Thursday, September 9, 2010

On Fire

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  1. LOL…says the girl who is checking out Lamebook while at work….

  2. Ha. I love statuses that end up with comments like Matthew’s.

  3. els9874, touché!

  4. Lucy is better off without that prude for an employer. I can’t stand women who act like they’re sanctified because they managed to achieve the very basic human function of reproduction.

  5. Yeah, as a parent, if someone who watched my kid admitted to enjoying anal sex, I honestly wouldn’t care. Not like she’s doing it to the kid or showing them how to do it. Big deal. Macie needs to get off her damn high horse.

  6. Lol Macie is such a retard. Although if I was a mom I would be concerned for my children’s ears and rears with her around lmao!

  7. I kinda took it to mean she had posted it at the same time she was meant to be watching the kid. What you get up to in your own time is all well and good but a. nobody on your friends list gives a fuck about your sex life except for your boyfriend and that creepy kid with the broken glasses and the asthma who you sometimes catch staring at you in fourth period math class, and b. if you’re a babysitter, keep your anal sex love at home.

    If you’re anything, really.

  8. Hobo, you are a genius.

    And that Courtney one has been on here before…

  9. Again, this is why we don’t friend our employers of any sort. Wayde, on the other hand, is just an idiot. Rule #1 of slacking off at work – don’t forget to sign out/close windows man!

  10. finally some good ones! Loved #3

  11. First time I’ve seen a lamebook post with no dislike (well, for now).

  12. Macie needs to loosen up. She acts like she has a stick up her ass or something…

    Way to be a dumbass Wayde.

  13. These seem a bit unfresh. I know I’ve seen some before…

  14. Macie is a moron. It isn’t like the babysitter was having anal sex in front of the kid. Maybe if Macie is so concerned she should just hire a nun.

  15. Marcie has a stick up her ass. She’s probably freaky as hell in bed!!

  16. I wouldn’t let that little slut watch my kids. I don’t care what a person likes to do in private, but if they’re that much of a whore to plaster all over facebook the fact that they take it up the ass, I would assume they would have no problem using my bed to do the same. And I would rather not come home to shit stains on my bedsheets.

  17. i wonder if macies baby was immaculately conceived. at least we know she doesnt take it up the butt

  18. Someone get me Lucy’s number. A babysitter and anal sex? Who loses here? Well maybe the wife. But that is only because she has to hold the camera.

  19. Ness, immaculate conception doesn’t mean virgin conception. It means ‘conceived without the gross and totally immoral act of s e x resulting in the transmission of original sin’ in Catholic theology. (Sex is immoral because you can’t have sex without being turned on, according to Augustine).
    Hellababe, saying you like anal on facebook does not mean you would use someone else’s bed for that. I like getting oral sex but I don’t intend to use your bed for it. And why does it make a woman a whore to admit she likes sex? Maybe you and Marcie should start a website of ‘babysitter reviews for total prudes who refuse to let their husbands see them naked.’

  20. Sideshow, it appears Lucy is actually quite monogamous with her butt, so I think you are out of luck.

  21. He will cheat on her with the glass dildo and then she will be mine. All mine. Muahahahahah!

  22. Yeah I was wondering, is it still true love if he only takes a plastic dildo? What if he says ‘anything but[t] rubber?’ What if he wants a dildo in his ass but won’t f*ck your ass? What if he doesn’t want anything in either of your butts? Or if he’ll only put a dildo in yours?
    Really Lucy leaves a LOT of questions unanswered here.
    Another unanswered question is, does she really enjoy putting a dildo in her boyfriend’s ass? And does HE really enjoy getting it?

    P.S. for those who keep saying she should keep her hindparts love private, I don’t even think she is implying she has anal herself. She said it was a joke. And she wasn’t babysitting at the time; Macie was canceling the future appointment(s).

  23. Lucy posted at work, she should be fired. It doesn’t mean Macie is a prude, it just means she doesn’t want her kids to accidentally see that and reasonably expects her babysitter to respect her right as a parent to expose her children to sex education when she wants to, not when the babysitter decides to post something freaky. Plus, why was this on her mind when she was around the kids? Is her friend there? Or her boyfriend? If Lucy is fired, Macie doesn’t have to worry about it.

  24. Frankenstein Girl

    mad2physycist, will you f me in the ass with a glass dildo?

  25. Frankenstein Girl

    & by physycist, I meant physicist.

  26. Well no FG, I’m married, I’m afraid you’ll have to find someone else. Also while I like goth stuff I’m not necrophiliac so I’m not sure I’d be up for a girl sewed together out of six dead bodies.

