Stuff the wife beating association, if a man has a good physique, I love a white singlet the same way a guy loves a girl in a white T-shirt, especially if it’s wet. I know I’m right on this one.

  83. @Pytt
    The simple answer:
    No. No one here thinks it is alright to kill someone merely for having a different opinion.

    The still simple but slightly more informative answer:
    This is not a matter of us and our opinions versus Savannah and her opinions. This is a matter of us against something that seeks to tear apart the human race, and that is historically, morally, and philosophically wrong. The racist actions of Nazi Germany are condemnable by any moral law (don’t even think about throwing out moral relativism here, because I’ll just laugh at you for being a moron and tell you to go read a basic philosophy text). Nazi Germany’s racism was (and is) a threat to humanity as a whole. Thus, wanting to kill those who support those actions and attempt to carry on the racism through ANY means is not hypocritical, and is both natural and justifiable.
    I’m not saying it’s alright to go out and kill neo-Nazis; it’s illegal, and actually carrying out the killings is (probably) not justifiable. But wanting to kill such a person? Nothing wrong with that.

    “And once we’re in enemy territory, as a bushwhackin’ guerrilla army, we’re gonna be doin’ one thing and one thing only… killin’ Nazis…”


  84. And as for this debate, to get in on it, I’d need one of those special brownies.

  85. @word
    I knew a girl once who….never mind.

    Screw yelling out the post number. Too many thread ninjas here!

  86. this thread inspired me to get a brownie during lunch today. while it wasn’t special, it was damn good.

  87. nazi symbol anit that bad realy is it? just means you dont like people takin ova an that i dont think peple shud be killd an that but if ya in a cuntry that not ya own ya gotta egspect peple ta be a bit nasty like when i went to spain a dude spitted on me an i was like ya a dick dude but its ur cuntry so its up to u if u wanna be a dick about me givin ya money init?

  88. nazi symbol anit that bad realy is it? just means you dont like people takin ova an that i dont think peple shud be killd an that but if ya in a country that not ya own ya gotta egspect peple ta be a bit nasty like when i went to spain a dude spitted on me an i was like ya a dick dude but its ur country so its up to u if u wanna be a dick about me givin ya money init?

  89. And THAT post (the one right above mine, or #87 if another ninja struck) is an example of how modern patriotism has become a disease of the mind.

  90. Man racism hurts me. Stephan, I’m also from South Africa (I’m sure you figured that out kinda like I figured out you were South African. lol) I travel a lot and haven’t experienced it anywhere else except my own country, sad
    I don’t think I’ll go back… not now, but I miss it though.

  91. As for the debate, she has the right to hate as much as anyone else has the right to think she’s a blubbering idiot. No one has to like it, but that is just the way it is.
    It isn’t a symbol of her heritage, because she outright said she’s racist. Therefore, it is a symbol of her racism.
    I’m still lost on how she thinks white pride goes along with her hateful beliefs. I have pride in my white ass, but hate is not my style.
    Just remember: To hate her for how she is makes you no better than her.

  92. i am not here y? it anit a disease peple can be be cured it anit that cancer shit that kils ya

  93. krasivaya_devushka

    Lol @ the words init and anit and every other that yoink says.
    So funny; keep commenting! :D

  94. I reckon Katy and Bulldog will end up together.

  95. Yoink, it’s hard to even tell what you’re saying when you type like that, but from what I’ve deciphered, you’re an idiot.

    It baffles me that people like Savannah still exist. Once some neo-Nazis (swastika t-shirts, etc) came into the store my dad was manager of at the time. He threw them out. Apart from just being generally disgusted, my mom and I are Jewish. This was in Maryland, by the way.

  96. I think the last pic is supposed to be funny not because of the shock value of the tatoo, but because Savannah obviously believes herself to be part of the so-called “master race”, and yet she can’t count past 3.

  97. other peple can undastand me so not my problam if your to stuped to

  98. CommentsAtLarge


    I think “White people in large groups suck. Period.” should actually be expanded to “People in large groups suck. Period.” You can still have an angry mob, regardless of the racial makeup of the participants.

  99. bollywood_rocks83

    Two comments:

    1. Are Americans the only people who say wife beater? I call that a singlet. Now I get why some of my friends think I’m an idiot when I ask what a wife beater is.

    2. Savannah, thanks for ruining my Hindu swastika tattoo. I live in GA and people get into a fit when they see it. Sadly, I also have an AUM tat which some people insist is the number 30.*headdesk*

  100. Not going to rail on Savannah, nor will I defend her. I really just don’t care (and neither should you.) We’ll all pay our own way in the end. That one’s just here to get people commenting. Worked.

