Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Parental Problems

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  1. I hope God answers Ryan’s prayer.

    Samantha, listen to your father.

  2. I’m going to do that next time I make brownies!

  3. At least the Mom didnt say, “Now lick the spoon!” ick.
    Also, maybe Samantha should ask her daddy just how much time he’s been spending with drag queens.

  4. What’s ‘dirty sanchez’ mean?
    At least Sam’s dad didn’t say ‘Less makeup, more jizz!’

  5. Mad2, don’t make me hurt you again. You’re an intelligent man with google at his disposal. Use it :)

  6. Hm, not nearly as bad as I had assumed. I must be pretty fücked up when I look up the definition and think ‘oh, that’s not as severe as what I had in my head.’

  7. hahahaha #2. Amazing father… I agree with him.

  8. Shit #3 i mean…. i fail…. >.<

  9. Samantha looks like a 40 year old prostitute.

  10. The only way is Essex.

  11. samantha does look like a 40 year old prostitute.

    A dirty sanchez is better than the clevelend steamer or a dirty waffle, both requiring the brownie batter to have been slopped on her chest and then squished in one method or another!

  12. The make-up is lovely, I think, it’s just her face that doesn’t suit it.

    Also Fraklin, that’s what you get when you friend your kids.

  13. Meh, it ain’t a parent problem if the parent is right. Samantha looks like a hooker. It’s the blush.

  14. thats an insult to drag queens….I think any self respect queen would know better than to mix your warm colors with your warm colors….am i right?

  15. and by self respect queen, of course I mean self respectING queen.

  16. How delightful. One post that hasn’t been trolled by dan_fargis. Mmmm enjoy the moment.

  17. I say this is karma and they all deserve it!

    hmmmm…. one wonders how to hyperlink thy lamebook name?

    Help? anyone? maybe?

  18. i like these :-) lol at Ryan’s mum

  19. @casshern: you edit your profile and then put the link as your “website”. :)

    @dansatool: I hope you didn’t jinx it. I probably just jinxed it by saying that. DAMN IT!

    and I looked up Dirty Sanchez and they have a cocktail named after it consisting of baileys, tequila, and some brown coffee liquor called kahlua. Yummey.

  20. @casshern at least that’s what I think you do. And to get to editing your profile you press on your username right below the “Leave a Reply” where it says “Logged in as _____” :)

  21. These are so poor that I am not even going to type anything about them.

  22. i’d rather my mum found out we slept together through facebook than her walking in and asking if we wanted some soup.

  23. @green that program makes me sad. I live in Essex. The show suggests that being a dutty orange slut with a cooch the size of a canyon and less intelligence that Jade Goody’s corpse-remains is county-specific. Lamebook regularly proves that it’s not. Stupid ITV :’(

  24. in scotland we call “itv” “stv”.

  25. That’s amazing edge.

  26. In Scotland, they call Jade Goody – SuBo

  27. Seriously?! Because in England we call STV ITV! That is a seriously amazing coincidence!!!!!!111one

  28. Wait wait wait, back up there a bit, they have television in Scotland?

  29. Paranoid Android – they invented the fucking infernal goggle-box!

  30. BTW – how do you change up the text on this posting malarky? I’ve seen bold and italics, but I can’t work out how….


  31. cock

  32. *The Wallace alarm has sounded*


  33. Yup, Scotland’s not just for haggis, manskirts, smack and, er… errrr… Irvine Welsh?

  34. @Paranoid Android – you can’t call Wallace every time someone assumes you’re a retard :p

  35. Meh, works for me :p rightbackatcha

  36. those “manskirts” are called kilts y’know? we’ve also got chippies and alcoholics, don’t forget that.

  37. btw, what des the i i itv sand for? because the s in stv stands for scottish and i’m pretty sure england doesn’t begin with an e.

  38. @36 – and Storm!!

  39. Independent or Iguana, one of the two I’m sure.

  40. they’re not independant! all they fucking do is follow america. it must be iguana, thanks!

  41. edge – thanks for reminding me of those good auld Scottish pasttimes/past-times? past times? passtimes? Fuckadoodledoo, which is it? Ahem.

  42. i don’t know, don’t get stressed.

  43. Why does Kelli assume her mom is getting old? Shouldn’t she say “you know your mom’s a dumbass when…”

    And I’m gonna need Ryan’s mom not to be named Franklin.

  44. @loma
    it is pastimes, the only one you didn’t put ;0)

  45. I had fun reading all of your posts in Scottish and English accents.. For instance I imagined Edge’s voice to resemble the voice of the lead singer from Garbage and I gave Paranoid Android the voice of the husband from Keeping Up Appearances. And Loma, I just interchanged a few good lady British accents for my own personal comedic effect… <4

  46. Llamabook…. nice one dude I been trying to Html it into my screen name haha…. so simple why did I not think of that. :P

  47. lets try it shall i?

  48. here val, would it help if i toul ye I’m from Norn Iron?

  49. Curly – YES it would, seeing as I’m terrible with accents!


  50. @valenya – that’s probably about right, my accent is more mongrelised than Jorand’s collective children.

  51. wtf kind of name for a mother is “franklin”

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