Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pedo to the Metal

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  1. first!!! motha fuckas…… whooooppaahh!!!

  2. Its the fucking Beatles

    Georgy needs a good swift kick in the nads. And for someone to sexually abuse his inner child. He won’t be chuckling then the fuckwit.

  3. my inner child is a lesbian

  4. If I admit to having an inner child is a hippie going to try forcing me to eat the placenta?

  5. Now I’m gonna get all serious, and I don’t like to, I like fun.

    I hate lamebook posts like this, they’re not funny. They are disturbing, and no matter if these people are joking, the nasty undertones are there.

  6. Georgy FTW.

  7. Holy Moly

  8. Yeah, these are more creepy than funny. First one was quite funny, but the rest… I’d stay well clear.


  9. A five year old!

  10. Amazing.

  11. lol

  12. You can lol on this one malteaser?

    I’m disappointed in you.

  13. I like fun too :(

    Can someone explain Ben’s to me? :S

  14. its always nice that when a guy spends quality time with kids the worthless guys out there automatically start with pedo jokes… way to discourage positive male role models assholes

  15. Word, Slimjayz and wordpervert.

  16. yeah i don’t get ben’s either.

  17. you guys are taking this way too serious. These were funny as hell, except for the last one. Nathan is the type to take advantage of teenagers because he can’t get real women. Ben’s was weird, but I think he was going for a mexican joke rather than a pedophile joke.

  18. skinner, (the name has interesting connotations)

    I love funny, and if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, you’d know that.
    But as a rule, I like my humour minus the pedophiles.

  19. Some things just arent funny. Child abuse of any kind, domestic violence, and black olives on a pizza.

  20. calvin is a fuck nut

  21. Georgy stole that line from comedian Paul Provenza.

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ #12 wordpervert I’ve been disappointed in Malteaser for a while now.

  23. I suppose I can’t expect much from someone whose name looks like one of their parents had a heart attack and collapsed on the keyboard while typing it out, but Hanneszorx spelled “pedophile” wrong.

  24. See?, what Sensible said re that ridiculous name, now THAT’S funny.

  25. Dukey yes, if the malteaser doesn’t step up his/her game soon, they will no longer have my acknowledgement.

  26. Too icky, for Facebook or even Lamebook. No prayer in schools, please, and let’s leave pedophilia at the altar.

  27. @malteaser don’t listen to them! I’ve only recently realized you existed, but that day will be held in high regard for me and my memories!

  28. Wow, imagine not having wordpervert’s acknowledgement. Poor malteaser.

  29. hold thumbs for me?

  30. ._.

  31. holy shit malteaser went from lol to ._.

  32. malteaser is, in many ways, more interesting then this site.

  33. *than

  34. @slimjays and wordpervert

    couldn’t have said it better. paedophile jokes are lazy humour with pretty crappy repercussions, from discouraging role models to sanctifying ‘funny’ (read: disturbing and potentially dangerous) behaviour, even if it is as a joke.

  35. I think Ben has Dora bedsheets. When he woke up, he thought his chick was next to him. Doubt he has, or ever had, a chick, but I believe that’s what he’s implying. He thinks he’s hilarious.

  36. Pablo for the win

  37. What exactly does “hold thumbs for me” mean????

  38. The German equivalent of “keep your fingers crossed” is “hold your thumbs for me” (jmdm. die Daumen drücken). Stephen is probably a German speaker.

  39. Pedos and thumbs?

    Little Johnny keeps pestering the clown to show him a magic trick. The clown finally gives in and agrees. He tells Johnny to pull his pants down and bend over.
    “Okay, can you feel my thumb in your butt?” the clown asks Johnny.
    “Yes,” says Johnny.
    “Tadaaaa!” yells the clown, waving his thumbs in Johnny’s face.

  40. Soup, reading your comments never fails to make me want to rofl literally. I only can fathom to create to quick witty remarks. as for the posts, I agree with most, first one was the funniest, then as it goes on..it just gets more disturbing than lol-worthy. also Pablo needs to meet Soup’s clown..then be shot.

  41. Ugh, you guys, Pablo’s joke is obviously his way of combating racism. His roommate assumed that just because he was from Peru, he was a pedophile. Instead of arguing with her and starting a long face book fight, he turned the whole thing into a joke. If more of us fought hatred this way with love and humor instead of more hatred, the world would probably be a better place. Pablo for the win.

    And Pedophile jokes have become more popular since family guy. This is why I don’t like them as a general rule. But Pablo is clearly not a pedophile, nor is Aaron for that matter. I mean, do you really think he was having some kind of underage, pedophile orgy inside a zap zone? If you do, I have some waterfront property in Florida I would love to talk to you about.

  42. holy fuck. malteaser changed his/her/it’s post…my world is falling apart.

    i wish and pray every day that i never lose your acknowledgment word.

    not gonna lie though, hetal’s final response made me laugh. the first one was pretty good too. other than that….theys creepin hard core.

  43. The malteaser is really reveling in its verbosity out these days: http://www.lamebook.com/deadly-updates#comment-100240

    I’m so disappointed.

  44. Aaron is the man.. I love competing with little kids because they always get their asses kicked and I always walk away with renewed self confidence.

