Wednesday, April 18, 2012


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  1. Who the hell takes pictures at a funeral?

  2. ^^^ chill out, dickwad

  3. Lots of people do. I’ve been to several where pictures are taken.

  4. Um. This obviously wasn’t the actual funeral service… people don’t sit around a table and eat at a funeral. This was the meal and reception afterwards with the family and friends and people take pictures at that all the time.

  5. Really? First I heard it was the done thing … Will make sure to take my camera to the next one. Will be able to get some nice emotional heartfelt shots.

  6. I can see the point in taking a camera to the wake: in my family it’s the only time we’re in one place, and the next time someone is missing.
    Nice photo BTW.

  7. Bit awkward though, posing for a photo at a funeral. You couldn’t exactly “work the camera”, so to speak!

  8. @4 Hmm… Yeah, that’s what the poster says: funeral reception.

  9. @4 Sorry… didn’t mean to sound like a dickwad. I see now that you were making it clear for smimp.

  10. Nice photo me? Last funeral I went to my brother ended up heading out clubbing with cousins we hadn’t seen in forever. Inappropriate?

  11. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve had fun at funerals before, but not anyone I was particularly close to. Generally at these reception things, people are drinking and eating but y’know theres bereaved people about, and those guys are a total buzzkill. I just can’t imagine posing for pics in that instance.

    Anyway I’ll get back to being the uptight dickwad I so clearly am now :p

  12. Why would you post a funeral pic on Facebook… who would want to see that?

  13. fun fact; i’ve never been to a funeral. mass-mourning makes my skin crawl.
    i never realised until today that there might be a free drink in it. damn.

  14. ^yup, plus you don’t even need an invite or to bring a present.

  15. ^there’s a funeral parlour just around the corner from me!

  16. What’s a funeral parlour? Same thing as a funeral home, I’m guessing, right?

  17. ^who turned your computational device on for you?

  18. Sorry, I guess you just say things differently then I do. I’m from New York, so maybe the way we say things is different. Didn’t mean to offend you

  19. Why is it every flapper from New York feels the need to fucking announce it? Of COURSE you say things differently, your all a bunch of foul mouthed yanks!

  20. They all look pretty happy…

  21. ^yeah, free drinks.

  22. Floyd_the_Barber

    I think they’re smiling because they are going to eat the corpse.

  23. It could have been a cougar party. There is likely to be at least one who is newly single.

  24. The guy on the left is offering mustache rides!

  25. Well the question ‘who takes pictures at a funeral’ good point. Who the fuck instagrams their funeral pictures

  26. ^stfu, you.
    mustache rides?! i want a mustache ride! i do!

  27. ^^^chill out, dickwad.

  28. I’m not from NYC Haha but I see your point. And good point with the instagram… Taking pics is one thing… But instagramming then Facebook? Weird…

  29. 27 & 28;-
    ^shut. the. fuck. up. you retarded pair of bitches.

  30. Aren’t you worried the whiskers might tickle your fanny?

  31. i’d be worried if they didn’t.

    do you even get the point of a must… ? ah, fuck it.

  32. I’m sorry if I’m bothering you, Mrs. Annie Throp! :[

  33. no you’re not.
    if you are, you shouldn’t be.

  34. if you were really sorry, you’d write it in lipstick across your tits and send me the photo.
    if you’re not willing to put your lipstick where your half-assed apology is, then just shut the fuck up.

  35. …You want to see my tits? Wtf is wrong with you? Why are you still alive? WHO loves you enough to stop you from killing yourself?

  36. lipstick up or shut up, whore.

  37. (i knew your apology wasn’t worth shit)

  38. I have no problems with lesbians… but Jesus, dude.

    1.) Alcoholic
    2.) Pot head
    3.) Drug abuser
    4.) Forceful dyke
    5.) HUGE bitch
    6.) Most likely has toxic shock syndrome
    7.) Probably 300 lbs
    8.) Forever alone on the computer crying into a laptop calling people cunts.

    I have no idea why you don’t have men crawling all over you!

  39. -

  40. because i simply live to have men crawling all over me.
    its all a girl can hope for, isn’t that the truth sydinilou?

    are men crawling all over you, dear? if you didn’t look like a huge skank, i’d be pretty jelly.

  41. (but you look like a huge skank.)

  42. or are you a porn star?

  43. How exactly do I look like a huge skank, Annabelle? I’m a good person, and I don’t sleep around, and I keep my vagina and tits tucked away. So please, enlighten me.

  44. ^ the tassles on your nipples give you away
    sorry…couldn’t help myself

  45. “i need to validate myself by being accepted by MEN. Any men will do.

  46. “…ecause i’m too fucking stupid to realise that well-adjusted women (who aren’t skanky whores) do not measure themselves on how many men they have crawling all over them.”

    eat shit syndi.

  47. ….Uh.

    Nice quote… too bad you just pulled it out of your drunk asshole, Thropper.

  48. did one of the boys read that for you?

  49. aw come on msanne that was weak! you can do better!

  50. Lol… that was REALLY pathetic

  51. i can see a pair of cartoon characters here.
    syndi and the slug.

    now, say something amusing, fuckers.
    if you can.

  52. something amusing, fuckers

  53. ^you suck at the funny.

  54. you suck at alcohol remedies

  55. nope. based on your enduring butthurt, i’d have to say – negatory.

  56. which is incredibly ironic coming from someone who just went back 12 pages…of lamebook posts…to continue a frankly ridiculous campaign of insults…but whatevs mate!
    butthurt? you are the definition of butthurt. it’s plain to see, msanne.
    your alcohol remedy sucks, msanne!

  57. this is where you could really see the cracks starting to set in on ol’ slug.

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