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  1. smokecrack0fuckchickens

    David = Pead O’ Phile

  2. Without Paedophiles the nations feet would be in some fucked up conditions, all scaly and nasty!

    In other related news Paediatricians like to fuck kids.

  3. I suspect David was saying he wishes he had a bigger penis, or that he could get it up.. but somebody seems a little socially inept.

  4. he said “I wanna see!!” wtf can that possibly mean? how do you justify that?

  5. @ 4 see 3

  6. Pead O’ Phile’s nex employer:

    The Catholic Church…


  7. I’m thinking the same as kkkateindeed. Unfortunate David! Made me laugh, even before his comment. Things like that make me glad I’ve a daughter rather than a son lol.

  8. 4 kids, 1 cup

  9. David creeped me out.

    No avatar and wants to see the “trick”.


  10. Interesting that they pixelated David’s default avatar.

  11. Jokes about pedophilia are never funny to me.

  12. Maybe it’s not the default. Maybe’s it’s a blue and white picture of something gross :p

  13. Hey, last guy. Last guy. Four kids in a cup guy. You reading this? Laughing at your hilarious ‘MJ’s a paedo’ joke? Marvelling at the sheer genius of a joke that involves Michael Jackson and paedos?

    Yeah, well fuck you. You know that guy who sends you e-mails telling you to watch this new hilarious video that inevitably turns out to be Rick Astley, or that angry German kid? That’s you. Fuck you.

  14. Michael Jackson and kids.

    You’re still a twat.

  15. I’d like some innocent juice. David, it’s called an erection, I’m sure you’re able to do that trick as well. MJ jokes are as old and tasteless and 80 year old semen. Oh, also as much so as Justin Bieber and Twilight jokes.

    Michael’s accuser, Evan Chandler, openly admitted that he only accused him to get his money and ruin his career. Then he changed his identity to boot. He was innocent. nuff said.

    By the by, how is pedophile properly pronounced? is it pee-doh- file or ped (as in ed) doh-file. Also, is it file or feel?

    I’ve heard so many pronunciations, it makes my little 5 year old head spin. No David, you can not see it spin.

  16. and is supposed to be as** in the semen sentence. Meh.

  17. poor David even children have bigger dicks than him…

  18. i don’t think David meant he wants the kid to show him THAT. i think he meant “how to make it grow”… as a joke but nowadays unfortunately, everything must be spelled out correctly due to people misinterpreting EVERYTHING!

  19. Keona you gotta start taking meds my dear :) you’ll think clearly and realise that you’re asking something when you have the resources right in front of you to get the answer, and it’ll probably be faster finding it yourself than waiting for someone to respond. Right?

  20. “ae”= “ee” therefore ‘pee-doh-file’ this is why American spelling doesn’t work ;)

  21. I love you too, Saffer. <3 Thanks.

  22. LOL Saffer. Keona, I’d feel a lot better knowing that David can’t get one of those myself, but you’re probably right on all counts. Not caring for the visual of “80-year-old semen” though. And Kkkate… nice excuse for David there.

  23. luv you too keke

  24. Ped-o-phile. Also how it’s spelled in good ol’ America.

  25. @23 Ya cuz americans always spell things correctly. It’s mainly laziness on their part that is why they are always dropping letters to spell words.

  26. Speaking of America vs. everywhere else in spelling, I saw something on a friend’s FB post that annoyed me. She’s a rare breed of American that uses Europe/ Brit/ proper Grammar. She said the word “colour.” A friend of hers said: “Color. Ashley*. The u is kept to yourself.” Really, because us American have to spell “our way.”? Is freedom to write going out the window here.

    *name was changed.

  27. I think it’s properly “paedophile.” @purebs it’s not laziness. It’s just the way we’re raised and taught in schools. It’s not us as a whole, it’s the higher ups. I’m considering forcing a habit change in my writing. No doubt in uni I will get marked off for spelling it the “wrong way.” I would hope not..

  28. In Aus: Spelled paed, but pronounced ped. I don’t know why. The Brits pronounce it correctly – as in peed. Us Aussies forgot our roots after colonisation – yes, spelled with an “s”, not a “z”.

    American spelling bugs me.

