Friday, March 26, 2010

Over the Top

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  1. Gotta love the sounding out of VDs.

  2. So Brandon is going to venture out of the house for the first time in years to hunt these people down with his guns…and by guns, he means his replica Gandalf staff from Lord of the Rings.

  3. LOL If Brandon would focus a little of that energy to contacting Blizard he’d probably have them back in time for a cheeto-filled weekend. Not that I’d know anything about that. I think it’s best that someone with that much penned up hostility be kept indoors as much as possible. I think that’s why half the kids are on WoW to begin with.

  4. If I have another baby and it’s a girl, I’m naming her Kluhmideeuh. Beautiful.

    Brandon, I have nothing to say, I resign to just shaking my head

  5. ‘I’m SO pissed at my boyfriend.’
    ‘Oh. You have the flu?’

    What a conclusion to jump to :S

    Ah, the FB. The Facebook. Good times.

  6. “It’s a jump to conclusions mat.”

  7. It has differet conclusions on it that you can jump too

  8. “there’s differecnt ‘conclusions’ you can ‘jump to’ ”
    best movie ever

  9. @rara I’m going to name my girl Syph. It’s pretty and it will keep the boys away.

  10. damnit Midwest…you beat me to it. Too bad we both spelled “different” wrong. lol

  11. Oh, Lord. Do these people really exist..? Surely no one can be so stupid (first one), so freaky (middle one) or so pathetic (last one)?

    Although I like Rachel’s “it’s like killing a kitten” – she’s really attempting to care when she clearly has no idea.


  12. lol @ brandon

  13. I’ve a feeling Brandon may just turn the gun to his own head if his little friends aren’t returned or whatever it is these WoW folks do

  14. Brandon is Frodo.

  15. I am confused at which is like killing a kitten? Deleting Wow chars or killing the person who did it?

  16. Lol @ inbread.

  17. Brandon, maybe that’s a sign to quit. Apparently, you are so completely addicted to WoW that the person who deleted said characters is doing you a favour and had your best interests in mind. Breathe the air outside! It may be for illegal reasons, but you’ll see the folly of your ways when you realise what real life has to offer.

  18. I’m findng Kate O actually a bit scary. That’s something I have NEVER heard anyone utter in all my 40 years.

  19. @jtibbs

    “that is the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life Tom”
    “yes it is horrible this idea”….

  20. Freud would shit a brick dealing with Kate O. Pretty much prove is imaginative theories

  21. and one of them has some sort of “inbread” problem…probably just a yeast infection..

  22. Whoever deleted Brandon’s WoW chars, I salute you!

  23. What in the world is WoW?
    Kate is creepy and Brandon really needs to calm it down a bit.

  24. seaborgiumJadee

    I heard WoW was expensive as fook.. I’d be mad, too.
    “inbread”…. enough said.

    It’s as simple as typing the first 3 letters into google search bar if you don’t know how to spell something. Like “diarrhea,” “chlamydia,” or “stupid.” (You’d be surprised how many idiots don’t know how to spell “stupid.”) Geez, Asia.

  25. can you get to the proper spelling of chlamydia, if you start it out with klu, though?

  26. Haven’t I seen Asia’s STUPID ass on here before??? Someone do the world a favor and kill her before she procreates. The world is bad enough already.
    Kate makes me cringe….
    For the safety of himself and others, Brandon needs to seek psychological help.

  27. Sounds like Brandon needed his Warcraft characters deleted… I know I play too much WoW but I didn’t flip out that much when I was hacked, OTT much?

    Kate sounds like she is already inbred.

  28. Chewbacca shagger

    Ray might have thought Stoopid Asia had bum flu. It;s a known condition in people that speak too much shit.
    I am so glad I have a life and don’t need WoW to get me through the day/night.

  29. You guys are so mean….

  30. Chewbacca shagger

    I’d do Kates Mum. She’s hot…and hairy.

  31. I think Asia might be a little inbread herself. Unless Kluhmideeuh is Ray’s nickname…

    Either way, I’m certain at least one of them must be related to Jizzelle.

  32. Pretty sure Kate O’s post is a case of Facebook rape. I can’t fathom an alternate explanation.

  33. kluhmideeuh…..tee-hee…..

  34. +1 to vandelay. ;]

  35. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Who names their child “Asia”, anyway?

    I think I’ll have three children, and name them, ‘North-America’, ‘Sub-Saharan Africa’, and ‘Europe’, regardless of their gender.

  36. @dietpillpyramidscheme

    I think I’d go with Antarctica, it has more indie cred. But I’d spell it all fucked up like Antarktika, or maybe Entarcdica.

  37. Wow! Eye did knot noe it culd b speld lik dat

  38. I would hate to see what would happen if you tore Brandon’s Edward Cullen poster.

  39. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Soup, I like the indie cred, and it’s all well and good, up until Asia comes over and starts exploiting poor little Antarrktikka.

  40. DPPS (may I use an acronym?), that is a valid concern, but that’s when you have big brother Awstralya break out his horrific array of barbed penises and poison tipped tentacles.

  41. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Acronym away!

