Friday, January 22, 2010

One Line Wonders

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  1. Do most girls spit it out??

  2. wow…

  3. I don’t think that can be answered, Belle, it’s very much a personal preference. I swallow.. I don’t understand spitting it out, if it’s already in there might as well finish.

  4. @chiiro TMI

  5. I agree with you chiiro. I am a swallower as well, but not everyone is the same. I do not see the point of spitting it out as well because it seems kind of pointless to have gotten them to put it in your mouth in the first place.

  6. If you spit it out, it ends up in someone hair as Oliver has shown

  7. My guess is Ntobeko would have some interesting things to add to the spit/swallow debate.

  8. But when SpongeBob and Patrick were parenting that baby clam, SpongeBob was the mother, not the father. How do you explain that?

  9. Sponge bob is obviously very evil, why else would anybody live in a pineapple under the sea? And now he’s started brainwashed kids into thinking that he’s their father

  10. Impossible. Spongebob has no genitalia. He’s exposed himself several times.

  11. Whilst we’re sharing, I spit it into his mouth and make him swallow.

  12. My son thinks Sponge bob is his dad too. He’s a cheating bastard.

  13. lol @LoveShark. I have lamebook to thank yet again for TMI.

  14. It’s always a downer when they don’t swallow…

  15. Do many girls just plainly refuse to give BJ’s???

  16. @LoveShark I believe that is called a Snowball. I didn’t know this until I found out the hard way :-(

  17. I personally don’t see the point in spitting out either, but LoveShark’s method sounds funny x) !

    And I hope Oliver is straight.

  18. Your Dumber Than We Though Garunteed

    Sponge Bob is the dad, she just doesn’t remember.

  19. It tastes horrible and feels like snot, so why would I swallow?

    Anyway it’s all over at that stage, he can burst into tears all he wants.

  20. There has been a lot of semen talk the past couple of days. This is one hot topic.

  21. wassup Sleepbear!!!

    is the first “Misty” the same knocked up (or fat) whore from yesterday?

    @Chiiro don’t bother with MikeysRight….we want to hear…carry on

    @LoveShark….you really are a LoveShark…wow…predator

  22. love shark wins today..that made me cry reading it, i laughed so hard. x

  23. Spit or swallow? I dont care, just drain them nuts like a good girl

  24. um yes.. I plainly refuse. If I want something that nasty in my mouth, I’ll go lick the urinals.

  25. If you are blowing someone you care about, he may feel rejected if you spit.If you are blowing someone you don’t care about, you are probably under 25 and don’t know how to do it right anyway and will have to let him finish himself by giving you a necklace. Unless you too are a guy, then you are born knowing how.

  26. that was at belle83773..

  27. The Spongebob one is hilarious…question is would he be a sponger like most absent fathers?

  28. i can think of a few good reasons why not to swallow, one that cums to mind is gonorrhea….

  29. Wednesday, the last part was great

  30. Nastee.

  31. who doesn’t love a good mouthful of semen

  32. @lulla i think oliver is strait.. or else i think he would have said.. something more like.. i dont remember much from last night but i might have seamen in my hair so it must have been a good night!!! ;) lol

  33. Uhm TBH one of the main reasons I spit is that I’d rather spend that particular calorie quota on something tastier, preferrably less tadpole-textured. Is this a little bit lame?

    Also surely Ntobeko must’ve got fraped.

  34. i swallow, unless he doesnt come in your mouth at all i dont see a reason to spit it out… if you spit it out it would probably be in your mouth longer anyway

  35. …true i didnt think about gonorrhea of the throat, i guess ive been married too long hah.

  36. @lilmamashorty: Unfortunately, you may be right!

    @simone.kelley89: Spitting doesn’t prevent gonorrhea, since the germs are not in the semen but on the skin of the penis or inside the urethra.

    @Cassie: For this little amount of calories, you could only get three tic tacs!

  37. Cassie, that is a little bit lame. It’s not even a substantial amount of calories and it’s got the protein equivalent of an egg white. Who are we to turn down free protein? Muscle milk is getting more expensive everyday.

  38. @leequette So you know what snot tastes like then? Delicious.

    @aleesh87 Where did Gonorrhea come into this?

    LOL @slimjayz My hero. :)

  39. Let us all observe a moment of silence in sympathy for the partners past and present of Danica.

  40. True, it doesn’t taste like chocolate, but there are worse things to eat

  41. Wednesday, you speak true.

  42. @ Lulla and swverausc214,

    heehee, thanks for that info! I’d suspected it wasn’t too bad caloriewise, but the point about proteins is a real seller. My bf might be in for a treat :D

  43. I’m pretty surprised to see so many girls who choose to swallow!! I was under the impression it was a “rare” thing for a guy to find a chick who’ll finish the job completely!! I agree with all the statements about it kinda being pointless to have it in your mouth to begin with if you’re going to spit it out anyways & Wednesday said it very well!!

