Friday, February 12, 2010

Pertrice the Piece

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  1. No… they don’t.

  2. Just threw up a little bit. I’ll be ok in a few…days…

  3. Is that a big pit stain under her arm? It sure looks like it. Not so tasty.


    i have no other comments.
    oh yes i do. i want to know what a flinq is.

  5. what is SMH?

  6. SMH – Shakes My Head

  7. flinq is how the cool kids spell fling

  8. SMH= Shaking My Head…and that’s exactly what I’m doing at that pic.

    First glimpse, I thought it said “nasty” Trecee

  9. OMG, she has her shirt tucked in under her bra! What in the..?

  10. *violent shudder*

  11. oh, i get it. like the Q is a G.


  12. Misplaced self esteem is the scourge that will bring down society.

  13. Oh. Dear. Lord. All hope is lost.

  14. the way she has her shirt, it looks less like a pair of tits and more like she’s wearing a comically undersized inner tube around her chest.

  15. My eyes hate me for this.

  16. You know, “skank” is such an ugly word. And this skank is such an ugly girl.

  17. Dear lord.

  18. I’ve seen some people that have facebooks for their dogs. I hadn’t yet seen someone that given their livestock a facebook. Ol’ Petrice-y must be one special bovine.

  19. For some reason, she makes me think of Patrick from “SpongeBob SquarePants”.

  20. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Pertrice and Mateo seem to have a special bond.

  21. She’s fat you fucking moron.

    You don’t hit that until you’re a case of beer deep.

    For Fuck Sake.

  22. I…




  23. umm… ewww.

  24. I used to do that with my shirt when I was ten. Then again, the way girls are developing nowadays, she could be ten as well. The thought makes me a little ill.

  25. mateo is a thirsty disgusting motherfucker

  26. Pertrice is a cock tease. What a bitch!!!!

    Mateo is NOT a dirty mofo. He is a man with natural urges.

  27. Bestiality for most men, is not a natural urge.

  28. Trece, Trece, Trece, they don’t make belly tops in your size for a reason…don’t go getting all creative.

  29. sorry trecee*

  30. @belle83773 you spelled “unnatural” wrong.

    That top that “pertrice” is wearing is (was) actually a very long nightgown

  31. i personally like how she added the redundant signature at the bottom “signed trecee”


    @ 8.Cherry Cola – I thought it said Nasty Treece too! Haha!

    People who substitute p’s for q’s should be shot in the face.

  33. q’s for p’s – damnit! I fail.

  34. q’s for g’s – God Damnit! Double fail!

  35. OMG, someone should inform the government that we’re being invaded by cow-people. Quick before they start re-producing. For the love of humanity, GO.

  36. Is that the girl from Precious?

  37. I imagine Mateo is just as gross as Pertrice. It’d probably be a pretty evenly matched “flinq.”

  38. Delusional people are sometimes amusing, and sometimes not. Trecee (tree’-see) (tray’-see) (treece-ee’)? Why would you do that to your kid? Pray tell that’s not Tracey.

  39. And what does ‘fronted on you’ mean? All this talk of ‘fronting’. Explain please.

    I’m off to vomit. I’ll check for the answer when I’m feeling better.

  40. “Fronting” is the act of trying to mate with a Grizzly bear.

  41. Found Pertrice without much effort. Mateo no longer appears in her friends list, though Ace and Bella do. Not sending her a FR, ’cause it’s not worth the effort to add her just to see more Wookie pictures.

    Maybe Mateo moved on, and is spending a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend with Chewbacca…or Fantasia Barrino.

  42. I just died a little inside.

  43. Hey Pertrice, if you’re looking for a “relationship,” yer doin’ it wrong!

  44. OK Pertrice…

  45. Angelwings? Nuh uh.

  46. Words need not apply. There is simply nothing to say about this photo.

    BTW, according to urban dictionary, fronting is ” A facade. Appearing one way, but really acting another. Misrepresnting yourself.”

    I think that applies here. “myy boobs look yummy smh”. Sheesh. Dream on!

  47. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    I think her bra is screaming in pain at this moment….

  48. oh jeez… i think she ate her valentine

  49. I think Mateo is just as ugly as her.. I picture him as a little horny teenageboy, who plays a little too much computer, and her as the teenagegirls who has a huge lack of attention, and takes these ugly not-sexy pictures of herself.
    Whats up with the picture? She reminds me of those girls who has nothing else to offer than their body, and therefore they consider themselves as God’s gift to all humans..
    Petrice.. Do as Bella says, and PULL YOUR TOP DOWN!

  50. I’m betting she’s 14, and her mom’s in her mid 20′s. Who do you think taught her to wear her shirt like a skank?

    I’m betting she’s been on Maury before.

  51. Her tits look like the Lara Croft video game; too big, weirdly square-shaped, and resembling one solid mass rather than two separate entities.

  52. Wow, she is just like J-LO (Jennifer Lopez).. she got the fat ass and the bad attitude.

  53. GrammaticalErrors

    @soup, #12….. LMAO it’s so true, all those groups telling huge bitches they are beautiful because you can have a heart attack any time you want. lol

  54. Kizzle made me laugh so very much! “She ate her Valentine!” Not a candy one, the ACTUAL dude!!!

  55. I’d hit it.

    Just sayin..

  56. The fact that she called herself “tasty” does make me want to throw up a little.

  57. With a baseball bat I hope, EchoWhiskey.

  58. That’s like, one of the ugliest pair of titties I have ever seen! :|

  59. matteo idk man she might try to eat you instead of trying to fuck you

  60. Fat ignorant girls need love too.

  61. Maybe the name on her image is her Xbox Live gamer tag, and she’s a spy from FaZe.

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