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  1. My first first!

  2. Umm Anna hun, that could have been worded slightly better!

    #2 really made me laugh :D

  3. Straight guys shouldn’t have anal, they’ve made their choice.

  4. I totally agree with Anna (#1), but how can you say it’s not a choice and then say you support those who have choosen it for themselves. Don’t contradict yourself!

  5. @ misanthrope – doesn’t stop them trying though

  6. I love that second one!, and I’d join it if I wasn’t so supportive of my lesbian relatives and friends.

  7. I’d join the second one, if it WAS a choice. It’s funny.. but not funny enough.

  8. I’m bisexual and I think the second one is funny. I haven’t visited the group but I’m guessing it’s not meant in a mean-spirited way.

  9. lol @ the second one; oh if that were true: “What do you do?” “I’m a Dildo Confiscation Officer.”

  10. I agree, Anna! Using your free will is not a choice!

  11. This post is hilarious, but I feel like I should say that in a lot of ways “gay travel” (though I cringe at the term) can be very different from straight travel. The primary example here is that there are a lot of countries and sadly U.S. states where it’s just plain unsafe for gay men and lesbians to either be openly affectionate or even to visit at all.

    One of the best examples is Jamaica. Everyone thinks of it as this pristine vacation destination, but it’s a downright dangerous place for LGBT folks to visit. Those convicted of consensual same-sex relations in Jamaica can serve up to ten years in prison, and anti-gay violence and harassment is common. They don’t even let gay cruise ships dock in their harbors.

    I know we’re supposed to be laughing at this ridiculous topic this person brought up on Facebook, but it’s a real concern for a lot of people.

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “dock in their harbors” :D

  13. idontknow, agreed. I had a brief look and it seems like a harmless bit of fun. It doesn’t seem mean-spirited, but I didn’t delve into it too much. FB took down their profile picture, though. Funny.

  14. Interesting point mal. Sad.

    I took the second post as being silly.

    First one is funny in a different way. :) I’m not sure Anna knows the meaning of one or more of those words.

  15. Right, um, I’m in a piss ass mood at the moment. I am wearing purple in remembrance to those 6 boys. If you all want to make gay and suicide jokes of them: Fuck you all to hell :)

    But I still love you all. Yes it is possible to love and hate at once. How? Being Bi-polar!

    In other news: Lesbian/ dildo joke is stab worthy.
    Last one was lol worthy+ a sadistic look.

    Be back later. I need to gym it up and rage fuck some weights and punching bags. <3

  16. Why would you wear purple to remember gays?
    I support lesbians getting dildos. It makes them a lot more fun to watch.

  17. “rage fuck” is my new favourite phrase for this week.

  18. Alright, so my mood changed. :D I found a couple posts to actually make me smile and laugh, which helped speed up the process. Sorry about that. I do apologize…hate myself like that. Quite embarrassing.

    @mad2 I don’t know why they chose purple, but I’m up for it.
    Perhaps because it’s not a common color like red, blue, yellow.
    it’s made from a mix of 2 of the three, hence standing out and being individual and a weird way.

    That’s what I guess anyways. I might be looking too far into it.

  19. Girl, you are a loon.

  20. I am. I’m sorry. I take no meds for it. Usually I can control my anger swings fine but today’s a rare occasion. You won’t see me like the mad hatter too often. Am I banned for being crazy?

    (I can’t tell what all of you thinking of me now)

  21. The facebook group Day of Purple says “purple represents spirit on the lgbtq flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you : spirit.” Frankly I’m not sure what they mean by that.

    Wordpervert, I can see why facebook took down that picture, lol.

  22. In Texas, up to a felony charge can be levied for promoting the use of, or owning more than six dildos.

  23. Purple is the gay people color. Like the straightened out rainbow (which i find ironic).

    In unrelated news, do these effectively hide my thunder?

  24. That’s….an extremely strange law, polsvoice.

    No, lexluther, I can see right through your ruse.

  25. Oh Texans… crazy bastards- meant, of course, in the most affectionate way possible.

  26. Well of course, because seven would be ostentatious.

  27. Oh sorry haha I’m not actually a Texan, I just remember reading that law on a website somewhere, and since it had to do with dildos, I figured I’d share it with you all.

  28. Funny, because dildos would associate with “git ‘er dun,” which would associate mainly in the south. Hm.. dildos= why “git ‘er dun” started?

  29. You know those days where you realize you have no sense of humor? Today is one of those days. I’m kinda sad about it. This post isn’t really helping either.

  30. So to summarize, it seems like purple was chosen pretty much at random. Or at least, it was chosen from another symbol for lgbt which was random.