    But, paedophile jokes bug me more.

  29. I can imagine you reading my comments then..”Keona, it’s…blargh.! You, it’s this way! I’m gonna kill her!” :)

  30. purebs, it isn’t laziness. It is because the Brits use WAY too many vowels. Like ‘colour.’ Who the hell needs a ‘u’ in there?
    Ok now granted I, like H.P. Lovecraft, am and American but try to use British spellings. But I do think they involve a lot of superfluousness.

  31. So, by extension, mad2, you’re having a crack at us Aussies as we love our vowels, too. Hey, bucko, we know what we’re doing with our vowels.

    Love you.

  32. But, props for your love of H.P. Lovecraft. You have excellent taste.

  33. Shut the fuck up about Michael Jackson.
    If you HONESTLY think Michael touched a kid, then you need to visit your nearest INSANE ASYLUM. First, there was NO evidence, second, after MJ died, the child ADMITTED that Michael NEVER touched him, his father FORCED him to say it, third, the father KILLED HIMSELF shortly after MJ died, AND there is recorded evidence of him saying that he’s making his son lie to get money and ruin Michael’s career.

    Devilish people.

  34. Thanks word. Of course with a name like HP Lovecraft, you open the book expecting something a little different, but hey, I like it anyway.
    And for the record, I try to use the extra vowels you crazy Aussies and Brits include. I’m just saying I can see why Americans dropped them.

  35. word #27 it bugs me too especially when my stupid professor tried to mark me down for my spelling. Really? at tertiary level?!

    /American rant over. I’m on their land, so I need to adjust to their ways

  36. I’m being thick I know but Lovecraft was American. And, hey, you don’t get to criticise English, you’re American. We invented the fucking language after all.

  37. Ridiculous for americans to critisise the odd extra letter when they say ‘obligate’ instead of oblige, ‘coronate’ instead of crown, and ‘evolute’ instead of evolve.
    And “I’m loving it” instead of ‘I love it”

  38. And I realise that I spelled criticise wrong

  39. Oh, they did Saffer, and you’re in America? Well, that answers my worries right there. When I go to a uni, if I DID start to use “proper” English, then I would get marked down. Lovely. Then I can see my friends turn stupid and say “stop trying to be British, because you’re not.” That’s how we roll here…stupid, ignorant, judgmental. Won’t one of you adopt me?

  40. I’m available tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays.

  41. @Pedaticoldgit
    They’re synonyms….one isn’t more right or wrong than the other. Except evolute. Call me ignorant, but I’ve never even heard that word before. “And I’m loving it” is a different form with a slightly different meaning from “I love it”.

  42. They aren’t synonyms. If that was the case then colour/color would be a synonym and not the subject for derision.
    They aren’t synonyms because they were never heard here until american media used them.
    And learn about state and transitive verbs.

  43. The single most annoying legitimate spelling mistake (as opposed to incorrect usage of to/too/two/2 or you’re/your) has to be “tonite”. Everyone seems to think that it’s ok, but no. It’s wrong.

  44. lex, he won’t rest you know. did you see his link?? haha

  45. they are synonyms though. they’re different words with the same meanings. that’s a synonym, unless colour has a different meaning which i wasn’t aware of….

  46. Pedantic, permit me to pedantically explain my original point:
    Lovecraft was American. But he was an Anglophile, and he used British spellings. If you read his stuff you will see. Or just look him up online.
    I was saying that like Lovecraft I am an American, and like Lovecraft I try to use proper British spelling. Unlike Lovecraft I’m not really an Anglophile, though, more of an Irishphile.
    *whistling* some say the devil is dead, the devil is dead, the devil is dead…

  47. @curly
    i didn’t but i like it haha

  48. But the point mad2 made was that one spelling was bad and the other was good. Therefore, not synonyms.
    There is a standardised meaning for oblige, crown, and evolve. The only justification for other forms is ignorance rather than giving any new meaning to the word.
    I have no problems with Americans saying color rather than colour. It’s when Americans sneer and tell me I’m stupid for my spelling that I object.

  49. i take it back. they aren’t synonyms but they do have very similar meanings and can be used interchangeably, so they’re kind of synonyms.

