Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Lamebook…W/ Andrew


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  1. i heart baylor.

  2. HAHAHA all baylor student infos are JUST like that

  3. I think I know about 25 of these girls.

  4. After reading this, I wanted to gouge my eyes out.

    On another note, “My spode Tea Set!”: Is she 85??

  5. So many of these post are from Texas…*sigh* I too am a Texan.


    hot pink roses?! SPENDING TIME WITH ANDREW.

    This bitch is whack.

  7. I always thought that Christians weren’t supposed to be materialistic
    “My Fendi Stillettos”
    “My Vera Wang Wedding Gown”

    Seriously, Fuck you lady. Don’t mention God if you can’t live by the fucking book.

  8. This bitch will commit suicide if Andrew left her.

  9. lol, she likes Church, family and her husband more than God.

  10. meow

    haha i love watching fox news too


  11. I’d like to watch her jump from her Crested Butte.

  12. I live on Kauai and hope to punch her in the throat next time she’s here. :)

  13. Editor in Chieftess

    Anyone else catch the fact that she misspelled manicure and anthropology? And shouldn’t Spode be capitalized? As an editor, these kinds of posts give me nightmares.

  14. Actually, “Anthropologie” is the name of a store. They sell clothing, shoes, and bedroom things.

  15. Editor in Chieftess

    Thanks Natalie, I was beginning to wonder how a girl like that would like something as intellectual as anthropology. Now I’m not so surprised.

  16. Too bad her husband’s name is George.

  17. At least she didn’t say manis & pedis…

  18. Just more proof that people who watch Fox News are morons…

  19. #7, You are right, right after the 7th day, on the 8th day, God said, “Don’t be materialistic.”

    #13, She left out one letter in “manicures,” lay off. Also, as an editor as righteous as yourself, are you aware that you should watch out on your sentences that start with “and?” Also, when asking about the spelling and grammatical errors in a work, such as you did with “Spode,” use quotations, it leaves the reader less confused.

    And #18, Yep, people who watch the news shows with the highest ratings, including the top 10, all 10, news shows are morons. You are correct. Fox has continued to have the highest ratings, and also score higher in polls that are labeled as something like, “What News Network is the most trustworthy?” Just because you don’t like hearing what they have to say, doesn’t make them morons. I even don’t like Fox News, I am a MSNBC guy.

  20. Ianto Steerpike

    If you have to keep telling people how “fair and balanced” you are, odds are, you’re not the least bit “fair and balanced”. High ratings mean people are entertained, not that you’re telling the truth.

  21. People like this woman are the reason I try avoid going outside.

  22. I sent this to a friend of mine as a joke asking if he had a sister – just because he’s a Baylor grad. His response?

    “that’s my ex-wife”


  23. Watching Fox “news” .. oh i feel sad for her.

  24. Oh jr888, I feel even more sorry for you, for reading that far into it.

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