Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parental Problems

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  1. Methinks Diane and Bryce protest too much.

  2. Hopefully they remember to get their kids a better education than what they got.

  3. so uh yea anyone else think bryce isnt gay?

  4. I have a sudden overwhelming desire to ask Diane whether her son is gay.

  5. Bryce is Frodo.

    Also, unrelated, but who’s Wallace?

  6. Diane & Bryce – Yikes, guess the apple truly does NOT fall far from the tree.

    Michaela – No comment. Please don’t reproduce. EVER.


    CALL 911

  8. Aww Bryce, nice to see mummy looking out for you.

  9. i think diane is a little homophobic!

  10. So Diane, how long have you been gay?

  11. she’s in denial

  12. i think Bryce’s sudden change of heart at comment 5 is quite intriguing. clearly Becky and Michaela do not get the irony of them claiming to support their children while displaying spelling skills considerably below those of my second-grader. Kayla FTW.

  13. Bryce’s mom is ridiculous. Heaven help her if she ever discovers one of her kids or kids’ friends are gay. She’ll have a mental breakdown.

    And I have no idea what Michaela said.

  14. I’m going to need a translation before I can comment on Michaela.

  15. Bryce is clearly gay. Diane is clearly mental. I got too tired by the sixth word from Michaela and gave up.

  16. Michaela lost me at “That’s”.

  17. I second that, glamazon.

  18. Bryce & Diane are both gay.

    And as for Michaela- i’m gonna have to agree with areawoman on this one. translation please?

  19. Why is the last one lame again? I mean, I know I’m a prick with people when it comes to spelling but there’s not much else lame about that post. Apart from the stating-the-obvious factor I suppose =/

  20. 1) Tell me i’m not the only one to laugh at “as straight as they come” for sexual humor.

    2) Dien Translation: That’s so true, but it’s also important that your child feels safe and secure. We show them our every emotion (wtf?) and it’s our duty to make them strong, intelligent, caring and sharing (individuals). All those things mean so much in our childhood but we never realized it until we have our own children. My boys are all the things I listed previously, and it makes me so happy. No one can change that and I love it. I love that we all have our own special families (Best I can do with that sentence, sorry). Fucking great isn’t it? They’re the only thing that keeps me going, my kids. Eh, fucking credits (again, no idea, i assume she’s british. Hobo, help me here).

  21. what is they say about denial Bryce???

  22. Thank you xeno – but I’m still in pain from actually trying to read that… The only reason I tried so hard was to find the true lameness in what she was trying to say. Besides the irony in her using the word “inteligent” and her atrocious grammar… I couldn’t find anything else.

    BTW – I still need someone to call 911 for me

  23. Val, yeah, I tried. Couldn’t do much with it without basically making her sound intelligent.

  24. Michaela appears to be one of those rare persons who actually has an intelligent thought, yet has no actual spoken language. Like Keller, except Keller at least could write.

  25. I’m so glad welfare is there so these people can have all the children their body’s physically allow them.
    Also, why did she say ‘fuckin credits’ at the end? was it a rap or a story or something? was she giving credit to her kids? It sounded like she went off on some strange, semi-lyrical tangent at the end. If she thought it was a deep soliloquy then I am lost on what the message was…

  26. I believe the effing credits statement was related to Becky saying that good parents don’t get enough credit in her last sentence (hopefully I’ve not wallaced)

  27. I wonder if maybe “credits” is her way of saying, “Roll credits,” as one would at the end of a film. Perhaps it’s a new way of saying, “Aaaaaannnddd… I’m done.”

  28. That’s what I was thinking rosborn…but that explanation just makes me angry. I think if someone I was talking to finished a thought with ‘fuckin credits’ I would punch them square in the nose and never speak to them again. I hope blah mcblah was right.

  29. I was thinking that credits referred to the kids, and meant tax credits.

  30. just come out already, bryce.

  31. If Bryce and his mommy protested any harder they’d be arrested.

  32. I sense incest in the Bryce/mmommy relationship… or something there… I mean come on, the guy is as “straight as they come” according to mommy.

  33. lol xeno, I thought the same thing reading this.. Kinda creepy a mom knowing how straight their son is

  34. Bryce is most definitely NOT GAY. In other news, Ben Stein is most definitely NOT JEWISH, and Snoop Dogg is most definitely NOT BLACK.

