Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peace, Love, & Mom


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  1. Wow, her mom is a huge bitch.

    Also kids, don’t be facebook friends with the parents.

  2. Lol i was also gonna say don’t have your mom on your facebook to comment on your pics haha. Chelsea you should delete ur mom :P

  3. Really wish I was friends with Chelsea to troll her mom.

  4. Am I the only one who’s noticed that she’s a rather strange shade of orange?

  5. Helena Handbasket

    Mother Suzanne is more immature than the kids are. Oh, well. At least she’s a fun person who couldn’t hurt a “flee”. That’s what really matters.

  6. I don’t get what is going on in the picture, what is ADPi? Anyway, Chelsea doesn’t look like she is a child anymore. I don’t think she needs her mommy running around making a mountain out of a molehill… and demanding everyone only say nice things to her baby.

  7. “should of had”? Come on people, can’t you get a solid grasp of just one language?

  8. There’s so much wrong with this. The crotch shot, the comments, the lousy spelling in the comments, the pissed off mom.
    I feel offended.

  9. Suzanne – Your daughter is a flat-chested, beer gutted skank! And ADPi is a third-rate sorority full of fuglies.

  10. Yep. I would definitely hit it.

  11. Say what you will, Suzanne, but your daughter is a lobster whore.

  12. Suzanne you stupid bitch, get back to the kitchen where you belong.

  13. i love how all of this bitchiness is topped off by a photo of Oompa-Loompette herself.

  14. At Texas A&M, they said ADP stood for Aggie Dog Pound

  15. Notice how no men commented on the photo.

  16. ADPi is a sorority I believe and I get the impression that Suzanne spends all her time trolling her daughter in life.

  17. @’fterklang: That’s probably because it must be really hard to type with one hand.

    Sorority, you say? Silly me, I thought she was a really proud member of the American Dairy Products Institute.

  18. I totally thought Cierra was going to be the mom as I was reading it…oh, I was so wrong.

  19. lmfao, I didn’t understand half of what that mother said, but I do know she can’t spell and she’s totally mental.
    I feel sorry for that girl, I have my mother on fb, but she doesn’t do that. thankgod.
    Chelsea’s a lobster.

  20. Mom is most definitely a fun and laid-back person….

  21. Cierra is probably another member of her sorority who doesn’t think it is appropriate to have a crotch shot in a shot that says ADPi.

  22. Classy moms like Suzanne end up having classy kids like Chelsea. Team Cierra.

  23. ANOTHER Missouri mom scandal?? so i take it “controversy” like this happens to these people all the time

  24. I’d hit it.

  25. Seriously… You people need to get a life. I mean fuck. Is this seriously the best thing you have going on? Lets start with you Candi, I’m betting your a slut. If not, you are aspiring to become one. Bobsicle, please spend more time looking for a job, less time looking at girls that im sure are half your age. Either way everyone’s comments are much more entertaining than the photo itself. Not team Cierra.


    Only *I* may make her look silly.

  27. Pizza A Kassa, I find it’s rather funny that you’re telling people to get lives by harassing them over lamebook. I say if anyone needs to get a life, it’s you. STFU.

  28. it*

  29. Jessica,
    If there is a medium outside of the internet you would prefer I use to make harsh comments about your wieght, sexuality, and / or intelligence (probably all of the above) please let me know. I would be more than happy to destroy whatever little self esteem you have in a medium that suits you best.

  30. ADPi News Bulletin: Pot-Bellied Daughter Embarrassed by Territorial Mother, Turns into Carrot and Dies. Turn to page 6 for Horoscopes.

  31. Excellent contribution, Pizza, you really cough cough — hang on, I have a — cough coughsuckmycockcough cough — sorry about that. Nice job. Pissant.

  32. Pizaa A. Kassa = Suzanne the psycho bitch?

    Yes, answering someone’s question of what ADPi means certainly indicates I’m an aspiring slut.

    You have such fucking amazing insight, idiot.

  33. OR… I mean maybe… I think its only right that someone also fuck with you. I mean someone definitely went out of their way to fuck with some girl and her mother and others of you have went out of your way to further this which is why its only right that someone fuck with you. I mean outside of your dad, but im sure you are way to used up for him now, candi. So ok. Let me be very clear here. Some of you are just on lookers who stumbled accross this. However, I am sure that there are some of you who either posted this or know who did. To you people (girls): There are no appropriate words to describe people like you. You have no respect and no morals (Look for them in eighth grade where you lost them blowing your teacher in home room). There is a bright side to all of this, life catches up with people like you. When your forty, wrinkled, and nothing, Ill win. However, thank God I never went greek, you people are FUCKED UP.