  50. I’ve never heard the word evolute…

    oh and P.S. I can’t escape the JUICES! AH

  51. And the point I have also made is that I use ‘colour’ godamnit, so I don’t know why I am being used as an example of a opposer of British spelling!

  52. Mad2: purebs, it isn’t laziness. It is because the Brits use WAY too many vowels. Like ‘colour.’ Who the hell needs a ‘u’ in there?

  53. lol @mad2 – stay calm :) You guys fight it out, I’ll be checking back in the morning to see who wins.

  54. i’m saying they are both accepted spellings and the different spellings make different words with the same meanings, in the case of the color/colour argument.
    the standard words can be changed and modified with different forms though. i would say artistic license is an acceptable reason. why use words like crown when you know words like coronate? and it is a real word. it’s been around a while. a coronation? that’s not something we often have here, so i’d say that originated elsewhere.

    and that is perfectly reasonable to object. those people are assholes.

  55. HOWEVER they’re not even different words. ‘Color’ and ‘Colour’ are alternate spellings of the same word. The former is more efficient. It is also WRONG.

  56. @54


  57. Haha curly I’m not upset, I curse more as a means of adding flavour than anything else.

  58. Mad2, I’m English, you’re American. Don’r criticise my language and I won’t criticise yours.
    And please stop referring to your dialect as English. It’s Amerenglish at best.

  59. Night mad, hope the tattoo isn’t stinging too much.

  60. color color color colour elephant

    one of these things is not like the others,
    one of these things doesn’t belong.
    can you tell which one of these is not like the others,
    by the time i finish this song?

  61. I don’t give a fuck how any other nationality spells their words. It’s when they sneer at me over how I spell mine that I get annoyed.

  62. Pedant, feel free to criticise my language as much as you like. And I never said my dialect is English. I said I ‘try’ to use British spellings.
    Lex, you can’t just randomly change the spelling of a word the way Americans decided to. I mean if we can change ‘colour’ to ‘color’ then I think I’ll change ‘photograph’ to ‘foutograf.’
    Curly the tattoo feels great.

  63. Fish can legitimately be spelled ghoti

  64. Korrekt.

  65. I agree with Pedanticoldgit in that I don’t care how another nationality spells their words as long as I’m not attacked for my spellings. But, also with mad2 in that i have begun to change words to Brit spellings. I’m on the fence.

    However, Pedantic, we can say we speak English. We use the same words, just with different spellings. We certainly can’t say we speak Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, or any other dialect which uses symbols. We don’t use Spanish or French words, which, while they use letters of the alphabet, are not English. That’s just my opinion.

  66. Just to add a new layer of pedantry: Neither Hebrew, Chinese or Japanese is a dialect. They are all languages.

  67. On the other hand, American English might be termed a dialect, although a very broad one.

  68. Fucking nitpicky specifics.

  69. What an interesting comment section to read while on beer and the 18th Variation of a Theme by Paganini

  70. lol dddtl – sounds awesome :) <4 me some Paganini

  71. Dear God! Take my eyes but please don’t insult my spelling!!!

    Honestly. Who gives a fuck??

  72. OMG how dare anyone take the innocent name of the chosen one, son of god’s name in vane? MJ is innocent as a new born baby. Even though he was acquitted and paid everyone off to be quiet.

    Chester The Child Molester King of Tots Wacko Jacko Michael Jackson is in hell most likely pounding his tiny meat to Lucifer.

  73. Wow this grossed me the hell out, and not much does. :/
    @ #6 yeah, that sounds very likely.

  74. David’s face as he reads that thread again and realises exactly what he said would make a priceless GIF.

    Clearly, he was making some self depricating comment about the size of his own penis… but I’m not so sure how that’ll hold up in court.

  75. Oh, and @71…

    Yeah, he paid people off – but what REAL parent would accept a bribe over justice when it comes to their kid being abused?

    I’ll answer that for you, a parent who knows their kid was abused.

  76. WASN’T abused*

    Damn, what an awful time to stop concentrating.

  77. Obviously it should be spelled with an æ (sounds like the ‘e’ in “eh”) and substitute the “ph” nonsense with a perfectly sensible “f”.


    You’re welcome!

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