    Awwstraylia is running a little short on barbs, since it left one in Steve.. He was drunk on XXXX Gold (fermented cat urine), and thought Steve was trying to do him harm.

    It is a shame.

    I think if countries are to be personified, England is a single parent who just kept popping out kids. The US is it’s oldest child, they had a fight a while back, but are now civil again. Australia is nice, but has done little with it’s life.
    South Africa is a bastard half-son, born out of wedlock.
    Canada is a lot more emotionally stable than the US, but is too close to mother England, and uncle France for it’s own good.

  42. Ohhhh, this could be fun.
    Germany got spanked a little too hard too many times so now takes pleasure in getting kicked in the nuts.
    Mexico had shitty parents so it never lived up to its potential.
    Japan is one of those genius psychopaths the movies love to portray.
    Russia is trying hard to stop taking the short bus and finally remove his helmet.

  43. dietpillpyramidscheme

    China is that kid in your class who’s parents forced him to study too hard, he directs all of his anger inwards, but will eventually either;
    A) Go on to be hugely successful, and be your boss.
    B) Flip out, and bring a gun to the school.
    C) Have a mental breakdown, and lose everything.

    Israel is an orphan of tragedy, who was taken in by generous parents, spoiled. He then goes around punching the other children, and crying when they punch back.

  44. That was fucking fantastic. I give up. I bow down to your superior geographical anthropomorphizing abilities.

  45. Brandon… I would say to call Blizzard, but I think the person did you a favor. The shaman- I’d be pissed too. But the rest..a DK, hunter, Lock & Rogue? Seriously?? Are you sure that warrior isn’t really a paladin? Because you seem to have a knack for the faceroll classes.

    Betting the DK, Hunter & Lock are BEs and the Rogue, with your temperament I am seeing an undead rogue. You’re a whiny little kid that can’t even spell ROGUE correctly…. or are you trying to say they stole your blush?

  46. Maybe Ray is the one the boyfriend is cheating on and he’s trying to distract her.

    @#23 – World of Warcraft. A game that sucks the life out of its little zombie players.

  47. lol

  48. Lmao Brandon, I mean I would be pissed off if someone deleted something i had been improving for years but GOD, World of Warcraft? Really?!

    Let’s just hope whoever deleted it is also on WoW because I think he has forgotten that people don’t simply respawn in real life, so there will be more consequences than a slight experience gain…

  49. “Asia” is a very popular Polish name but in Poland it has no connotations with the continent because of different pronunciation and spelling, the continent’s name is AZJA

  50. The jump to conclusions mat!! HAHAHAHA One of my favorite movies ever!!!

    And “Asia” may be a Polish name… but to be very honest, every “Asia” I myself have ever known was black. Like, 5 or 6 people. Call me racist if you will, I’m not, it’s just been my experience so far. And I think Kluhmideeuh is the name of the chick Asia’s BF cheated on her with!! Haha. But the friend who asked “U got da flu?” sounds 10x more retarded to me.

    Brandon’s a loser. Go outside and get some sunlight now, it’s obvious you haven’t seen the sun probably in that whole 5 yrs you’ve been playing that lameass game. OH, and I think your friend Rachel is the one who deleted them btw, it’s kinda obvious from how she’s trying to turn attention away from herself, what with God smiting kittens and all… I was in enough trouble (guilty and not) as a kid to recognize this… haha

  51. Oh and yeah I agree with whoever said Kate O was FB raped… I would HOPE so or that chick’s got some issues.

  52. My mom is alright, not hot by any means, but I still want to crawl back into the womb. Penis first.

  53. Ok, a few people have said to talk to Blizzard – who is that? Is Wow actually like some kind of Oz (with the wizard and camp-ness)?

    I wonder if Kate O gets turned on when her mum kisses her… =S

  54. @ Soup: You never cease to amaze me. Some how you make me laugh at things I didn’t think could be funny.

  55. Brandon needs to get out more… actually, i take that back, stay on WOW.

  56. What on earth does kluhmideeuh mean??

  57. Kluhmideeuh = Chlamydia, spelled very wrong. =)

  58. Regarding all the comments towards Brandon and WoW, you have to realize that while it IS a video game, it’s a video game that a lot of people have invested a lot of money and time in. After playing for 5 years, he’d have paid $900 just to play the game.

    Sure, you may not agree that it’s a good way to spend $900, but he had $900 and a lot of time “deleted”. How would you feel if someone broke into your house and stole $900 worth of your stuff. It’s the same thing.

    He is obviously taking it a little too far, but the fact remains that someone “deleted” something that he has invested $900 in, whether you think it’s a good investment or not.

  59. hahahaha this is Kate O and obvioulsy my facebook was raped..
    hahaha iff only the last comment was on lamebook. Kate S definitely proved how dumb she actually is hahahahaha.

    and wtf? seriously who would write on facebook beings erious about thinking there mum is hot? haha and who would actually even think that? wierdoooooos.

  60. @44 Soup
    Wow (aka whoa and not the zombie sucking game), I don’t think I’ve ever seen you give up :)

    @54 HeSaidWhat
    I was gonna say the same.

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