  34. Yousuck bitch

  35. This is just getting better and better.

  36. I know. This has been fun. I want to thank the bitches for making this possible. Please, come back more often girls.

  37. WTF just happened….was like a train wreck in slow-mo…


  39. 1: im in a sorority.. and i love everyone whos in it? and if you havent been in one, then i dont think you have the right to talk.

    2: cierra was just looking out for her sorority.. if you want to have crotch shots.. go for it. but its inappropriate to put your sorority name on there. it gives off the wrong impression..

    3: adpi- has some really good girls and im not even in the same sorority. i dont think bashing the sorority is appropriate.

    4: whoever pizza is.. i dont get how you’re going to be talking about how immature everyone else is.. when you’re doing the exact same thing. (really?- blowing the teacher in homeroom?— REAL mature)

  40. Yes, the girl with the crotch shot picture is a paragon of modesty and virtue but the commenter who says “I think that’s a soroity” is somehow a slut. Yes, that makes absolute sense, it seems everything’s in order here.

  41. Well at least we know that she wouldn’t hurt a flee.

    How does one hurt a ‘flee’, anyways?

  42. i love the phrase “aspiring slut”

  43. yes, she sounds very laid back :P

    Not sure what a “Missouri mum” is, i’ll have to google it

    Cierra was right – it’s not a very flattering photo and I guess if the daughter was so offended, she could have said something herself.

  44. What’s Mom referring to? Cierra did speak for herself. I’m confused.

    As far as her being flat chested and beer gutted… are we looking at the same girl?

  45. im in a sorority too and this is not appropriate at all…especially with adpis name on it at all!! the girl was right in saying something to her because frankly this is an embarrassing picture for the girl and for does make them look like sluts.. as for the super bitch mom she needs to go back to elementary school and learn spelling and grammar.. she was do you put it pizza..must have been blowing the teacher in homeroom..and it has obviously rubbed off on her orange daughter..good luck in the real world chelsea where our moms dont fight our battles…….also, pizza is for sure not the mom cause he/she can actually freaking spell words right and form a proper sentence.

    i think Missouri mom is referring to the woman who got on her child’s myspace account and harassed a 13 year old and the 13 year old committed suicide.. trying to be young again..too bad lady let your daughter say something to the others.. you sound retarded.


  46. i deleted my mum because i couldn’t handle the embarrassing comments. then one of my guy friends added her – just to be funny – don’t get me wrong my mum is pretty okay, but she apparently is also a ‘milf’ to all my friends. so now i get a new ‘ya mum’ joke every hour on the hour.

  47. ^33: “others of you have went out of your way to further this”

    Thank you. That was a delicious part of my balanced breakfast.

  48. “I couldn’t even hurt a flee.”

  49. “you should have the guts to say it to her face” – isn’t the point of Facebook that you DON’T have to do that, you ignorant toilet?

  50. Hi Suzanne, welcome to the internet.

  51. Had Sex With A ADPI With Her Letters On

    Yall you little ADPI Hoes Need To Stop Tripin My Girl Didn’t Do Anything Wrong She Just Took A Pic. And If You Were Real Sisters To This Girl Ya’ll Should Done The Thing Ya’ll Call “PI TAP” Then Telling Her On Here So The Whole World Can See. And Why Talk About Her Mom That Is So Unlady Like, O Yeah Forgot Most ADPI Are Unlady Like. Thank You.

  52. You Americans with your frats and sororities! Whatever will you come up with next?

  53. Like I said before…Like mummy like D”WHORE”ter

  54. WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THE COLOR OF HER SKIN? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here!

    She looks like a carrot and a pumpkin had cold, messy sex and then spray-tanned their kid daily for 20 years with a can of neon orange Krylon. And then she got a sunburn to top it off.

    This is worse than any “jersey shore” douche pics I have ever seen. Holy fuck.

  55. dont worry about it

    WOW IS SHE ORANGE!… lay off the tanning bed sweetheart!

  56. ok…u little bitch saying u had sex with an adpi with her letters on! go suck a dick! your girl appears to be a big slut with an open vagina! Her picrue is wrong she looks like a fucking “lobster whore” it looks like the cierra chick was just trying to do the right thing for her sister and then the crazy ass mom just went appshit for no reason! ur a stupid fucktard just like your “girl” go fuck yourself douchbag

  57. Hooray Western Civilization! Parental authority? What’s that? Apparently Suzanne thinks it’s far more important to be her kids’ BFF than to provide any kind of moral/ethical foundation the way, oh, I don’t know, a parent should. Also, holy hell Chelsea, that skin color doesn’t even exist in nature! And way to keep it classy with that slutastic pose.

    BTW, it’s sad that only ONE person in that lineup made any amount of sense. Cierra, you need new friends and fast.