    Good head isn’t just about the oral portion – you gotta give him what he wants to make it memorable :) Personally, I enjoy giving my husband head…I like seeing the reaction I get and knowing that I have control over the situation :) Not to mention, when he gets a random BJ while playing PS3 it makes him pretty agreeable when I want something! HA!

  44. @Chrissy – I hate to break it to you, but most of the people talking about swallowing in this thread are probably not girls.

  45. um.. @Chrissy TMI!!! wow… i bet lots of dudes want to be ur husband …

  46. Slanderous Princess

    For me, it depends on the guy as not all spunk tastes the same. Therefore, some would get a swallow and a smile, other’s a hasty spit and rinse. It has to do with a man’s diet.

  47. @chowko – it wouldn’t be breaking anything to me, but I probably shouldn’t have generalized by saying that girls were the ones responding.

    @Allygirl_88 – my post was no more TMI than the others on here… *shrug* I wouldn’t know about any other guys wanting to be my husband…I’ve known my husband would be my husband since the day I met him for the first time a wholeeee lotta years ago!!! :)

  48. I’m a girl, thank you very much chowko.

  49. I am a girl as well.

  50. somebody should post this conversation on lamebook

  51. My eyes are starting to hurt again

  52. @wordpervert – I could suggest some pretty useful ideas to stop my posts from “hurting you eyes” (however I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually my posts causing your eyes to hurt or if it’s just a side effect of the dizziness you must be feeling from SPINNIN’ ‘ROUND & ‘ROUND ON THAT BROKEN RECORD YA GOT GOING). Anyways, here are my suggestions: 1) Stop reading them and ignore me. 2) Use a spork to dig them out. And finally (this may be the most practical one…) 3) go f*@$ yourself :)

  53. I agree with Jonice, cum is amazing and I’m a total cum whore.

  54. @hobbes, no that’s called swapping, a snowball has to grow…

  55. I’m hungry now…

  56. @Chrissy u r so right… is isnt much different… but stillz… ps3….

    @darthvari so true…

  57. Wow fistacular, wow. I’m hungry too Remo, haha.

  58. @simone.kelley89. you don’t swallow so you don’t get gonnorhoea? you’re an idiot! its already been in your mouth if you spit it out. If you’re that concerned you shouldn’t be giving BJs to man whores

  59. @lilmamashorty i think oliver is a girl… and she got drunk an gave a random dude a bj… maybe even the cab driver cuz she didnt have anymore money after spending it on the booze that got her into that position in the first place!!!

  60. Now off to blow my hubby. This thread is making me hungry.

  61. For the swallowers…how about cooking with semen?
    Not something I will be trying anytime soon!

  62. @ Slanderous Princess: Totally agree with you there, it does all depend on the diet. Your comment “hasty spit and rinse” made me chuckle, only because I’ve been in the situation. I thought most girls swallowed before I spoke to my friends about it and found out I was the only one who did out of 10 of us…Thank god most people do on here, I feel relatively normal now.

  63. I always swallow. That’s just the kinda girl I am!

    I agree with Chrissy, it’s about giving him what he wants. I feel great knowing that my husband is enjoying it, and that I can use it to my advantage when I want something later on. He doesn’t play PS3, but he doesn’t seem to mind when I go down on him whilst he is driving.

  64. I dunno, I might be thinking about heading towards possibly aligning myself with wordpervert sometime in the future, Chrissy does seem to have a lot to say for herself, on most topics, much of the time, I’m just hoping she keeps it fresh, funny and informative if she keeps going or else I would suggest that her husband plays PS3 more often…

  65. wow. With my husband I originally swallowed because I was too lazy to crawl out of bed and go find somewhere to spit it (it’s a lofted water bed so this actually would take effort). Then when I realized how much more it turned him on, there were no second thoughts.
    As for the snowball, that’s when a man cums in your vag, licks it out, and then spits it in YOUR mouth. Very erotic…

  66. I dont get whats wrong with Olivers. He said he hoped it WASN’T semen.

  67. thank you @mb I just bought it : D now I need to find the right man to drain.

  68. i always swallow. Not only do I enjoy it, semen is a natural anti-depressent, so instead of popping a zoloft or some other rx that has god knows how many side effects, i just let my bf pop off into my mouth, lol. WARNING, swallowing semen has the following side effects: a happy woman, and a happy man who’s snoring now instead of bugging said woman for a bj lol

  69. HEH HEH Semen is an anti-depressant… For the guy maybe!

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