    Ariesdragon, you don’t think about getting f*cked in the ass while you are at work? Admit it, you think about that and getting Eiffel towered all time time while you’re there. _And she wasn’t babysitting at the time!_ Why do people keep assuming she was? Even if she was, the kids were probably asleep, not watching her post.

  27. Frankenstein Girl

    & maybe you can fix my sink. & by “fix my sink” I mean you can have sex with me. & by “have sex with me” I mean you can fix my sink. & by “sink” I mean my reproductive organ. & by “reproductive organ” I mean the thing between my knees, & by “the thing between my knees”…Well I guess that one’s kind of self-explanatory.

  28. Frankenstein Girl

    I’m married too. We’ll make it work ;)

  29. Necrophilia: the irresistible urge to crack open a cold one.

  30. Macie is a cunt. Look, if Lucy likes to take it up the ass it’s her business… yes she’s stupid for friending her employer… but get over it. It’s her facebook, if she wants people to know she has anal sex it’s her problem. It might not even be what she’s into really, it could very well be a joke. I hope for Lucy’s boyfriend it is, but hey, to each their own. If you are argumenting that Lucy got fired for posting while at work then what the fuck, it’s babysitting, it’s not rocket science. You can post on facebook WHILE babysitting it’s no biggie. My take on this is that Macie is just a stupid bitch with no humor, as long as the girl isn’t having anal sex in the employer’s house, why would be such a dick about this? Ooh my babysitter likes anal sex, she must be the devil, she must also do drugs and she probably does it all in my house. Get over yourself lady, you had a baby, it’s not like you won the nobel prize for peace.

  31. I’ll tell you why it’s so not okay to do while she was at work. Four words: “Mommy, what’s a dildo?” That’s why Macie was kind of pissed, even if she didn’t post it at work, she probably does check her facebook at work and the kids could see the post. Or maybe the kids even have her as a friend on facebook. To assume all this crap about Macie just because she chooses not to spend her money on a service that has the potential to expose her kids to something she doesn’t want them exposed to is BULLSHIT. Period.

    and Mad2physicist: When I’m at work, I’m thinking about work. As in, “I can’t wait until work is over!” or “You lock a package cabinet by turning the key, genius!” Like a normal person. :P

  32. Right…if Lucy likes to take it up the ass that’s her business, not the internet’s. I wouldn’t want someone who talked like that on the internet where anyone could see it hanging around my kids either. Lucy is an idiot.

  33. and what is Eiffel towered? Do I even want to know…..

  34. One guy receives oral from a girl, the other delivers in the back of her, and they high five over the girl.

  35. Meh… I’m going to raise my kid to cope with real life. They are bound to hear “dildo” eventually… whether they are 4, 6 or 16 … chances are they’ll probably hear all that shit from kids at school anyways. Laying someone off because they have the “potential” to expose a kid to the word dildo… not even the meaning is BULLSHIT. If we’re gonna talk potential, then TV, Videogames, School and Music have more potential to expose your kids to “naughty” stuff than your babysitter. If your kid comes home asking “Mommy what is a dildo?” you shouldn’t curse the heavens and try to find the guilty one who exposed your kid’s virgin ears to such evil, you should just explain that it’s a grown up thing. You know he’s going to check for it in wikipedia later on anyways. Get over it, it’s a damned world and the internet is free for anyone with no age restriction. If you want to raise your kid in a bubble then I suggest you throw away your computer, stock up on old Disney movies, take up home schooling and pray that your kid never realizes there’s a world outside the window.

  36. Ok just going to point out that Macie’s kid is a baby, she calls it her baby and in the picture you can see a baby. Definately not old enough to read so there aren’t going to be questions of what a dildo is.

  37. Does anybody think Macie could be that chick from Teen Mom?

  38. Did anybody else notice that Rodo said “argumenting” instead of “arguing”?


  39. Hey Rodo, I fucked your mom in the ass. It was fun. We made a video out of it a posted it all over the Internet. Then I watched the video of fucking your mom in the ass while I was at work. I’m sure that’s okay though, right?

    It says right in the post that this dimwit was hired to watch a BABY, and there is a BABY in Marcie’s pic. Maybe there are more children involved, maybe not. Regardless of whether or not the dimwit posted it at work, you don’t post your sexual habits online when you have an employer on your friend’s list. It doesn’t make Marcie a prude, it makes her not trashy, unlike the dimwit.