  58. Had Sex With A ADPI With Her Letters On

    to all you stupid fucks talking about her tan, are all fucking stupid anyone can tell tey photo shopped the pic. and foe you pplrcrazy you must be a one nasty lookin whore if you take your time to talk shit about a photo, i know your in the same Chapter she is in, so why don’t you grow some tits and talk to her face to face stupid CUNT! and remember it takes a WHORE to Know a Whore stupid BITCH!

  59. i’m not in a sorority but i guess i’d be mad also if i had a sister with a picture like that. it’s disgusting close your legs. but this guy above me. wow, first you must be suzanne because you can’t spell and you are a very angry person it seems like. two grow some tits? shouldn’t your friend have some tits first before you tell someone else to grow some? three your friend really is orange regardless of photoshop. & four even if it was photoshopped why would she want to look orange. FYI not cute. that’s all.

  60. @33: My dear, this is LAMEBOOK…people come here to “stumble” across shit like this. Why singling me out for pointing out that ADPi is a sorority has apparently unhinged you from the last tenuous grasp you have on reality that has forced you to unleash a torrent of verbal diarrhea is beyond me.

    I’m pretty sure you’re this unfortunate girl’s mother and all I can offer you is a sincere recommendation to seek professional help. You obviously fail at life.

    P.S. Thanks for the reference to sex with my dad – that’s much appreciated considering he’s dying in the hospital.

  61. some people have no idea what this website is about. coughpizzaakassacough.

    part of me is hoping that’s just a character who is a douchebag wrapped in an asshole covered with a pinch of bitchass–but if that’s the case, he/she really needs to lay off the parent-sex references.

  62. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Pizza A Kassa is a total psycho!!

  63. Team CANDY!!! TEAM CIERRA!!!


  65. Normal (*rare!*)

    Pizza a kassa : maybe if you didn’t go out whoring every night and get lovely innocent little Chelsea to sit and watch whilst you shoved it in up to the sac, e wouldn’t be a whoring little slut herself with a fucking stupid spray tan and a 3ft fuck-hole. Get a life, get OFF of the Internet until you know how to use it, NEVER reproduce again and get Chelsea’s tubes tied so that 1) we don’t have to put up with more thickhead sluts and 2) she can whore without fear of replicating your family situation. Oh – and go back to school where kids under 16 could spell and debye better than you.

  66. Normal (*rare!*)

    Debate – stupid Auto-correct

  67. Re: #56 “the crazy ass mom just went appshit”

    My mom goes appshit on Facebook too. Li’l Green Patch, Farm Town, Bumper Sticker; she’s got ‘em all.

  68. This is what I think… If this girl had any self respect, she would have never taken the picture or been in that position to begin with. Any “lady” would have more class and better taste. And her sorority name on the picture? I guarantee her sisters are extremely ashamed of her and are laughing about it every day.Trust me. Not to mention the other greeks on her campus. Great way to start off the recruitment season.

    Whoever this girl is, no matter how orange or skanky she may be, she obviously doesn’t know how to think for herself, and hell, as far as I can tell, her mom is probably the one who took the picture.

    lesson learned? don’t be a dumb skank, and teach your children respect for themselves. it’s better to be a parent than a friend.

  69. ok
    I know Chealsea, and she is a nice girl, but yes her picture gives ADPi a bad image. shes old enough to fight her own battles, mommy’s not gonna be there forever. She knew it was a slutty pic but she chose to put it up anyway. She took it off, and with God’s grace she will respectfully go inactive and hopefully never wear our letters again!

    The First, Finest, & Forever

  70. TEAAAAAAM CIERRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. I am a guy and i damn sure can tell when a picture of a girl is revealing or not and this one is definately not!! wow a crotch shot would actually show some crotch this pic is far from a crotch shot. i sense some hostility and shit talkin and a dab of backstabbing going on in this circle of friends it seems. You guys need to get real!! ANd by the way is such a loser that they spend all their time scanning thru pictures on facebook?:?? wtf get a life!!!

  72. My God…I know this girl. This does not surprise me at all.

  73. Ugh. It’s things like this that make me very grateful my parents don’t know how to use computers…

  74. What’s with the “Missouri Mom” comment? -.- That’s where I live.
    Also, did anyone else happen to notice how badly she contradicted herself?
    Telling Samantha that Cierra can fight her own battles, whilst she is fighting her daughter’s. Not to mention, she is one to talk about maturity.

  75. Hotapps-the Missouri mom references the case of Lori Drew, a mom who made up a pretend boy on MySpace to entice a 13 year old Megan Meier. Lori then cruelly dumped Megan, saying she was better off dead. Megan killed herself. Drew’s motives were to cause Megan pain because she no longer hung out with her daughter.

    More here:

  76. Eww.

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  78. UGH these moms, seriously.

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