  101. Gah neonazis, I have one for a neighbor. Luckily he is busier being drunk off his ass than spreading the hate. Online neonazis are a weird bunch, it’s like they have a need to feel persecuted. “I can’t use a symbol of hate and inhumanity without everyone being mean to me but I don’t care anyway bawwah”, seriously…

  102. I think that on the brownie one it’s $1.95 a brownie but the cash machine or shop people wiill only accept $5 minimum…probably.

    #1: Can’t see why people would encourage this stuff
    #3: Don’t get it
    #4: Tut tut, shame on her

  103. Hmph. I, for one, grew up in Georgia as a MUSLIM and being half-white (with a very southern family on my father’s side.) No one has ever done anything racist to me in my life, nor at my religion (maybe because I don’t look stereotypically Muslim…)

    That is all.

  104. Alright, I may have exaggerated — I can understand you, but your spelling is atrocious.

  105. @I am not here

    Your very ignorant aren’t you?
    I was homeschooled and I turned out just fine, turd.
    Sorry if my family didn’t want me to go to the public schools in my city where the drop-out rate is 50% and i’ll get beat up just because of my race.
    FYI, not everyone who homeschool’s are racist hicks. Your no better than the girl in the picture if you stereotype people like that!

    Anyway, about the last picture: What a stupid and narrowminded person.

  106. 1: Hahahahha. Poor kid. His parents are so encouraging of him reaching his goals.
    2: Special Brownies. Whatever, not funny.
    3: STOOL BUS!
    Come on. It’s the funniest thing ON this post.
    4: What a bitch. I hope something absolutely awful happens to her because of that.

  107. cunninglinguist

    I want to meet Savannah, just so I can compliment her on her multicultural tattoo that blends the Dharma symbol of Buddhism with a heraldic image from the seal of Hellenistic Egypt.

    Of course, that assumes that Savannah, who obviously has trouble counting past 3, understands the words “heraldic,” “Hellenistic,” “multicultural,” and perhaps even “the.”

    @hollymar – Very well-said. I live in Alabama, and while I hate it for the most part, I do enjoy the racial diversity. Yes, there are racial tensions in the Southeastern U.S., just like anywhere else, but I have seen more racism in other parts of the country than I see in my heart-of-Dixie home state.

  108. cunninglinguist

    while I hate it for the most part – Ah, yes, the fabulous Unclear Pronoun Syndrome. Just to clarify, I hate Alabama, not racial diversity.

  109. @EmpireAnts
    Please look up the distinction between “you’re” and “your.” You used it incorrectly twice in that post. Also, “I” is always capitalized, even when part of the contraction “I’ll” and in the middle of a sentence. “Homeschool’s” is read as “homeschool is,” making the sentence you wrote read as “not everyone who homeschool is are racist hicks…”

    Last but not least, stereotyping people based on their social upbringing or their horrid grammar is one thing(Savannah made similar mistakes to you in her post, if you didn’t notice, but then again, you’ve demonstrated that you’re too ignorant and defensive to see that alternative). WANTING TO FUCKING SLAUGHTER ENTIRE RACES OF PEOPLE UNTIL ONLY PEOPLE FROM YOUR “MASTER RACE” ARE LEFT ON THE PLANET is an entirely different animal.

    But it seems clear that you never learned the distinction between the two.

  110. @yoink
    I couldn’t make sense of that post earlier, but now I get it.

    There are lots of diseases of the mind – depression, schizophrenia, and so on – and not all of them “kill ya.” It’s a disease of the mind because it involves taking a natural instinct (protection of the species through protection of one’s own small group) and twisting it into something dangerous (protection of one’s own nation, and survival of it at all costs, even if those costs involve destruction of the species in all other nations).

  111. wow, yoink and ‘i am not here’ in the same post.

    did i just feel hadrons collide?

    now we just need ben, she who shall not be named, and JoeAckney to get in on the act.

    popcorn, anyone?

  112. Re: Yoink – please don’t feed the troll.

  113. If she’s so proud of being white, show it. Get that tat on her forehead!

  114. iyaa – I converted to Islam when I lived in GA. Nobody gave me any grief whatsoever, and I DID wear hijab. I got a LOT of flak in Idaho. So yeah.

    Master Prop – no offense taken. I have seen racism in GA, I was simply saying it was worse in the Northwest and therefore people shouldn’t give people in the South a hard time. So agreed.

    @Comments: this is true. How about we amend it to “large groups of people who are not at all diverse suck”? There can’t be a mob without groupthink, and that usually comes from the “us v. them” attitude. I think if there were actually more minorities where I lived before, racism may not have been a problem. But when you have a large community of all white, all black, all WHATEVER and then you introduce a variable, people freak and are either hostile or so nice it’s patronising, insulting, and proves that they don’t REALLY look at you as a human being, or worse, they pity you.