  35. High five to these parents….yeah, right because “are you gay, huh? ooooh…hurt don’t it, right back atcha!?” is really an insult. In other news, if it really is in fact Mommy week:

    RIP mom.

    Though, I have not heard of it until today. Only Mother’s/ Father’s day as any holidays for parents. You learn something new every day, even on LB.

  36. Anyone hear of that crazy bitch who is paying drug addicts to get sterilized? If she applied it to stupid people instead, she’d get my vote. Fukin’ credits yo.

  37. PA, I I had not heard that. I agree with you, I’m sure we’d all be ecstatic to see on the news: Crazy bitch has started paying stupid people to get sterilized. It would work like a charm. Hey, if you can make retards get undress and move their hands on their own genitals or others, you can make them get sterilized. :D

  38. *Nazi baby likes this*

  39. The problem is it is usually smart people who get sterilized. And no I had not heard of this idea.
    Keona who the fuck puts retards in porn? Or were you saying all porn stars are retarded? Or were you referring to sexual exploitation in brothels?

  40. I think Mad2 just invoked rule 34

  41. Knock yourself out:-


    (of course, you need the ‘www’ bit before, just trying to circumnavigate the lamebook spam Nazis)

  42. Julia Brown is a fucking moron. No one wants to ‘deny her daughter the chance of life.’ Just to make sure other live children aren’t handicapped.

  43. Michaela is yoink, init.

  44. mad2…um…google “retard porn” and go to images.
    I meant retard porn as in, some sick fucks will take retarded children or people, the kind so bad off they’re in wheelchairs, and strip them naked, and place their hands on the genitals, or force them to have sex or do God knows what else. =/

  45. Sorry, I should say mentally handicapped** so no one takes offense.

  46. Also, I love rule34.paheal.net I’ll admit, I’m a giant perv that’s fucked in the head.
    Pedant, not only did he invoke it, but I just invoked it, the mother of all invokes.

  47. This news on ‘retard porn’ would have destroyed my remaining faith in humanity, if I had any left to begin with.
    Speaking of rule 34 there is a Swedish art film whose characters are covered in yarn costumes and perform simulated sexual acts. The production company also did a short film of flying knitted penises in the sky ejaculating.
    www regretsy.com/2010/09/08/from-the-mailbag-nsfw-3/

  48. Oh and I forgot to mention the pervert bear who gets involved by watching. And whom the woman fantasizes about.
    In conclusion, if you see only one yarn porn this year, make it this one.

  49. pervert bear =/= Pedobear n’est-ce pas?

    You got me at ‘flying knitted penises in the sky ejaculating’.

  50. I’m with PA…um….yarn porn?? I’ve never seen this..and I’m afraid if would be so fucked up, it would make me drier than a 90 year old geriatric woman that’s dehydrated and throw into Death Valley.

    In short, there’s sand leaking out now. Thanks a lot. :(

  51. mad2, I just watched it. Whoa, baby. A big-tittied blind woman… a thieving axeman with a huge cock… a dirty, dancing brown bear loving himself in the background…

    Well, okey dokey, I’m done for the evening. Keona, you should watch it. It’s long, 10+ minutes, but, it’s porn, so I stuck with it.

  52. Take care, word. I’m beginning to watch it now.

  53. I’m not sure what language is being spoken. Sounds maybe Russian. Pretty hot, for now.

  54. Awh, a cute animation. :) That made me get the old Kleenex box out again.

  55. Forgot to add, they all got what they wanted in the end.*

  56. Swedish.

  57. You must have an ear for deciphering different tongues.

  58. No, I read it, I think on the regretsy discussion (hence their reference ti Ikea), I suck at languages, both learning them and determining them. Although Swedish is related to English as both are Germanic languages, and Russian is something quite distinct. So one ought to have an easier time…

  59. Oh. <~ Needs to read moar.

  60. What the fuck. That is all.

  61. @wordpervert – that sounds awesome. I spread the word when i like stuff, call it my mission, aso check this out http://www.srslysorry.com

  62. lol Hawkbit

  63. Becky needs to learn that parents who work their asses off to support their kids but can’t financially pull it off don’t deserve a middle finger. And I really hope her friend isn’t teaching their kids how to speak, read, OR spell. License to breed.

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