Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Period? Craps.

Period? Craps.

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  1. “were else were u be pushin ur poop hole”

    Now Im in love!

  2. I’m so glad this person is breeding…

  3. Wow, thank God she’s having a baby. She sounds MORE than ready.

  4. What’s with all her “frozen” talk? WTF?

  5. i think my brain just exploded lol. can someone please translate this into english lol.

  6. I think ‘frozen’ is referring to an epidural. This person should not be allowed to breed.

  7. You go Glen Coco.

  8. Is this who Lareka was referring to?

  9. I had to read “oh normally they tell you if u tared” three times before I realized she meant “tore”.

    Prophylactic episiotomy FTW!

  10. B*tch is dumb, needs to learn how to spell. I’d imagine her stupidity is somewhat in relation as to why she is knocked up and reproducing… sad.

  11. I’m pretty sure the doctor will do a c-section just to “accidentally” sterilize her to prevent her from breeding again. That is really the only ethical thing to do here.

  12. I don’t think she needs to be all that worried. It’s obvious the baby’s Dr. father will be delivering the child. Rest easy Chelsee.

  13. Another candidate for my ‘mandatory sterilization’ proposal.

  14. Gross. Also: eligible for cross-posting on STFUparents. But mostly… gross.

  15. She really should write a book “The idjut’s guide to child birth” – as she has such a way with words.

  16. Too many wordz not enough lulz. lame.

  17. Her brother is one proud daddy!!

  18. When ppl say “Children are our future” remember that this person will be raising a child, and you’ll realise we’re all fucked

  19. That kid is doomed before it’s even born. Lovely

  20. i weep for today’s children…because they will soon run the world.

  21. great, another injection of retarded into the gene pool.

  22. I sat for a moment thinking “tared? what?” and then realization dawned and I am forever traumatized…

  23. Sterilization for the god damn win.

  24. You need a license to drive a car in this country but ANYONE CAN BREED. WTF????????

  25. Disappointing.

  26. It took my mother 14 hours to push me out. And she never shut up about it. Every day.
    “Do the lawn.”
    “14 HOURS!”

  27. Someone should have spent more time in English class and less with her legs open. Hopefully she won’t have to “cruel up” when the contractions start and she doesn’t rip real mad.

  28. Funny how this entry is immediately followed by Stool Baby. Lamebook clearly having some fun with continuity there.

  29. Well, not immediately, but not far off.

  30. Witness in epic proportions the failure of America’s school system.

  31. cruelbaby

  32. Let the end begin


  33. Haha @ Jen. Lindsay, I don’t know why you quoted Mean Girls, but I love you for it. You go Glen Coco! Ahaha.

    My favorite part is when she randomly starts talking about spicy food and how much she loves it. What a long string of ridiculous thoughts and observations! I think this proves that theory about girls with stupid names are stupid people.

  34. “dependen on how mad you rip”.

    Yo, what, I jus’ got some mad rip yo! Definitely my new catchphrase.

    “Yeah, my brother was working and guess what? His watch broke! Yeah, it got mad ripped!”

  35. ch ch ch, I LOVE you Glen Coco!!

  36. it’s like some people don’t understand the concept of facebook; when you post things, EVERYONE CAN READ THEM.

  37. Gosh, poor silly girl! She’s obviously not nearly ready. What a sad sad situation, I just can’t bring myself to make fun of her.
    Why is there not more education on these kind of things? Why does she have to go on freakin facebook to ask questions about childbirth? Man…this is terrible!

  38. I fear for the world knowing that these people are breeding.

  39. Idiocracy, it’s happening right in front of us.

  40. Considering that this girl is either completely retarded or totally trollied I’m truly not sure that breeding is a viable option here. Can you submit FB entries as an appeal to Child Services? There’s just so many things wrong here I don’t even know where to begin. The fact that her and her friend are completely open about the “tored bits” in their vaginas may be a good place to start. Perhaps I’ll finish with the part where this girl is so thick that she thinks period “craps” actually begin to compare with contractions.

  41. Good gravy,I’m closing my legs here and I’ve done tar’ed already-2x.
    @ Jelly-my mother told me the same thing about “period craps.”Yeah,she lied.
    These kids are going to grow up to post that moronic shit only the CIA can decipher.

  42. I can’t believe people this stupid actually exist.
    Its high key scary.
    I feel sorry for her baby.

  43. Ads G: Thanks for giving me a good laugh. Your humour is pure GOLD! This girl is painful! It took like an hour to read through that shit. Poor, poor child!!

  44. This is the wrong person to be making a new human life. Don’t people realize that they have to be the ones to teach their kids how to speak a language? Their poor kid is going to be taking speech therapy classes for the rest of his/her days if that’s how the mom talks as well as types. Poor thing.

  45. representin everyone at acs

    hahaa i know this girl, and everything that everyone else has said is 100% true, shes just some skank who is not ready at all. i feel bad for her baby.

  46. was she drunk when she wrote this? dont people know that you shouldnt drink while pregnant. well, she probably doesnt based on what i just read, retard.

  47. tldnr

  48. I had a hard time reading Infinite Jest, but this takes the cake.

  49. mentally challenged people are more than capable of having a baby. i think this may be the case. why else would her mom or whoever describe it as a bear hug…my friends dad owns a few group homes and its hard to make sure they dont have sex cuz they do it randomly; they have a highsex drive for sum reason. luckily most of them cant get pregnant but sum can so we really watch them.

  50. Some less-than-intelligent people make good parents.

    Others should not be allowed to breed. Ever.

  51. I am absolutely ashamed to say this but, I think I may know this person. And yes, this is a fair representation of how she speaks in normal conversation. Scary, right? The poor kids future does not look bright.

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