  45. I agree with all the anti-pedophile comments.

    However, Hannerzorx was funny. And Pablo’s was also a good comeback line.

    But smackAhoe…….do NOT assosciate black olives with child or domestic violence! Some of us enjoy our olives.

  46. Pablo deserves some credit for his comeback , no ?

  47. @Word..

    Why are you taking this so seriously…we all know these are harmless jokes, and as someone that posts on every entry I am sure you know that there are a lot of off color jokes on this site. I think pedos need to be thrown into an active volcano and suffer the worst pain they ever experienced in their lives..but I can still laugh at harmless jokes.

    Case in point, on the post about Peru, you guys know that is their custom and culture. They know nothing different so in their eyes they aren’t doing anything wrong.

    I stil think it is one of the worst things you can possibly do to someone. Keep it on a light note here tho!

  48. @Hazy…

    I think that Word is disconsolate towards “Paedophile” jokes in light of the intention and taste behind them. In essence they are generally cheap variations of humour that are directed to incite harm on some level.
    I personally believe its just comes down to ignorance.

    Ariesdragon makes a very good point in stating that Pablo used “paedophile” humour to combat rascism, that to me is the difference put on a plate for everyone to see.


    Are we seeing some sort of awakening from Malteaser?

    I have vehemently followed his road to stardom, and of late it appears that he has been (congruently or incongruently) lurching from his “lol” based comatose state with subtle, but not to be underestimated, variation.

  49. thought pablo’s was pretty clever.

  50. word,
    I’ve read your posts on here, but I just don’t get all of the angst toward these jokes. a few are lame, but most are funny.

    And seriously, is no one going to point out how dumb ariesdragon’s post is? Racism? It was a joke, towards a friend. I make fun of my puero rican friends all the time, and they give me shit as well for being white. Keep in mind that these two guys were in my wedding, so there is racism there. Pussyfooting around race will never get us anywhere.

    And Florida has a ton of beach front property. I think the joke you were referring involves Arizona.

  51. Pussyfooting ? Wait that does not mean what i am picturing now , does it ?

    For the record , pussyfooting around anything is not my style. Nothing is off limits , expcept for my mum off course.

  52. There’s nothing like a a good pussyfoot!

    An adult pussyfoot, of course …

  53. People, I just don’t do the pedo jokes, it’s that simple.
    You guys wanna have a laugh, go right ahead.
    I’ll save myself for other things.

  54. How is my post stupid?

    How do you know Adam and Eve weren’t black?
    Have you ever tried to take a rib from a black man!

    See, I can make jokes too. And you would know it’s a joke. But, if Steve was joking, why would he take the time to look up the actual statistics on the youngest pregnancies in the world. Maybe it was a joke. Maybe that is why Pablo wasn’t offended. However, it is still a racist joke, even though those can be funny sometimes too. But, do you really think that all of the people on Steve’s friend’s list is likely to 1) know who Pablo is and 2) know that is Steve is joking? Or do you think that someone, like Miss Taryn might actually take it seriously and act differently towards him. Whether the racism is coming from Steve, or some potential unknown on his friend’s list, Pablo’s post was clearly meant to combat any negative perceptions someone might have of him based off his ethnicity.

  55. @ariesdragon

    Really? You honestly think someone would deliberately go out of their way to learn something nasty in order to insult someone they, mind you, have to LIVE with? I assume they are in college and are poking fun at each other, as is typical with interracial friendships. It’s not racism, it’s acknowledging each others’ differences in an entertaining fashion (just as catholics and protestants poke fun at each other, boys and girls poke fun at each – but I suppose by your standards those sorts of things are hate speech as well regardless of the context or intent). Steve probably accidentally came upon the information doing random internet searches (as I did the first time I found out about the youngest pregnancy, look up oddities and that’s the sort of thing you’ll find) or hitting something while researching for school or something like that. Who knows. Hell, maybe he knows a pregnant girl and looked up pregnancy – holy stumble Batman!
    You would have to be extremely dense or overly sensitive to not recognize the joke in Steve’s comment, regardless of your knowledge of the situation. Pablo has a comeback because it’s normal to respond jokingly to a JOKE. He’s not fighting hate, he’s being a typical dick like any other college student or young person talking to a friend.

    Get off the high horse and find another forum to preach in if that’s your prerogative.

  56. #1: There is nothing funny about pedophilia.
    #2:Aries, Pablo was Steve’s roommate. Every body who knew Steve, knew Pablo.
    #3: Racism clearly came from the Jews. (Just not funny to me Aries, joking or not.) You make fun of the thing people SHOULD change, not what they can’t.

  57. Rofl I love your sad face there, mal. I can only imagine the crushing blow he felt knowing that wordpervert doesn’t acknowledge him.

    Secret wish: I hope I can someday join the ranks of Soup, wordpervert, mcowles, etc as a famous LB commenter. *NO SARCASM!* Their comments all make my day.

  58. What the hell is sexting???

  59. @ Mhn77… I think he meant Texting. Illinois passed a law not too long ago banning texting while driving. Its not like it makes the drivers there any less stupid, however

  60. dillweed, I think he DID mean “sexting”. Its texting sexual messages back and forth.

  61. the last one left me speechless..lol

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  62. Easily amused, are you? Get a new signature, elixabeth.

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