  115. yoink is one of two things, not serious or deaf. I have a hard time believing that he can read what everyone says and continues to post the way that he does. He is funny as hell though, and I have fun trying to decipher his posts :)

  116. hollymar, as a hijab-wearing muslim, and therefore also necessarily a strict moralist (stay with me here, i’m not going to generalise at all), what do you get from this site? you must find it largely offensive, and not funny… perhaps a reminder of how sinful the human race is and how everyone’s going to burn?

    i know you’re not a proselytiser, but i also thought that about elixabeth. don’t understand how you can enjoy this site, unless it’s with an aggrandised form of the smugness the spelling and grammar nazis on here do!

    i thought lamebook was for the godless!!

  117. CommentsAtLarge

    Nah, not godless – we worship the Golden Flapjack God of IHOP.

  118. Loving the anomaly of having a swastika underneath what appears to be a breast cancer ribbon. Rather like the love heart following his declaration of FUCKOFF!
    Although I think possibly my favourite part is “yes I’m a racist”
    Such refreshing honesty. :S

  119. Oh shit that’s a girl!
    My bad!

  120. Savannah is shaming our name :(

  121. I would love to see Savannah wear a halter top and DARE to show her dumb ass in my place. She wouldn’t survive the beating…

  122. @90 “Just remember: To hate [Savannah] for how she is makes you no better than her.”
    No it doesn’t.

  123. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Would a hypothetical self-hating Neo-Nazi be ok?

  124. What’s so lame about the last one? Okay, so she’s racist and conceited. So are a lot of people. And as she says, she’s entitled to an opinion. Eh, lamebook, eh.
    Also, can someone explain to me the brownies? Sorry if it’s been said already, I can’t be bothered reading 120 comments.

    So sorry lamebook, it’s a thumbs-down from me.
    #1 is too samey,
    #2 doesn’t make sense (at least at first),
    #3 has nothing to do with facebook except for the fact that it’s been uploaded, and
    #4 is only going to spark debate.

    How about considering some of my submissions for a change? *glares*

  125. At least Savannah told us to FUCKOFF with love.

  126. Yes, the little heart at the end makes everything okay.

  127. Getting a [badly done] swastika tattoo because you’re proud to be white is like getting a Lorena Bobbitt tattoo because you’re proud to be female.

  128. @tojeem — “Special Brownies.” Pot brownies. Not really very funny.

  129. @zydrate13
    Maybe that’s cause American History X is about how Derek realizes how stupid his previous actions were and how he tries to get out of the rut. And how he’s preventing his brother to go down the same road.
    Savannah should see that movie.
    Or they could just toss her into jail so that she can be taught the hard way like Derek was, that would be totally fine too. Could do her good.

  130. Okay, it seems you guys need a lesson in equality. Guess what? You are not the only ones who are allowed to have an opinion. And other people’s opinions may not agree with yours! shocking, I know. Also, she is not hurting anybody or saying anything negative about anyone (and yet you feel free to call her names, good job with that). Thirdly, rednecks = nazis is a stereotype, much like black people = gangsters. Huh.

    heehee, stool bus.

  131. @genericuser, as much as I agree with you that stereotypes are wrong, having a swastika tattooed on your body is nothing to do with being proud about being white. It’s plainly disgusting.
    She clearly needs a lesson in history. People like her make me sick.
    I once had a guy come into the bar I work in with a swastika tattooed across his head. It’s just a blatant way of causing controversy and so was Lamebook posting Savannah’s picture.

  132. @”hollymar”, “masterprop” and “I am not here” (sorry if I’m getting any names wrong)
    Thank you for proper answers, and not just trolling like “yoink”. :)
    I guess I’ve never been in a situation where I had any reason to hate someone that much (like people that have had their family or friends murdered or hurt by racists/nazis), so I can’t really be preaching how I love my enemies, since I have none. But I am still never in favor of any person hating other people, and I don’t think ANYONE should be killed. Of course people like Savannah is a couple of cards short of a full deck, but as long as she is not hurting anyone I think it’s better to either ignore her or laugh at her ignorance. In the end, she is the one who is going to suffer the most because of it.
    I think people should be a little more careful when expressing hate and threats on the internet, and that goes for both Savannah and the people commenting. It’s not “for real”, but it’s still dangerous to encourage that kind of behavior, it seems like it’s getting harder and harder for people to draw the line between their actions on the internet and IRL.

  133. ^^^^He’s smart. Listen to his insight. “Pytt” is very wise. (no sarcasm, I’m being serious)

  134. I really hope when she visits German, to maybe show to her friends HOW PROUD SHE IS, she’ll be wearing a tank top so she can get her freaking racist ass arrested :3

  135. Hiijole_Chingada

    gee’z that mother must be so proud “practicing for later in life?” that’s so sad haha

  136. Hiijole_Chingada

    Savanah burn in hell you nasty piece of shit!

  137. The thing about Savannah’s that’s funny isn’t the tattoo, you guys, it’s her counting. 1, 2, 3, 3… um….

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