  31. As a former texan – the logic is: “well, if you have 2 girls, that’s three holes… 2 x 3 = … hang on… *muttering* carry the two and a half.. cross referenced to the alligator entry in the encyclopedia Britannica… 6!”

  32. purple has always been associated with gay people where I came from.
    and LGBT pride, I looked like a friggin grape today xD

  33. @xenophobia yee haw. It’s alright, your cowboy self did it without a calcumalator.

    Funny how I’m bisexual and didn’t realize about the purple representing gay pride. Any t-shirts, or poster, or the like that I’ve seen talking of gays or gay pride has always been the default rainbow symbol. I have a t-shirt that’s all blue, with two black male stick figures holding hands. The kind of stick figures you see to represent a men’s restroom. (the females have a dress added on lol)

  34. Xeno, I assumed six was chosen because it allows a girl to be double-stuffed in every hole.
    Now do double-ended dildos count as more than one? 1.5? What about the rabbit style?

  35. @mad2 Um, what’s rabbit style? lol, I’ve never heard of that one before.

  36. A ‘rabbit’ is a kind of vibrator that has a dildo with an extension off the side that looks kind of like rabbit ears when they’re put back to provide clitoral and vaginal stimulation simultaneously.
    Speaking of rabbits: they use humping to show dominance. Sometimes the dominant bunny humps the other rabbit’s face instead of hind end. In such cases, if the dominant rabbit is male, and the humped rabbit does not want to be humped, the underbun sometimes chomps the dominant rabbit’s penis. This results in an unpleasant situation both for the rabbit and in terms of vet bills.

  37. Also I feel kind of proud of myself for knowing something about sex toys that our local queen of perverted things did not (or maybe wordpervert is the queen…)

  38. Oh! I thought they sounded familiar, not that I own one. I just hadn’t heard or used in years.

    underbun was cute, yet scary.

    “Um, yes, my rabbit’s penis was bitten of- bestiality? heavens was done by a another he was humping that evidently did not want to be humped.”

  39. More random rabbit penis information: Most mammals have a bone in the penis to help erect it called a baculum. Humans are one of the few that don’t. Rabbits also don’t have a baculum.
    Some people think that the Hebrew word in genesis translated ‘rib’ should really be translated ‘baculum’ and that the jewish scriptures teach Eve was made from Adam’s cock (they think this aspect of the myth was invented to explain the lack of a baculum in humans).

  40. Fan-bloody-tastic. Dildo talk FTW.

  41. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    So … Adam was fucking his daughter?

  42. Keona it’s ok, we love crazy. And Mad2 – thanks for the lesson. Who knew I’d be learning about baculum’s on lamebook?? Btw, you had your tattoo started yet?

  43. without the ‘ dammit!

  44. www

  45. Ahh yeah very good – it’s huge! I particularly like the celtic cross.

  46. That’s sick, mad2. Looks great on you. :) I did not know about baculum until today.

    I always though Adam and Eve were meant to be brother and sister…which is why in a different post, I said: “What in the name of Eve’s everlasting incestuous vagina…”

    That’s what I get for not reading the Bible, going to Church, or self-educating myself. Cue MEG. You know she can smell religious talk a mile away. Hunker down, boys and girls.

  47. Often when i’m being a predatory homosexual i will often wear a purple cape and a purple tunic in order to fool young homosexuals into thinking i’m REALLY REALLY gay.

    This leads them into a false sense of security and allows me to bum them savagely with an old hockey stick i keep lying around for just such occasions…i’m not sure why homosexuals like purple.

  48. I couldn’t tell you, Imamofo. We just do… it’s a mystery of life.

  49. Keona, just to comment on the reason to wear purple yesterday… It hasn’t replaced the rainbow flag… This is what the invite to the event on facebook locally said:

    “…Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit…”

    Of course I didn’t know that either. I don’t know what each of the colors represent. Maybe I should do some research… :-)

  50. Thanks, velocirrober. I’ll do some research as well. You can never know too much.

  51. @mad2 That tat looks awesome man! I hope you like it.

  52. I do purebs, although it isn’t finished, I have one or two sittings to go.

  53. Malison, thanks for sharing that info. I, for one, never really gave those particular instances much thought before. I thought the “gay travel” thing sounded stupid and unnecessary at first as well. Open-minded as I am I know I’m still pretty ignorant and naive about many things going on in the world.

    Keona, of all people, did not know what a rabbit vibe is? I find this extremely hard to believe! o.O

    And this is likely not related or even close to the reason for it… but the pentacle used in Pagan religions/practices has a color associated with each point. The top represents the Spirit which is almost always associated with the color purple (or occasionally silver). =) (The rest being as follows: upper left = Water = blue; lower left = Earth = green/brown; upper right = Air = yellow/white; lower right = Fire = red)

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