  40. Ben, your example is bullsh(t. It has nothing to do with the facebook post that Lucy made. And if Macie doesn’t want her kids exposed to stuff on facebook, she should try _not letting them on it._ These are the commonsense solutions that we normal people use.
    If people are on my friend list, then they are going to deal with hearing whatever I want to talk about. At work, I won’t talk about sex, just think about it; if I want to talk about sex on facebook, they shouldn’t have a problem with it. Just like if my boss wanted to hang out outside of work, they shouldn’t get offended by my non-work-related remarks.
    Aries, I don’t think most people just think ‘I wish it was over.’ I think they think ‘Hey, this space under my desk would be great for my significant other or f*ck buddy to be down there giving me head’ and ‘This desk is the perfect height for bending a girl over or laying her on her back.’ Or is it just me? (Ok, technically while I work I don’t do this, but that is only because my work is teaching college kids and studying/researching, but thinking about sex is a great break from research. Also when I worked in a lab, I did this. In fact while I was a student working at LANL I would IM my then-girlfriend now-wife to tell her that I wished she was under my desk. And I assumed everyone with a desk job does it too).
    Macie’s definitely a prude. Someone find her kid, I’ll buy it a book on sex (and maybe a rubber dildo in case it finds true love!).
    I also imagine here that Ben will not want to hire me to watch his kid, since I’ve admitted here to having sexual thoughts while at work.

  41. Well, in this massive argument that’s being held over this dumb bitch posting online all that matters is Macie has the right to fire her, and if she so chooses to in order to do what she believes is best for her kids, well shit, it’s her choice. If she’s stupid enough to post that shit on FB she’s stupid enough to say it in front of the kids. Yeah, some day they’ll learn, but that’s a bit young.

  42. I agree blondebimbo

    @mad2 – It may not have anything to do with her kids having exposure to FB. It’s about a complete moron watching macie’s baby. I would have done the same thing… and I say some effed up stuff in the private of my own home or in a small group of friends. I might tell jokes like this (most likely funnier). But I am NOT going to plaster it on the internet for my co-workers, grandmas, and little cousins to see. There’s a time and place for everything, that Lucy girl needs to learn this lesson. Actually Lucy might not have just been a babysitter – she could have been a “professional” childcare worker, and that shit does not fly in childcare fields.

    P.S. It’s okay to plaster shit like that on websites like Lamebook though where you’re somewhat anonymous ;)

  43. Bimbo, ever heard of wrongful termination? I realize it doesn’t generally hold in babysitting… and I there’s a big gap between ‘willing to post on FB’ and ‘willing to say to a 3 year-old.’
    Valenya, this is true. I also don’t have FB at all, because I prefer to merely mock others than to be so narcissistic as to post random sh*t about myself.
    ‘That sh*t does not fly in childcare fields’ takes on a whole new meaning when the discussion is about anal.

  44. If you aren’t a parent, you really can’t understand what it’s like to have to leave your child in other peoples care, it is the hardest thing ever. What good parent would feel secure leaving their BABY with a TRASHY girl that posts about anal sex on facebook?? And whoever the idiot is that said “it’s only babysitting” obviously has never taken care of a baby, it’s not the kind of job where u get a 30 min. break. Good for macie, who knows what else this girl would do in front of her innocent child…

  45. I wouldn’t let her watch my kid, either.
    She’s trashy and that’s that.

    I’m not saying she’s trashy because she likes sex/anal sex.
    I’m saying she’s trashy because she posts about it on Facebook.

  46. You know, I’ve hardly read this argument, because it hardly seems worth it. It’s Macie’s choice who she employs, blah blah.

    Just one thing.
    ‘Rodo: Look, if Lucy likes to take it up the ass it’s her business…’

    And Facebook’s. But not Macie’s? Is Macie the only one who’s business it isn’t?

  47. “If you aren’t a parent, you really can’t understand…”

    As soon as I read that I realised that the rest of the post was sanctimonious bullshit.

    Rodo FTW man, fuck the haters and prudes. Real talk.

  48. I kind of ignored that argument, but wish to point out that Macie is no different to any other boss who gets their employees in trouble for posting inappropriate comments on facebook while they’re at work.

  49. This post just reminds me of the time a long while back, just two or so months into my relationship with my girlfriend, who at the time was a babysitter, I’d heard a song about babysitting, and like the absolute twunt I was, showed her the song, telling her I’d heard it on the radio and it reminded me of her.

    Unlike me, she actually listened to the lyrics of the song ‘Bad Babysitter’, and didn’t take my dedication too well. Look ‘em up, they’re a hoot.

  50. Hobo, the point is that Macie should only use information relevant to the job to determine who gets the job. Whether a person posts about anal on facebook is not relevant to the job.
    Milo, this wasn’t an inappropriate comment. Also those other employers usually fire people for saying negative things about the company. Not for admitting they like *gasp* sex.
    For all you ‘parents,’ I have some bad news for you… your babysitters are most likely spreading their legs regularly and fantasizing about it while watching your innocent little angels.

