Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PhoDoh Time!

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  1. Paranoid Android


    I think I’m gonna explode.

  2. Walter Sobchak


  3. Paranoid Android

    Damn shame that my ‘first’ cherry was popped to a bunch of the lamest submissions ever.

    I feel violated. I need yoinking.

  4. Walter Sobchak

    Why’d that boy dye his pubes green? Weirdo.

  5. I am so pissed off!

  6. Walter Sobchak

    Join the club.

  7. I don’t even know what Ms. Dash is, and I’m too lazy too Google. Don’t bother explaining, I don’t care.

  8. Yoink will be very angry at the first picture. The quality of the wood is not good and the lamination is equally bad.

  9. I love Chiles!

  10. Chilis*

  11. Fun fact: Condoms were invented by Lucifer’s minions in order to promote premarital sex and promiscuity.

    Abstinence only is the way to go. It’s a shame that we went from (one of my personal heroes) George W. Bush – who slashed condom funding in the 3rd world and public schools and promoted true Christian/American values like chastity and purity – to Barack Obama – who wants to give kids condoms and dildos when they come out of the womb. A true tragedy.

  12. @dan_fargis

    Sarah Palin said the same thing. Look at her single-teen-mom-daughter before you post stupid replies.

  13. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Farg-is back!

    I thought you’d quit, I was depressed.

  14. @dietpills – No, I went away for the 4th. Took my Bible study class out for a prayer retreat to celebrate the country’s birthday.

  15. @Dan_fargis
    All the gods were happy and blissful after jacking off to the latest Paris Hilton leak video, except for Jesus and I think you know it well why? (Hint: Crucifix, tied hands,…)

  16. Yoink and his family piss me off!

  17. @Yoinks Father – Paris Hilton is a perfect example of the liberal socialist agenda to destroy the youth of America. Promoting a sinner like Ms. Hilton and making her into a pop-culture icon. You know who is a real American icon? Jesus. You’d never see Jesus make a sex tape or snort coke off someone’s breasts.

  18. dietpillpyramidscheme

    You’re right, Dan. Jesus had taste.
    Plus, he was more of an Opium kinda guy.

    An Opium pipe, some Ood music, he was set.

  19. krasivaya_devushka

    If George Bush is your hero, well then, that says everything about you.

  20. FredNordie is pissed off!

  21. Jesus Dan, no one wants to hear your right wing religious bullshit.

  22. krasivaya_devushka


    Today is yoink’s birthday! Happy birthday yoink!

  23. Douchetastic the Forned Rose

    Hapee birfdae yoink.

  24. Hawkbit, I do.

  25. Jesus was American? That explains a lot. Dan, is it wrong that your posts make me aroused? I always like the ones who are prim and virtuous on the surface because they’re always really wild in the sack.

  26. Worst submissions ever. I want that 10.309786 seconds of my life back.

  27. hey Dan Fargis, maybe if Jesus “did coke off some boobs” and “made a sex tape” more people would like him……….
    I know I sure would; he would then be almost (just almost) as cool as myself and Paris Hilton

  28. dietpillpyramidscheme

    It’s really gone on long enough that anyone who takes Dan seriously is a complete moron.

    It’s sarcasm. Jesus fucking Christ… I’m going to have a rage annerysm.

  29. Happy Birthday Yoink.

    I’m calling glory hole on #3.

  30. i dont get the last picture.

  31. Hey Danny boy! I just want to point out that the rate of teen pregnancy had been dropping, until this year. Funnily enough, THIS year, funding for abstinence only sex-ed programs went way up. Just like teen pregnancy rates. Coincidence?

  32. Well, Dan’s right. Mr. Obama did send my 3 month old a rattle in the shape of a dildo. Or did he send ME a dildo in the shape of a rattle? Either way, Bush would never have done that!

  33. Does anyone really take dan_fargis seriously? If he truly believes what he preaches he wouldn’t be visiting this site. He is either a troll, being sarcastic, or is a flaming hypocrite.

  34. Douchetastic the Forned Rose

    Dan is what certain other people attempt to be and never succeed – someone mocking a stereotype in a truly funny and usually clever way. Those who take him seriously only make him funnier.

  35. Could someone please explain what #3 is supposed to be about?

  36. @rosinbackrider, umm the caption for the last one kinda explains it all…it’s a swastika with american flags in it…heehee get it,get it..

    these aren’t even that funny.

  37. @Turkish – Apparently you have not read the Bible thoroughly. It is sinful to not spread the word of God. Sometimes the best places to do that are the places which attract sinners. That’s why you see Jesus’ foot soldiers outside of sporting events and rock concerts. I suggest you re-read your Mark 16:15 – it’s one of the most important, and well known, passages.

  38. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Dan, can I hire you to perform at parties and social gatherings?

    I’m not sure how to picture you, though… Mock bible basher, complete with bowtie? Or John Safran-esque..

    Either way, you complete me.
    Would you care to take our love one step further?

  39. Watch out dan, it’s a trap! You’ll lose all your money!

    That would really piss me off!

  40. I knew Wal-Mart was ran by Nazis, by jeez, that’s just ridiculous.

  41. suckmebeautiful

    Can someone explain how a sporting event would be sinful? I didn’t know they were, but in that case… Who’s up for some baseball?

  42. Jesus was a socialist. true story

  43. @suckmebeautiful – sports themselves are not sinful, but the audience tends to have a lot of sinning types (gamblers, boozers, the promiscuous) who could use some QT with the words of the Creator

    @uRaRetard – Jesus most certainly was not a socialist. Socialism didn’t come into being until long after Jesus died for our sins.

  44. Mark 16:15- And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

    Excuse me, I’ve got to go convert the cats my neighbor is hoarding.

  45. loooooooooool i luv the chilidick

  46. CommentsAtLarge

    Ugh – threads like this make my brain bleed.

  47. @43, your comment is amusing on several levels.

  48. hang on a second, your hero is George w. Bush, the same GW that in his childhood snorted coke and problly snorted coke of a few tits aswell……. Please tell me you are kidding me…. Isn’t that what do i call it……. Oh yeah a hypocrite……… The same GW that his family has very…. very lucrutive ties to oil companys in the middle east…… The same GW that INVATED THE WRONG COUNTRY….. Am i hearing this corrctly?

  49. i love dan_fargis.. not sure whether to take him seriously or not.. he’s been known to joke around before, and yet he knows so much about the bible…

  50. Can I just say that Jesus was Israelian.

  51. I’m sorry did you just say Israelian? that’s not even a word

  52. Walter Sobchak

    WTFargis. Change your fuckin name homo.

  53. SimplePleasures

    People who make jokes about something they don’t know about is soul-crushingly awkward, and tend to cheapen the atmosphere.

    Dan_Fargis is a brilliant genius. End of.

  54. SimplePleasures


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