  51. mad2physicist — She’s not letting her BABY on Facebook – she has a picture of HERSELF WITH HER BABY, I did not say she was worried her baby would see what the dimwit posted, I am pointing out the baby wouldn’t know she posted it in the first place, by virtue of being a baby. I also don’t think the dimwit posted it while she was at work. That isn’t the point. The point is, she’s an idiot for friending her employer and posting what should be private information between her and her friends. Why everyone keeps bringing up the commonality in having sexual thoughts in various places is beyond me, since that is not the issue here as I see it. The issue is posting something stupid where your employer can see it. I think you should reread the original post and my post because you are arguing the wrong argument.

  52. mad2physicist – You said “I also don’t have FB at all, because I prefer to merely mock others than to be so narcissistic as to post random sh*t about myself.” Right, you just post random narcissistic shit about yourself on Lamebook. What’s better? And wrongful termination? Are you serious? Do you really think this moron and Marice signed a contract about babysitting? I doubt it. Ergo, she can fire her for anything she wants. I’m not a parent and even I can see why a parent wouldn’t want such an idiot watching her infant. I just think you have to be pretty stupid to add your employer and then post personal matters on FB.

  53. mad2 yeah I’ve heard of wrongful termination, best part? That only matters in jobs where you pay taxes and not under the table jobs. She can’t do shit about it and it’s at the employer’s discretion, welcome to the world of baby sitting, I did it most of my teenage career and trust, they can dump you at any time for any reason, and it’s their right. Sorry, that’s how it goes.

  54. Sure wrongful termination only legally applies to contracted jobs. However, it _morally_ applies everywhere. I don’t say Macie is outside her legal rights, I just think she’s wrong and unfair.
    Also, why friend your employee if you don’t want to know what your employee says to their friends?

  55. Like, how many people would defend Macie if Lucy had posted she was a lesbian? Or if Lucy were a guy and said he was gay?


  57. The percussion storage room in my former high school was a favourite spot to experiment with anal sex

  58. What????? You’re confusing sexual practices with sexuality. If Macie fired the dumbass ONLY because she was a lesbian, then that would be wrong fro firing her based on her sexuality. She didn’t though, she fired her for posting something incredibly stupid on FB, which happened to be about her sexual practices. And the idiot went on to say “oh gee I think I got fired” instead of contacting her employer and saying “hey I’m really sorry, I forgot you were on my FB, it’ll never happen again.” And honestly, given my age, I don’t really have a lot of friends who would post something so stupid even if it is true on a public forum.

  59. Sexuality and sexual practice can’t really be separated… and how is posting something about sexual practices ‘stupid?’
    Personally I would have said, ‘I’m sorry, I forgot you were on my facebook, it’ll never happen again because you’re now unfriended as I won’t be friends with douchebag prudes.’
    I am quite amused that this debate has gone on so long. Really, are there that many people with as much time on their hands as I have?
    (Obviously there are, or lamebook and its ilk would not exist).

  60. You know what would be funny? If the joke was that someone had hacked Lucy’s facebook and it wasn’t her at all.

    Also, working on the assumption Lucy was at work while writing that – she was using Macie’s computer to go on facebook while she was meant to be watching the child…

  61. If the kid is in bed why not use the computer? Better than getting drunk and having an orgy while the kid is in bed…

  62. you don’t have to hide your kids from the entire world to keep them shielded from thing such as dildos. You can monitor you kids online behavior and only let them go to age appopriate sites, you can use parental ratings systems on games and television sets, and most likely they won’t be exposed. I wasn’t exposed to any of that until around 8th/9th grade and my parents didn’t block me from the rest of the world. She can and should fire her babysitter if she isn’t comfortable with the girl watching her kids. I wouldn’t want someone who showed as poor judgment as Lucy to watch my infant either, even if exposure wasn’t an issue. It doesn’t make Macie a bitch, prude, or anything else. You are the one getting all sanctimonious about it. As though it’s your god given right to do whatever you please at work. It’s not. Facebook is not private and if you friend your boss and then post something on your facebook that directly affects your job (such as potentially exposing the children you work with to something sexual or defaming the company you’re employed by) it is your employers right to take action. It’s basically the same thing as getting on a megaphone and yelling at a 100 or more people (100 being the average number of people’s facebook friends) in public.

  63. and no, I don’t think about being eiffel towered, that sounds incredibly demeaning. You’re a jerk.

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